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TSC x Sara Montazami: Child of Wild Giveaway

The Skinny Confidential and Sara Montazami host a giveaway with Child of Wild.

The Skinny Confidential and Sara Montazami host a giveaway with Child of Wild.

My girlfriend/top European blogger, Sara Montazami & I have teamed up with Eileen from Child of Wild ( again! ).

Remember Sara and Eileen? Whelp, they’re both hot, sweet, & rad. A while back, I interview Sara here & for more info on Eileen, click here. Sara is the brunette babe who’s rocking a hot COW necklace below & Eileen is the gorgeous blonde below who’s the face behind Child of Wild. They’re both inspiring because they kick ass at being women entrepreneurs. Nothing better than teaming up with these hotties:

The Skinny Confidential and Sara Montazami host a giveaway with Child of Wild.

The Skinny Confidential x Child of Wild.

Anyway today we’re giving away the seriously insane Liberation Indian Armband & Vishnus Love Belt that I’m wearing. AND— get excited because on Sara’s blog we’re giving away the jewels she’s rocking TOO! Sara’s wearing the Hmong Healing Spirit Tribe Necklace & the Liberation Indian Armband.

Cool, right?

The Skinny Confidential and Sara Montazami host a giveaway with Child of Wild.
The Skinny Confidential and Sara Montazami host a giveaway with Child of Wild.

What I love about Child of Wild is that it pays attention to cultures— each piece of Eileen’s jewelry has a story & there’s depth behind it. So when you’re wearing her jewelry, it’s special. Eileen pays attention to detail like no other business owner. Her Instagram is perfect example of how she brands her beautiful pieces in the most creative way possible. She’s one of the most passionate people I know.

Ok, so let’s talk about the contest. Here are the super easy requirements:

The Skinny Confidential and Sara Montazami host a giveaway with Child of Wild.

So. Here’s how you enter to win the arm band // belt:

To win, make sure you: 

 Follow @saramontazami & @theskinnyconfidential on Instagram

  Post the picture below with the #wildbabes and @saramontazami @theskinnyconfidential & @child_of_wild

  Leave a comment below telling us how you’ll wear your dope jewels

 Picture to Instagram:

The Skinny Confidential hosts a giveaway with Child of Wild.

You can find Sara’s giveaway here ( <<—— to double your chances of winning, duh! ).

x L

{ Black dress found here }

{{ Photos by: Katherine Rose }}

The Skinny Confidential and Sara Montazami host a giveaway with Child of Wild.

* Giveaway winner will be announced next Monday, June 9, 2014 // everyone eligible to enter.

What’s In My Summer Bag? TSC x Kate Spade NY

The Skinny Confidential talks Kate Spade.

Ok, so this kate spade new york bag…kills me.

Like, really, really kills me.

First off, I’m a sucker for anything see-through.

Unless it’s underwear; thanks, but no thanks. Some things are better left with a little mystery.

Ya know?

Anyway, I die over this bag because typically I carry the whole freaking whole in my purse, so this see-through, tote makes it easy to see my belongings.

I love my totes HUGE & my clutches tiny, so this super huge, pretty tote is ideal for my hectic lifestyle— plus name a blogger who doesn’t love a bag that can fit a laptop?!

Sooooo summertime is right around the corner ( thx God! ) & I’m excited to travel a lil ( hopefully ). Travel= passport, & the cuter, the better. Check out this teal hottie passport holder:

The Skinny Confidential talks Kate Spade.

Here’s my summer tote essentials:

△ kate spade new york bag

△ Coola organic sunscreen

△ MAC ‘Dangerous’ lipstick

△ A passport holder/wallet ( << because travel is a summer must!! )

△ EOS ‘sweet mint’ lip balm

△ Rose gold FRENDS headphones ( <<— now on sale! )

△ Keys x keychain

△ bkr teal glass water bottle ( BPA-free!! )

 △ Canon ‘EOS Rebel’

△ Rad sunnies

The Skinny Confidential talks Kate Spade.

