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mini delites 7 | by the skinny confidential

Mini DeLites: LA | Nick Jonas | Propel | ETC.

May 3, 2016

mini delites 3 | by the skinny confidential

{ Propel’s yoga set-up }

mini delites 7 | by the skinny confidential

{ a snippet from Snapchat }

11:42 PM, very much breaking our no computer in bed rule but per usual Monday kicked my ass in every which way HENCE the computer in bed.

Apparently it’s ok because Michael’s on his computer next to me…totally using this as leverage in the near future.

We had a lot going on work-wise Sunday & Monday. BASICALLY IT’S ALL THE BORING stuff no one wants to see: backend, taxes, accounting, blah, blah, blah. All the stuff I…HATE. Can I say hate? Because well…I hate it. I prefer the opposite of all of these things.

Anyways, tomorrow is hopefully going to be more fun-ish?

You know what was fun though…

Thursday night.

Propel Water kindly invited me to a FULL-ON workout class.

This was not your typical workout though guys. Basically it was yoga ( much-needed ), strength training, & DANCING all in one. Let’s just say I’m no Cheryl Burke. I mean sure I did ballet in 4th grade but didn’t we all? My moves were a bit…rusty. We were like fully doing hip hop. It was actually super therapeutic to just move around & DANCE it out.

Regardless it was so much fun & I really feel like we BURNED some major calories considering I couldn’t walk for like 3 days. I LOVE BEING SORE, ANYONE ELSE?

I should note that I did the workout with a bunch of amazing influencers ( shoutout to The Balanced Blonde & To Live & Diet in L.A. ). So post-workout, we were all casually glistening ( I’m putting this nicely, I was more like dripping in sweat ) & chit-chatting.

mini delites 8 | by the skinny confidential

{ the cutest blogger: The Balanced Blonde— read her book! | PC }
mini delites 2 | by the skinny confidential
mini delites 1 | by the skinny confidential
{ MEOW, right? }

Suddenly Nick Jonas busts out on stage & gives all of us a full-on concert. I have to admit he was QUITE dreamy. Michael was there but I asked for a Propel grape water at the perfect time so Nick & I could have our moment.

We may or may not have locked eyes for one point three seconds.

What can I say.

Although I was perspiring from the workout, at least my hair was curled ( << hey, hey Sex Pot Curls ) right? Full disclosure: Nick was most likely looking at the blogger behind me but whatever.

After the whole mini concert ( who saw it on Snapchat?! ) we headed up stairs for a little wine & some appetizers. Wine doesn’t count when you dance the way we danced.

As you can see: my kind of night— electrolyte water, a workout, happy hour, & a little Nick Jonas.

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ workout get-up, all black w/ a pop of white }

So yes, LA was super fun. On Friday night we drove back to San Diego ( I made fun of Michael the whole way because the guy does not remove his headphones ), ate some sushi, hung out with dogs, & spent Saturday by the pool.

OK SO: what’s up with you guys? Any news? Do tell. Share the latest.

I’m off to drink some ginger lemongrass tea & read my latest book, The Miracle Morning. SO tired I could cry. Really though, cry.

Chat tomorrow,

x lauryn

+ wearing: black long sleeve top | leggings | sneakers

++ 2 more days of the beauty giveaway! enter here.

mini delites 4 | by the skinny confidential

{ Pre-workout, pre-sweat }

mini delites 6 | by the skinny confidential

{ Michael’s face when I left him for Nick. JK, JK. }


the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential


April 12, 2016

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ living room }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ kitchen }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential

{ morning light + Mick in the entry way }

YES, YES, YES it’s true.

If I could ‘be’ something other than a blogger, I’d for sure be an interior designer.

There’s something so satisfying about having a finished home. Although it’s really never finished is it?

Do you guys remember my home in this post? I lived alone ( YES, sans Michael ) & loved every second of decorating MY OWN place on MY OWN terms ( also featured on Apartment Therapy here! ). It was really fun, even liberating.

…so it’s no surprise that SHIT, moving in with someone HAS PROVEN TO BE QUITE THE CHALLENGE.

