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Mini DeLites: In Vegas

The Skinny Confidential takes Vegas.

{ my favorite breakfast at The Wynn }

The Skinny Confidential takes Vegas.

headphones for the flight ( marble phone case here ) }

Hi guys!

Coming at cha from Vegas ( << well, technically I’m home now, but I wrote this last night!! )!

Currently: sitting in at a restaurant alone drinking a sparkling water & eating a margarita flatbread with chile flake, extra ( extra ) lemon, & handfuls of basil…while Michael plays Black Jack ( he gets very in to his Black Jack, like it’s intense ).

Nothing better than a pizza, my computer, and some alone time— ha!

One of my favorite things ever is sitting alone on my computer in a restaurant. I know we’ve discussed this subject before but is anyone else with me on this one?

The Skinny Confidential takes Vegas.

{ me & Michael }

Ok anyway we’ve been in Vegas since Saturday & it’s been super fun ( highlight: I got a massage & the lady literally stretched me in every which way— I mean, at one point I think my legs were over my head? I may or may not have been in a naked-ass pretzel? I don’t know, it’s kind of a blur, I guess, but I’m super loosened up now so it’s a WIN, lol ).

There’s just one problem I have with Las Vegas: THE CIGARETTE SMOKE. My throat/eyes/head are killing me. I’m dehydrated x 10 & my skin feels nasty.

But really, is it necessary to smoke endless Marlboro Reds while eating a filet at the casino bar? I’m not a smoker so the harsh cig smell is making me gag every second. Not a fan of the whole being able to smoke inside. Anyone with me?

Anyway that’s my spiel for the day. Happy Tuesday & via Las Vegas!

- Lauryn, xx

+ pic 2 || pic 4

* the sunglasses I’m wearing are not sold online, but these dimes look EXACTLY like them ( & they’re $16 bucks! ).

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ post-Vegas relaxation in these fun socks }

The Skinny Confidential takes Vegas.

{ Caesars Palace gorgeous ceiling }

The Skinny Confidential takes Vegas.

{ if you follow TSC on Instagram, you know about my Vegas hangover cure ^^^  }

Date Night Details x Video

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and relationships.

Sometimes I blog about my throw-together-last-minute-because-who-the-hell-has-time-to-plan-a-full-blown-sexy-date-night-once-a-week experiences, but I’ve never gone in to full detail.

SOOOOooo today I put together a little listy-poo of all my favorite quick date night ideas. And of course, I had to show you a peek in to one of our latest date nights…soooo here’s a day in the life video with date night included ( this happens once a week…if we’re lucky!! ):

Ok so you guys have read my whole whip together, Brussels sprout, so I don’t need to dig in to that whole thing, BUT here’s some tips I have for throwing together a super easy, quick date night for your hunny:

♡ CHEESEE!!! I’m kind of like a rat when it comes to cheese. Like, don’t F with my cheese. I could never be full vegan because I just love CHEESE. I’m very specific though when it comes to cheese. During date night I always have a little Brie ( the kind from France is my fav ) and I’M OBSESSED WITH Gureyer cheese. Having a soft & a hard cheese is kind of my thing #totalrat. This cheese board is super cool because you can write the names of the cheese in chalk!

♡ Always add fruit!! Fruit obviously pairs well with cheese. I’m a fan of plump green grapes, berries, or pineapple slices ( use toothpicks in each chunk for easy access ). Cheese without fruit, is just not ok in my book. Usually I’ll add herbs on the plate too for garnish & some nuts. These bowls are fun for fruit.

♡ Music is a real mood setter. As you guys know I’m a huge fan of Brazilian Lounge on Pandora or Spotify. Ask Michael & he will tell you our favorite artist is Sergio Mendes. We’re kind of old school like that…so I always have some sexy Brazilian Lounge playing the background.

♡ Make the space inviting. Michael loves when my space is warm, cozy, full of food, & music. I also make the space a tranquil spot.

♡ Champagne…because duh! I like plastic ice cubes in my champagne. They don’t melt down the booze so it’s a real win/win. Don’t forget the sparkling water too— I always add it to a wine glass ( because it looks sort of classy, right? ) & add a couple of cranberries or pomegranate seeds.