What’s in your summer tote?? Please, please, please tell me sunscreen??!! : )

Also, check out what’s in my gym bagpurse, beach tote, & Cabo bag!

xx. L

 Exact purse found here.

{ Shop my: striped shirt // white-ish n[col3_2][/col3_2]
[col3_1][/col3_1]ail polish
// hot red lipstick }

{{ Photo cred: Samuel Montefleur }}

The Skinny Confidential talks Kate Spade.

The Skinny Confidential talks Kate Spade.

AHHH! SO Excited! Meet My Absolute Favorite Fitness Guru: Kayla Itsines

The Skinny Confidential talks to Kayal Itsines.

The Skinny Confidential talks to Kayal Itsines.




I’m stoked!!! Literally so, so excited to introduce you to my all-time favorite fitness guru: Kayla Itsines.

Yes. This is real life. She is real.

& she is DIE x a million.

I am so in love with her because we have a very, very similar fitness mentality ( quick & effective workouts= win ) & similar eating habits ( she mixes proteins & healthy fats ) & she just has the most rocking bod. Ever.

& boy, oh boy do I have news for you babes: Kayla is going to be a Skinny Confidential regular contributor. This will DEF not be the last you see of her. We’ll be working together once a month!

So get reallllll excited because she’s the total package & has the best advice.

First, check out Kayla’s client transformations ( all done with her eBook ):

The Skinny Confidential talks to Kayal Itsines.
Ok, now meet the gorgeous, fit Kayla:

|| Introduce yourself ||:

Hi, my name is Kayla and I am a twenty three year old personal trainer from Australia. I specialize in training women & helping them achieve their goals whether they are appearance, health or confidence based.

I love summer, the beach and travelling with my partner, Tobi, and hope to continue to grow as a person and be able to bring more information to women around the world.

My fitness site can be found here.

|| Tell us all about your fitness/clean eating program ||:

I have been a trainer for nearly six years and have spent the majority of this time doing one-on-one sessions. I recently took my work to the online world and it has flourished greater than I could have ever imagined. So many people enjoyed the training style in my videos and kept requesting that I release a book of workouts. January 2014 I released a training program & nutritional guidelines that are for women only. Girls of all ages, all over the world have been enjoying my programs ever since & there will definitely be more coming soon. Shh…: )

|| Why is your program geared more towards women? ||:

First and foremost, I am a woman; I understand the problems we all have. Early with my experience in the health and fitness industry I quickly realized that no one properly addressed typical female problems or truly cared the way I care. So many girls were scared of getting bulky from certain training styles or not looking the way they want and most personal trainers cared more about the paycheck then their client. As a result of this unfilled demand and my passion for the industry I wanted to bring something unique to all of the women who had “tried everything.”

I wanted to help them get the change they had been seeking for so long and show them that someone really does care. You can find my programs here.

|| Why is your program different than other fitness programs? ||

My training concept is about getting the most out of a limited amount of time. In today’s society most people are time poor so I wanted to help them burn as much fat as fast as possible in as little time as possible without sacrificing quality of training. By applying science-based concepts to my particular style of training I was able to get the outcomes that girls wanted. These included flat stomachs, toned thighs, & strong, slim arms. With the customer’s goal in focus, the knowledge that I had learnt over the years and a passion to create something unique, I came up with my eBook concept, The Bikini Body Guide.

The three weekly resistance workouts go for twenty eight minutes, require minimal equipment and can be used by almost all fitness levels. Outside of these resistance sessions there is a comprehensive week-by-week cardio guide that breaks down different types of cardio, how they all work together and why they work. I thought that the science behind my guide was almost more important than the program so I made sure I incorporated it inside the books with a quite extensive education section.

I believe in helping my clients grow through exercise but also respect that education is an important factor when committing to any new lifestyle. If you do not understand something, you will not place trust in it. If you do not trust it, you will not dedicate to it.

The Skinny Confidential talks to Kayal Itsines.

|| What inspires you? ||

My mission is what inspires me. I have a dream to end confusion within the health and fitness industry. Fads and scams in this industry have created so much distrust and insecurity around weight-loss programs.