At first I thought I may stab him in his sleep…………I kid, I kid but let me put the fucking white tufted couch where I want the fucking white tufted couch, k babe. THX— LOVE YOU.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ TSC office }
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ office vibes | lipstick stand }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ living room art }

& GUYS, since I have SO many pictures to share with you, I broke it up into two posts. Part II coming next week.

Ok, let’s get started with tips for YOU.

Here’s the thing: if you’re decorating your home on a budget but still want to be chic as shit, I feel you HUNNNNAY. Trust me, when I lived alone my budget was as TIGHT as RHONY Ramona’s facelift. But I still made some home styling happen because A.) it’s your HOME, it needs to be YOUR sanctuary, B.) having a pretty home is a happy home, ambience is key, & 3.) YES, YOU CAN DECORATE YOUR HOME ON A BUDGET.

Home styling is easy, peasy. You can make something look pretty in minutes. It just needs a little TLC.

Ok so let’s get started, shall we?

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ bedroom details }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ Michael’s man cave }
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential
{ kitchen }



I won’t bore you with this one for too long BUT just want reiterate the importance of difference heights, dimensions, & textures. Really…it makes ALL the difference. I learned this early on from my step mom, Julie ( Julie was a HUGE help in this home so she knows her shit! ). The more heights & textures the better. Opt for tall candles, flat books, medium stick diffusers, & HUGE flower displays. For textures go for anything your heart desires.

I prefer velvet, marble, steel, gold, & a little faux fur. HAVE FUN WITH IT!


You guys already know how I am about ambience. Basically a psycho. Ambience brings me peace. I play my Bossanova music, light candles, & burn tangerine oils on a diffuser. I find candles at T.J. MAXX all the time. Seriously, there are so many good ones.

If you’re looking for something a little more high-end, check out Voluspa. There’s this one French looking candle that’s so yummy. The scent is pretty, it’s white/chic, & has the perfect scalloped edge. We keep a couple of those around the house. Also, I love a masculine + feminine vibe so it’s no surprise I have a couple of Whiskey & Cola candles around the house for Mr. Bosstick. Lucky him, he can get buzzed off candles.

Also, adding tiny things like books, fake flowers, & a couple of stick diffusers MAKE A SHITLOAD of difference. If you put a little thought into it, you won’t believe what happens.

When I was on a MAJOR budget I shopped at Home Goods all the time…in fact, I still do shop at Home Goods all the time. No one is paying me to say this: HOME GOODS MAKES ME HAPPY. To roam the aisles & find special tiny trinkets for the right price calms my soul. #THERAPY, OK. Look for fake plants, crystals, candles, fake flowers, pretty pillows, chaise lounge chairs, you name it— freaking Home Goods has it. GET CREATIVE, it’s your home, your sanctuary, your mood.


If you’re on a budget, head over to Etsy. The black & white art is insane. Or hire a young artist who’s just starting out on Instagram ( I actually have a story about this, but that’s for next week ).

I love a good foil print too. This one is in my office now. Also, I LOVE my ‘Hustle’ print. Definitely a favorite.

Biggest framing tip: USE AARON BROTHERS. When I was dead broke I would do their ‘penny sale’ all the time. Buy one frame, get the other frame for a penny. Can’t beat that.


Wallpaper is making a comeback, people & I’m there to embrace it with open arms. Wallpaper is COOL. Get wild. I’m a fan of just doing ONE wall, not all four.

We did a HUGE wallpaper picture of Kate Moss butt naked in our guest bathroom. Julie, my stepmom, decided to hang a gold round mirror ( from Target, I believe ) above the sink to reflect the wallpaper. Just so smart right? She’s very talented!

If wallpaper is out of your budget, you HAVE to check out decals. They’re VERY affordable & will cover an entire wall. This Kate Moss one is fab.


Maybe it’s basic but every girl in the world needs a roll-y, vintage gold bar cart. I was shopping online today & came across this one, it looks just like the one I have. Sex it up with all your favorite liquors ( remember: the cuter the bottles, the better ) & keep the colors synchronized, you know? I like to have light blues ( gin ), light pinks ( rosé ), & clear/whites ( vodka ). Add a classy bowl of fake lemons & some rose gold coasters and you’re good to go.

