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beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidential

The Emergency Wedding Kit…Plus A Little Giveaway

April 27, 2016

beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidential
beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidential

Some of you guys saw that I shared my daytime makeup routine on Snapchat the other day, & one of the staple products shared was CC cream. That same day a lovely little package of goodies arrived with a bunch of other goodies. Coincidently the package contained my favorite CC cream.

Weird, I guess everyone is loving it because it’s just THAT good.

Anyway, since the whole package was so cute ( & inexpensive! ) I figured I’d share it on The Skinny Confidential for any brides to be. This seems like kind of the perfect bridal grab bag because 1.) it’s the prettiest, TSC-esque pink, 2.) it’s filled with insane products, & 3.) it has my ride or die, dewy CC cream.

beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidentialbeauty giveaway | by the skinny confidential

This pretty, limited edition Lela Rose Spring 2016 Cosmetic Bag is filled with:

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial primer and Brightener
Alterna Caviar CC Cream Extra Hold Plus
clariSEA Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant
CLEAN Fragrance Air VOC
Wei Five Sacred Grains Rapid Glow Liquid Milk
Nuxe mini Hand Cream
Frais Pocket Sanitizer
BLISS Fabulous Drench ‘n’ Quench Cream-to-Water Lock-in Moisturizer Mini Tube
Macadamia Nourishing Moisture Trio Packette
Erno Laszlo pHelityl Cleansing Bar
Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Mousse
Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask
Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid
Peter Thomas Roth Acne Dot
Caudalie Vinosource SOS Serum
REN Glycol Lactic Mask
IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+
♡ A gift to you from Beauty.com

See? Basically they filled this pink bag with all the latest bridal trends.

Clearly it’s bridal season so whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or planning on attending a wedding, this bag will cover you. Think of it as an emergency kit for the bridal season.

Three favorites are IT Cosmetics CC cream ( this deserves its own post ), the facial brightening, & CLEAN fragrance.

beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidential
beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidential

beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidential

Well, call me Kris Kringle because I’ve teamed up with Beauty.com to give away one full on beauty bag with all these goodies, a signed copy of The Skinny Confidential Book, & the Bombshell Body Guide. Just comment on my latest Instagram & share your favorite summer beauty product. EASY.

ALSO, if you’re engaged, check out Beauty.com’s bridal tutorials, curated spring bridal content, & bridal-themed guest editor page.

AND to whoever has already done the whole wedding thing: what’s the one beauty product you didn’t think you would need on your wedding…that you ended up REALLY needing? I feel like someone’s going to say a tampon?


Chat soon,

– lauryn, x

+ More wedding posts: engaged, wedding update, & dress details.

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beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidentialbeauty giveaway | by the skinny confidential



Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset


April 25, 2016

the skinny confidential podcast | by the skinny confidential

Quick little hello on a Sunday to let you know: our latest episode of The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER PODCAST is live!

EPISODE 7 is all about delegation, maintaining your independence in a relationship, SEXXXXxxxXX, & MORE. Getting feisty.

Listen, let us know any feedback, & PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

Here’s the cool thing about podcasts:

You can listen to a podcast when you’re at the gym, commuting to work, in bed ( yes I’ve put ear phones in before my nightly cup of CALM tea kicks in ) &/or while you’re cleaning the kitchen.

I’m actually guilty of doing all four of these things while listening to iTunes podcasts…everyday. Kind of having a huge podcast moment. They’re really the perfect medium. You can get shit done while you take in some info.

There are all kinds: business, comedy, Real Housewives, tax tips, TED Talks, & OURS— of course:

The Skinny Confidential Him and Her Podcast snapchat-michael&lauryn

See? If you’re not into podcasting yet— you’re missing out! Really, I’m FULLY, very addicted.

Along with TSC Weekly Newsletter, we’re also sending out a Podcast Newsletter. Simply subscribe here if you’re interested.

To make it easy for all you computer lovers: you can listen to EPISODE 7 right now:


April 17, 2016
Episode 7

Him & Her Podcast
The Skinny confidential
Expanding your team and delegating, maintaining independence, jealousy, your friends and your Snapchat, Sex on the first date? #askhimandher

Sticking with the whole podcast theme here: recently we were invited on Cristina Q’s podcast: Refashion. Basically it’s all about the fashion world…meeting the tech world. Fabulous idea, right.

