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HOT DAMN! Spicy White Peach Margaritas!!

The Skinny Confidential x Skinnygirl.

The Skinny Confidential x Skinnygirl.

The Skinny Confidential x Skinnygirl.

OOOOhhh have I got a treat for YOU guys!

Spicy peach margaritas.


Just in time for spring/summer/poolside/beach days.

The Skinny Confidential x Skinnygirl.

I’m super excited about this recipe because it’s definitely a summery staple.

Plus it’s like, the easiest thing ever.

It’s made with Skinnygirl® White Peach Margarita ready serve, so the recipe takes like one second.

I feel like Skinnygirl® Cocktails got into a room & said ‘hey what’s every woman’s dream?’ And they were all “oh white peach ready serve margarita with no chemicals, duh.”


1/2 cup Skinnygirl® White Peach Margarita Mix
2 splashes lemonade
1/2 cup sparkling water
Raspberries, mashed
A couple dashes of cayenne

Directions: shake all mixture (besides the sparkling water— don’t ever shake sparkling water, it will explode!!) together in a martini shaker. Pour over ice. Add sparkling water on top & add a couple of pinches of cayenne. For an added touch, mash raspberries & put on top. Option to squeeze extra lemon (Meyer lemon is life). Enjoy!

The Skinny Confidential x Skinnygirl.

The Skinny Confidential x Skinnygirl.

Two things: 1.) if you’re looking for summer bar cart ideas, check out this post AND 2.) FYI: TSC Bombshell Body Guide contains cocktail recipes…so ya, you can keep it skinny & have a little fun too.

Anyway, obsessed with this recipe because while you’re sipping, you’re kinda, sorta burning calories. Because HELLO CAYENNE PEPPER!!

Cayenne pepper & lemon is a dream team. Plus you don’t have to feel guilty because the Skinnygirl® White Peach Margarita Mix is superrrr low on sugar/calories/carbs.

A no-guilt cocktail for summer 2015? I’M IN, DUH!!!

Cheers! x, Lauryn

P.S. Want insider information & discounts on Skinnygirl® Cocktails? Sign up to be a Tastemaker here.

The Skinny Confidential x Skinnygirl.
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Healthy Groceries…Right To Your Doorstep (!!!)

The Skinny Confidential talks Thrive Market.

The Skinny Confidential talks Thrive Market.

The Skinny Confidential talks Thrive Market.

OOOOOhhh have I got a treat for you guys!

Presenting: THRIVE MARKET.

Firstly, this isn’t sponsored, I actually LOVE what Thrive is all about so I’m super excited to share it with you guys.

So. I feel like Thrive’s services are perfect for:

Busy, busy bees
The 9 to 5-er
Food bloggers
Big families

So what exactly is Thrive Market?

Well. Essentially it’s an online, all-natural market with bomb-ass products ( think: tons of GMO-free, raw, real foods with pure ingredients ). It kind of makes my life easier in every way because it provides food with TSC-approved ingredients right to my doorstep.

Basically I don’t have to go shopping anymore because Thrive does it for me.

Before I would NEVER let anyone else shop for me because I’m a control freak who wants to know what the hell I’m putting in my body. Now though? I know Thrive thrives (<< see what I did there?) off their natural ingredients.

The Skinny Confidential talks Thrive Market.

Here’s how it works:

1.) Register for free to browse the Thrive catalog & receive 15% off your first purchase.

2.) With your first purchase on Thrive, you’ll start a free 30-day membership trial…watch how much money you save & get EXCITED! ( You can cancel any time if you don’t like it ).

3.) Join Thrive for just $59.95 and save on the world’s best healthy products for a full year. With your membership, Thrive will sponsor a low-income family.

Food right to our doorstep AND for every membership sold, Thrive gives one to a low-income family or public school teacher.

LOVE it.

See why I like the services? We get healthy food to our doorstep AND Thrive sponsors a low-income family with our membership. I save time, stay healthy, AND feel good about shopping.

Here’s my five favorites to shop for on the site:

Herb powders: like turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne, chile flakes, & powdered antioxidants like Ashwagandha ( << will do a post on this powder’s AMAZING benefits later ). Why? Because they’re all organic & it’s super convenient when they magically show up at my doorstep.

Chocolate granola: it’s raw, non-GMO, and ohhhhh so good with sliced bananas & coconut flakes.

