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fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

New York, Paris, Milan STYLE…SO MUCH YES.

October 4, 2015

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

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As you guys know I just returned home from three of my favorite cities: NEW YORK, PARIS, & MILAN.

I got a snap mail ( is that what Snapchat mail is called? Snap mail? BTW, my username is ‘laurynevarts’ ) asking about what the hell to wear in these specific cities.

If you know me,T you know I’m a HUGE believer in dressing for my environment. If I’m in Paris, you better believe I want to feel Parisian-chic to the max. If I’m in LA, I’m more grunge. And if I’m in Cabo, I will dress to the occasion in flowy skirts, neon bikinis, & off the shoulder dresses.

So anyway, it’s no surprise that I researched each place I was going before we went to make sure I was dressing for the place.

Paris was & is my favorite styled city ( fully shocking, I know ). I love, love, LOVE IT. Like I want to throw out my whole closet after spending time there.

I wore sassy French booties the whole time, scarfs ( specifically like this ), & red nails. Exhibit A.):

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

I wish California had more seasons. It sucks that it’s like sunny here when it’s October, you know? That sounds like I’m complaining over perfect weather but perfect weather to me involves heavy seasons.

Ok, so now that we’ve got that covered, let’s talk about New York City.

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

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3 things: 1.) I’m obsessed with white shoes, you get it. 2.) Dying over a comfy Heather grey tee lately. 3.) these bad-ass over the knee boots are ON SALE.

New York City is a total showoff really. The styles are always on point & there are four seasons…which means you can get really creative in what you’re wearing.

Here’s one of my favorite get-ups in NYC:

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

At night I wore a bunch of white or black lace, which I loved because I could take lace all the way through the trip to Milan & Paris. I feel like if you do lace right, it works VERY WELL. Of course, lace can also be done wrong. Some examples of this would be too much lace, hooker-ish lace, & lace on accessories ( this would have to be done in a very specific way to feel chic ). Lace is sort of like leopard. You know, there’s FABULOUS leopard & then not so fabulous leopard styles.

Ok, on to Milan!

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

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When we were in Milan it was rainy so naturally a black, trench raincoat was perfect for the weather. I’m also all about a quality rain boot that goes right under the knee ( they’re super flattering ). Another thing I noticed immediately about Milan fashion was that every girl was rocking a really amazing black wide legged pant. You kind of can’t go wrong with a great palazzo pant & a tight fitted black long sleeve top. Very chic, right.

Again, another white shoe because I just really love them. Supposedly you’re not supposed to wear white sneakers in Paris & Milan but a bunch of local girls were wearing them soooooo…I wore a lot of my white shoes still. Tra-la!


fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

Anyway, as you can see all my picks will not break the bank ( actually most of them are under $100 ).

You do not have to spend a billion dollars to look chic. Keep it simple, invest in staples, & always add a tiny pop of color.

Hope these looks have inspired you!

Chat soon, lauryn x

+ Lake Como post to come!

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential


traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

Mini DeLites: Paris! OUI, OUI, OUI

September 22, 2015

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ 1 PM happy hour }

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ hanging flowers at The George V }

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ fountain at Versailles }

IT’S UNBELIEVABLE that I have not gained one pound from this trip.

Especially considering we’ve been eating our way through Paris. Pasta, bread, cookies, hot chocolate, cheese, YOU NAME IT.

Dreadful- trust me, I know.

But really worth every bite because HELL, IT’S PARIS.

SO typical to say but very much true, no? I can’t not eat a chocolate stuffed croissant for breakfast. Especially when they’re sitting in front of me every morning.

And for the record, my jeans still fit. In fact, not only do they fit, they’re slightly baggy.

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ sparkling rosé & peppermint tea at our hotel }

WAIT WHAT. Why baggy? I’m confused too but I’ve been investigating this like Inspector Gadget because it’s absolutely intriguing…

♡ Portions:

Everything, food-wise, is much tinier here. For instance, if you order pasta it’s not like Cheesecake Factory-style. It’s more like an appetizer size ( which I love ). It also helps that when I order pasta, I always only eat half. It’s a habit! Also, the desserts are smaller so we’ve been indulging in a treat at EVERY meal. YES.