Cristina had us on the show, fed us vodka ( gluten-free, hold the olives please ), & made us LAUGH…a lot. We talked about a bunch of random-ness…including branding, how long it took to break into the blogging world, & why it’s important to keep at it.

She also featured me & Michael on her blog. Check it out; I’m talking the magic of consistency, Snapchat, & all about the hustle. Michael’s talking about the importance of embracing social media:

TSC PODCAST | by the skinny confidential

Cristina is a fucking hustler & an absolute doll. A total go-getter. My kinda girl.

We had a ball going on someone else’s podcast…especially because there was chilled Tito’s. HA!.

Subscribe to her podcast & listen to our episode on reFashion. Again, if you’re on a comp, here ya go.


OK LASTLY, little GIVEAWAY that will make you SWEAT:

if you guys review The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Podcast, screenshot your reviews & send them to asklauryn@theskinnyconfidential.com…we’ll send you back a FREE whole week of TSC Bombshell Body Guide. YESSSS, then you can listen to podcasts while you squat! So easy.

…& even if you hate us & think we’re dreadful, send us your review. We love feedback.

SUBSCRIBE here for all our latest updates…& leave any topics you want to see below with your Instagram/Snapchat username so we can feature your question on the next episode. We’re filming tomorrow night, so ask away.

Ok, ok, off to bed to watch the new season of Game Of Thrones ( OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, so excited ).

See you tomorrow, lauryn x

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the best beauty tip ever | by the skinny confidential

Bloated? Hungover? Puffiness? MEET THE ACTUAL CURE.

April 21, 2016

the best beauty tip ever | by the skinny confidential

To be TOTALLY transparent, I’m blogging from an iPhone currently because for some annoying, dreadful reason our Internet has decided to go KAPUT.

It’s always something.

Regardless, I’m over it because I literally just ate 1/3 ( 1/2? ) a container of raw almond butter…& raw almond butter always makes everything better.

Ok let’s talk about my BEST BEAUTY TIP OF 2016.


HEARE YE, HEARE YE, we are gathered here today to discuss: ICE ROLLERS.

( Firstly, if grammar isn’t an A+ & punctuation is MEH, remember to give me a break because WELL, I’m on an iPhone. Bear with me, k? ).

Ok so, we’ve all been there: went overboard on the salted half rimmed margaritas, one too many slices of late night pizza, & just an all-around late night.

The cure? A morning ice roll.

I swear it like primes my face for makeup. Plus it freezes my wrinkles, no joke AND shrinks pores. If you’re a swollen mess from the night before, have no fear— an ice roller is here.

Here’s the deal. I’ve been doing ice facials since Sonja Morgan from RHONY recommended them after a brutal hangover circa 2014-ish when noble Countess LuAnn was yelling at Heather Yummie Tummie about being ‘uncool.’ It really wasn’t until my brutal jaw surgery that I discovered the IT beauty tip of 2016 ( AKA MY LIFE LINE ).

Let me set the scene: I was actively perusing Amazon ( SHOCKING, this is something I do on the regular ) & was searching ‘jaw surgery book.’ Weirdly, an ice roller popped up.

So I was like, “umm, yes. This will make life easier PLUS give me a little lymphatic drainage while I’m rolling downward on my swollen jaw.”

Added to cart……..& then shit, the rest is history.

Not only did I fall absolutely HEAD OVER HEELS in love with my ice roller ( I use the white roller with a blue handle ). I also entered into a committed relationship with my ice roller. Let’s put it this way: I use it every ( EVERY ) day, once sometimes twice a day for as long as it’s cold ( usually 2 to 3 minutes per time ). In fact, I’m grumpy if I don’t get to use it first thing in the AM!

This may very well be that I’m still a bit swollen ( YES, I KNOW— highly annoying ). Regardless I’ve been saying for years how amazing ice facials are ( WHAT UP, KATE MOSS— the supermodel does ice facials every morning ). Ice facials ARE most definitely insane but let’s be real: ice rolling is just more convenient.

What’s an ice roller you ask?


Maybe not the most eloquent way to describe the tool, but it is what it is.

According to this source, the tool “is incredibly simple, intuitive, and low-effort. The fun part is that it lives in your freezer, so you just keep it in there to ensure that the roller head is always cool. Each morning, when you want to wake up and energize your skin, roll it over your cheeks, eye area, and neck. The tightening effect makes your face and jawline look slimmer, like a great contouring job in the form of a pleasant and cooling spa-like experience.”