I want all people to understand their body, have a place to learn about health and fitness and in turn feel confident & happy.

|| What’s a day of eating like? From when you wake up to when you go to bed? ||

Like everyone else I have my own few dishes that I love to have on repeat. These are the ones I have most regularly at each time of the day, spread out with at least a few hours in between. Because I work a ‘split-shift’ type day my meals are very consistent.

♥ Breakfast: toast with poached eggs, avocado, & tomato plus a cup of herbal tea. I love berry tea in the mornings.

♥ After morning shift: one piece of fruit.

♥ Lunch: chicken yiros ( a wrap ) with homemade tzatziki, lettuce, tomato, & onion.

♥ Afternoon snack: tuna salad & a piece of fruit.

♥ Dinner: Avgolemono ( fluffy lemon & rice soup ) with chicken.

 ♥ Evening: I always have a peppermint or chamomile tea in the evening.

|| Best tip for weight loss? ||

Less= more.

A lot of the time people try and go too hard, too fast. The biggest causes are too much training, restricting calories too far or even not resting enough. This typically results in an overload of stress that can heavily prevent weight loss. If your body is comfortable and not stressed it will act the way you want.

Basically if you over work your body and treat it poorly it won’t do what you want.

The Skinny Confidential talks to Kayal Itsines.

|| How much water do you drink? ||

This usually varies a little bit depending on whether I am exercising on that day. On average I consume around two liters per day. When I have a big resistance training session I will always have a little extra to make sure I am not dehydrated before, during or after the workout.

|| Cocktail of choice? Can you drink alcohol on your program? If no, why don’t you recommend it? ||

I personally haven’t consumed any alcohol in nearly 3 years, not even one sip. Whether or not people consume alcohol is entirely their choice. However, because I am not only about appearance but also health and lifestyle, I steer clear of this with my clients. There are so many reasons I will never promote its consumption even recreationally. The most prominent are toxicity, liver stress and metabolic stalling. Toxicity and liver stress are quite obvious and well known. However, metabolic stalling as I like to call it is the process where the body uses alcohol for energy and hinders the metabolism of all other macronutrients. During this time all carbohydrates, protein and fat you ingest are essentially “stored”.

So if you have been drinking, partying and snacking on finger food and McDonald’s, quite a large portion of those fats and carbohydrates will be hanging around a lot longer then your hangover.

|| Biggest misconception about weight loss? ||

More exercise = more results.

Most people are under the illusion that you have to train twice a day, seven days a week and weigh all your food to the gram to get results. This could not be further from the truth. I have heard of many people increasing their training amount just because they weren’t getting any results.

Over training and stressing your body will actually make it harder for you to lose weight. Both exercising for a long time in one session or exercising multiple times per day, every day, will raise your cortisol ( stress hormone ) levels and inhibit your bodies normal functions/reaction to training including hormone production, weight loss, & energy production. It is not as simple as calories in vs. energy out.

The Skinny Confidential talks to Kayal Itsines.

|| What’s your favorite snack? ||

There is a Greek restaurant that I love to go to and they serve the most amazing grilled octopus, beetroot and skordalia dish. Its sort of like lemony octopus with sliced beetroot resting on a bed of garlic/potato dip. I know it sounds a little strange but it is amazing during summer and is really healthy.

|| Favorite smoothie ||

I have recently really been getting into juice blends over smoothies to be honest. My favorite at the moment would definitely be watermelon, lime, mint, & pineapple.

♥ 2/3 watermelon
♥ 1/3 pineapple
♥ 1 big squeeze of lime
♥ A few leaves of mint

|| Favorite beauty tip? ||

Umm…this is a hard one to answer. I guess, having good skin is really important to me. As I grew up my skin wasn’t the best so now trying to maintain good skin is really important. So don’t over do it with products & let your skin breathe. Get some sun, keep your skin clean, & moisturize, just use the essentials.

