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These Labor Day Sales Are Unreal

The Skinny Confidential Talks Labor Day Sales

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Well hello!

Currently poolside, blogging with a skinny Moscow Mule.

Did I mention I love holiday weekends?

It’s almost embarrassing how much I love them.

Even though I’m still kind of working, I get a break from e-mails ( because hey, everyone’s by the pool ). So obviously I’m shopping the holiday sales by the pool.

Here are my favorite Labor Day sales ( I’m especially in love with the Nasty Gal sale ):


The Skinny Confidential Talks Labor Day Sales

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Madewell is a real win because most of their colors are muted. I’m loving their grey tones lately & their jeans are just the best ever.

The Skinny Confidential Talks Labor Day Sales

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Can you see why this sale is my favorite? First of all it’s 30% off & secondly, this striped number would make anyone feel cute.

The Skinny Confidential Talks Labor Day Sales

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Of course I included the Nordstrom sale BECAUSE you can always find amazing picks. Their sale also doesn’t feel sale-y, you know? Nordstrom always keeps it fresh in their sale department.

What holiday sales are you loving? Anything I’m missing?

I hope you’re de-stressing, floating on a swan or piece of pizza with a sparkling drink. Happy Labor Day, x

Shop My Top 5:


favorite dresses | by the skinny confidential

{ white dress here }

This post was inspired by DRESS NUMBER 2!!!

I bought this striped dress & I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW UNBELIEVABLY CHIC it was in person. Likeeeeeeeee guys.

It’s the perfect summer dress. I’ll take an Instagram today to show you.

And then the white dress I’m wearing just kind of gave me the oomph to do a full post. Between the two you can’t go wrong, you know?

Also, to be dead honest, I was looking for inspiration for this post & ended up on this red vixen number ( $63 dollars!! It’s going to sell out in a minute )…& couldn’t NOT buy it for the holidays. SO, I swiftly added it to my ASOS cart & now it’s on its way to me…whoops. I’m planning on wearing black suede pumps & my hair STICK straight. MEOW.

Ok so. These babies are dresses I’d rock any day of the week, rain or shine:

favorite dresses | by the skinny confidential
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Also, lately I’ve been loving navy so number 5 is pretty damn sassy too.

Anyway, I’d love to hear about your favorite summer dresses? Share some cute ones below. I like simple, fitted, not too short, but not too boring. A pop of color sometimes. Think: lady in the front, party in the back.

Happy Monday! lauryn x

+ white dress I’m wearing: Melissa Lauren Clothing.

{ pics }

favorite dresses | by the skinny confidential


Online Sales I’m Shopping From Bed

The Skinny Confidential talks sales.

Oh hey, just me, propped up in bed watching Orange is the New Black…& SHOPPING.

Online, that is.

I feel like online shopping is just the way to go. Let’s be honest, going to the mall trying on clothes under the dreadful dressing room lighting is annoying.

Especially when you could be in bed shopping amazing sales with chihuahuas & flag cake.

And since I have no choice this year but to lay in bed, I’ve found the best sales on the planet for you ( …& me ). Basically I’ve had a lot of time on my hands this year to become your very own personal shopper, lol.

Ok, ta-da:

The Skinny Confidential talks sales.

The holiday hottest sales ( click pics to shop ):

Forever 21:


Nasty Gal:

Singer 22 ( site wide | code: FREEDOM2015 ):

* most of these sale go through 7/8.

I’m especially excited about the Nasty Gal sale because I’ve been eyeing this black blazer for the last million years ( kidding, but seriously I’ve wanted it FOREVER— it’s chic, fitted, & timeless ). Going to pair it with a black choker, white tee, black skinny jeans, & super high pumps. Also 30% off on Forever gets me all giddy, but I feel like that gets any girl in the world giddy. All my F21 picks are buy one, get one free. YES.

Ok, I’m back to my really busy schedule of watching TV shows, reading, drinking smoothies, & healing.

Hope you’re all letting loose & relaxing in a cute-ass bikini with Kombucha cocktails. Jealous.

Happy 4th of July, xx lauryn

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The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

I don’t know about you, but I think Valentine’s Day is fun whether you’re single & flirty or taken & sexy.

Either way it’s the kinda holiday to wear bright pink lipstick, a sassy dress, & a high ponytail.

So duh, I’m in.

These are some of my staples for V-day. All of these cuties are already in my closet/cupboard so I don’t have to spend a dime ( << Michael? You got that covered, right babe? Can’t wait what to see what you have in store!!! ** blushing Emoji x 10 ** (( LOL sending him a gentle reminder! )) ).

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

Ok, let’s get all lovey-dovey:

♡ number 1: sassy heart bra ( don’t spend 4 million dollars on over-priced bras until you check out Forever 21’s selection. They always get it right ).

♡ number 2: cutie, delicious tea ( looking for a V-day cocktail? I got ya covered. Just check this baby out. These tins are only avail at Target in-store though! ).

♡ number 3: sex kitten red skirt ( everyone needs a skirt like this to whip during any festive holiday. I like this one because it’s priced right & a total staple ).

♡ number 4: floral flats ( I DIED WHEN I FOUND THESE ONLINE. They’re under $25 bucks & soooo damn chic. Perf to celebrate the day of lovaaaaas ).

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

♡ number 5: hottie red lips ( I just talked about my obsession with Urban Decay’s ‘Bang’ lipstick in my latest YouTube tutorial. It’s no surprise this is one of my favorite colors for a steamy date night.

♡ number 6: little white dress ( it’s all about the little white dress lately. This one hugs my curves in all the right spots. Plus it looks cute from day to night ).

♡ number 7: v-day daytime sweater ( it’s sad how obsessed I am with this sweater!! I DIE FOR IT! Cute, right? ).

♡ number 8: strappy nude heels ( instead of spending 3502598 dollars on high end shoes, check these nudie Steve Maddens out & thank me later. RAWR!

 ♡ number 9: dainty gold rings ( if you know me you know I HEART my dainty gold rings. These are the ones I’ll be rocking for Valentine’s.

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day staple? I don’t care if you’re single, taken, married, etc. SPILL! Send me any links you guys like…I kinda wanna get my shop on tonight ( or send multiple links to Michael because IT’S VALENTINE’S DAYYYYYYY! ).

– Lauryn, xo

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.


TSC Gift Guide: Under $50…Cha-Ching!

The Skinny Confidential talks sales.

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Are you feeling the theme this week on TSC?

Clearly it’s HOLIDAY SALES. Honestly I figured this year I wouldn’t wait until 5 pm on Christmas Eve to do all my holiday shopping ( true story, year after year ).

Anyway this year it’s all about planning ahead ( HA! FOR ONCE! ) & I’m showcasing every step of the way with you guys. Did I mention that I’m going to be finding items that don’t break the bank?

Because I am— & they’re all cool as shit too.

SOOOO totally not going to be recommending for you guys to buy a $420 dollar clutch for your sister. Instead all TSC gift guides will be affordable, chic items that every family member will love!

Is anyone stuck on what to buy someone specific? AKA grandma, boyfriend, dog, etc.? Let me know & I’ll try to do a collage that fits with your needs!

Ok, I’m going to listen to Christmas jazz on repeat ( Pandora !! ) & drink pumpkin pie coffee & light gingerbread candles & just be all holiday-ish. See ya!

P.S. real talk: I bought the red lace dress for myself because it’s looks EXACTLY like the $300 Nightcap one BUT it’s $34 dollars. So, how could I not, not buy it?

|| The Steals & Deals ||

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