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Holiday Giveaway!! SOOO Good


blue dress || camera || lip gloss || black dress


The holidays are coming & let’s get real: who the hell has an extra chuck of change lying around for 24394753 gifts?

This giveaway is the best giveaway on the planet for two reasons. 1. Giftry will purchase the gifts off of three winners giftry lists up a value of $1000 ( 1st place ), $250 ( 2nd place ), & $100 ( 3rd place ) and 2. your gift lists can consist of as many gifts as you want.

So say you created a list for your whole family…& you were the lucky winner, Giftry would buy your family’s gifts.

I know, RAD.

I just feel like this giveaway is a win/win in every way because even if you don’t win you can organize all your gift lists on the computer.

Because online shopping is wayyyy easier than braving the malls anyway.

SPEAKING OF WHICH…who does their shopping at malls anymore? Online’s where it’s at! Like no thanks I don’t want to sit on fake Santa’s lap, push people out of the way for the last black v-neck in my size, &/or stand in line longer than life for Hot Dog on a Stick.

Anyway to learn more about Giftry, click here & happy shopping! x L

Note: all entries will be run through Giftry and will require a sign-up or login to enter the giveaway. After you sign-up/login, you’ll be able to enter the giveaway and receive more entries through social sharing options. All the giveaway details & entry options will be laid out on giveaway page. Start Date: November 10 || end Date: December 1.

{ find my gift lists here }

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  1. I love buying presents for people! I try and buy everything online and have it sent directly to them as I usually don’t get to see my family during the holidays 🙁 Will check out this site thanks babe xo C

  2. I totally agree with you – my packages have been arriving all week from the beginnings of my online holiday shopping. I would much rather shop from the comfort of my pj’s than battle the crowds! XO, D

  3. What a great giveaway! I always try to do all of my christmas shopping online, i can’t handle those holiday crowds!

    and i just saw this flaming cheetos & arugula gouda grilled cheese sandwich and immediately thought of you.

  4. Yes I would love to win this my family needs so much.and I’m doing good to keep a roof over there heads and food in there bellies.please help with there gifts it would really be kids are down in the dumps already we have lost to many important people in our lives.and we could use a happy time

  5. Awesome! I am so in. I could totally use some extra cash over the holidays for gifts! Who couldn’t?
    xoxo, Laura

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