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Drugstore HAUL! Seriously > ANYTHING

drugstore favorites | by the skinny confidential

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Rite-Aid will be the death of me.

I literally go in for a Smart Water & walk out with new red matte lipstick, cuticle scissors, Flaming Hot Cheetos, leave-in conditioner, polka dot gift wrap, & the latest foundation that promises “the best coverage ever.”

It’s kinda like the drugstore is a playground.

I walk in making a promise to spend $5 dollars, & $45 dollars later I’m perusing the ‘thank you for being a good friend’ cards, #REALNESS.

When I think about it, there’s actually something oddly therapeutic about roaming the aisles looking for nothing, finding everything.

Anyway, let’s talk specifics: firstly, I’ll never be a blogger who doesn’t shop smart. Don’t get me wrong, I love designer items & MAC Cosmetics, BUT NOT EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD needs to be brand name. Some of my best finds are from CVS or a thrift store. In fact, some drugstore brands are way better than the more expensive brands. Nothing wrong with that.

This month I found so many goodies that I had to share. As usual, I’m always looking for PHENOMENAL ( NOT AVERAGE, HAS TO BE AMAZING ) drugstore products so if you have any winning recommendations, leave them below.

Now, let’s talk about eye shadow, shall we?

Here’s the thing: a lot of you have asked me what eye shadow I wear.

Eer, I don’t wear eye shadow. I wear foundation on my lids or a TINY bit of a VERY SPECIFIC, basically invisible eye powder by NYX. It’s kind of iridescence too. See:

Ok so, why no eye shadow?

Well, uhh do you remember the movie Something About Mary?

You know, the one with Cameron Diaz?

I look like that woman in the movie when I wear eye shadow.


I look like the 85 year old lady who tans with aluminum foil reflectors & her tiny dog:

makeup tips | by the skinny confidential

Yes…( love the casual vodka/soda too ).

I look like Magda with eye shadow. No offense to her, but on me it looks very dated, very 1980-ish, & just fucking haggard.

So I gravitate more towards the fresh, bright eyed look.

Also, I’m so not succumbing to the fact that every girl has to wear eye shadow. LIKE WHY? A lot of the time it gives the eyes a heavy look.

I even talked to a MAC makeup artist —& SHHHHH!!!—-she told me that makeup counters are secretly pushing their reps to sell eye shadow more aggressively because the sales are down.


Now if you look fabulous & more like Cameron than Magda in eye shadow, then by all means ROCK IT SISTA.

But I look like Drew Carey’s heavy makeup-ed friend, Mimi, so I’ll pass.

Ok, let’s talk product details.

♡ Products:

Baby Lips in ‘Pink Punch’
NYX Nude Matte Eye Shadow
NYX Butter Gloss in ‘Fortune Cookie’
Nugg Shea Butter Masks
Sally Hansen’s stark white nail polish

♡ Wearing:

White top
Dainty rings
Fake Lashes
CND Top Coat

If you guys are interested in my YouTube videos, PLEASE subscribe— I’m working on building TSC channel so I can bring you MORE than one video a week. And please let me know what you want to see more of!

Ok, I’m off…now if only I could find something that helps with swelling. I’m swelling up like a MEGA balloon over here. My face seems to be getting MORE SWOLLEN instead of less. Ugh. Wish me luck, I look like a hive of bees stung my face. FML.

– lauryn x

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YOU ASKED!!! Blogger Tips, Detox Drink, Tricks For Washing Your Hair Once A Week

ask me anything on youtube | by the skinny confidential
{ white scalloped dress | sunglasses | watch | ring }

You guys asked me some GREAT questions via Instagram.

( I’m in love with Instagram & Snapchat because they’re platforms where we can connect one-on-one & I can see exactly what YOU GUYS WANT TO SEE ).

Anyway, I tried to be as thorough as possible with my answers but if something isn’t clear or you have other questions, just leave them below & I’ll make sure to get them answered tomorrow or in the next video. I never want to be the kind of blogger that stops answering questions. It’s very, very important to me to maintain a connection with you guys because without you…I’d have ::CRICKETS:: reading The Skinny Confidential. You guys make the blog! So my point is, if for some reason you’ve asked me a question & I haven’t answered it, always re-ask because most likely I didn’t see it!!

