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Why I’m Playing For Team Spanx ( BUH-BYE Holiday Muffin Top!! )

The Skinny Confidential x Spanx.

 The Skinny Confidential x Spanx.

When I went to NYC it was FREEZING.

Not just like, oh brrr it’s cold, sniff, sniff.

Like: OMG what is going on, my hands are falling off & I may die of hypothermia, beanie hat Emjoi-kinda freezing.

And let’s be real: who wants to get ALL dressed up when it’s THAT cold?

Unfortunately for me, this was my New York situation. I was on the go THE ENTIRE TIME SOOOO this meant dressier, tighter fitting outfits despite the cold weather AND extra, extra NYC calories ( but really, the food in New York is on a whole different level!!! ).

SO this is where Spanx came in.

The Skinny Confidential x Spanx.

Thank Goddddd for Spanx. I’ve been wearing them for years but they really, really came in handy in NYC…so I figured: ding, ding!!! Blog post idea!!

NO LIE THOUGH, I’m playing for Team Spanx.

Especially when it’s freezing (!!!) because they give ya an extra layer WITHOUT adding an extra layer, if ya know what I mean? In fact, they very much so take off a layer.

A layer of Katz’ Deli turkey sandwiches/lox & bagels/potato pancakes with apple sauce/sour cream type of layer, if we’re being specific ( I’m always undoubtedly drawn to those damn potato pancakes ).

The Skinny Confidential x Spanx.

The Skinny Confidential x Spanx.

Anyway these pics were shot before a nighttime meeting— hence the white blouse & pleather skirt  & I even ended up unbuttoning the top button to show off a little, sex kitten pop of nude. For the meeting, I actually wore the black underwear with the cami for extra, extra support.  Pleather also has a tendency to scrunch up a little, so while it looks great- so important to have a smooth fabric underneath to keep everything from bunching (great trick, ladies!)

When picking out Spanx, you can’t go wrong with the nude cami because 1.) it’s nude ( a total classic- duh ), 2.) you can wear it with practically anything ( any time, any day ), & 3.) every girl should invest in one pair during the holidays ( especially because of the overload of bubbly x finger food x sugar cookies ). Adding the black undies is an added bonus too- don’t even get me started on that insanely powerful microfiber that literally SUCKS you in!

Also, for the record: thank God you can walk everywhere in New York. Because #potatopancakes.

How do you keep it tight during the holidays? Share!!

Lauryn xx

Pics: Jeff Thibodeau

+ white blouse, leather skirt, gold bracelet, necklacemesh purse, & striped sweater ( << on sale ).

The Skinny Confidential x Spanx.

The Skinny Confidential x Spanx.

  1. I think you just solved the problem of the way-to-summery dress I bought for the winter wedding I’m invited to right after christmas. Warm & flat belly? Win win!! Thank you Lauryn.
    xx Alex

  2. Living in Toronto, I totally know what you’re talking about! Great tip, you look amazing as always 🙂


  3. Great post! I was just in NYC a couple weeks ago and wore my spanx under my dress at an event and I thought the same thing about the extra warmth!

  4. Spanx are miracle workers! I love that you discussed how they add an extra layer to keep you warm, which is so true. I think for most of us, when Spanx comes to mind we think about their underwear pieces, but you are so on point about the cami. I may have to pick one up when I go home to the States!


  5. Can you eat and drink in the Spanx? The idea of Spanx is new to me. You look great without it though Lauryn.

    On an aside, I often use my fiancée’s laptop to play online, just because I like to and I can. Anyway the other day he came to me and said “The Skinny Confidential is in my top 10 most visited sites!!!” And I was like “that’s awesome!” 🙂

  6. I love spanx! They just introduced a bunch of us Atlanta Bloggers to their new Waxed Jean collection and sent us home with a pair, and wow did they work miracles! And because they’re so dense, it doesn’t let any cold wind through! Definitely made my legs looks like one lean matchstick! Love this company!


  7. You look GORGEOUS! I’m all for team spanx (especially when wearing tight dresses…am i right?). But that leather skirt + white blouse combo…Dying. Dead. Love it!

  8. I usually wear a normal cami top under my clothes when its cold. But I guess after all these holidays parties and delicious food I will be needing a couple of those spanx!

    Your skirt is really nice. Where did you get it from?



  9. I cannot wear my Spanx in the Summer because it’s too darn hot, but in the Winter, I love it! You’re so right! It’s takes off a layer while adding a layer 🙂

  10. I have some spanx in the back of my closet from that one time I gained 5 lbs. haven’t used it in a couple years. Now I want to bring it back out, just for the smoothness factor when wearing tight fitting dresses or pants. Love it!

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