Laundry products: no one wants to lug around heavy laundry crap when they’re shopping. There’s nothing worse. Now I get all my organic laundry detergent delivered to me…soooo much better.

The Skinny Confidential talks Thrive Market.

Green cookies: these spirulina cookies are SO hard to find so when I found them on Thrive, I immediately bought three packages. They’re super yummy with a piece of dark chocolate or on their own. Trust me on the green cookies, you won’t be sorry.

Rao’s sauces: you guys know I’m in LOVE with all-natural sauces by Rao’s. I’ve been using their spicyyyy sauce for years. It’s so delicious on brown rice pasta & on bell peppers or broccoli. YUM.

Ok so, check out Thrive Market & let me know what you think!

Happy Thursday, xx Lauryn

{ p.s. I’ll answer all TSC Bombshell Body Guide questions from this post over the weekend : ) }

The Skinny Confidential talks Thrive Market.

How To Style A Bar Cart Video Tutorial

The Skinny Confidential talks home decor.

The Skinny Confidential talks home decor.

Well heyyyy.

The second installment of my series with The Design Network is live! & let’s just say it’s one of my favorite topics…maybe ever? AKA how to style a bar cart!!!

Oh-m-geeee, this one was fun.

Ok, so I know I’ve done a boozy bar cart tutorial in pictures, but of course, I had to showcase a video too. So ta-da. I hope you like!

The first episode ( “How To Style A Sexy, Little Coffee Table” ) featured the living room & this one is more of an office bar cart. You know, you know when it’s a Friday in the office & you’ve busted ass all week and well, you kinda just want a cocktail? It’s THAT kind of bar cart.

Accessible. Pretty. Chic.


Check out the full video HERE.

The Skinny Confidential talks home decor.


+ Cute glasses are a must. My vintage Flamingo tumblers make my life every time I look at them. Find some cute ones on Etsy or eBay that make your bar cart unique.

+ Get creative with the bitters. Bitters is so fab on a bar cart. My personal favorite is grapefruit bitters. Keep your bitters personalized. If you like orange, lemon, plain, whatever— keep it your style.

+ Alcohol!!! What’s a bar cart without booze? You gotta have a little Tito’s gluten-free vodka ( it’s the BEST ), at least two pretty bottles ( Bombay Sapphire & Bacardi Rum, for me thanks ), & a clear decanter ( to hold space, without being overwhelming ).

+ Add color with fake fruit. I know, weird I have lemons on my bar cart. You can find fake limes, lemons, plump apples, juicy grapes, whatever on Amazon or at Home Goods. Pick your poison.

+ Details, der. Coasters, ice buckets, olive picks, cocktail napkins. You name it. Details make all the difference.

♡ Home products: 

Bar cart here | other options:

Ice bucket here | other options:

Fake lemons here | other options:

Detail options:

♡ Wearing In Video:

For the full five minute bar cart tutorial, click here! Let me know your thoughts below too : ). Do you guys have a bar cart?

Stay tuned for next week’s episode & of course, happy hump day!

x, Lauryn

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The Skinny Confidential talks home decor.


The Skinny Confidential talks diet & fitness.


Are you excited?




I mean, GEEZ. If I had know how gnarly it was to create a full fledged nutrition/fitness plan for you guys, I would have booked a casual trip to the moon instead.

Here’s the deal: I’ve been working with celebrity trainer, Jamie McFaden ( an interview to come on Miss Jamie!! She worked with Jillian Michaels’ for years & knows her shit when it comes to wellness ) for the past seven months to bring you all my favorite fitness moves/foods in one bundle. ALSO!! NBD, she was named one of the 50 hottest trainers in America by Shape Magazine (!!!).

The Skinny Confidential talks diet & fitness.

There will be an online community that comes with TSC Bombshell Body plan where I’m like your virtual trainer connecting with you via a TSC chat room. You can ask any questions, share opinions, or even exchange recipes tips/tricks with other members. Basically a Skinny Confidential community, fun right?!

♡ For the workout section:

These are 27 minute workouts, three days a week, that are quick & will tone you up FAST. They’re all workouts that can be done at home or in a hotel. My life is go, go, go so I totally get not having time to go to a gym. You need 5 pound weights ( I found these on Amazon for $16 bucks ) & a bench or some kind of chair. I also share my favorite stretches ( it’s sooooo important to stretch! ). You can see me do each move via pictures so it’s clear & easy to understand. Videos to come!

The Skinny Confidential talks diet & fitness.