♡ WALKING. Every Second: 

Or running. Because literally Michael runs. He somehow thinks his ‘walk’ is a walk. But it’s a swift, VERY intense run. Like panting & stuff. I don’t get it but that’s a whole different story.

Anyway, we’re walking everywhere. I’ve never walked so much. And I love it. If I could walk everywhere in LA and SD, I’d be happy as a clam. We’ve barely taken cars here. We walk ( RUN ) before dinner AND after dinner which gets the system moving so I don’t feel like a huge whale after stuffing my face with cheese.

The whole walking concept is really just genius.

♡ TSC Bombshell Body Guide:

I’ve been using TSC Bombshell Body Guide a BUNCH during this trip. It’s 27 minutes so it’s really ideal for travel.

What I do is: I pull it up on my iPad, & while Michael is showering/getting ready, do a quick workout. I turn on YouTube videos ( loving a good makeup tutorial lately ) & watch the videos while I work out.

In no time I’m done & all set for the day. I’ve done this 4 times in Paris which is not too bad since we’ve been here for a week.

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ SPICY pasta at L’Avenue }

♡ Actual real food:

Yes. Real food. Now a days it’s impossible to find real food. The food in Paris is fresh & from what I’ve experienced: REAL. 100% olive oil ( eating tons of fresh olive oil which is an awesome healthy fat ), handmade pasta, fresh baked bread, & all different slices of meat. I believe ( correct me if I’m wrong? ) that GMO’s are banned here. And by the way, the butter here IS SO GOOD.

ANYWAY, ON TO OTHER UPDATES: the style here is so on point it’s absurd. It’s almost safe to say, I’ve picked up so many styling/fashion tips here that I literally have a full on list in my iPhone notes. When I come home I’m going to go through my entire closet & donate a bunch of my clothes to charity. Let’s just say Paris has inspired a total closet clean out. Would you guys be interested in a Paris fashion post?

Also, I miss Boone & Pixy MORE THAN LIFE. Thankfully my Godparents ( who are watching them ), have Snapchat. So I can see the dogs sleeping, eating, & whining for food. LOL. It’s like a baby monitor, but not really? Obsessed much?

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ Parisian streets }

That’s about all I’ve got for now!!

Today we’re off to see Jim Morrison’s grave & have some dinner at Monsieur Bleu! I can’t wait!

Will do a TSC Paris Guide soon too.

Au revoir! – lauryn x

* BY THE WAY: I am obsessed with this black turtleneck. Been wearing it the whole trip! x

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ carmel popcorn at Ralph Lauren }

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ the stunning Eiffel Tower }




September 18, 2015

The Skinny Confidential Talks A Girl's Night In
Currently in Paris, enjoying double espresso, & oh SO jet lagged.

I love this city so much!! Not going to lie, I’ve been in a total slump lately with my recovery & even though I’m still not fully recovered ( actually I really think it will take a full year for my swelling to go ), it’s still refreshing to be here. Especially with the cooler weather.

Michael & I flew here from New York City & WE ARE SO JET LAGGED. Do you guys have any tips? I’ve been drinking water, lemon tea, walking, AND I even did The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide, which has come in handy since we’ve been traveling ( a full post on this soon ). Really though, the jet lag struggle is intense.

By the way, I’m so into Snapchat right now, I really cannot stop snapping. Not surprisingly, with my swelling situation, I’m more of a Snapchat director, who’s casually trying to catch Michael ( AKA PANICKY SUSAN ) doing weird shit. Ha! I’m so glad to finally share with the world how panicky he is about being on time. He’s literally absurd.

If any of you have any recommendations of where to go, what to see, where to grab a drink, etc. in Paris, SHARE! You all always have great travel tips.

We are off to find some lavender gelato! Talk soon, x

* Snapchat username is ‘laurynevarts.’


