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Mini DeLites: MILAN, ITALY

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ strawberry basil gelato…way too addictive }

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ a grainy picture of me & Michael at Roberto Cavalli x DISARONNO }

4:02 AM on Tuesday.

& surprise, surprise jet lag has me by the balls.

Went to bed at 5 PM last night, woke up at 2 AM today, you get the drift. And now we’ve been up watching MR. ROBOT ( << so gnarly, watch it ), eating Cheez-It’s & now I’ve decided to do a blog post. Because blogging at 4 AM is entirely normal.

Jet lag is so bizarre, I just feel straight up antsy!


Milan, Italy was stunning. Small charming streets, fruit-filled gelato on every corner, crazy shopping, & beautiful architecture.

It’s definitely a place everyone should experience, so if you’re thinking of planning a trip to Italy any time soon, definitely make a stop in Milan ( I’d recommend 3 days ). Side note: I’ll do a Paris/Milan itinerary x outfit recommendations, if you guys want?

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ ate wayyyy too much pizza! }

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ Duomo Cathedral…so crazy beautiful, so dramatic }

On to more specifics of the trip— we stayed in Milan for one day until Michael decided ( very spontaneously, I should add ) that we travel to Lake Como for 2 days, which turned out to be really unbelievable. Lake Como is just probably the most magical place I’ve ever been. Stay tuned for more details next week but basically it’s this stunning lake with tiny restaurants & boutique hotels. The lake is surrounded by intense greenery, mountains, & Italian-style homes.

After Lake Como we went back to Milan because FINALLY I was feeling less swollen. The whole swollen thing really ruined the whole Fashion Week thing for us. Like I said, we booked this trip months & months ago, planning to attend NY & Milan Fashion Week but I simply felt out of sorts & too swollen to really do anything.

Ultimately, I’m not too bummed because instead we had a romantic vacation. So things worked out.

Towards the last 2 days of the trip, I finally started to feel a bit better so I ended the trip with a little work- we went to a dinner for Roberto Cavalli & DISARONNO and met up with other influencers. Still though, I feel like I’m wearing a mask. Feeling swollen 24/7 is weird.

Also, Michael & I went to Duomo Cathedral, did some shopping, ate, walked, ate, drank Campari sodas, ate, & explored. I also had a collagen facial that was INSANE. And collagen facials are my favorite thing…ever? Basically it pumps the skin in all the right places ( & it also helped with my swelling A LOT ). It’s crazy because you can see a huge difference after just one. Will be on the hunt for a collagen facialist in California after this trip.

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ the most charming little streets }

Anyway, I have more to share but I feel like I should try to sleep for 2 more hours, ya?

This month’s theme is ORGANIZATION.

I am coming back from this trip completely re-inspired in blogging & in life. After my surgery I needed a minute to step outside. This trip did just the trick. I’m really feeling, I don’t know, re-motivated ( is that a word? )! I have a really clear vision of the next steps for my business, so October…it’s time to execute. It’s amazing how stepping away from things can bring so much perspective.

Ok! If you are toying around with the idea of going to Milan– let me know any questions below, happy to help!

Happy Monday ( or is it Tuesday? ), lauryn

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ favorite way to start a meal: Campari sodas }

Typical At-Home Date With Boone, Pixy, & Michael

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

As you know, the theme around my house lately has been date night IN…Definitely not date night out.

My recovery from my recent surgery was much more intense than I anticipated, so I’ve been doing what I can, AT HOME.

MAN, is it hard to be creative when 1.) your face feels like a balloon, 2.) you don’t really want to leave the house, 3.) you’re more tired than normal, which presents a problem when you want to make a nice night at home for your man.

Also if we are being honest? An at home date night is way more difficult to host when you live together. Can we talk about this for a minute though? When you live apart it’s easier to get everything set up & order take out & pretend that you spent a gazillion hours in the kitchen, sweating over a hot stove. When you live together…you can’t really fake it.

Thank God for Postmates because I literally ordered fresh chicken, soup, and veggies & secretly set it up as quickly as possible when Michael wasn’t looking.

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

For clothes on this particular night, I wanted to look pretty but comfortable. When I set up a date night at home, I never want to go too overboard. Too overboard would be like a skin tight mini dress with 5 inch heels and way too much makeup. I found this site called Golden Tote which is basically an online personal shopper. The site asks you some questions about your style & basically puts together a cute little bag o,f chic goodies. This white & blue get up was perfect for a date night in because it was comfortable AND super cute. I especially love the tie around the waist feature.

I kept my makeup simple & did a Sleep Bun to curl my hair ( braid was from night before )— fancy, smancy right.

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

{ top | lace skirtpumps | clutch | watch }

Lastly, I set the tone with champagne scented candles, smooth Nova Lapa jazz, lemongrass essential oils, & grapefruit mocktails.

