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Giving Back During The Holidays With BeautyKind…( AKA Your Shopping= Charity )

Beauty KindBeauty Kind 2

During the holidays it’s so important to give back…especially if you’re fortunate.

Typically my favorite way to give back is through dog charities ( I’m kind of dog-sessed ). But this year on top of Rancho Coastal Humane Society, I wanted to do something else.

Something with people.

It was superrrr important for the cause to be one that meant a lot to me.

And obviously after this interview with the creators of The Kind Campaign ( Lauren & Molly rock! ), I decided it would be the perfect charity to stand behind.

The Kind Campaign is all about spreading kindness while addressing the issue of girl on girl bullying.

There’s so much bullying going on these days between women ( on social media AND in real life ) that I figured it would be fun to stand behind a cause that encourages kindness between women AKA The Kind Campaign.

Women should support, inspire, & uplift each other. I’d rather collaborate any day, then compete. I mean, right?


Beauty Kind 3

Beauty Kind

Here’s where BeautyKind comes in…it’s really the most brilliant thing ever: the site gives back 5% of every beauty purchase to a cause of the customer’s choice.

Ok…this is HUGE. I love purchasing beauty products online & knowing that 5% is going to back to a cause of MY choice?!!

Too good to be true!!

If you’re interested, just head over to BeautyKind & choose which cause you want to support ( would love to know what cause you’re passionate about below! ). And if you’re super passionate about a cause that’s not featured on their site you can apply to have it added to their list.


After you’re signed up, just simply…SHOP. That’s all.

Caution: knowing that your shopping habit is actually doing something GOOD is pretty dangerous ( but in all the right ways!! LOL ).

Happy shopping!

– Lauryn xx

{ when you sign up here, you will get 20% off your whole order ; ) !! }

Beauty Kind

  1. Amazon is doing something similar if you shop through their amazon smile site 🙂 they’ll donate a percentage of their sales to a charity of your choosing!!

    1. Hi Ashlee. We love that Amazon Smile leans in to give back. They donate .5% of the purchase price. BeautyKind gives back 5% of the purchase price to your charity. It’s great that so many companies are stepping up to give back these days.

  2. Shopping for charity. Seriously an underrated yet magnificent idea. We’re all spending money anyway. Might as well help out an organization. I admire the whole idea behind The Kind Campaign. Woo. :] // ▲ ▲

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing! This def saved me this weekend for prezzies (for both myself and others) and I got to donate to a cause that means a ton to me. The products are amazing (and a lot were on the natural side which LOVE!) but any idea where I can find that pink blender applicator? I tried to find it on their site and have been looking for those blenders on a stick for forever. Appreciate it and happy holidays!

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