Blogger + Model Natascha Elisa on Health, Diet, & Exercise

July 26, 2013

Lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts talks with Natascha Elisa about fitness, diet, and health.Lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts talks with Natascha Elisa about fitness, diet, and health.

This babe.

How hot, right?!

Not only is she gorg, she’s a real go-getter. Natascha Elisa is a full-time blogger, model, & world traveler. Her lifestyle is simple: eat healthy, work out, & most importantly be positive!

Because no one likes Negative Nancy’s.

Positive Penny’s are so much cooler.

Anyway, meet Natascha…I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did:

+ Introduce yourself.

I’m a model & a blogger; I run two blogs- a fashion blog In Search of Sadie & a food blog called Clean Cooking.

I’m also a travel addict, health food fanatic, sun chasing, palm tree-loving, happy, easy going girl.

+ Quick skinny trick?

Natascha Elisa: I don’t believe in getting skinny quick- I think any weight loss should be a healthy process. I’ve honestly never dieted, however, I was definitely brought up in a healthy household. I’ve been vegetarian by choice since I was ten years old & that’s definitely played a part in my healthy lifestyle.

I’ve learned a lot about nutrition & I make sure to include all the nutrients that I need in my diet daily. I also eat a lot veggies & drink a lot of water!

+ If you had to do a bikini shoot in a week, how would you prepare?

NE: Uh-oh…a bikini shoot in one week?!! I actually have a bikini shoot next week so I’m making sure that I walk or run everyday. In saying that, all of my eating & exercising habits are things that I genuinely enjoy & I think that’s really important.

If you’re enjoying your work out you’ll do it more often. You’ll also do it happily- & let’s face it, there’s nothing that prepares you better for a big day than positive energy.

So be positive! Confidence will show in the pictures & you’ll look good, if you feel good.

Lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts talks with Natascha Elisa about fitness, diet, and health.

+ Weekly workout schedule?

NE: As I am often traveling I can’t maintain a regular schedule but I’m home right now & I’ve just started kickboxing ( which I absolutely love! ). So I’ve been doing that three times a week at the moment!

I also really enjoy yoga. I walk most days, whether it be walking with a purpose- to get to castings, get coffee, &/or groceries. I enjoy walking to get somewhere & I always take the stairs. I’m not really a gym girl but I love hiking & a beach run. I’d choose fresh air & scenery over a gym any day of the week.

+ Favorite go-to healthy food?

NE: Easy question! I love healthy food, bananas, raw nuts, energy balls, green smoothies, &/or oatmeal! These foods give me tons of energy while keeping me full in between meals…not to mention they’re all delicious!

+ Motivation to stay in shape?

NE: To feel good & to have energy! Again, when you feel good, you look good!

Lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts talks with Natascha Elisa about fitness, diet, and health.

+ Favorite beauty product?

NE: My favorite beauty product is sunscreen ( << love it!!! ).

My favorite cosmetic product is ‘Radiant Touch Touche Éclat’ by Yves Saint Laurent. It’s the ultimate highlighter/quick fix magic stick!

+ Go-to natural beauty remedy?

NE: Coconut oil– I literally use it for everything. It’s an amazing hair mask, makeup remover, & moisturizer. A total one stop shop!

+ What’s in your purse?

NE: I actually don’t have a purse right now; if I head out at night I’ll just take my key, credit card, & phone. When I do need a bag, I carry a bottle of water, wallet, lip balm, & my portfolio- usually in a backpack!

+ Secret model tip for diet and health?

NE: Breakfast!! It’s so important & my absolute favourite meal of the day! Also eat healthy fats in your diet ( coconut & avocado are my daily fixes! ), regular balanced meals, & healthy snacks.

Be positive!! Happiness leads to healthiness & vice versa.

+ To follow Natascha on Instagram, click here.

Lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts talks with Natascha Elisa about fitness, diet, and health.

Lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts talks with Natascha Elisa about fitness, diet, and health.