If you over apply or over exfoliate when you have blemishes you are only leaving yourself susceptible to more of them. Your skin is sensitive and easily affected; so take good care of it. Find a few good products that match your skin type, everyone is different. Use them sparingly and stick to them. I find every time I have changed to something different my skin usually doesn’t like it.

|| Quick, easy recipe ||

I love baked eggs from my favorite café. I definitely stole their recipe and use it now haha!

You’ll need:

1-3 eggs
Fresh Napolitana sauce with herbs
A tiny serve of cheese
Two pieces of fresh bread

Directions: pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. Half fill the clay dish with the Napolitana sauce & place into a preheated oven at 160-180 degrees celcius ( 320-356 ). After five minutes add the egg(s) plus a few tiny pieces of cheese into the sauce and leave to bake for five to eight minutes. Be sure to check regularly so that the egg(s) is cooked the way you like it. Just before you remove the dish from the oven make sure your bread is toasted nice and crisp.

Fall in love!

I always tear the bread up into pieces and dip it in the sauce after already breaking up the egg. It’s amazing!

+ To follow Kayla: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, & YouTube.

++ Check out her eBook here

The Skinny Confidential talks models, diet, and fitness.

The Skinny Confidential talks to Kayal Itsines.

SOOOO…Michelle Money Shaves Her Face & I’m Kinda Intrigued

The Skinny Confidential talks shaving your face.

The Skinny Confidential talks shaving your face.

Guys. I took one for the team.

Like, big time took one for the team.

Team= you guys.

I shaved my face.

But wait, wait, wait, before you judge— I got the idea from hottie Michelle Money.

Ya. That’s right. The babetown bombshell shaves.her.face.

Like a guy.

But not really, actually like a guy because she’s a women.

Here’s the deal: her YouTube description say shaving your face as a women is “rumored to be an insider trick of bombshells like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Paige, shaving your face is the perfect way to remove unwanted ( unladylike ) facial hair, giving a thorough exfoliation and creating a smooth canvas to apply foundation and the rest of your makeup to.”

Hmmm. I’m going to just go ahead & say I’m not the only one who’s intrigued.

Basically let me set it up for ya: I’m sitting in bed on a Friday night like a total loner, watching beauty YouTube videos drinking wine. Totally standard. Anyway, up pops Michelle Money’s beauty series. & I’m all, “hmm, ok, she’s hot, let’s see what she has to say.” So I flick on her channel & cuddle into bed.

& then I see it.

The life-changing video title: “OMG Michelle Money Shaves Her Face.”

So naturally, immediately I turn on the video, nearly spitting my Pinot Noir all over my white bedding.

I mean….HER TIPS though.

This particular tip was such a ‘Skinny Confidential tip’ that I couldn’t NOT, not share with you guys.

So basically I spent the rest of my raging Friday night ordering pastel colored Tinkles ( ya tinkle, like a five year old peeing kinda tinkle ) off Amazon.

The Skinny Confidential talks shaving your face.

Now it’s a few days later & here we are: I shaved my face Monday & it’s probably the coolest thing since landing on the moon.

I feel like it’s not actually shaving, shaving. It’s more of an eyebrow razor kind of shave. It’s not invasive at all & super simple.

And let’s get real, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I’m going to play for ‘Team Everyone’ for a sec: no one in the whole world wants to see hair all one your face. It’s not cute. Probably won’t ever be cute.

And the worst thing ever? If you’re in the sun with your boy toy & your lip is hairier than his.

Get your facial hair in check. This is a easy, inexpensive ( they’re $3.75 for 3 razors ) way to keep those facial strays under control. Plus it makes makeup application go on super smooth & perf. Oh, & it’s the best exfoliate ever ( BTW: Michelle says do this once a week ).

Now to answer the main burning question: does it grow back thicker? ( Because who needs thicker facial hair? LOLZ. ).


At least, not according to Michelle Money.

Watch the video below & thank me ( & MM ) later.

Have fun with your Tinkles! I know I did ; ). x L

The Skinny Confidential talks shaving your face.

