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Mini DeLites

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ Japanese tiny candies } { Prepping for the blogger workshop; more here } { Farmer’s Market spicy kale kimichi } Tonight I went over to my family’s home & it was soooo nice. You know that warm, fuzzy you feeling you get when you come ‘home?’ My stepmom, Julie made the best cauliflower dish […] Read more…

Date Night…With a Stern Curfew

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, health, & fashion.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a hot, sexy date night with my man. Call us boring but typically we’re kind of grandparent-ish & go to dinner around 7 pm. Occasionally we’ll rebel on the weekend & go out later. On this particular night we decided to go out earlier rather than later because we had […] Read more…

Five Occasions, Five Rad Looks

The Skinny Confidential x Style Structure.

I can be a realllll picky bitch. ESP when it comes to clothes. Again, I’m a total Gemini ( << they like hot water, but they also like cold water, they like rain, but they also like sun, they’re homebodies, but they’re also super social…ya get my drift ). On one hand, I love black/white/nude […] Read more…

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