Oh, & do yourself a favor and check out this off the shoulder sweater because it’s under $45 bucks AND soooo, soooo comfortable. Ok, press play:

♡ Products:

TSC Pink Detox Drink
Favorite rosé: Whispering Angel & Miraval
Spray tan deets
More blogger tips
The Wet Brush ( BEST brush EVER )
Mini Wet Brush
Eyelash primer
TSC Bombshell Body Guide
Drybar dry shampoo
Pssssst! dry shampoo
The Sleep Bun
More hair tips
MAC setting spray
My blog design company, blog-doo
TSC Lifestyle Guide

♡ Wearing:

Black sweater
Black jeans ( OBSESSED )
Red lipstick
White kicks
Nail polish
White 6+ cell cover

SO! That was fun! I love doing Q & A’s. Again, let me know if you have questions below.

Wish me luck, I have a follow-up doctor’s appointment tomorrow & I may get crazy and venture out into society for a mani/pedi and a green smoothie. Follow along on Snapchat for more realness ( like me working out in flip flops, lol ). Username is: laurynevarts.

Chat soon!

lauryn, xx

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Makeup Magic: Buh-Bye Under Eye Circles!!

The Skinny Confidential talks makeup tricks.
Currently in bed trying to shove a measly champagne gummy bear in my mouth to suck on for 10 minutes before I swallow it ( …insert sex joke here. But really, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. Not to brag but I’m becoming kind of a professional. Especially with pretzel pieces. I casually let them melt in my my mouth & swallow the tiny pieces ). I still have a long way to go recovery-wise. But I won’t bore you with the details tonight.

Before I dive into this makeup heavy post, I just want to say this: some of you guys point out that there are chemicals in my makeup, sunscreen & hair products. Here’s the thing: I use chemicals. In fact, I’ve never claimed I don’t use chemicals. I just TRY to avoid them where I can but sometimes life happens. As I’ve always said, I balance my products/food/drinks like a check book.

For instance I LOVE MAC makeup but I don’t love carrageenan in my almond milk. I love DryBar’s dry shampoo but I won’t touch chemical filler in my orange juice. I’m obsessed with Flaming Hot Cheetos, but I use raw coconut oil to take my makeup off & moisturizer my skin.

Hey, I pick my battles.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is there are products on The Skinny Confidential that have chemicals & are non-organic. I’m certainly not perfect. My advice is to pick and choose what you can & can’t compromise on ( LIKE I CAN’T STOP EATING CHEEZ-ITS BUT THEY’RE FULL OF GMOS BUT I DON’T CARE ). I gotta live. BALANCE is key.

Just wanted you guys to know that I most certainly do not live a completely chemical-free life. As GLAM, Gwyneth Paltrow-ish as that sounds, it’s not realistic for me.

OK SO, ON THAT NOTE, let’s talk about BAGS. Not handbags. UNDER EYE BAGS.

I’m assuming no one in the world likes under eye bags so today I’m sharing a couple of tips to cover them up.

Had a late night? Hungover as hell? Tired from a hot date night?

I got ya covered, see?

The day I filmed this, I actually had under eye circles. I was up until 3 am editing video & this was shot at 9 am. So I was F-ing tired…with saddle bags under my eyes.


Ok enough of that, let’s talk product details.

♡ Products:

Rose hip oil
Eye cream
MAC Moisturizer ( for dewey finish )
MAC brush #217

Beauty blender
Eye brighting pen
Brow cream
Brow brush
White pen

White lash primer
FAVORITE eyelash curler
Lash Domination mascara
MAC mascara
Great Lash mascara

Target brush
Finishing spray ( << OBSESSED, takes away any powder-y look )

♡ Wearing:

Off the shoulder sweater dress
White nail polish

Phew. Long list. Sorry, just wanted to be a thorough as possible for you guys!

Alright, I’m off to try to eat my second gummy bear…1 hour later.

lauryn, xx

+ More makeup tips can be found in The Skinny Confidential Book.

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Mint Kombucha Vodkas…Because Hey, It’s A Holiday

The Skinny Confidential talks mint kombucha vodkas.

The Skinny Confidential talks mint kombucha vodkas.

I am overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed because of YOU.

Your support & comments made me cry on my post about jaw surgery. I’m not a habitual crier but you guys are all so AMAZING that I kind of broke down. I have a LONG road to recovery but with all my ‘friends’ online & family, I know I’ll be just fine. So thank you all. Seriously, really, thank, thank, thank you!

Ok, enough about that, let’s talk about probiotic cocktails.

YES. You read that correctly.

Cocktails with probiotics.

If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is?

Fourth of July is on Saturday obviously ( & if you don’t live in the US, you should still try these & celebrate…because it’s the weekend, mkay ). Bring these cocktails to a pool party & everyone will want to be your best friend.

Plus you’ll be drinking…healthy-ishly. Kombucha is full of good bacteria AKA probiotics AKA those weird slippery things at the bottom.

The Skinny Confidential talks mint kombucha vodkas.