Revamp!! The Skinny Confidential Had a Makeover!!

The Skinny Confidential's makeover.

The Skinny Confidential's makeover.


The Skinny Confidential revamp is finalllllllllllly here…!

Ok, first things first: I totally, seriously missed you guys. It’s a lonely world out there ( at least for me ) without TSC. It was super weird not blogging for five whole days…so it’s good to be back. I feel like I’ve been totally removed from my friends…AKA you guys. Weird??

Anyway, let me back-up: about four months ago I decided to kick The Skinny Confidential up a notch. I wanted to make the site as user-friendly as poss. Soooo I put together a list of all your questions, e-mails, etc. & started the re-design.

Re-designing a website is sort of like, umm, giving birth to a child.

I kid, I kid.

But really, on a serious note I put my damn heart & soul & OCD-ness into this makeover.

The Skinny Confidential's makeover.

Basically I’m a big fan of evolving. Here’s the deal: if I don’t evolve, I get stagnant.

& sorry but stagnant sucks. Like, seriously, seriously sucks.

I gotta change it up every once in a while or I’ll be bored to death.

I mean, you know how on Facebook whenever they re-design the layout everyone FREAKS the F out like they’ve been told they’re not going to see daylight for months? Their status updates threaten “moving back to MySpace.” But then after a few weeks everyone forgets there was even a re-design in the first place? & oh, & BTW now everyone kinda loves it & it’s more user-friendly because they got used to it? Anyone know what I’m talking about??

Ok, so what I’m trying to say, is every little nook and cranny of TSC now, is way more user-friendly— I know it’s different, but it’s more organized. Trust me!

So WTF’s different? Check it:

The Skinny Confidential's makeover.

Some other changes are: the ‘About’ page, the ‘Press’ page, & the ‘Contact’ page. You can view a mini Instagram slideshow at the bottom the site too. I also added a ‘FAQ’ section & a ‘Collab’ form and TSC Tumblr has been changed up.

& let’s not forget what went on BTS ( behind the scenes ):

Site design: the blog was crafted by my blog design company, Blog-Doo that my best friend Erica ( << of Fashionlush ) & I founded. Basically Erica is a f-ing rockstar. I had a very, very, very ( very x 100 ) clear idea of what I wanted the new site’s aesthetic to be ( like, I annoyed her bad with my vision she told me today she wanted to punch me in the face- whoops ). Erica has worked her magic via Blog-Doo & always makes my visions come to life with her own touches. She’s the ying to my yang. Love you boo!

To the lil, sexy team of people who helped with the design: Katie from The Fashion Bite works with Blog-Doo & she’s been insane helping me with little loose ends like the newsletter & graphics ( << if you want to subscribe add your e-mail to the ‘subscribe box’ on the right hand side of the site ). A big shout-out to TSC web/backend guru, Chris Keach too– you’re amaze as always! Also, a huge thanks to Jackie Becerra who’s helped keep me on track with all things work-related. Honestly my brain has been so scattered between the book & the relaunch & life & blah/blah/blah. Basically Jackie has been there to gently remind me not to squirt toothpaste on my hairbrush…frazzled much?! FML. Hey, I guess that’s part of being an entrepreneur though…#whatssleep, #whatsahairbrush, #whatssunlight.

Photos: I def wanted a lot of new, fun photos on the site. The goal was to have pretty, clear images & that totally came to life with Katherine Rose & Chris Tran.

Video: ahhh! My favorite part. The main reason I wanted to redo the site was to add video ( I promise, there will be some future ‘vlogs’ too ). I literally could not have done this video without Chris Tran— he’s a genius when it come to videography. I had this clear vision of sharing ‘blogger life’ via video & Chris made the concept perfectly come to life. He’s hands down the best videographer ever. Also, Chris’ Instagram is probably the coolest Insta ever, check it out here.

So, ta-da. Hope you all heart the new & improved Skinny Confidential.


{{ Check out the video below & enjoy! }}

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