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15 Lessons Sahil Bloom Wishes He Could Tell His Younger Self

Sahil Bloom

A few weeks ago Sahil Bloom was on The HIM & HER Show discussing tools and tricks that high performers use to enhance their lives. He also talked about finding your identity, changing a victim mindset, and shared his own road to health with us – going from an unhappy corporate job to finding his passion.

If you have yet to meet Sahil he is an inspirational writer and content creator who captivates millions of people every week through his social insights and biweekly newsletter, The Curiousity Chronicle. In addition, he arms his followers with tools, ideas and the framework to live high-performing, healthy and wealthy lives.

Lauryn asked Sahil to come on the blog today to share the top lessons he wishes he could tell his younger self. His lessons are a great reminder of the important things in life so if you’re into a bit of wisdom, this post is for you.

Let’s welcome Sahil Bloom to the blog.


I’ve always considered myself something of an introspective individual—I try to reflect regularly on my motivations, mistakes, learnings, principles, and frameworks.

I find that the act of reflection provides value—it helps you compound on the good and scrub the bad.

With that in mind, I sat down recently to sketch out a long list of lessons of life—formed through my failures, missteps, stumbles, and successes.

My hope is that one of my learnings connects with you and positively impacts your life.

Here are 15 life lessons I wish I could tell my younger self:

No one has it all figured out.

No one knows what they want to be when they grow up. It’s comforting as a young person to know that you aren’t really supposed to “figure it out” when it comes to your future. Just focus on pointing your compass in the right direction, embracing curiosity, and getting around great people. If you do that, good things will happen.

The word “yet” will completely change your life.

“I’m not good enough” becomes “I’m not good enough…yet.” “I don’t know how to do it” becomes “I don’t know how to do it…yet.” “I’m not capable of that” becomes “I’m not capable of that…yet.” “Yet” is your one word reminder that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. You are dynamic and capable of so much more than you realize. Embrace the “yet” and change your life.

“Less, but better” is a mantra that applies to everything.

From work to health to relationships: We don’t need to do more, we don’t need to have more. We need less, but better.

Find someone who you love doing nothing with.

Life isn’t the glamorous Instagram-worthy moments. In fact, life is mostly just sitting around doing nothing. When you find the person you love doing nothing with, you’ve found your life person.

You really have no idea what you’re capable of.

The only way to find out is to push yourself out of your comfort zone. To take that risk. To embrace that pain. Sometimes you’ll also crash and burn. But sometimes you’ll find that you were capable of much more than you ever thought possible.

Life is hard, but fortunately, you get to choose your hard.

It’s hard to build deep, meaningful relationships. It’s also hard to live on the surface with everyone. It’s hard to build the body you want. It’s also hard to see your body atrophy from lack of use. It’s hard to build a life of purpose. It’s also hard to live without one. Choose your hard.

Your daily habits show up on your face after 10 years.

When you’re young, you can get away with treating your body and mind like crap. You can eat and drink too much, sleep too little, and exercise too infrequently. But you can’t hide forever. 10 years later, your good (or bad) daily habits show up on your face. Remember this and act accordingly.

Insecurity tells, confidence shows.

People who are crushing it rarely feel a need to tell you that they’re crushing it. As a rule of thumb, if someone immediately brags about their wealth or success, it’s fair to assume the reality is likely a fraction of what they claim. The people who have really crushed it were the first to ask questions and listen, not talk about themselves. Insecurity is loud, confidence is quiet.

Identity is the real thing we’re searching for.

Everyone thinks they’re looking for money, fame, or success, but what they’re really looking for is identity. The search for identity is the common thread that connects everyone. From the athlete transitioning to a life after sports to the founder struggling after selling their company, we all want to know who we are and how we fit into the world around us. Identity is fluid—embrace it in the present, diversify to lower your risk, and then seek out new perspectives to challenge yourself along the way.

Hug your loved ones like it might be the last time you see them.

I was out for a walk with my son a few weeks ago and I heard a large crashing sound behind us. I turned and saw that a massive tree had fallen right onto the sidewalk that we had just walked on. 10 seconds later and that might have been it. Life is terrifyingly random. Hold those hugs just a little bit longer. Make the other person be the one to pull away. Hug like it might be the last time you see them. You never know when it will be.

The “good old days” are always happening right now.

“I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them.” – Andy Bernard, The Office. There is…treat every day as the good old days.

Tell your partner you love them every night before falling asleep.

Someday you’ll find the other side of the bed empty and wish you could.

Insecurity is a natural human condition.

When I was younger, I used to think that achieving some external rewards would rid me of my insecurity—that getting promoted, making more money, or winning some awards would suddenly make me feel perfectly comfortable. But I’ve come to realize that the feeling is natural. Opening up about these insecurities, rather than trying to mask them with bravado, is the key to managing their influence on our lives.

Stop trying to change people who don’t want to change.

People don’t change because we want them to—they change because they want to. If someone has consistently shown an unwillingness to change, stop trying to change them. Save your energy and move on.

Every single person you see is fighting a battle you’ll never know anything about.

Think about that before you judge anyone on the basis of some tiny sliver of information. It will help you live a more positive, empathetic life.


There you have it. Simple words of wisdom relevant to everyone. If you want more be sure to listen to his episode on The HIM & HER Show and check out Sahil’s Instagram where you can get motivational tips and videos every single day. Sign up for The Curiousity Chronicle for even more tangible tools you can apply to your life, straight to your inbox.

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