Some benefits of Kombucha according to this source:

♥ liver detoxification
♥ improved pancreas function
♥ increased energy
♥ better digestion
♥ improved mood ( helps with anxiety/depression )
♥ kills Candida ( yeast )
♥ helps nutrient assimilation
♥ weight loss


Here’s what you do:

Need more of a breakdown? No problem:

♡ TSC Mint Kombucha Vodkas:

1-2 ounces of vodka ( I like gluten-free Tito’s )
A couple splashes of sparkling water
A couple of splashes of Kombucha ( guava is amazing )
Fresh mint ( I like A LOT )
Shaved ginger
Grapefruit bitters ( if you don’t have this, use a squeeze of lemon )
Handful of ice

Directions: add ice to a chilled glass. Add vodka & top with a little sparkling water. Add 1/2 cup of your favorite Kombucha on top. Grab mint & clap it between your hands ( << this brings out the flavor ). Use mint as a garnish & mix it into the cocktail. Top with a couple dashes of grapefruit bitters ( or lemon ) & shave some ginger on top ( use a cheese grater to shave ginger! ). Option: add raspberries for a festive flair. CHEERS!

The Skinny Confidential talks mint kombucha vodkas.

Mixing Kombucha with alcohol kind of cancels the bad stuff out, right?

No but really, at least I’m getting my probiotics when I have a little cocktail-poo.

If you want to get crazy, go buy a huge pitcher & make this in bulk. I feel like you might as well for a holiday like 4th of July because you’re most likely distracted by the pool, boys, cute flamingo floats, &/or the BBQ. Just make sure you store it in the fridge so it’s super cold…YUM.

I can already picture you guys in your cute bikinis, mingling around the pool/beach sipping mint kombucha vodka in a sexy wide brimmed hat.


Have a sip for me, k?

Anyway, one last question before I go: what’s a cocktail that you want to see skinny style? LMK below & I’ll make it happen.

Ok, have fun this weekend & happy summer!!

love you all, xx lauryn

{ video | wearing: blue tee }

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The Skinny Confidential talks mint kombucha vodkas.

5 Ride Or Die Beauty Tips & Tricks

The Skinny Confidential talks beauty products.

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Happy Friday!

I’m SERIOUSLY sick as a dog BUT I wanted to share a little video I’ve been meaning to post: my super simple, ride or die beauty tips & tricks.

Some of these you guys may have already seen some of these tippity tips BUTTTT haven’t actually tried them, so test them out & let me know your thoughts ( none of this is sponsored, I actually love all of these products! ).

Just to give a quick overview before you watch the video:

Brushing my lips: If you’re wearing lipstick ( especially dark lipstick ) brush your lips. Having a piece of red crust falling off your lips is no fun. This trick really smoothes & preps the lips. Add coconut oil to the toothbrush for a smoother finish. Read more here.

Dry brushing my whole bod: I cannot say enough good things about dry brushing. It’s really changed my life. If I miss a day, I feel off. It stimulates my body/lymphatic system like NOTHING ELSE. Read more here.

Color correcting photo finish: this little bottle of green goodness is FUCKING AMAZING. Sorry, it is. Basically when you mix green with red, it takes away redness. Hence the green-ish shade. So if I have a nasty-ass zit or a red face ( you guys get it ) it basically takes the redness away. I’m obsessed. No one likes red splotches all over their face, right?, & this gets rid of it. SO IN LOVE.

Rose hips oil: OILS ARE MY OBSESSION. I use oil on everything. My hair, body, & to burn ( I’ll do a post soon ). Rose hips oil is great for makeup remover & to mix a dot with foundation. It gives the foundation a dewey, pretty finish. Just one drop mixed with your foundation & you’re good to go! Also, this tip makes your foundation/concealer last longer so essentially you’re saving money too ( by the way, I also love tea tree oil to zap zits ).

Color correcting duo: this is kind of like a random find. Literally I think I got it in a Victoria’s Secret swag bag that they were giving out for free at the mall. It’s this long, ugly-ish stick. The stick sat in my bathroom for 2 years until I finally tried it out. And now?! It’s my FAVORITE makeup product. One side is like a highlighter to use under brows & on top of your lip. And the other side is a green color that will make a pimple disappear in an instant ( because again, green takes the red away! ). Miracle stick!

NOW, watch away:

♡ Products:

Lip toothbrush

Favorite dry brush
Color correcting photo finish
Organic rose hips oil
Color correcting concealer duo

♡ Wearing:

Palm print top
Lip gloss

What’s your ride or die ( & maybe kind of weird? ) beauty tips/tricks?

Have a great weekend, guys!

lauryn, xx

+ More makeup tips can be found in The Skinny Confidential Book.

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