If this hasn’t transformed your beauty routine yet, let me tell you why you NEED one.

THE BENEFITS are endless really:

♡ A cold massage that tightens up pores/wrinkles while giving you kind of a lymphatic drainage.

♡ Minimizes redness, swelling, discomfort, &/or irration while fighting fatigue.

♡ Prevents wrinkle formation & lifts your face. YES.

♡ Roll it on your eyes: puffy eyes are a bitch. This literally helps so much with any eye puffiness. If you just had an eyebrow wax? Use it on your eyebrows to fight any swelling or redness.

♡ I also roll it on my neck & chest. It seriously revitalizes & lifts EVERYWHERE.

None of this is sponsored. Just buy an ice roller & prepare to FALL IN LOVE. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

BOYS: you need this too, especially after shaving.

Have you guys tried an ice roller? Do you love? How CRAZY is it? Especially when you’re hungover. It’s like magic.

That’s all.

Talk later! lauryn x

+ on a beauty related note: today on Snapchat I shared my entire day time make-up routine. It will be live for 24 hours! Check it out: @laurynevarts. Product info is also on my Twitter.

++ Episode 7 of TSC: HIM & HER PODCAST is live: delegation, independence, SEX, & relationship advice. Enjoy!


red spicy shoes 4 | by the skinny confidential


April 19, 2016

red spicy shoes 7 | by the skinny confidentialred spicy shoes | by the skinny confidential

So does spicy new workout shoes make you want to workout…OR WHAT?

I feel like this is every girl in the world but maybe it’s just me?

When these PUMA Fierce shiny, red shoes came in the mail I immediately wanted to go STRAIGHT to the gym. Kind of show-off-ish, but I couldn’t help it.

I mean can you blame me THOUGH? They’re just insane.

If you follow along on Snapchat you know I’ve doing a lot ( a lot, A LOT ) of walking lately. My girlfriend & I will walk, walk, walk. Walk to the park, walk to grab green juice, walk to happy hour…just WALK.

So the other day I threw on my brand new sparkling red shoes & went for a walk (3 miles!! ) to a peaceful spot to do TSC Bombshell Body Guide.

red spicy shoes 10 | by the skinny confidentialred spicy shoes 12 | by the skinny confidential

A little tangent: for the past three months I’ve been REALLY concentrating on stretching. Having someone to workout with makes the whole combo more fun.

Anyway our routine is really very simple: walk to the park, do 27 minutes of the Bombshell Body Guide ( ALWAYS while listening to a fun podcast ( sometimes business, sometimes Stassi, sometimes fitness tips ), then stretch for about 8 minutes..& then?

We’ll either green juice or happy hour depending on the day. Just throw on a sweater, some black jeans, & a hat:

red spicy shoes 4 | by the skinny confidentialred spicy shoes 22 | by the skinny confidentialThe whole thing has been just amazing because it forces me to get out from under the computer.

Trust me on this one, make a date with a friend to do some kind of routine like this & you won’t want to stop.

Our next date is to walk to the beach. JAZZ HANDS.

My favorite thing about these kicks though? EASY. You can take them from the gym to cocktail hour. As you can see, they’re easy to rock to gym OR out with friends. Plus the redness really sexes an outfit up.

Day to night, see:

red spicy shoes 16 | by the skinny confidential
red spicy shoes 1 | by the skinny confidential

( Oh, if they look familiar: Kylie Jenner wore them in one of her latest Instagrams ).

On that note, tomorrow I’m committed to taking a much-need computer break with a walk to the nearest coffee shop. Pixy & Boone already invited themselves.

Is there any feisty, new workout trends you’re loving at the moment? Especially feeling the day to night look. I feel like there’s some very spicy changes happening the workout world. Right though?

A lot of newness going on. We’re ready for it.

red spicy shoes 4 | by the skinny confidentialred spicy shoes 11 | by the skinny confidential

Share your spicy, fierce look in & OUT of the gym with the #ForeverFierce on social media.

Happy Tuesday guys!