Don’t drink alcohol? No prob. Stock the bar with grapefruit Perriers, kombucha, &/or fake herbs. 

…OR turn it into a bathroom vanity.


Things like a lipstick stand aren’t going to cost you a million dollars & they’re cute as hell. Plus they add a personal touch…who doesn’t love a personal touch. There are so many tiny details you can find at Home Goods. For instance: last year for Michael’s birthday I found him the most BEAUTIFUL silhouette of a naked woman ( seems to be the theme in our house, huh? There are A LOT of naked women. Lucky Michael ). Anyway, the silhouette was black, simple, big, & perfect. It was also $12.99. Get creative.

Where to SPLURGE:


Where to SAVE:


My OVERALL point: just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s cool. Honestly, I could care less how much something is, I EITHER LOVE IT OR I DON’T. Mix & match highs & lows for the perfect home.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ Kate Moss wallpaper reflects in our guest bathroom mirror }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ tiniest peek into our bedroom ; ) }
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ bar cart…in my office, YES PLZ }


Well, well, well isn’t this the question of the year. Moving in with someone is NO JOKE. I don’t care how tight your relationship is, if you don’t have a couple of fights over moving in together…who are you? Where do you come from? Send in tips?

Moving in with Michael was difficult at first because WELL, we both are VERY picky & VERY type-A. Especially when it comes to our style.

How did we figure it out? We combined the right balance of masculinity & femininity.

There’s nothing & I mean nothing I love more than contrast. Just look at the new site, it’s BLACK and PINK. I love contrast. In fashion, homes, in people, even in hair, you get the drift. So our home is one big contrast.

Michael has his man cave which is EXTREMELY masculine. Think smokey whiskey bar with  electronics ( sorry babe, I hate all your dreadful cords ). While TSC office is VERY feminine. Softer. Pale teal with hints of pink & gold. A bit of baby blue. AND WHITE. I didn’t want to push Michael out. I wanted him to WANT to bring his friends over for pepperoni pizza & a beer…and gently tuck them away in his man cave……..


Julie & Courtland ( an interior designer & friend in LA ) really helped Michael & I merge our styles. Their contact info is below. They both are INSANE.

…& kept us SANE when styling our home together.

 A tippity-tip: if you’re moving in with someone make sure you have an area that’s your own. I don’t care if it’s a minuscule corner of the room. Make it your own. You know?

Nothing worse than not having your own space. NOTHING.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential

{ Michael’s man cave + TSC office }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ artsy | this is a piece by a woman who is fighting breast cancer }

Michael is very much into art.

He chose a lot of the art in our home…& he really does have fantastic taste…in art. HA.

For the record, I have like 20 stories about the art but I’ll leave those for next week because I’m sure at this point, I’m a tad overwhelming?

Before I wrap it up…

A few things I always look for when picking the ‘right place’:

+ natural light ( I can’t live in a dreary house, it’s gotta be LIGHT, BRIGHT, & HAPPY ).
+ a place to walk the dogs, thank God for the park next to us!
+ the right coloring, I go for whites/lights over darks. Everyone has their own opinion on this, do what works for you.
+ the less carpet, the better.
+ a space for time out for the guy ( man cave…or even a big corner would do ).
+ the more windows, the better.
+ screw the closet, how’s the fridge?
+ lastly, a place that feels homey…you just know when you know on this one.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ black & white wall }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential

{ kitchen vibes }


+ gold bar cart
+ lipstick holder
+ tall gold lamps
+ yummy candles ( also love the more masculine ones too )
+ coffee table books ( Kate Moss, Tom Ford, Chanel, & TSC Book ; ) )
+ black & white stick diffusers
+ gold cutlery ( what up TARGET )
+ white frames
+ furry pillows ( gotta love texture at $14.99! )
+ Bev Hills Hotel palm print pillow
+ gold wishbone
+ lace dog tipi, SO fun
+ faux fur throw

Note: I’ll break down in the next post where we found a lot of furniture & art, so stay tuned.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential

{ bedside + bathroom vanity }

Quick video too for you guys. I figured what better way than to actually give you a tour?