Mocktails have become a staple in our house on the weekdays. All you do is add a bottle of sparkling water over ice with 1/2 grapefruit’s juice, a few dashes of grapefruit bitters, a splash of pomegranate juice, & your favorite herb (I like basil lately).

Anyway, our latest at home date night ended with THE BEST MOVIE EVER: Along Came Polly.

Very much looking forward to my swelling going down so I can rock this outfit OUTSIDE!

Chat soon, lauryn x

{ pics }

+ Golden
Tote ( more options here too ) also sent me this hot number— another fabulous dress for women on the go who don’t have time to shop! I’m for sure rocking this on a future date night:

a date night in | by the skinny confidential


a date night in | by the skinny confidential


Mini DeLites: Coming At Ya From NYC

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

Hi from NYC!!!

Michael & I have been planning this trip for the last year to come to NY Fashion Week BUT I AM STILL SWOLLEN. I just wasn’t feeling up to doing pictures, networking, & going to parties which is a total bummer. Honestly I’m just not feeling 100% still. I feel about 80%. I don’t really feel like myself. The doctor says it can take up to 6 months for the face to settle…And as you can see from me covering my face with the phone in these pictures, it has most definitely not settled yet.

I for sure thought I’d be ready to rock three months after surgery & attend Fashion Week no problem.


I’m nowhere near ready to be out & about. I had to cancel & forgo everything-Fashion Week. This whole surgery thing has been such a humbling experience because I went into the process with this attitude of ‘I’M GOING TO HEAL SO QUICK’. Not so much ( the infection has also prolonged the healing process too ).

So anyway, Michael & I decided to still come out here to eat, drink, & play. We’ve kept it low key with lots ( LOTS ) of pasta, walking, shopping, & computer work.

Not shockingly, we love New York so it’s a nice contrast to San Diego & LA.

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

We’ve been running around trying new restaurants ( should I do another NYC itinerary? ). Michael & I are obsessed with this App he uses called ‘The infatuation.’ This isn’t sponsored, FYI, but it’s just really the best App on the planet if you’re eating & drinking in New York City.

Seriously every single one of their recommendations is SO on point.

I’m getting ready for dinner & drinks with the Saint Laurent Paris NY team & we’re going to Cata and The Box. Very, very excited because I heard both of these places are QUITE interesting. Will share details later this week. In the meantime, do you have any recommendations for New York? I want to lay low because I don’t exactly feel like Heidi Klum right now…I feel like the Nutty Professor & I have much more in common.

Follow me on Snapchat to see dinner! Username is ‘laurynevarts.’

Talk soon, xo lauryn

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

Hot, Little At-Home Date Night

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

This outfit is called ‘what to wear when you don’t want to go in public but still want to look hot.’

Obviously I would still rock this whole outfit in public but I am still very much swollen from jaw surgery & I’ve been kind of slouching around the house. AKA no makeup, no heels, no dress, you know- homeless chic. So I needed a dynamic outfit to make me feel somewhat attractive.

Last Friday night I suddenly decided I didn’t want to be a total slouch.

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to stay home still. I just wanted to look & feel kinda hot, you know. I asked Michael if we could stay in for a date night. He happily agreed. He likes hanging at home too. In fact, he prefers it.

I actually ( for literally the first time in months ) put some effort into my look. This black dress from 5 Two 3 was perfect because it’s comfortable AND cute. The off the shoulder thing is fun because it’s kind of mysterious but also sexy. I’m looking forward to wearing this to a friend’s upcoming birthday. I added a pop of red with these heels & lipstick. GUYS I EVEN WASHED MY HAIR.

Doing big things.

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

We turned the living room into a little movie theater, lit candles, played music, & drank some red wine.

Also, I’m very excited because recently I bought bed trays. We used the bed trays to eat ( I made tacos ) on the couch like two old people eating TV dinners. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t want to risk getting any food on my white couch so thank God for the trays.

Sometimes when you feel shitty, the best way to feel better is to dress up. You know what Elizabeth Taylor said: “pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, & pull yourself together.”

Now I just really need to muster the energy to do this every Friday. #GOALS.

– lauryn x

{ black dress | shoes | red lipstick | clutch }

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

Wedding Wear Tips Coming At Cha

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential

Ok, so I guess wedding season is technically over.

But since I’m the worst bride-to-be on the planet, it’s very much fitting I’m a little late on this post, right.

Also, it works because I learned this summer.

Since attending a bunch of weddings this year ( I’ve been to more weddings this year than I have in my entire life! ), I picked up a few tippity-tips, ya know?

NOW if something is a faux pas on my recommendation list, please ( PLEASE ) let me know. Again, I am most certainly not QUEEN OF WEDDINGS.

In fact, I’m kind of clueless. Literally though, if one of my friends came to my wedding wearing white, I wouldn’t care ( what is wrong with me?! ).


