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10 Marketing Tips and The Future of TikTok With Coco Mocoe

Marketing Tips and The Future of TikTok With Coco Mocoe

What a treat today.

Coco Mocoe is on the blog to give us her top 10 marketing tips for 2024. If you have yet to meet Coco, she is a digital trend forecaster and marketing strategist who was recently on the HIM & HER Show. Coming from a background in entertainment she has a unique talent for predicting the rise of stars and trends across the internet. She is a master of her craft and we’re so excited to have her on the blog to give us all her tips.

With that, let’s welcome Coco to the blog.


10 Marketing Tips and The Future of TikTok With Coco Mocoe

1. “Authenticity” 

 It’s such a buzzword but what does it really mean? Authenticity is doing something you would be doing whether a camera was filming you or not. Audiences are getting smarter and can sense forced authenticity from a mile away. 

2. “Short form fatigue” 

“Short form fatigue” is going to grow in 2024. People loved the short, bite-sized pieces of content in the first few years of the 20’s when TikTok was taking over. But now, people are craving substance. I predict we will see the rise of a creator or brand in 2024 that leans into the 10-minute feature on TikTok or we will see a resurgence of the YouTube vlog. 

3. Ditch the trends. 

Trending audio was huge for a couple years but creators and audiences alike are realizing that the faster the trends rise, the faster they fall. Trending audio is fun and low-lift, but don’t make it your entire strategy if you want to build a loyal following. 

4. Live-streaming for companionship vs. entertainment. 

Live-streaming had a huge boom in 2023 with the rise of creators like pinkydoll and itzpsyiconic. Audiences aren’t tuning into live-streams for entertainment but rather companionship. They simply want to be in the room with you. We will see the rise of live-streams like “work with me” or someone proping their phone up in the corner of the room while they go about their daily routine. 

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5. Podcasting on TikTok. 

There is an interesting intersection we have seen rise between podcasts and TikTok in the last few years. The For You Page offers a discoverability unlike any other app. But where TikTok struggles is with substance and longer-form content. That is where podcasts come in. I believe we will see the launch of longer-form podcasts on to the FYP. I would not be surprised if we see TikTok launch a podcast arm of their company or sign exclusive deals with creators to bring their shows exclusively to a TikTok podcast platform. 

6. The rise of IG story creators.

As people complain more and more about their IG feed feeling disconjointed, we might wonder why they still use the app? I think the number 1 use for IG now is for stories and DM’s. That is why we saw the rise of accounts like deauxmoi who rarely posted any in-feed photos or reels, but instead grew by posting daily sightings and “tea” of celebrities on their IG stories. The IG stories became so popular they launched multiple podcasts and released a book

7. “Reinvention for Retention”.

The first few years of the rise of TikTok, I used to tell people “the nicher you go, the quicker you grow.”While I still believe that to be true, I also think we are now seeing creators struggle to find their footing as audiences move on from whatever niche thing made them popular. Instead, the creators who are able to survive and continue to grow their audience in a “niche” ecosystem are the ones who are able to reinvent themselves. Rebranding might be one of the hardest things to do on the internet. But it is one of the most important skills if you want to have a long-standing career. 

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8.The rise of “relatability fatigue.” 

People and brands loved talking about how “relatable” they were the last couple years. But the illusion of being relatable began to slip as people’s most favorite “relatable” influencers began making millions and going to the Met Gala. While people will always be naturally drawn to those that they relate to, I think audiences are growing tired of how forced it has become. Instead, we will see people be drawn to those who aren’t forcing it. Maybe they are extravagant or maybe they are interesting because they know that their ability to bond with their audience isn’t dependent on being just like their audiences. There is distance there and that is okay. 

9. Comment replies 

Comment replies are still one of the most underused tools in marketing. We have seen creators make huge careers from using the comment reply feature. Think about Jake Shane who blew up earlier this year on TikTok by acting out historical scenarios that his audiences commented about. But we still have yet to see a brand lean into the comment reply feature to its full potential. I predict we will see a brand blow up online that uses the comment reply feature to come up with ideas or make their audience a part of the process like never before. 

10. TikTok Shop

10. After its first year comes to a close, TikTok Shop is facing valid skepticism right now from brands and consumers alike. But like all social media platforms and features that end up taking over, there is always healthy skepticism when it first comes around. However, the combination of the FYP discoverability plus the ease of ordering, it is only a matter of time before it takes over and competes with the likes of Amazon. One brand, Bad Addiction Boutique, sold 50,000 units of a pickle sweatshirt because of TikTok Shop. I believe once we see more legitimate brands get on the platform, we will see it become more normalized. But this is only the beginning of a changing e-commerce industry titan. 


Be sure to listen to Coco on the HIM & HER Show where she’s discussing the world of trends, impact of fame on the average person, strategies for growing your platform and maintaining a following, building credibility in any niche and the essential elements to succeed as a creator. Coco has also launched her own podcast called Ahead of the Curve so make sure you check it out if you’re into dissecting internet trends, hearing from celebrities, rising stars and influences and trend forecasting.

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