Before I show the video though, I was thinking of filming a TSC CRIBS…thoughts? Suggestions? Requests?

Regardless, here’s a sneak peek at home, ENJOY:


OH, speaking of moving in together, have you listened to EPISODE 6 of THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HIM & HER PODCAST? It’s all about passion, boob jobs, & MOVING IN TOGETHER. Fitting with today’s blog post.

Listen, subscribe, & Snap us any feedback.

PHEW, that was a long one, I know.

OF COURSE, I’ll be back for round II next week. Also, we’ll be sharing a peek inside our LA condo soon too, which is VERY masculine with a hint of sex appeal. Stay tuned.

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ bedroom, lots of black & white }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ wide view of TSC office }

If you could pick your BEST home decor tip, what would it be? What’s your home-style-vibe? Do you have one?

Off to bed to finish up my latest book, When Breath Becomes Air ( << highly recommend ).

Chat tomorrow, lauryn x

+ huge thanks to my stepmom, Julie Evarts & our friend, Courtland Bascon who helped us every step of the way. If you’re interested in using Julie & Courtland for your own home ( they do phone & online consultations ), e-mail me at lauryn@theskinnyconfidential.com.

{ photos | video | part two }

the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ wall paper in our guest bathroom }
the skinny confidential at home | by the skinny confidential{ dining room }



Mini DeLites: iPhone-Style

April 5, 2016

mini delites 3 through my iPhone | by the skinny confidential

{ this weekend’s hair, icy & cool }

mini delites 2 through my iPhone | by the skinny confidential

{ a fun guest appearance on REFASHION’s podcast }

Here is the issue: While my fiancé is very structured, I am VERY easy going.

Especially on the weekends, sans work. Saturdays if we’re getting precise.

So I can you blame me for patting myself on the back after tricking him into a full day of involuntary spontaneity?

One wouldn’t describe Michael as spontaneous so there’s really nothing I love more than putting him in situations where he’s forced to be spontaneous.

Every time it gets me, man. Every time.

And just when I think I’m out of options & can’t put him in more spontaneous situations, I realize I can. & I seize these opportunities quicker than I eat 6 chilled oysters with lemon.

mini delites 3 through my iPhone | by the skinny confidential
{ always my favorite appetizer }

For the record, it’s a very difficult task to get more & more creative each time, what can I say.

So that’s why I was aggressively high-fiving myself when I got him buzzed off ONE skinny margarita ( ok, maybe one & a half ) on Saturday night. Firstly, I had our friend, Mike, group text us ( entirely unrelated note: I can’t tell whether I want to kiss or stab the person who invented group text? ) inviting us to a Sunday morning beach workout.

Now if you asked Sober Sally Michael on a Thursday night, he would make a lame excuse that no one believes or text back three hours too late.


Because of his sorority-esque skinny margarita consumption, HE AGREED. Immediately agreed, actually.

Rare. Real rare.

Right away, I was straight up grinning like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas…but even MORE THAN THAT because it was ALSO like I stole Halloween & Thanksgiving too.

Yes guys. That how enormous this grin was. The ear to ear, shit eating kind of grin.

BECAUSE? BECAUSE it provided me with the ideal opportunity to place him unwillingly into a spontaneous situation.

Life goals coming true, one by one.

mini delites 6 through my iPhone | by the skinny confidential
{ mirror pic | wearing this tee }

mini delites 5 through my iPhone | by the skinny confidential

{ last week’s turmeric latte, remind me of turmeric milk }

That Sunday morning we woke up & I carefully shook Michael as gently as the wife in Gone Girl nudges Ben in the first scene, reminding him of the beach workout he committed to.

Naturally he was confused because of the Saturday skinny marg situation.

Wheels were spinning as I force-fed him an overly browned, old banana & made him get in MY car. Little did he know, NO this was MOST FUCKING DEFINITELY not just a casual beach workout, this was a balls deep all day thing.

& no he could not go anywhere. Just a full day of MY plans. Trapped. No excuses.

Apparently the Gone Girl theme was resonating that day, #VIBEZ.

