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Party In Your Mouth!!! 3 Ingredient Ice Cream!

The Skinny Confidential talks two ingredient ice cream.

Got a sweet tooth? Nice. Me too. And this little, easy-ass recipe really hits the spot. It literally takes seconds to whip up + 20 min in the freezer & you’re good to go. But first things first: bananas are the shit. Basically they’re the best fruit…ever. I use bananas in everything!!! Seriously though, everything. Read more…

What’s In My Summer Bag? TSC x Kate Spade NY

Ok, so this kate spade new york bag…kills me. Like, really, really kills me. First off, I’m a sucker for anything see-through. Unless it’s underwear; thanks, but no thanks. Some things are better left with a little mystery. Ya know? Anyway, I die over this bag because typically I carry the whole freaking whole in […] Read more…

My Favorite 3 Day Weekend Sale!

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, & health.

AHHHHH!!! MY FAVORITE SALE OF MEMORIAL DAY!!! Check it: ♡♡♡ White dress ♡♡♡ Kimono dress ( << just bought this! ) ♡♡♡ Black dress ♡♡♡ Striped dress ( <<< DYING! ) ♡♡♡ Lace dress ( perf for the beach! ) ♡♡♡ Tribal white dress ♡♡♡ Floral dress Read more…

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