Frozen Gummy Bears

Updated: April 28, 2016

Lauryn Evarts talks with Tone It Up Ambassador, Tenley Molzahn from The Bachelor series.

I watched the movie Winter’s Bone [ a must see! ] this weekend. I was craving candy, so I bought some Trader Joe’s Gummy Bears [ they are made with real fruit & contain vegetable extracts; the regular ones have preservatives, so I would recommend the TJ’s brand ] & popped them in the freezer. The purpose of this was to attain a chewy exterior, so I did not pop a million into my mouth at once [ that is super easy when they are so soft to bite ]. The trick worked perfectly- it satisfied my sweet tooth, too.

* Quick skinny tip: Although candy is small, it usually contains a lot of additives and sugar. Be smart when picking out your movie candy [ dark chocolate, almond M&M’s, or frozen Gummy Bears are some excellent choices ].

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