♡ For the nutrition section:

This section will be my favorite recipes ( including TONS I haven’t shared on the blog or in TSC Book ). These are everyday recipes that don’t require a ton of time or expensive ingredients. No one has time to casually whip up dover sole with a side of leeks, beets, & broccolini. This part of the plan will provide you with a quick guideline that makes eating fun & easy. Also, I shared my boozy tips & a couple of my favorite cocktail recipes. I know, weird. But hey, I’m all about balance so if you’re going to have a cocktail at least drink smart.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet & fitness.

( Mmmmmm…these pancakes are totally on the plan, by the way! )

Ok so explain THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL BOMBSHELL BODY GUIDE in a quick, efficient way, I made a little video for you guys:

{ subscribe to TSC YouTube channel }

What’s going on behind the scenes? Wellllllll, Jaime & I are currently working on building another element to the guide: a full month’s plan of EXACTLY what I eat/drink. I feel like a lot of you have asked for specifics so I have been recording exactly what I eat for the last three months. Also, there’s an app to come too.

This part should be out within the next three months, so stay tuned.

We’re going to develop eating plans for vegans/vegetarians/meat eaters/gluten-free babes too. So basically? I gotcha covered.

The cost for the plan is $89.99 for the full nutrition & fitness package ( if you want to purchase them individually, they’re $49.99 each ). & I’m offering TSC readers $10 off their first month because you guys kick ass. Just use the code TSCHEARTSYOU at checkout. Also, the first 20 people to sign up get a signed, personalized copy of The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide.

The Skinny Confidential talks Thrive Market.

Why am I charging? Because there’s a lotttt of out of pocket expenses to run the program behind the scenes…& honestly, I’m literally charging the bare minimum. I have to cover specific costs of running the separate web portal, hiring a team, video/photos/etc., graphic design, & time/labor. Plus, there’s been a team of people working on this for a full year & collectively we’ve spent like, six million hours ( or it feels like six million hours? ) on this project.

I am giving away 10 free plans to bloggers. If you’re a blogger, check out this post for details ( don’t forget to leave your e-mail & blog name in the comment section on the post too! ).

Quick note: I poured my heart & soul into this project so I really hope you like it!! It’s important to me that you guys LOVE it!! If you have any suggestions or things you want to see, please e-mail me at

Ok, so do you guys have questions? I’ll answer them all below, if so! GO!

You can check out the whole shebang here. Excited to create a virtual fitness/health community with you guys!! EEK!


- your virtual trainer, Lauryn xx

P.S. I’ll be posting all fitness/health/wellness updates for the guide on Instagram under the handle: @tscbombshellbody.

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The Skinny Confidential talks diet & fitness.

Date Night Get-Up

The Skinny Confidential talks skirts and shoes.

Lately I’ve been allllll about contrasting prints.

Think: leopard on stripes, palm prints on bright blues, or florals on gold. So it’s no surprise that I loved this sequin on stripes look for last week’s sushi date night.

I paired it with white heels ( weird, me in white shoes? lol ), oversized sunglasses, & a little light blue clutch.

The Skinny Confidential talks skirts and shoes.

The Skinny Confidential talks skirts and shoes.

The sequin skirt is from Mindy Mae Market ( p.s. they’re offering 20% off, for a week with the code skinny20 ) was a hit because it hangs to the perfect spot on the leg. Sometimes skirts will hit the wrong spot of the leg AKA an unflattering area ( which doesn’t do anyone any favors ). This skirt fell to my ankles & made me look taller/longer/leaner and paired with a high shoe, I felt like Gisele.

Well not really Gisele.

But you know, you get my drift. I just felt taller.

What I loved about the striped top is that it was a crop, but not a crop so when I tucked it into the skirt I didn’t get that muffin top look. Does that make sense? Basically there was no extra fabric.

The Skinny Confidential talks skirts and shoes.

Anyway, the date night…We went to Sugarfish in LA which seriously, honest to God has the best damn sushi ever. If you ever go, get the ‘Trust Me.’ The chef will just automatically send you out tuna, sashimi, edamames, & to-die-for rolls. The fish is fresh, the rice is warm ( like melt in your mouth kind of warm ), & the saki is delicious. We LOVE it. Totally craving it, every second of every day.

Ok, I’m off- happy Tuesday! Talk soon, Lauryn

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{ shirt | skirt | white pumps | clutch | sunglasses }

The Skinny Confidential talks skirts and shoes.

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