♡ Also this is weird but I like to have a cool show playing on mute. I know, I know…weird? Usually I’ll put on “Son of Anarchy” to give the atmosphere a rad vibe.

♡ Focusssss. I have a huge problem focusing. If you met me in person, you might call me obilvious or distracted. My mind is always thinking about what to do next so sitting and enjoying someone can be difficult. I make it a point to focus on Michael when we’re having date night…and I also focus on my babies: our chihuahuas, T. Boone Pickens & Pixy.

♡ This made sound super creepy but I always spray lavender aromatherapy in the air before Michael comes home. It has a lot of relaxing properties. If you guys think I’m weird, sorry. If you like this, let me know & I’ll do a full post on it.

♡ And the obvious: candles & dim lighting. These two things really set the tone of a hot, sex-kitten date night. If you have a fire place then I’m jealous and you should utilize it every second. Seriously though, if I had a fire place it would be roaring in the summertime. & by the way, you can find the pink, cozy monster slippers here ( they’re the best things ever ).

What’s your best date night tip? SHARE!!

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video: Chris Tran Media || photos: Max & Friends

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and relationships.

Mini DeLites: New Yearzzzz

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

{ new year, new planner }

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

{ Prosecco x soaking up the post-holiday lights }

It’s SOOO weird isn’t it? The holidays?

You like, kind of bust ass all of November & December, running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to make work, fitness, life, family, more work, presents, cooking, etc. happen. And then suddenly it’s New Year’s Eve, which usually entails a big-ass celebration ( although next year I’m totally not opposed to sitting on the couch watching Ray Donovan with apple cinnamon popcorn & spiked lemonade ).


It’s a new year & everything sort of well, just dies down.

As much as I look forward to the chill month of January, it’s bizarre after having two months that are so jammed packed.

This new year my body is saying ‘NO MORE. CHILLLLL.’ I’m feeling weak, fatigued, & I can feel a tickle in my throat. So I’m going to listen to my body & take a load off!

But before I say a full goodbye to 2014, here’s a video of TSC: A Year in Video—

A year ago to this day I would have NEVER taken a load off in the beginning of a new year. 2014 was all about go, go, go. Since then I’ve learned to delegate more, work smarter, workout more efficiently ( think forty minute intense workouts as opposed to an hour ), & listen to my body.

So after tonight’s blog post I’m going to close the computer ( GASP!!! ), watch a movie, eat some apples x raw nut butter, & maybe even read a little ( I’m dying to read another Wally Lamb book…he is such an amazing writer ).

And tomorrow I’m going to try ( key word: try ) to go to yoga!! Yesssss.

The Skinny Confidential talks weddings!

{ a pretty backyard plant }

Like I said I’m a work in progress!!

Have you seen any changes since January 1st? Or is the new year just another day/week/month? Thoughts?

Anyway I really hope you enjoy this video of The Skinny Confidential: A Year In Video. There’s a couple clips on here I haven’t shared yet ( like how I prep for a date night with Michael! ). So stay tuned : ) lots of fun stuff coming for you fabulous TSC readers.

Wishing you all a very productive but calm/chill week!!

- Lauryn, xx

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{ video: Chris Tran Media }

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

{ all about this new AM/PM supplement holder }

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

{ fresh dark chocolate chip cookies }

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

{ lace accents }

A Year In Review x My List Of Resolutions

TSC site mkeover || TSC book hit shelves || Michael proposed! || we adopted T.Boone P || TSC app launched || an Apartment Therapy feature || one of the more popular post: talking ‘blogger facade’ || NYC stole my heart || I found an awesome charity || gift guide || YouTube tutorials are live! || blog-doo continues to design sites

What a year, man!

I feel like I worked the better part of 2014 but that’s ok because I’m a firm believer in ‘the work your F-ing ass off to get to where you want to be but have fun while doing it-mantra.’

But on that note, I have some resolutions that may shake that up a bit…

Here’s some of my resolutions for 2015 ( by the way these are SERIOUSLY my resolutions not a fake list to blog about ).

