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A Touch Of Glam For NYE

The Skinny Confidential for Urban Decay.

The Skinny Confidential for Urban Decay.

The Skinny Confidential for Urban Decay.

top ( sold out but similar ) || black skirt ( similar version for $29 ) || arm band

I loveeee ( like loooovveee ) New Year’s Eve.

It’s so fun to get dressed up & feel all girly especially knowing the next day is a new year/fresh start.

And honestly, there’s something refreshing about a new year while you’re rocking glitter & feeling confident.

When it comes to makeup/hair/outfit on New Year’s, I’m veryyyy specific.

Typically I go for Marilyn-esque hair, a red lip, a little glitter, BIG ( BIG/HUGE/FLARED) lashes, a pop of gold, a flowy skirt, & a glass of bubbly.

For this NY look I curled my hair two days before, slept on it, brushed it out a little bit, & sprayed it with a bunch of hair spray ( totally feeling a deep, deep side part for 2015 ).

For my makeup: I used this red lipstick & Kylie Jenner-over lined my lips with this liner. I LOVE this red lipstick because it doesn’t do that flake-y thing…no one wants flaky, New Year’s lips.

Ok, so LASHES ARE KEY. I’ve been using Urban Decay’s ‘Perversion’ for the past six month ( see: totally used bottle, lol ) & it’s literally the best mascara I’ve ever used. If you’ve read The Skinny Confidential Book you know I like to prime my lashes, curl them, add mascara, & repeat so the mascara needs to be the ‘right mascara.’ Meaning it can’t be clumpy or gooey. This mascara’s texture is a serious dream come true.

For an extra pop this NYE I’m thinking of trying these fake lashes with a pop of glitter. Fun right? Sometimes I’ll even cut the lashes in half for a more flared look.

The Skinny Confidential for Urban Decay.

Soooo, here’s specific directions for makeup:

1.) add primer, foundation, & bronzer ( a little contour never hurt a flea ).
2.) fill in brows.
3.) add red lipstick AND THEN lip liner. I like to do it the opposite way!!
4.) prime lashes, curl, add mascara, repeat.
5.) use fake lashes to capture that flirty, flared look.
6.) add a little silver glitter underneath the lower lash for a total NYE look.
7.) sprinkle a little clear glitter on your chest or mix it with arm/leg lotion for some extra sparkle!

The Skinny Confidential for Urban Decay.

The Skinny Confidential for Urban Decay.

Outfit-wise I’m OBSESSED with the gold-lamé look. It’s sort of 80’s but at the same time classic. By the way, this top isn’t a top…it’s a leotard!! To complete the look I added some Nippies ( because duh ) & a black flowy skirt, & an arm band.

Sooo ta-da, that’s how I get New Year’s Eve ready!

Would love to hear: what’s your favorite NYE look?


- Lauryn, xx

{ click to here to watch a TSC tutorial on lip liner & lipstick! }

pics: Teresa Fae

The Skinny Confidential for Urban Decay.

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My Holiday Wish List x TSC Lookbook

The Skinny Confidential x Christmas.

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Ok so obviously I am relieved ( as shit ) that The Skinny Confidential Gift Guide/Lookbook has launched.

It’s kind of a his/her lookbook so definitely check it out if you’re looking for your BF or husband. The full magazine format can be found here.

Since it’s a yearly tradition to showcase my holiday wish list on the blog, I couldn’t not not post this post!

So ta-da.

Here’s what I’m dying for during the holidays ( each piece is found throughout the lookbook too ).

Is there anything I’m missing? Would love to know! What’s on your wish list?

x Lauryn

( Dear Michael: I NEED the navy blue dress pictured…; ) )

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WIN THE CUTEST CAMERA EVER!! + My Favorite Way To Blog

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Outfitters.

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Outfitters.

A lot of you guys have asked me where I like to blog.

No BS, my favorite way to blog is to go to a restaurant & sit by myself.

Usually it’s a coffee shop & I’ll order a espresso shot or lately, a cappuccino with cinnamon. But I also have this whole sushi restaurant routine: I wear sweats & tee and bring my computer to the sushi bar. While blogging I order my favorite veggie roll: avocado, carrots, jalapeños, a little spicy mayo, & ginger, a miso soup, and a hot green tea. Sometimes when I’m feeling wild, I’ll have a glass of pinto grigio. It’s this little hole in the wall sushi restaurant so it’s the perfect place to concentrate & get shit done.

Something about sitting by myself at restaurant, blogging, inspires me. Weird?

