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How To: Apply Lashes Without Looking Like An 80’s Porn Star

The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

Most requested tutorial?


Firstly, I’ve been there, done that with eyelash extensions…they’re not for me. BUT I have tons of friends who swear by them. So do whatever floats your boat.

Personally I’m all about drugstore lashes. And I’m absolutely ADDICTED to Ardell’s ( << not sponsored, just realness ).

I’m VERY specific about WHICH Ardell’s though because no one wants to look like an 80’s pornstar. Here’s why I like these particular falsies:

You feel me?

As you can see from above: EYELASH PRIMER is the shit. Won’t leave home without it.

I feel like a real asshole about it but I’ll literally skip wearing mascara if I don’t have my primer.

Good thing I have three bottles in my car/purse/makeup bag because I can’t live without my white gooey stuff. It seriously adds like 5 layers to your natural lash.

The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

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♡ Products used:

Eyelash primer ( << MY FAV! )
MAC ‘In Extreme’ mascara
Urban Decay’s ‘Perversion’ mascara
Ardell ‘Double Up’ lashes
Eyelash curler ( << the BEST! )

Fav drugstore eyelash primer
Fav drugstore mascara
Pink tweezers
Mascara wands/eyelash ‘brush’
Eyelash glue
Tiny scissors
Navy drugstore eyelash curler

♡ Face makeup:

Foundation w/ SPF
Brow powder

♡ Outfit deets:

White top
California necklace
Gold hand piece
Nail polish
Lipstick holder

The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

So let it be known: this tutorial was filmed during the day so these lashes definitely look dramatic. BUT imagine we’re on a dinner date in a perfectly dimly lit restaurant with a flicker of a candle on my face, while I sip a Pinot Grigio as I bat my lashes ( << goals ). Point: the dimmed, darker light would really enhance my ‘Double Up’ lashes in an unstated sexy way.

Lighting is everything ( I mean I’d love a good lighting crew to casually follow me everywhere ) & trust me, these lashes are ON POINT for nighttime. Daytime though? Not so much. Opt for a thinner lash like this during day.

BTW, not a big eyeliner fan. But if you are: do the thinnest line in the world ( like the thinnest ever ) before applying your bombshell lash.

Please let me know your thoughts on the latest video tutorials!

Would love to hear, Lauryn xx

+ More makeup tips can be found in The Skinny Confidential Book.

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The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

Latest YouTube Addition: What’s In My Purse?!

What's in my bag?!


I swear my arm goes slightly numb because of the weight of my everyday handbag…but I can’t stop, won’t stop carrying every single ‘I need’.

You NEVER KNOW, right?

I may or may not have 3 phone charger packs…( they’re THE BEST! ).

Since I always see the ‘What’s In My Purse’ articles in US Weekly, I figured I’d share a visual so on the last TSC YouTube channel shoot, I literally ended emptied the contents of my black backpack for you guys!


What's in my bag?!

Products used:

black backpack
♡ white camera
tinted moisturizer w/ SPF
grey tee
black sunglasses
floral makeup bag
♡ grapefruit lip balm
white nail polish
palm print cell case
♡ tangerine, unavailable because I ATE IT! HA.

I’m filming more YouTube videos this week, so PLEASSSSSEEE ( please, please!! ), let me know all your requests. I want to make sure I’m filming what you guys actually WANT to watch : ).

Ok I’m off to watch Shark Tank ( I’m so obsessed with this show, it’s BAD! ).

Also, check out what’s in my gym bagpurse, beach tote, & Cabo bag!

- Lauryn, xx

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What's in my bag?!

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The Sleep Bun Tutorial ( << Fav Hair Tip )

The Skinny Confidential on YouTube.

Remember like five million years ago when I shared one of my favorite beauty tips ever AKA The Sleep Bun?

Well a lot of you guys asked me to make a video tutorial. So finnnnnnnallly, I pulled my head outta my ass because today I’m demo THE SLEEP BUN, Vana White-style.

If you don’t know what The Sleep Bun is, prepare for your life to change.

