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100 Cal Lemon/Berry Crumble: 2 Ingreds…& Uhhh, I’m OBSESSED

recipe for 100 calorie lemon berry crumble by Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential

lemon coco-roons for 100 calorie lemon berry crumble

100 calorie lemon berry crumble

Because I literally, seriously died. This recipe for 100 calorie lemon berry crumble is like my favorite ever.

A while ago my friend, Annie recommended Coco-Roons. They’re raw, vegan, gluten-free…& best of all there’s no crappy ingredients. It’s all real food. I know, shocking, right?! NO SICKIE GMOS.

And naturally I choose the ‘lemon pie‘ flavor. Because WTF other flavor would I choose? Lemon-anything gets me every time.

Here’s my version of the easiest berry crumble on earth:

recipe for 100 calorie lemon berry crumble: ingredients and directions

This recipe came to me one night when I starved for something sweet…I had three ingreds: Coco-Roons, berries, & a slice of lemon.


Lemme tell ya: this dessert tastes JUST like a crumble/tart. It’s seriously amaze.

So. Get excited because you’ll literally crave these every night. And 100 cals? PHEW! Laters!


berries for 100 calorie lemon berry crumble

100 calorie lemon berrie crumble

  1. Love love love this! I’ve seen SO many “low cal/healthy/vegan” versions of a crumble— but nothing as simple/ low cal as this! Lauryn, you’re blog yet again a standout!!

  2. painfully OBSESSED with Coco-Roons! And Snackaroons. And Hail Mary mini macaroons.

    Basically if you make a raw, vegan macaroon……I will be your best friend.

    But somehow it has never occurred to me to mix my beloved ‘roons with other deliciousness…..OMG, you are my new hero! Adding this to my occasional (daily) snacktime routine.

    1. CourtStar….If you have a Marshall’s or TJ Maxx (or similar store) where you live check there, they sometimes are stocked with all flavors of CocoRoons and/or Laughing Giraffe raw vegan coconut macaroons too! At really good prices. It was mildly dangerous when I lived near TJ Maxx lollll

  3. Berries are so popular this week! (and always) – I made 1 & 2 things with berries this week. You should make this with only red/pink berries and enter it in the Power of Pink challenge for Breast Cancer awareness month!

    Hilary x

  4. Ah this looks incredible! I will definitely try this. Guilt-free desserts that aren’t too sweet totally hit home with me. Love how this is actually good for you! Thanks Lauryn!!

  5. I’ve seen Coco-Roons at my local health food stores but have never tried them! I love decadent raw snacks. I was addicted to kale chips for a while, so I’m afraid if I try Coco-Roons I’ll be buying bags of them all the time!

  6. Lemon is my favorite but truly… I am addicted to ALL of the coco-roon flavors! Such a quick, simple, treat to satisfy your sweet tooth!

  7. This recipe SERIOUSLY saves my life all the time! I make this whenever I’m craving a dessert, and sometimes I’ll top it with truwhip and a couple mini dark chocolate chips. Such a delicious skinny dessert!

  8. This sounds so good, can’t wait to try it! I already love coco roons as a gluten free snack because they are so satisfying and filling. I only need to eat one and I feel satisfied with a yummy snack and sweet tooth fixed!!!

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