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Outfitters.

similar black sunglasses | white dress | clutch | black mules | camera | red lipstick

These shots were taken at the coffee shop underneath my house called Aristan Bento. Besides my hole in the wall sushi restaurant, it’s my other favorite place to blog. It has this big window so there’s LOTS of light & it perfect for people watching while I work.

Anyway just wanted to give you guys a peak in to where I love to blog when I’m not in my office. Sometimes getting outside of the everyday work space makes me feel more creative/inspired/peaceful.

For all the bloggers out there: where do you like to blog? Would love to hear!

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Outfitters.

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Outfitters.

Typically when I’m out blogging, I’ll bring a camera in case there’s anything interesting to shoot.

Since my regular camera is SO F-ING HEAVY, this white polaroid fits perfect in my oversized purse. Plus it’s lightweight, chic, & takes instant pics. Polaroids are so #TBT in the best way possible so it’s fun to use them to decorate around the home.

And GUESS WHAT GUYS?! TSC & Urban Outfitters have teamed up to giveaway one of these adorable, white cameras. You can enter the giveaway by tagging a friend with #URGIFTED on my latest Instagram picture.

By the way, if you’re looking for a cutie, girly Christmas gift you have to check out this leather jacket ( SUCH A STEAL— it’s 30% off too ), these sunglasses, & the dress I’m wearing.


- Lauryn

Pics: Teresa Fae

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The Skinny Confidential x Urban Outfitters.

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Outfitters.

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TSC Gift Guide: Under $50…Cha-Ching!

The Skinny Confidential talks sales.

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Are you feeling the theme this week on TSC?

Clearly it’s HOLIDAY SALES. Honestly I figured this year I wouldn’t wait until 5 pm on Christmas Eve to do all my holiday shopping ( true story, year after year ).

Anyway this year it’s all about planning ahead ( HA! FOR ONCE! ) & I’m showcasing every step of the way with you guys. Did I mention that I’m going to be finding items that don’t break the bank?

Because I am— & they’re all cool as shit too.

SOOOO totally not going to be recommending for you guys to buy a $420 dollar clutch for your sister. Instead all TSC gift guides will be affordable, chic items that every family member will love!

Is anyone stuck on what to buy someone specific? AKA grandma, boyfriend, dog, etc.? Let me know & I’ll try to do a collage that fits with your needs!

Ok, I’m going to listen to Christmas jazz on repeat ( Pandora !! ) & drink pumpkin pie coffee & light gingerbread candles & just be all holiday-ish. See ya!

P.S. real talk: I bought the red lace dress for myself because it’s looks EXACTLY like the $300 Nightcap one BUT it’s $34 dollars. So, how could I not, not buy it?

|| The Steals & Deals ||

TSC Series: The Best Damn…

The Skinny Confidential x TopShop.

Me oh my.

THESE shoes are IT.

They just get me ( cue: birds chirping, harp sounds, & the Emoji with hearts in its eyes ).

But seriously, let’s be real, if I were a shoe, I’d be a white pump.

These particular Topshop cuties looks EXACTLY like this Manola Blahnik pair but they’re, oh ya know, a cool $95 bucks compared to OMG, really $600. If you follow TSC on Instagram you already know how I wore them:

The Skinny Confidential talks shoes.

Plus (!!!) they’re comfortable. I’m just not one of those girls that can wear suffocating shoes that make my feet turn bizarre shades of purple.

I just can’t.

That kind of pain isn’t worth it. Plus we’ve all seen those girls who end up getting drunk & taking off their shoes, right?

Well, I’m a firm believer that this is attributed to uncomfortable-ass shoes. I mean, if I wore shoes that were too tight I’d want to take off my damn shoes too.

I’ve totally been there though…( come on, don’t pretend like you haven’t! ). You know, you know where ya want to rip your shoes off the second you get home because they’re literally swelling by the second & you’re like “WTF are my slippers?!”

Point: these pumps are totally comfortable.

& Britney Spears should really invest in a pair of these so she’s not caught in another escapade at the gas station bathroom, barefoot. These would be a real life-saver for her, right?!

I’m also obsessed with the nude ones too…they’re on my ‘want list’, for sure.

Anyway, what’s your favorite, have to have it, comfortable but posh shoe of the moment? Do tell.


++ Click for: the best damn shower gel & black skinny jeans // again, this series is not sponsored— just sharing my honest obsessions! ++

{{ P.S. The Skinny Confidential Book Giveaway has been extended until this Friday, October 3rd— don’t forget to enter! }}

How I Rocked My White Pumps:

The Skinny Confidential talks shoes.



BLACK CROP: Nordstrom

BLACK SKIRT: Nordstrom


The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite white pumps.



STRIPED TEE: Urban Outfitters



WATCH: Daniel Wellington

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