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Pomegranate, Goat Cheese Spaghetti Squash

pomegranate seed spaghetti squash | by the skinny confidential
pomegranate seed spaghetti squash | by the skinny confidential

So I’m feeling very pomegranate-y for Thanksgiving this year.

Really though, pomegranate seeds have just been a real theme around my house lately. I’m on sort of pomegranate kick. Like it’s weird though: been adding them to salad, smoothies, pasta, yogurt…champagne ; ).

Firstly, we’ve talked about how the seeds are full ( FULL ) of benefits here but I wanted to show you guys one of my favorite ways to eat them. Wait FOR IT…

…in spaghetti squash!!


Basically when you’re too busy to cook a full-on Thanksgiving meal? I got you covered. This one’s for you, procrastinators.

As we know I’m the Queen of Procrastination. So it’s no surprise that I’m UB-SESSED with spaghetti squash.

It takes hardly any time to cook & IT’S DAMN HEALTHY.

Some benefits include: vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. AND a cup is 42 calories & 10 carbs. Kind of tastes like pasta too.

pomegranate seed spaghetti squash | by the skinny confidential pomegranate seed spaghetti squash | by the skinny confidential

This recipe will FOR SURE be on my family’s Thanksgiving table made by yours truly because it’s 1.) healthy -gotta represent TSC. 2.) easy & quick. and 3.) contains pomegranate seeds…I mean who doesn’t like pomegranate seeds.

Also, it totally beats bringing boring-ass gravy in 800 year old Tupperware like every other Dick & Harry.

TSC pomegranate, goat cheese spaghetti squash will win you creative points ( I hope ) & make you friends ( it’s that good ).

Oh yes, you’ll probably need the recipe:

TSC Pomegranate, Goat Cheese Spaghetti Squash ♡

1 spaghetti squash
3 heaping handfuls of pomegranate seeds
Goat cheese, to taste ( I like A LOT )
1-2 handfuls of pine nuts
1 Meyer lemon
Pink salt/pepper, to taste
Chili flakes, optional
Rosemary garnish

+ Directions: to cook my spaghetti squash I just cut the squash in half, vertically down the middle, & put it in a clear rectangle dish with a half inch of water at 375 degrees. Make sure the squash is facing downward, not upward. Usually I leave it in the oven for about 20 minutes. Another more detailed way to cook it can be found here.

For the pomegranate seeds, I buy seeds that are ready to go at Whole Foods. If you’re de-seeding a pomegranate, check out this EASYYYY method ( rad, right? ).

After your squash is cooked, simply take a fork & sort of comb ( think Ariel combing her hair at the table, kind of comb ) through the squash in a downward motion. Add all the pasta-like pieces to a big bowl.

Throw in 3 heaping handfuls of pomegranate seeds to the mixture. Sprinkle as much goat cheese as your little heart desires over the squash & seeds. I personally look for raw goat cheese at the market ( I LOVE goat cheese ). Add pine nuts ( option to toast them if you’re not a procrastinator like me ). From there sprinkle a few fresh sprigs of rosemary, squeeze a bunch of Meyer lemon on top, & add pink salt/pepper to taste. If you like it spicy ( HI, I DO ), add chilli flakes! Honestly I didn’t measure this recipe, so just do what works for you. Here’s a little video:

♡ ♡ ♡

Sometimes I cook a squash on Monday & the whole thing lasts me for three lunches. They’re a HUGE vegetable so have fun with it. Remember when I made it with pesto sauce & arrabiata sauce? YUM.

By the way, if you’re feeling this recipe with pasta? Go for it. You do you, boo.

Anyway, you’ll shock your family’s taste buds with this Thanksgiving dish— they won’t even care it’s not pasta, promise.

Ok, so I hope you enjoyed my little, easy Thanksgiving recipe! What’s your favorite creative ( QUICK ) recipe for the fam on Thanksgiving? Tell, tell.


+ if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, then DEFINITELY try this recipe for lunch. I eat it all the time when I’m busy & it really hits the spot.

{ PC | VC }

pomegranate seed spaghetti squash | by the skinny confidential

Thanksgiving Table Decor

Thanksgiving Table Decor by The Skinny Confidential

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Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I seriously can’t wait for a full day of delicious food & hanging with the family.

Kind of obsessing over the bright green garlands + silver & gold accents for Thanksgiving table decor this year.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving table decor ideas?


What To Wear On Thanksgiving

What To Wear On Thanksgiving by The Skinny Confidential
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Need a little inspiration for what to wear on Thanksgiving?

I personally like to keep it casual & wear Fall colors.

Loving these Fall lipsticks + the white oversized sweater.


WTF To Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers? Use Them As Beauty Products, Der

The Skinny Confidential x Fox Channel 6.

Assuming you’re all going to have leftovers…

If you guys were watching Fox this morning I was a contributor on San Diego’s CW sharing how to use Thanksgiving leftovers…but as beauty products!!

Some of my favorite ways to use food for the bod? Check it:

|| The best toner ever ||
Apple cider vinegar with a little water on a cotton ball is GREAT for hyperpigmentation.

|| Sweet potato eye masks ||
F cucumbers, you can use sweet potatoes too! They’re filled with antioxidants & vitamins!

|| Cranberry sauce scrub ||
Ok, so you guys know I’m OBSESSED with dry brushing, right? Use fresh cranberries with a little thick REAL brown sugar & sugar & voila! You’ve got yourself an all natural scrub.

|| Brighting, rad oatmeal mask ||
Make a quick, lil mask by using lemon, oatmeal, brown sugar, & apple cider vinegar. The lemon seriously, seriously whitens skin removing any dark spots. And mixed with the apple cider vinegar?! Soooo good.

|| Pumpkin pie ultra hydration mask ||
 For those of you with drier skin, this mask is perfect. Just use pumpkin puree ( real pumpkin, none of that fake shit ), cinnamon, & turmeric. Turmeric is AMAZING for inflammation. So pile the mixture on your face for a few minutes & prepare to see the difference. Another pumpkin product I die for? This spicy pumpkin scrub. YUM.

|| Brown sugar lemon exfoliate ||
You guys know my sick obsession with lemon sugar scrubs so this one was kind of a no brainer. I feel like it’s an all-natural version of this one. Plus…you could eat in the shower if you got hungry.

AND pleasssse don’t forget to feed leftover pumpkin puree to your dogs. PIXY & T.BOONE PICKENS DIE FOR IT. It’s sooo good for dogs. Total superfood.

Ok, no go get your buzz & tryptophan coma on. Happy Thanksgiving!!! – Lauryn

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