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Mini DeLites: Staycation…Reading, Rest, & Rosé

{ post pool | one piece ( similar here too }

rancho valencia | by the skinny confidential

{ hot pink pitaya bowl | sunglasses }

Is anyone else loving a one piece as much me right now?

They’re SOOO fun for summer…& they really hold everything in, if ya know what I mean.

I just bought this PALM PRINT cutie one piece too. Definitely going to wear it with a high waisted skirt to the pool ( & it’s $58 bucks! ). Anyone else have must have one piece recommendations? I’m on the lookout— share!

Ok, got distracted there. Let’s talk about the weekend!

We had a staycation this weekend…MEOW.

rancho valencia | by the skinny confidential

I have been functioning on such a low frequency for the past six weeks. I’m really trying to tone it down a few notches so my body can heal. And honestly, I’m still SO DAMN SWOLLEN. I’m also weak. I’m fatigued. And I’m not my best self. Sucks but I’ll be fine soon.

Michael on the other hand???


rancho valencia | by the skinny confidential

{ balance, right?! blood orange iced tea…& a spicy margarita }

rancho valencia | by the skinny confidential

{ HUGE hat to cover my swollen face | black hat ( ON SALE! ) // similar faux leather bikini }

It’s almost like he’s the ying to my yang & making up for my lack of energy. He’s bouncing off the walls with a bigger work load than ever…& with that comes a lot of stress. SO as you can see, a weekend of literally ( trying ) to do nothing was in order.

( Not going to lie babe: when you fell asleep at 10 PM ( seriously 10 PM?? Like who are you, gramps ), I worked until 2 AM… ).

He has been so tired from work, you’d think I’m getting married to an 87 year old.


He hasn’t had a drop of alcohol in about a month & half because he’s been focusing on work…cue to him pouring us the biggest glass of wine in the world on Saturday night:


GRANDPA gone wild.

Guess you could say he was ready to, I dunno, maybe relax? Thank God.

If you follow me on Instagram or specifically Snapchat ( username is laurynevarts ) you saw the whole thing go down. Michael was ready to de-stress, have a glass ( or 3 ) of wine, & RELAX. Mission accomplished because he definitely felt more revitalized today. The weekend reset was a real game changer. Hopefully he can come down to my post-surgery, low energy frequency. We shall see.

By the way, we stayed at Rancho Valencia ( which I highly recommend ). I had a lymphatic drainage facial which was INSANE. My swelling totally went down from the facial massage. Also, their food is so delicious ( think fresh salmon, quinoa, dragon fruit bowls, lemon pancakes, veggie omelettes, & juicy burgers ). Overall the vibe & atmosphere felt so chill. If you’re visiting make sure to check out the resort, it will not disappoint. The outdoor shower IS A REAL GAME CHANGER TOO.

rancho valencia | by the skinny confidential

So that’s my weekend report.

I’ve had a couple of complications post surgery ( more on that later ) & I’m trying to really push the healing but my body is doing whatever the hell it wants to do so…I HAVE TO BE PATIENT.

And…I hate being patient. HA. Anyone with me? Being patient is a YAWN.

On that note, send any good book, movie, or TV show recommendations my way. I could use them. My chihuahuas, green juices, friends, family, & mini workouts are keeping me positive. #SUMMER2015 is a real ball, lemme tell ya.

K, I’m off to read The Cartel ( STILL LOVING this book, can’t put it down ) & drink a cup of green tea…what a grandma, right.

Chat soon, lauryn x

rancho valencia | by the skinny confidential

rancho valencia | by the skinny confidential

{ favorite meal, brunch }

The Ladies Coach Shares Badass Relationship Tips

relationship advice | by the skinny confidential

A while ago my girlfriend, Alana, introduced me to Christal. Basically Christal is a badass chick who runs her own business called The Ladies Coach. I checked her out on YouTube & just thought she was amazing! I mean, she’s super spot on when it comes to relationships.

SO. I figured I had to share Christal’s tips/tricks with you guys. Whether you’re struggling through a tough relationship, about to get married ( eek! ), already married, or single & ready to mingle, these tips & tricks WILL resonate.

( My number one relationship tip would be, find your own independence ( remember this post? ) & also, gotta throw it in there: DON’T SETTLE ).

Anyway, Christal is full of love advice that every girl should know.

Also, I’d love if you guys shared your relationship advice below in the comment section. I have heard the most amazing tips from YOU. Seriously though, I read every single comment!

Ok, happy Sunday night reading…meet Christal:

| Introduce yourself/tell us what you do. |

Christal Fuentes: Hi ladies, my name is Christal Fuentes, I’m a Relationship Coach for women and the founder of The Ladies Coach, which is an online “platform” that gives women access to experts and tools that could make their life a little easier.

| An example of a healthy relationship? |

CF: What I always say is, “The relationship you have with yourself sets the foundation for the relationships you have with others.”