You know those moments in life where you have a total epiphany…? Well this is one of them. This is kind of better than discovering you had a long lost brother…for obvious reasons.

Introducing: the best way to attain soft, pretty, totally opposite of bridal ( because EW, not a fan ), kinda unwashed hair curls.

First off, it’s not my thing to wash my hair.

Hey, I’m being honest ( washing hair everyday is so 1994 ).

Sorry…but my hair looks way better washing it once or twice a week.

Yes I workout. Yes I sweat. Yes I reach for dry shampoo, Psssssst. & it works wonders.

But that’s a whole different blog post BECAUSE TODAY WE ARE TALKING ABOUT MY FAVORITE BEAUTY TIP ON THE PLANET. This bun encompasses all my hair goals & makes me happier than you could ever imagine.

The sleep bun creates that hippie, effortless, not too overdone, SWOON hair.

Because in my opinion, overly curled hair is OUCHHHHHH.

Here, lemme show ya:

Ok so, these pink clips are all over my house, in Michael’s pocket, in my office, bed, handbag, living room, car, & sometimes hidden in my rat’s nest of hair.

To read the wholllle entireeee Sleep Bun story, click here— but I’m sure after my video you get the drift.

Products used:

pink alligator clips

2 inch barrel curling iron

hair sunscreen ( << a total MUST! )

hair spray || dry shamps

♡ wearing: black crop, JNB choker, & nail polish

If you want to learn more about my beauty routine, check out The Skinny Confidential Book ( which also has A LOT of hair tips/tricks like this!! ).

YOUR TURN! What’s your best hair secret?

Ok so I really hope I’ve surpassed all your hair expectations with this one, because it’s definitely my best hair secret.

I know now you must be confused because you didn’t realize I was related to Paul Mitchell? Oh, well now you know.

- The Sleep Bun OG, xx

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++ Check out last week’s tutorial on eyebrows here

What I’m Using:

What I’m Wearing:

A Supermodel’s Best Kept Secret

The Skinny Confidential talks gelatin capsules.

{ gelatin capsules }

When I went to Miami I hung out with an amazingly beautiful top model. Like, she was GORGEOUS. Not only was she a stunner, she was reallllll in to health & wellness.

And of course ( because duh ) I asked her: what’s your best kept secret??

The model went on to tell me about something I had nooooo clue about: GELATIN CAPSULES.

You know how everyone tells you biotin is OH-SO-AMAZING FOR HAIR & NAIL GROWTH?

Well, according to this babe & all her model friends gelatin, gelatin is a million times better. She said that she’s modeled all over the world & all the top models take it daily. She talked about gelatin for literally ten minutes straight listing the benefits, as my jaw hung on the table like WTF/OMG. And then she went on to say it’s a total secret & all her beautiful, perfect-looking model friends SWEAR by this magic capsule.

So naturally I rushed home & sped to the closet health food store to buy my own supply #sosueme.

How did I not know about gelatin for all these years?! What the hell? I’ve interview hundreds of top models & none of them have shared this secret?

Before I tested it out though, I did my own research & shit…she wasn’t lying. Check it out:


You guys know I’m allllll about prevention so when I see the words ‘reduces wrinkles,’ I get giddy. There’s A LOT OF STUDIES ( like tons ) say “You know those $50+ wrinkle reducer miracle creams that don’t work? Save a lot of money by just taking gelatin internally each day and using coconut oil for skin care! Gelatin is essentially cooked, powdered collagen ( that ingredient they charge you an arm and a leg for that doesn’t even work well externally… ). Taking gelatin internally provides the body the building blocks to build great skin, hair and nails from the inside out and helps reduce wrinkles.”


It’s not the most amazing source of protein but it gets the job done because it’s filled with amino acids!! Actually to be exact there’s half of the 18 essential amino acids. And anything with amino acids? I’m in.


Here’s the deal: you can ingest gelatin & it really, really will help your hair/nails grow. Literally no joke, my friend Sophie from the blog Angel Food Style, texted me other day saying “I accidentally lit my hair on fire what should do ( laugh/cry Emoji x 400 )?” I said: “GELATIN!!” So take gelatin if you want to grow longer hair & longer nails ( I’m assuming this is 99 percent of the female population? ).