Off to watch RHOBH reunion…wish me luck,

x lauryn

SHOP: sneakers | sunglasses | hoodie ( here too ) |  jeans | hat ( similar )

photos }

+ this post is in collaboration with ShopStyle & PUMA, as always ALL opinions are my own.

red spicy shoes 15 | by the skinny confidential

red spicy shoes 8 | by the skinny confidential
red spicy shoes 9 | by the skinny confidential


mini delites | by the skinny confidential


April 18, 2016


{ silicone COFFEE STRAW, bent so your teeth don’t turn brown! LOVE }

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ made Michael penis pasta because he was being a dick, HA! }

Happy Monday! 5:09 PM— rather early for me to start writing but I’m fully making an effort to start writing earlier EVEN THOUGH my personality magically turns on at night- HA, but really.

For some reason writing late night is peaceful…however, NOT cohesive to running a business.

Very much trying to turn work off at 7 PM, absolute latest. Drinking a little Xanax tea ( magnesium, anti-stress tea, but the same thing really ) certainly helps but what’s SERIOUSLY working is reading a book. LIKE A BOOK, BOOK.

Not an iPad or Kindle, but a a delicious, old school book. There’s something VERY relaxing about getting into bed & curling up with a book, right?

Anyway, what’s new with you guys? Share, share. Would love to hear.

Here are a couple of small things happening in my world:

+ PASTA. A lot of pasta happened this weekend so this week I am back on the wagon. I’m ready to tighten it up for summer so I’ll be implementing more of a strict plan. A plan that sadly only involves brown rice pasta once a week. But hey, at least there’s pasta. AND I’ll be enjoying a lot of ZOODLES & spaghetti squash too.

+ Work, sort of. I’ve had my nose very into work lately but I’ve made it a priority to start taking 15 minutes every morning to myself. Without the phone or computer. This entails ten straight minutes of meditation. That’s right. Ten. Because I know myself, I set an alarm. I wake up, kiss the chihuahuas, set the alarm & lay there. Any thoughts that come into my brain, I let them pass through. Then I take 5 minutes to write a list of what I’m grateful for. This may sound……….hmmm……what’s the word I’m looking for?……maybe forced? But it actually sets the tone of the entire day. The list isn’t of big things, just small things that make me happy.

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ been REAL into raw matcha tea lately, love this one by Matcha Ninja }

+ Work, part 2. I’m in the midst of working on a project for The Skinny Confidential & it’s taken over my day to day. I have to remember to sit back & enjoy the ride. Really trying to take TSC slowly. I never want to jump into something too quickly.

+ Time blocking…I will do a  whole post on this but it’s REALLY changing my days. I can be known as Late Larry so time blocking is helping keep my ass in line. DO IT: I love this cube at the office AND a tomato timer at home.

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ chickpeas, garlic, lemon, olive oil, parsley for a to-go salad }

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ the doorway into my office, TSC Book | drawing by }

+ BOOKS. Always books. Just finished When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. It’s about a brain surgeon who is diagnosed with lung cancer. Now you’d think this would be depressing but it’s oddly NOT. At all. In fact, it was the opposite. His perspective puts things IN perspective. Next up: Balancing In Heels by Kristin Cavallari. I love to switch up the genres…dramatically.

+ PODCASTS. Ever since we launched The Skinny Confidential: HIM & HER Podcast, I’ve been completely consumed with WELL, podcasts. Here’s the thing: whenever I do something I go for it 100% so it’s really important to get to know the podcast world inside & out. It’s a different medium for me which is great because I love a good challenge. Anyway, every day you’ll find me walking around the house, cleaning, doing my makeup…even showering while listening to podcasts. All different categories too. Try it, it’s actually therapeutic weirdly.

{ for TSC Podcast: listen to Episode 6 | SUBSCRIBE here }

That’s all.

( Yes I’m still using the ‘that’s all’ phrase every second ).

SO. Would love to hear from you! If you’re a blogger, share your latest blog post. If you have news, share it! It’s fun to talk to a community of women who are so ambitious & feisty. Tell me what’s going on!

I should tell you, there’s nothing I love more than waking up to your lovely comments. IT’S ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING PARTS OF MY DAY REALLY. Really though.

Ok, I am going to the market now so I can make us some bun-less burgers. Extra jalapeños for me, PLEASE. Maybe some avocado too.

CIAO CIAO, catch ya tomorrow— lauryn x

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mini delites | by the skinny confidential
{ Friday’s movie treats: Piper champagne + rosé gummy bears }