A healthy intimate relationship starts with YOU! Because your standards begin with YOU!

1.| You want respect? You must first RESPECT yourself.

2.| You want to be loved for who you are? You must appreciate and love who you are FIRST.

3.| You want someone who has common values? You have to get to know what those values are FIRST.

4.| You want to be able communicate your needs? You need to FIRST open up that dialogue within, WITHOUT judgment.

5.| You want a PASSIONATE sex life? You have to be able to stop the war you have on your body…. (Yes, ladies I’m talking to YOU!) Your body is beautiful where she is. Appreciate her!

By the way… those are five SOLID keys to a healthy relationship, but notice that they ALL begin with YOU!

You must build that foundation FIRST, because in order to give and receive love, you have to really love who you are and be connected to what you are able to offer.

relationship advice | by the skinny confidential

| An example of an unhealthy relationship? |

CF: An unhealthy/toxic relationship is any relationship based off FEAR.

Whether you are staying in a relationship because you don’t want to be alone, or because you are AFRAID to leave, they are both relationships that are controlled by fear.

But the problem is, when we don’t have a baseline standard for what we will allow from others, we won’t REALIZE that we are in toxic relationships. Most people in toxic relationships have lived in toxicity for so long that they don’t see the danger toxic relationships play.

The next question I will be answering is VERY important if you do realize you are in a FEAR based relationship, but first, here are some examples so you get more of an idea…

If you are afraid to leave a relationship for ANY reason, you are in a fear based relationship.
If you find yourself feeling jealous and untrusting of your mate, you are in a fear based relationship.
If you constantly fight or argue in order to bring temporary passion or even to get attention, you are in a fear based relationship.
If you are unable to truly be yourself, you are in a fear based relationship.
If you are disrespectful to each other either verbally, emotionally or physically, you are in a fear based relationship.
If you do things for your partner hoping for a “return,” you are in a fear based relationship.
If you are afraid of your partner, you are in a fear based relationship.
If you cringe at the thought of communicating your feelings to a significant other, you are in a fear based relationship.

| Advice for someone who’s in a relationship that’s suffocating & poisonous? |

CF: Here is a quote I want you to remember that comes from a teacher I look up to, Tony Robbins… (I might be misquoting it a bit but the point is the same).

“You will stay in a relationship you feel treats you BETTER than how you treat yourself.”

…Let that sink in a bit…

Again, how we treat ourselves sets the STANDARD of how others will treat us, and if we think they treat us BETTER, we will stay in toxic relationships MUCH longer than we need to.

If you or a friend is in an unhealthy relationship, here are few questions I’d like you to answer:

What feeling am I trying to achieve? Example: Is it feeling wanted? Is it fear of being alone?

What top 3 emotions do I feel consistently through this relationship? Are there new feelings I can replace these with?

What 2 things can I start doing now to connect with myself in positive ways and feel MORE of what I want to feel without depending on my relationship?

These questions certainly don’t fix the relationship, but it’s a start to building communication and connection to yourself. Self-dialogue is powerful ladies, so it is important to understand what thoughts & questions are going through our mind.

The more loving and powerful we get with those, the more love and connection we build with ourselves.

relationship advice | by the skinny confidential

| Best tip when it comes to having a happy relationship? |

CF: You have to LIKE the person you are with. Everyone thinks LOVE is most important but the key to really sustaining a healthy relationship is to “like” who they are. I mean, why do we hang around our besties? Because we LIKE who they are and how they make us feel right?

We aren’t forced to be friends with them because we “love” them, we are friends with them because we like the people they are and how they amplify our life. The same should go with your significant other!

When you are best friends, you can open up the communication and allow freedom in your relationship…& that just feels happy!

relationship advice | by the skinny confidential

| Something a woman can do for a man to make them feel special? |

CF: Ladies, appreciate your man!

If you have a good man, he just wants to make you happy, it really is that simple.

The masculine energy just wants to feel purposeful and feel appreciated for what he brings to the relationship. Every guy is different though so it is YOUR job to find what ways HE likes to be celebrated.

| Best way to communicate your feelings to guy? |
CF: Wheew! Communication with a guy is SOOOO different than communicating to our fellow ladies. We can’t expect our guy to be “hairier women,” but we often times EXPECT them to understand and communicate the same way our girlfriends do…. And the truth is THEY CAN’T!

With that said, here are 3 things to remember before communicating your feelings:

♡ Leave your ego at the door: This goes for both partners but when we come into a discussion with our ego’s strapped on, we set the other person up for failure immediately. Especially if, God forbid, they say something wrong! Haha!