Drink more…

water with lemon. This week I’ve upped my water x lemon intake & I swearrrrr I feel better. Every morning I’m going to chug it like it’s my job. Hydration is so important & this year I’m going to up my water intake.

Eat more…

chard, kale, dandelion, coconut oil, avocados, micro greens, bone broth, kimchi, hemp milk ( for cappuccinos, duh! ), & salmon. Because I really enjoy each of those foods & I think my diet would totally benefit if I added more of these superfoods. I also want to cook more so this also applies to eat more. Since moving in to our new place in SD & LA I haven’t had a chance to really ‘get in to’ the kitchen. Not going to lie too: I’m pretty excited about decorating two new homes…such a gnarly project but home decor is kind of my favorite thing ever. I’m starting with the kitchen in both homes so I get all Chef Boyardee.

2015 will be all about cooking clean ( & while cooking I’ll definitely be working on recipes for a potential cookbook! ).

Move more…

WALK MORE. No, no, not just workout. I’ve always been religious with my workout routine.

This year I want to walk, walk, walk. Walk the beach, walk the dog, walk to the market, etc. I want to wake up & take a walk. I feel like my workouts are always scheduled & with walking it can be more sporadic. For instance, a walk on the beach can reset my whole day.

So yes, I’ll be walking my way in to the New Year.

Meditate more…

because why the hell not?! Recently I’ve picked up meditating. My life is very go, go, go & it’s super important for me to zen-out sometimes. This might even mean going to more yoga classes. I want 2015 to be a little more zen than 2014.

Grow more…

business-wise. Continuing the growth of The Skinny Confidential is one of my top priorities. 2014 I worked around the clock. As I grow I’m learning to delegate, work smart, & prioritize. To grow a business efficiently having a strong team of people around you makes all the difference. This year I’m hoping to add more amazing to my team.

Mind/body/spirt more…

this means getting more in touch with my spirituality. Positive thoughts, positive people, positive vibes. Participating in charity work & meditating also fall under this category.

Work smarter…

YES. This is one of my main resolutions. This year I will be working smarter, not harder. Ultimately the goal is to have TSC become a well-oiled machine. I’m getting there…I’m chipping away daily to create something big. Wish me luck?

Anyway here’s the deal, this isn’t just about a New Year. It’s about setting goals in general. If I don’t set goals for myself, who will?

The resolution thing just gives me a reason to write down & manifest my aspirations, ya know?

Ok, phew!! YOUR TURN!

I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TO KNOW: what are your resolutions? Share your real resolutions!! Good-bye 2014, it’s been real, Lauryn xx

New Year’s Eve/NY Ideas!! xx

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

Today & tomorrow are the last days to shop for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s festivities!!!

As you guys know I made a full TSC lookbook dedicated to winter looks & I definitely included NYE and NY dresses/tops/etc. So if you’re looking for a full NY look don’t forget to check it out.

This velvet dress would be so much for New Year’s Eve because it’s unexpected but also super different & pretty. I wore this little get-up while in Central Park in New York City. I ended up also wearing it to a holiday party the other night too. LOVE!

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

His: leather jacket ( similar ) || black shirt || jeans || boots || sunglasses
Hers: red dress || leather jacket ( similar ) || boots ( similar ) || fingerless gloves

This shoot was a real hoot because I made Michael jump in. It’s fun for a change, right?! I think it’s rad because it shows a male’s perspective on fashion. Meow.

As I’ve said, we love to play off each other’s look & this one was really fun to play off. He’s obsessed with his chunky black boots so obviously I had to get a similar pair ( twinzies!! LOL ).

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

Ok so what are you guys wearing for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s? Anything fun? Share!!

Personally I’m kind of over the glittery, sequin look. This year is all about the gold tones, velvet, & leather.

Can’t wait to cheers to 2015!! Chin, chin.

- Lauryn xx

+ Full outfit details in TSC Holiday & NYE Guide/Lookbook || look 1 & look 2.

++ pictures by: Jeff Thibodeau || makeup by: Ariel Tejada

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

|| His ||

|| Hers ||

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