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How to Style a Coffee Table…TSC-Style


Hi, hi. Today I’m sharing a lil peak inside my living room. I’m kinda weird sometimes about sharing my personal space because, uhh, whelp…it’s my personal space. But today I’m going to be a ballzy bitch. So, ta-da, here’s my living room. I kept the colors: dark grey, gold, white, & a tiny touch of […] Read more…

DIY: Super Sexy, Boho Dream Catchers

Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness on Thanksgiving.

Hello, DIY DREAM CATCHERS! This one’s for any hippie-loving-boho-free spirited-babe. Since moving into my new casa, I’m a total white freak ( with a lil gold & turquoise ). White curtains, white bed, white desk— ya get my drift. So anyway, it’s no surprise that I wanted/needed/had to have white dream catchers all over my […] Read more…