I get it.

I guess I’m just not that savvy to what’s ok & what isn’t. So feel free to add extra education below.

Favorite ways to prep for weddings:

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential

Ok, let’s get started, shall we? Going to discuss wedding wear to the max: hair, brows, lips, dress, shoes, makeup, tan, nails, you name it.

Hopefully I’m not committing any wedding crimes with my recommendations (!!!).



Ya, ya, ya, we all know I love a good tan. But not a sun tan. EW. I like a spray tan or at-home tan. I know there are a ton of chemicals in some spray tan products, but that’s the price I pay for staying out of the sun. Huge fan of balancing life like a checkbook. Especially when it comes to the sun. Personally, I’d rather spray than go in the sun. Do what works for you.

When it comes to wedding season I need a glow or I will look like Casper asking the usher for a brochure. No bueno.

I wrote a full-on blog post about a new vegan, organic, at-home sunless tanner that I like AND of course, it’s no surprise that I LOVE MY MYSTIC LEVEL 3’S.

Oh, & try leg makeup if you’re pinched for time. Trust me.

Nails!!! For weddings I like a light, pretty nail. Especially if I’m wearing a bright lip. Right now I’m loving Ballet Slippers or Marshmallow by Essie. Simple! These colors are described as sugary, soft, & sweet. Oh, & if you’re showing toes, do white or red ( because EVERYONE looks good with white or red toes ). If you’re not showing toes, who cares. LOL.

I love a pop of color on the lips. Maybe not right now…because I have full-on green rubber band braces, but when I’m brace-free? I love a hot lip. My favorite lipstick on the planet right now is ‘American Doll’ by Anastasia Beverly Hills— not sponsored, just obsessed. I talk about it every second but it’s just the best red ever. In this blog post, I’m wearing it with a red MAC lipliner ( I used the ‘overline’ trick, found here ).

To wrap up the makeup look, I always contour when I go to a wedding. You can find my whole tutorial here. When attending a wedding I like to do big lashes & mascara with no other eye makeup AND OF COURSE, I LOVEEEE a good, thick brow ( my friend, Kelsey did my make-up here— I just filmed a YouTube makeup video with her, so stay tuned for a fun Kelsey tutorial! ).

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential


In these pictures I’m wearing this dark navy blue dress. I’m OBSESSED. It was an investment piece BUT I can wear it to tons of different black tie & wedding events. I absolutely love it. Navy blue is just the best color ever really. Plus it comes in ‘English rose’ pink too ( wedding appropriate, no? ).

If you’re looking for something less expensive & just as chic, check out this bad boy. It’s super pretty for weddings & looks so similar to mine, it’s kind of crazy!

AND if you’re looking for a pop of color, I’m very much about this deep red dress. I have it in purple-ish blue, but I think I like the maroon better for a wedding soirée.

For hair, I like it straight. Straight is always in. It’s not overwhelming & you want to let the bride shine so you don’t want to show up with full on bombshell curls. Sleep bun curls, maybe. But don’t go overboard ( I would never want to insult the bride! ).

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential


Personally, I’m a huge fan of keeping it simple. A nude pump or a black patent leather pump is perfect for a wedding, in my opinion. If you’re wearing a super plain dress you could add a pop of color with a red kitten heel though.

This nude pump has been on rotation for me all summer & I’m definitely not mad about it. Plus it’s under $100 bucks.

If you’re feeling FIESTY, try out a leopard heel ( but not like a Vegas, bandage dress leopard heel… ). Just make sure to keep it simple up top. Also, if you’re doing leopard YOU HAVE TO DO A RED LIP. It just goes, you know?

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential


I love a pretty clutch to complete an outfit. I fell head over heels in love with this gold-lamé clutch & I’ve used the hell out of it. It fits my phone ( YAY ), lipstick, mints, & a cell phone charger ( don’t kill me, Michael ).

You may notice the pieces I invest in are always staples that I can wear to black tie events. They’re forever pieces. Nothing trendy!

For jewelry, I keep it simple with my engagement ring, men’s watch, & maybe some little studs. Too many accessories is overkill, especially to a wedding. A thin anklet is always fun too.


wedding wear | by the skinny confidential

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential

SO YAY! Those are my wedding recommendations. I hope I got it somewhat right. At least I know not to wear white, right?

A little wedding update for us: we currently have a wedding Dropbox folder and we…wait for it…did the guest list. AND we may or may not have booked a venue, more to come.

Ok, anyway please, oh please leave any wedding prep recommendations below. I kind of need all the help I can get for next summer’s round of weddings!

From bed…trying to relax ( really though, trying ), lauryn x

+ my pathetic attempt at a wedding update can be found here.
++ wedding pics are from my friend, Richard & Julez Fowler’s gorgeous wedding. 

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential


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