If you want to use it as a hair mask, I found this tip on Pinterest: “To make, stir one tablespoon of gelatin powder in to 1/2 cup of cool water until mixed. Add 1/2 cup warm/hot water, one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, and one teaspoon of honey to create a thick gel/liquid. Pour into hair and massage through hair and scalp. Leave on for at least five minutes and rinse with hot water. Shampoo as normal.”


YES. Hormones are funny, remember? According to this source: “too much estrogen in the body (which can be caused by all sorts of reasons including hormonal imbalances, over exposure to phytoestrogens like those found in soy, and xenoestrogens found in plastics) can cause inflammation, infertility and promote accelerated aging. The wonderful, and seemingly endless benefits of gelatin have anti-estrogenic effects which can help offset the effects of excess estrogen in the body.”


Apparently a lot of people in the fitness & model industry consume one tablespoon of gelatin before bed in green or chamomile tea. Gelatin boosts the metabolism & human growth hormone production. Oh & it totally helps heal the digestive track ( so, so good for you! ) & helps improve the appearance of cellulite.

If you’re not in to pill popping ( hey, some people hate swallowing pills ), try gelatin gummies!

Wait what?

Yessss. According to this source: “gummies made from grass fed gelatin ( you can find quality gelatin here ) and sweetened with raw honey ( instead of refined sugar or chemical sweeteners ) are one of the healthiest treats you can have ( some recipes here: lemon gummiesorange gummies and strawberry lemonade gummies )! And they are also something that the entire family can agree on. They’ll think they’re eating candy and you know that you’re feeding them bone-building blocks and a gut-healing superfood ( store-bought version here ).”

I mean, geez. I’ve certainly been missing out. A WHOLE NEW WORLD, RIGHT?!

And obviously when I heard about this model-esque secret I had to let you guys in…

The best way to get your gelatin in is to EAT it!! You can add it to oatmeal, meats, seafoods, smoothies, &/or salads or soups ( SEE BELOW : ) ). It helps with the absorption of nutrients too. This brand is the best, in my opinion!

BUT. I also went out and bought the capsules because sometimes I don’t have enough time…LOL.

Ok so, there you have it! Gelatin is kind of FREAKING AMAZING.

My recommendation ( as always ): do your own research before you ingest anything. I’m just sharing what works for ME! Do what works for YOU.

Oh & by the way, THE ABSOLUTE BEST WAY TO CONSUME GELATIN? Bone broth AKA ‘The Botox Substitute ‘ creates gelatin in your body too. The breakdown of the collagen in bone broths is what produces gelatin, so drink up!

Do you take gelatin? Have you heard of it? Anyone?

Happy Tuesday! Until next time, Lauryn

{ don’t forget to check out my latest YouTube tutorial! }

* list of antioxidants I take can be found here.

** these products are NOT vegan or vegetarian; they contain traces of meat.

Brow Tips & Tricks ( Because No One Wants To Look Constantly Surprised )

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

No one wants weird, wirey, way too thin brows AKA ‘tadpole brows.’ If you don’t know what I’m talking about watch The Bachelor ( half of the girls each season have them ).

To be real brows can change your WHOLE face. All in all I’m about good brows.

I know we’ve touched on the whole brow subject but a lot of you guys have asked for a full blown eyebrow tutorial.

So. Your wish is my command:

Products used:

travel brow kit

MAC’s brow powder for blondes ( use this one if you’re brunette )

brow makeup brush ( << SERIOUSLY a game CHANGER!! )

clear mascara

brow ‘brush’ ( << necessary, trust )

♡ My flannel can be found here

If you want to learn more about my makeup routine, check out The Skinny Confidential Book ( which also has A LOT of eyebrow info!! ).

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What else do you guys want to see? Share below & I’ll make it happen!

- Lauryn, xx

{ watch my first YouTube tutorial here on wine-stained lips! }

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