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1 Piece, 3 Ways: Black Legging Realness

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Hello, hello! Happy Saturday.

A week into 2018 and I’m feeling incredibly energized. What about you guys? I attribute my energy to reading- I’ve been doing a TON OF READING & it keeps me focused.

Because let’s be real, the holidays are A LOT of work. & if you’re anything like me you wait until the last minute to get everything done- ( WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF EVERY YEAR? ). Picture me at 3 AM Christmas morning in my orange computer goggles trying to see if I can order gifts off Amazon…&have them be delivered by 8 AM. TRUE STORY.

You can’t. I tried.

ANYWAY, we had a whirlwind Christmas with all 3 families. I hope you all had a relaxing break too & your family time was seamless with lots of Pinot Noir.

Now- can we JUST chat about the days following Christmas & before New Years? They’re strange RIGHT?!  No one is really working, socializing, or doing anything at all? I feel like this is a great time to travel ( which Michael & I both noted this year ). But now we’re here, we’ve arrived, & ya- it’s a new year. Time to go.

SO since there are no signs of slowing down & efficiency is a priority, I wanted to introduce a new little series to you guys. 1 Piece, 3 Ways. By yours truly.

It’s time to get creative here- let’s keep it simple/stupid but still stylish.

Today we’re going to talk about leggings- yep your typical, nothing special, black leggings. You know? The one’s you wear everyday? We all have a pair. Lately, I’ve been about the mesh paneling to switch it up. It’s sexy & effortlessly understated plus it keeps this pair of leggings versatile…which we all LOVE. You can EASILY dress them up or down. OH- and they’re only $16 from Amazon. Cha-ching.

With that:

1 Piece, 3 Ways


Let’s start with the obvious here per usual? Working out. I’m sure many of you are amping up your fitness routine this year & if there’s one thing to keep you motivated it’s having a stylish workout look. It’s like when they used to say “dress well, test well” right?

If you feel confident about what you’re wearing you’ll hopefully be more inspired to get moving, ya with me? SO if you’re looking to step it up try these mesh leggings with a cute sports bra & comfortable shoes. I’ve been obsessed with these APL kicks for a while. They’re ideal while on treadmill answering e-mails or for errands. Plus they’re pink SOOOOOoooo…

APL shoes | mesh leggings | sports bra


Who isn’t on the go? I mean I feel like I’m pretty much constantly on the go. Whether it’s running around town to get a double brow tint or working in a cafe, this look has got you covered. I’ve been obsessed with oversized jean jackets lately ( shoutout to Michael who inspired this ) & this one just takes it to the next level. Complete your look with a high pony and sneakers for the day. THEN add a red lip & heels to transition to wine with the girls. I LOVE.

mouth jacket | mesh leggings | sweater


Michael & I have been ::trying:: to have more date nights. You gotta keep it SPICY & dress up. I can’t only live in his oversized t-shirts- luckily for him. Pair these leggings with an over-the-knee boot and silk top to turn the flirting on. Be sure to spritz a little perfume or musk oil, add some tousled waves & voila- date night ready! You’re just so welcome, Michael.

over-the-knee boots | mesh leggings | silk top

If you’re ready for even more closet inspiration be sure to check out my VERY TSC curated closet.

OH! What piece do you want to see next? Get creative here. I’m up for anything & everything.

Off to read- follow me on IG Stories to see some books quotes + what I’m reading.

Happy weekend, x lauryn


  1. I feel so weirdly different this year. I was supposed to be energised and get all the things done right when 1st of January came. But it’s so different this year, I feel like I needed another few days of break (or I want to have an excuse like this..) and going to really work my butt off from the second Monday of 2018. Fingers crossed it works this time.
    I love the new series, so useful! <3

    With kindness,

  2. I want some mesh leggings so cute. First, my goal is to lose some weight before I buy new clothes though. Such cute leggings.
    xx, Meghan |

  3. Pls teach us HOW to shop online!! I always fail and need to return everything! Doesn’t fit, I don’t like the fabric/look/feel. Seems so simple but I could def use some tips to make my online shopping more productive!

  4. Love the post and your style is awesome! Would love to see pics the looks styled on you though xx

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