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Fitness Time: Keeping It Sexy With Ankle Weights

The Skinny Confidential talks ankle weights.
Ankle weights are so in.

A couple years ago, I bought some cheap-o ankle weights at Marshall’s & my friends and I would wear them to hike Torrey Pines ( << a super popular hiking spot in SD ). And then POOF!! One day I completely forgot about them.

Until three weeks ago, when they came back into my life ( thx God! ).

Fitness guru, Kayla Itness & The Hills vixen, Kristin Cavallari Instagrammed them & the thought of ankle weights hit me like a bat out of hell.

Oh-M-gee. Lightbulb!

I immediately went on Amazon to buy a pair. I had strict requirements though: they needed to be black ( too much color is annoying, plus black is chic ), adjustable ( they can go from 2-10 pounds— I like 8 or 10, personally ), and diverse ( I wanted to be able to use them as wrist weights too ).

When my weights came in the mail a week ago, I rocked them like nobody’s business.

I wear my sexy weights while I’m cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, walking Pixy, working, &/or to the gym ( new mom, Kristin Cav does leg presses with them so of course I had to try ankle leg press-ups ).

Here’s the thing: TSC is all about quick, easy, effective tips that make life easier. So hellllooo, ankle weights.

This source says that ankle weights have several advantages: “extra exercise is provided to the hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes, which have to exert more energy. This can also lead to an increased heart rate over what you normally experience when walking, making for a cardiovascular benefit.”

Note: make sure you’re careful while walking with them; think: tight abs & good posture! You don’t want to strain the muscles.


Basically the point of today’s post is simple: invest in any pair of ankle weights. You can find them at any local Target or Marshall’s & they’re super inexpensive ( think: $16 bucks ). It’s a healthy, easy investment towards health.

Kind of a no brainer, don’t ya think?

Also, if you see a blonde walking around the grocery store in San Diego with black ankle weights, come say hi! ; )

xx le

{ If you’re looking for an ankle weight workout, click here }

My Nordstrom Anni Sale Wishlist

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

Mall don’t do it for me.

They’re a real *yawn*.

BUTTTT whenever there’s a Nordstrom sale, I actually look forward to going to the mall because t’s literally the best sale…ever. I swear half of my closet is made up of the Nordstrom sale. Just because something’s on sale doesn’t mean you can’t rock that shit with tons of confidence. Own it!

Plus their anniversary sale always has fresh/new items, as opposed to dated pieces.

Anyway, these are my top thirteen favorites, although I did end up caving in & buying the moon/star PJ set. It was just too cute to pass up!!

Happy Thursday, x. Lauryn

Why To-Do Lists Rock My World

Why I have to write things down.

Let’s get all old school here & talk about to-do lists.

No, no, not an iPhone to-do list or iPad checklist.

I’m talking about the real freaking deal. A piece of paper ( does anyone use paper anymore? ) & a pen.

My to-do list obsession started in second grade when I discovered Gelly Roll Pens.

Pause. Can we just remember Gelly Roll Pens for a second? Life was so simple back in the Gelly Pen day. Such a good #tbt. RIP Gelly’s ( especially my favorite metallic blue-ish, silver color ).

Ok, I got off topic ( weird, that never happens…HA )…anyway, so back in the day my teacher would constantly yell at me because I was distracted ( OBVIOUSLY!! ) with my to-do list. To have a blank piece of paper & a rainbow of Gelly Pens was my kinda heaven. I would write out my list of what needed to be done after school ( AKA: feed the dog, clean my closet, go to ballet, work for my dad, etc. ). And I loved it.

I’ve always been a list girl. There’s something oddly therapeutic about putting an organized to-do list. I’m an EXTREMELY ( like, extremely ) visual person so that’s…

The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite tips.
Can we get real?

( Not that we don’t always get real here. TSC is kinda like The Real World, you stop being polite and start getting real ).

Anyway, back to getting real: writing tasks down is POWERFUL.

You’re able to multi-task BIG time.

As an entrepreneur or corporate person or mom/dad/etc., you’re damn busy. And having a spot to jot down a quick thought is golden.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

If you saw my house, you’d think I was psycho.

But no really, you would.

I have notepads everywhere.

Recently I just bought this GIANT-ass Post-It. It’s SO big & I keep it by the computer while working.

Lemme tell you: it’s used constantly. Whether I write down a birthday date, potential post ideas, e-mail notes, house chores, job assignments, goals/ambitions, or appointments, to-do lists make life so much easier.

& FYI: iPhone notes aren’t the same. They just aren’t, guys.

I want them to be.

I really, really do.

But they’re not.

In my opinion, writing things down makes all the difference. Multi-tasking at its finest.


And honestly? Who doesn’t like crossing something off their to-do list? Soooo therapeutic, right?!

What’s your most powerful & simple habit? Please share because it’s something that REALLY gets my wheel’s spinning. TELL MEEEEEE! K, thx.

x le

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