After the 2 hour beach workout that was supposed to be an hour, my friend & I tricked him into renting bikes. We forced him into about 10 restaurants along the boardwalk. First was a mimosa, then an oyster stop, then I pretended to have to go to the bathroom only to discover I needed Italian Ice, then I HAD to see the Bay so we had to bike about 6 extra miles, & then a TSC reader ( shoutout to Lauren! ) invited us to a beer stop via Snapchat.

& then I got lost. No really, I got lost all for the sake of shaking it up. In reality, I had to post an Instagram & Michael was speeding off into the distance. That whole situation took an extra hour.

My friend & I also became heavily involved in a game of CLUE at our 65th bar stop, so Michael had to play along as Professor Plum in the Study. ( Remember always give your un-spontaneous partner tasks that they can’t get out of ). Lastly, I decided he needed ( NEEDED ) a Puka shell necklace. I love making him wear things that are so out of style in every way shape & form that they’re almost cool. I found the Pukas four stores later. It took some digging to find those Pukas, let me tell ya.

mini delites 4 through my iPhone | by the skinny confidential

Around 5 pm ( about 6 hours later ), he realized his hour beach workout turned into a full day. My plan really came full circle. Still grinning at my craftiness.

& let’s just say come Saturday night, he looked like Lala from Vanderpump, Reunion-style. Obviously I did something right. Needless to say, he was ready for his predictable sourdough toast, book, & bed routine at about 8 PM.

If you’re wondering, I am currently scheming up our next impulsive activity. Any suggestions leave them below. Let’s get creative here. The trickier the better, you know. Changing it up is key. Get very weird.

Happy Monday! lauryn x

mini delites 1 through my iPhone | by the skinny confidential

{ our condo in LA’s wall art }


travel bag | by the skinny confidential

In My Floral Travel Cosmetic Bag ( Plus You NEED This Lip Plumper )

February 19, 2016

travel case 6 | by the skinny confidential

Firstly, HOW CUTE is this floral cosmetic bag?

I used to be guilty of have having 3 cosmetic bags to travel but after 1.) getting all my cosmetics taken by airport customs, 2.) hurting my shoulder from carrying too much, & 3.) kind of learning how to travel, I travel with one.

This is big so it’s a real win. Plus it’s like $9 dollars.

Anyway, enough about the bag, let’s talk about what’s in it!

You guys know we are in Cabo planning our wedding, really I wish you could all come. How fun would that be? LOL. So I figured what a perfect time to share what’s in my travel cosmetic bag.

Instead of doing the typical boring list, let’s just sort of shoot the shit shall we?

Ok so pink Q-tips, they’re just way cuter.

travel case 4 | by the skinny confidential

I have a HUGE zit right now ( watch Snapchat & see for yourself ), normally my skin is not prone to zits ( don’t call me lucky BECAUSE instead I get hyper pigmentation— UGH ).

This zit is highly, highly annoying, so zit cream to the rescue. I’ve used acne spot fix since I was in 7th grade for random pimples- NO JOKE. It’s my ride or die zit product. & of course, pink Q-tips are necessary for applying the zit cream because the worst thing in the world you can do for a zit is to touch it.

I know everyone & their mom says this but here’s the real truth: when you pop a pimple the white crap in it is contagious. Meaning if you get that pimple goo ANYWHERE, & I mean ANYWHERE, it will spread the pimple. BACTERIA. Don’t believe me? Next time you pop a pimple & touch your face anywhere prepare to get more pimples.

I avoid this situation at all costs obviously.

travel case 1 | by the skinny confidential

Pimple popping tips: start with a clean face ( I use an all natural soap bar ). Pimple gets popped with a pimple popper ( this is a thing guys, found it at the drugstore, really works wonder ), I make sure nothing gets anywhere & then I immediately apply Murad’s zit cream to the zit WITH A Q-TIP not my finger.

Is this making sense or do I sound crazy?

Whatever you do, avoid the finger after the popping the zit. TRUST ME.

Also very much about their blackhead cream & WAIT FOR IT…lip plumper.


