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10 Fitness Tips To Keep It Right & Tight In Isolation

This post is so fitting right now. My friend Jenna Willis is back sharing her 10 fitness tips for quarantine, isolation…whatever you wanna call it. Really, this could not come at a better time.

If you need a quick refresh, Jenna Willis is a trainer who I heard about through watching Vanderpump Rules. Lala Kent had just gotten in such good shape, even though her body was bangin’ before. So, as I do, I stalked Jenna on Instagram & started working out with her for the first 5 months of my pregnancy.

Jenna works with a lot of the same moves that are in the TSC Body Guide, but I wanted a pro to help me through them when I was pregnant ( I moved to LA & couldn’t see Kim Kelly anymore ).

She has an amazing eBook coming out soon on fitness & she’s tight as fuck. Not only is Jenna cool, she’s super knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition & is a total master of her craft.

Without further ado, let’s welcome Jenna back to The Skinny Confidential.


Working out with an active schedule was hard, but for some reason, now that we are stuck at home, it feels even harder! It’s super important to keep yourself feeling healthy & happy during isolation. Hopefully these tips will help with both!

10 Fitness Tips For Isolation:

♡ Stay hydrated.

You should be drinking 1 liter of water for every 50 lbs you weigh. Hydration keeps your muscles relaxed, tension low & skin shining!

( Scope this post on how a Hydro Flask can help you drink more water effortlessly ). 

♡ Sleep well.

Magnesium to muscle is what calcium is to bone. Magnesium not only relaxes your muscles, but also calms the nervous system down & helps regulate your blood pressure. Hello sleeping beauty! 

( Lauryn again. You guys know I love Calm tea & adding magnesium to my psycho-specific smoothie ).

glass water pitcher for fruit enhanced flat and sparkling water beverages and recipes | by the skinny confidential

♡ Get moving (QUICKLY)!

Give tabata a try. It is a full cardio workout in 4 minutes- 20 seconds on & 10 seconds off. Here is my favorite tabata routine:

Jump Squats 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds

Burpees 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds

Butt Kicks 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds

Mountain Climbers 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds 

( Repeat 2x through )

♡ Don’t get stiff.

Find time every 2 hours for dynamic stretching throughout the day ( stretching that also makes you move ). Our new ‘homebody’ lifestyle may be affecting your body more than you know.

My current routine is: 

Wall Angels. For 2-3 minutes stand flat with your heels, butt, shoulders & head against the wall. Put your arms out & up as if you are making a field goal. Slowly raise your arms up to the ceiling, keeping your elbows & hands against the wall along with the rest of your body until you stretch them up as far as you can go. Then bring them back down to field goal position. 

Piriformis Stretch. In a seated position bring one foot up & across your leg, almost like a #4, & slowly lean forward into it for a 10 second hold & then release. You will really feel your glutes stretching out. Repeat on each side for approximately 1 minute.

Text Neck Stretch. Take your first two fingers & press them on your collar bone take the skin & slowly drag it below your collarbone & then stretch your neck in the opposite position. Hold for 10 seconds & repeat again. Repeat on each side for approximately 1 minute.

♡ Keep your abs.

A side plank hold works ALL of your abdominal walls in one exercise! Try doing 3 sets of 30 seconds on each side!

♡ Reduce inflammation.

Stay clear of refined or pasteurized wheat, dairy & sugar products. My insider tip? Add organic berries to your diet as much as possible to keep your blood flowing during a time where the body is more stagnant. Add turmeric & fish oil as well to reduce inflammation & increase blood flow.

( Another good tip is to dry brush every day & do lots of facial massage! )

♡ Fuel yourself.

Not just with coffee, but with B vitamins. B vitamins transfer food to fuel. If you are deficient, you won’t have the ability to convert your food to energy!

Take 1 pill of a B-complex daily, or a good multivitamin. Also try get some dark leafy greens into your diet.  

fiber filled healthy quick french toast recipe bbg bombshell body

♡ Conquer the snack attacks!

We are all getting cravings & reaching for our favorite comfort snacks ( mine are honey roasted Biena Chickpea Snacks & Kween Granola Butter right now ). Don’t beat yourself up! 

Taking chromium supplements helps you burn off the sugar more efficiently in your muscles when you’re working out. Broccoli is also one of the best natural ways to do that. 

♡ Be sweet…with honey!

This one is shocking. Yes, take your zinc, Echinacea, & elderberry to stay healthy, but also enjoy your HONEY. Approximately 1 tbsp of honey is equivalent in antioxidants to a tomato & it doesn’t expire. Ever. 

♡ Wake up relaxed.

If you aren’t using the bedtime app on your iPhone, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Keep your cortisol levels at bay & wake up refreshed. Your phone’s alarm gradually crescendos its volume ( gets louder ) for a more relaxing morning. 

I love coming up with healthy hacks & fit tips & hope you enjoyed these ones!

Have any questions? Just need to talk to another human? Reach out at & check out


You guys should definitely check out Jenna’s programs & her Instagram here.

If you guys are looking for quick workouts, my trainer Kim Kelly goes on live on @tscbody every Wednesday at 9 am PST & the workout stays up for 24 hours.

Stay safe,

x, lauryn.

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  1. Being able to sleep well has been my biggest struggle during quarantine. I’m in week 8 of isolation and I am FINALLY falling asleep before 1:00am, which is a huge accomplishment for me.

  2. Great tips. I like to go for a run or mountain bike ride up in the National Forest. You can run or ride for miles and not see a single person.

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