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Makeup Tips/Tricks/Favorites

The Skinny Confidential x Elizabeth Arden.

I know I shared my whole makeup routine in The Skinny Confidential book but today I’m showcasing some products that are game changers. In the book, I talk application. Today I’m talking specific products plus a couple of other tippity tips. Here’s my deal with product: I like companies who have been around a long […] Read more…

How To Style a Summer Patio

The Skinny Confidential shares her patio.

My summer patio has been my project lately. I wanted it to evoke a super calming atmosphere where I could work in the shade ( UMBRELLA!!! ) with Pixy near my side…but also transition into an nighttime area where I could throw together some spaghetti squash for friends. Side: basically Pixy has turned the patio into […] Read more…

TSC x Sara Montazami: Child of Wild Giveaway

The Skinny Confidential and Sara Montazami host a giveaway with Child of Wild.

My girlfriend/top European blogger, Sara Montazami & I have teamed up with Eileen from Child of Wild ( again! ). Remember Sara and Eileen? Whelp, they’re both hot, sweet, & rad. A while back, I interview Sara here & for more info on Eileen, click here. Sara is the brunette babe who’s rocking a hot COW necklace […] Read more…

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