♡ Be clear about what you want to express: I know this is hard ladies, especially because we are emotional creatures but we have to remember, our men can’t follow along like our girlfriends can! They will loose focus if it’s not clear what you are asking.

♡ Understand their intentions: The KEY to any successful communication is to understand their intentions. But that goes out the window with our significant others because we hold such HIGH expectations of them. Always keep in mind that ( a good man ) will always have your best interests at heart and will only want to serve you. If you remember this, it will allow you to feel more open and safe to him. And a man LOVES to be able to make you feel safe!

| One word to describe a healthy, functioning relationship? |

CF: Peaceful.

+ Follow Christal on Instagram.

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A Pathetic Attempt At a Wedding Update

The Skinny Confidential talks weddings.


So I’ve decided if there was an award for worst bride to be ever, I would win.

It’s not intentional ( I tried to get excited over a Pinterest board, really I tried ). The whole wedding planning thing is just something I have yet to get excited about. IS THERE ANYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET LIKE THIS? PLEASE?

Realness alert: getting engaged was so special to me. It fit like a shoe. Also, it was done away from social media ( we kept it a secret for like a month & half ). And well, I like being engaged. You know, just being. I don’t see the rush in planning a wedding. I’m happy with where I’m at now. Also, I’m busy. Full-time blogging may seem like you write a couple paragraphs & post a picture, but it’s A LOT more in depth than that…at least that’s been my experience. It’s a ’round the clock’ job that’s taken a lot of energy & time. I’m not complaining; I just don’t have time to add ‘wedding plan’ to my list of 3895719013475 other things right now. Anyway, the past couple weeks have given me time to think a bit & I’m starting to come around to the idea of wedding planning. SLOWLYYYYY THOUGH.

I’m not one of those girls that’s overly excited about her wedding. I’ve tried to get giddy but I’m just not. I’ve never dreamed of my wedding when I was little. And now at my age, I dream about my chihuahuas running through fields (LOL) & building my own business. And I’ve come to except THAT’S OK. I’m ok with not being the girl that knows exactly what/where/when/how/why wedding details.

NOW, should I tell you the semi-progress I’ve made since being knocked down on my ass?

Ok, let’s begin, shall we?

♡ Location, location, location:

I want a destination wedding. Small, intimate, not too many people. Kind of a no pressure thing, like if we invite someone & they can’t come, no big deal. Reason being: when I had TSC Book launch party there were a lot of people. Which was AWESOME, but I feel like I didn’t get to enjoy the whole experience fully because I was busy saying hello to everyone. I missed out on eating, mingling, & soaking in the whole night.

When I get married I want it to be about the man I’m marrying. Not saying hellos & making rounds, you know? So very small, very intimate.

My friend, Emily reminded me about something I said: “our wedding is on the moon…everyone’s invited.” Ha, aka no pressure. If people can come, great, if not, no worries.

♡ OMG, the dress:

Cinderella moment is out. More effortless, non princess-ish is in. I’m not into the Barbie look for me. It works so well for so many women, but at this point in my life I’d prefer an effortless, shoulder showing/backless look. In high school, I did the hot pink, Paris Hilton look & I feel like it’s something I’d never go back to. Especially when I’m getting married.

Also, I don’t want to spend a billion dollars on the dress because I’ll wear it once. So for my dress: simple, chic, relaxed, effortless. Don’t want to show a lot of tit either. HA. Classier the better for this day. I haven’t done any real dress shopping. Besides on Instagram ( do screenshots count? ). Tips?

* Dress above is from 5 seconds of trying on wedding dresses at a cute, little shop under my house. It was more for fun.

♡ Hair…can I be real though?:

Michael fell in love with me when my hair was down, unwashed ( I know weird, unwashed…lol ). When I get married, it will most likely be down, unwashed. Personally, I’m not one for up-do’s because I look like a 5th grader in braces & a training bra, but again, that’s just me. There are a ton of things that work for other people, but not for me. If an up-do looks good on you, LUCKYYYY.

I won’t highlight my hair before I get married because I like a little highlight growth. If you know what I’m talking about, you’re my spirit animal. Having dye on the root looks weird on me.

♡ Food…keeping it simple:

Here’s the thing: people think they’re feeding Rose’s mom in Titanic at weddings. I’m not a fan of this method. Generally it seems people are pretty simple when it comes to food. You know: simple staples. I’m more of a street taco and chips & spicy guac girl myself. Like dover sole with caviar & truffle potatoes is way too intense, in my opinion.

Also, I’d love a good old In & Out truck for later in the night. For our food, it’s going to be food we love that’s simple & just DAMN GOOD.

& no 6 million dollar, lace adorned, overly sweet cake  ( who even eats the cake anyway?? In & Out sounds better to me ). I’d be perfectly happy with a Funfetti cupcake.

