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Mini DeLites: Through my iPhone Cam

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, & diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

[ New charming lighted branches ] [ Talking YouTube over a margie poo with Jackie ] Hi babes- sorry for the late Mini DeLites’ post but the Internet wasn’t working until late last night… Anyway. Being sick was a real butthole. I lost so much time & fitness-wise I feel weaker. Ughhhh, buzzkill. Immediately following […] Read more…

Cassey Ho from Blogilates {Skinnista of the Month!} Talks YouTube, Healthy Eats, & Everything Fitness

Lauryn Evarts talks with Cassey Ho about Pilates, free YouTube videos, and her growing clothing line.

Welp, I’m pretty excited. I recently interviewed Cassey from Blogilates {!!!}. She’s created her thriving brand through her YouTube ( freeeeee!!! ) workouts, a sexy gym bag line, an award-winning blog, & her TV channel. Cassey is one productive/fit/motivated lady- I don’t know how she finds the time. Inspiration, much? Anyway, even though her schedule is crazy […] Read more…