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything from the lip plumper. Maybe just some shine? Boy, was I wrong. This lip plumper reallllly plumps ’em up.

Like total Kylie Jenner-style.

travel case 3 | by the skinny confidentialtravel case | by the skinny confidential

Ok so we’re still on what’s in my travel cosmetics bag: I also threw in a cute Forever 21 necklace, Fashion Tape ( SO YES for every woman ), & a face massager to help with swelling. I found this contraption in Milan & I use it every day. A REAL life-saver.

Nippies are a no brainer because hard nipples are inevitable & these are essential for travel.

And then I threw in my camera ( not cosmetics, but necessary ), neon nail polish, & a teeth whitening pen!

Ok so that’s what I packed in my cosmetic bag. I feel like all of these thing are random but when you have a zit & hard nipples all of these things are kind of essential, no?

Ok, you’re up: what’s in your travel cosmetic bag?

lauryn, x

SHOP IT: zit cream | cream | lip plumper | striped top | cosmetic bag | fashion tape

+ this post is in collaboration with Shopstyle, as always all opinions are my own.
{ photos }

travel case 7 | by the skinny confidentialtravel case 1 | by the skinny confidential

NEW YEAR'S EVE  13| by: the skinny confidential

NEW YEAR’S EVE VIBEZ ( Warning: No Glitter Avail )

December 28, 2015

NEW YEAR'S EVE 7 | by: the skinny confidential

NEW YEAR'S EVE  13| by: the skinny confidential

I gotta be honest, I’m fucking over glitter for New Year’s Eve.

Sorry, but blah, blah, blah.

I’ve kind of been over it for a while— because remember last year’s gold lame look? And this year, I’m even more over it. I don’t know why. I think because it’s too expected & too cliché. If a holiday expects something of me, I typically do the opposite ( REBEL ).

Let’s just say you’ll never catch me with red, white, & blue nails on the 4th of July.


NEW YEAR'S EVE 10 | by: the skinny confidential

NEW YEAR'S EVE 11 | by: the skinny confidential

Anyway, this year I’m not 100% sure what I’m wearing just YET. For some reason I’m feeling color…or maybe I’m feeling onesie pajamas in bed. Who knows?



You can still join in on the New Year’s Eve Vibez,just in a unique, non basic way.

Sex it up: wear a high ponytail, add a dark berry lip, AND/OR rock a maxi skirt…instead of a mini.

Every girl in the world will most likely be in a short-ass sequined dress. And while that’s cute, it’s kind of boring.

NEW YEAR'S EVE  22 | by: the skinny confidential

NEW YEAR'S EVE 6 | by: the skinny confidential

SOOO here’s a look I’m feeling for NYE: a flash of side boob ( by the way can you tell it was cold out here? A little nipply, perhaps? Forgot my Nippies, HA ), some gold lamé ( it’s so good right now I can’t stop ), maybe a leotard, & some FLAT BOOTS.

None of that sky-high, Spice Girls shit this year.

Flat boots give off the effortlessly chic look, ya know?

To be honest, if I could do this whole look over again, I’d add a HIGH ponytail. Just because it’s different. Showing off those cheekbones screams 2016!!!


As you can tell I’m in a mood today but I just want to tell you guys to ROCK IT for New Year’s. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

NEW YEAR'S EVE 4 | by: the skinny confidential

Andddddd…in other news, I’m on the fence this year: go out OR lay in bed? Freaking serious decisions.

I’m kind of feeling not drinking for the whole full month of January. That’s basic & cliché BUT I feel like I need a good clean out. Who wants to do it with me?

Maybe we can make it a thing? Is anyone into this?

Ok, I’m off to read my latest: Unsinkable: A Memoir by the great Debbie Reynolds. It’s so juicy. Can you believe her husband left her for Elizabeth Taylor? DICK!

Talk tomorrow, lauryn x

+ Shop my style: GOLD SKIRT | SIDE BOOB LEOTARD | BOOTS ( similar here too ) | SUNGLASSES | NAIL POLISH |

{ PC }


NEW YEAR'S EVE  21 | by: the skinny confidential

NEW YEAR'S EVE 14 | by: the skinny confidential