♡ Drinks— because YES:

CHAMPAGNE IS A NECESSITY. And of course, Michael & I love craft cocktails so hopefully we can get someone who’s a boss at shaking a real deal, old school drink. Think: ginger margaritas, stirred Old Fashion’s, & lemon/cucumber gin sours. MMMmm. Being real, I’d also love a keg of Stella. Gotta keep it classy.

♡ Getting into decor:

Decor is the same as the dress. I don’t want princess vibes. I want more of a neutral vibe. Again, relaxed/simple with my own personal twist. Haven’t planned much here so there’s not much to report. Need to get on it. Soon. LOL.

So literally I just made my full-on list of what I’ve done so far. On my blog. To all of you. Is this pathetic?

I think I wanted to do this post so I could show myself just how far behind I am at planning this wedding. Because if you really look at the list, I haven’t ACTUALLY planned a thing, ya know. There’s just an idea in my head of how I want it to go. Got to remind myself that The Skinny Confidential started the same way. An idea. That I sat on. And kind of cultivated. So let’s hope my wedding thoughts keep coming…by the way, this is a very real post so please don’t judge.

Perhaps it could be worse? I could be a raging Bridezilla & talk Michael’s ear off every second about napkin colors?

On that note, I’m trying to look at the whole wedding thing from a logical business standpoint too. Personally I’d rather invest money into our businesses & not go bankrupt over one day. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Besides the honeymoon is what really tickles my fancy.

( I know, I’m THAT bad. I’m more excited for the honeymoon, than the wedding ).

OH! & another reason I did this post is FOR ADVICE! I know a bunch of you are engaged or married: what’s your take on the whole situation? What has your experience been like? If you’re not engaged or married, what’s your ultimate vision?

Ok, I am off to watch Grey’s Anatomy, ice my face, & drink 100 bottles of Perrier.

– lauryn x

P.S. don’t even get me started on bridesmaid showers, penis straw bachelorette parties, & gift registries, etc. Nothing against them, I just want to keep it melllllowwww. Imagine me as Zen Bride.

Mini DeLites: Weekend Recap

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.
Hi, hi, hi,

How you guys doing?

I hope your weekend was amazing!

Mine started with my little sister, Mimi’s graduation. We celebrated her big day with friends & family. She was just the cutest little thing ever. Very proud of her.

Then on Saturday I woke up & did TSC Bombshell Body Guide & walked the dogs to grab a green juice ( so wild, lol ). Afterwards we met some friends for brunch at this cute spot called Claire’s in Del Mar. If you’re ever in the area get their lemon ricotta pancakes & BE PREPARED TO DIE HAPPY. I also had this egg scramble that I made up: 3 eggs, jalapeños, bell peppers, white onion, & goat cheese. Lately I’ve been serioussssssly into goat cheese. It’s so good for you ( will do a post soon ) & it really goes with anything. I may or may not have added a little to my lemon ricotta pancakes.

And then for our main part of the weekend…SANGRIA:

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

Ok so we went to an event at The Del Mar Fair hosted by Eppa Sangria. It was so perfect because the sun was shining, the iced sangria was flowing ( huge fan of red sangria over ice! ), & the whole shindig was in a super cute room ( leaves, white, pops of color ). They also had a Pix Photo Booth which I made Michael test out. I swear photo booths now-a-days have like the best lighting/features/etc ( babe: feel free to install one in my room, thx ).

Eppa Sangria also had hand massages, samples of organic beauty products, & the most delicious sangria. I’m already planning a summer sangria party with red sangria & white sangria/berry filled ice cubes.

Also, I’m super excited because they are holding a Summer of Sangria Tour. All the tour dates can be found here. I can already imagine myself sipping chilled fruit Eppa Sangria now…yum!

Here’s a sneak peak of the photo booth fun:

The Skinny Confidential talks sangria.

After the sassy sangria event we headed to my cousin’s Mexican birthday fiesta with my family. Phew! Lots of celebration.

Anyways, Sunday was full of errands, work, a lot of dog walks, & house cleaning. Is it just me or is Sunday a total reset day?

Ok I’m off to watch Orange is the New Black ( SO GOOD ). X

*  This post was sponsored on behalf of Eppa Sangria via One2One Network. As always, all opinions stated are my own.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

Mini DeLites: Cabo Outfits

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo.

{ bikini | skirt ( sold out, similar ) | sunglasses }

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ bikini | jewels | skirt }

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ bikini | skirt | sunglasses }

Ok finally: Cabo outfits!! This post is very, very picture heavy but I wanted to make sure I answered outfit questions. The truth is sometimes on Twitter & Instagram, it’s difficult to make sure everything is answered but that’s what the blog’s for, right? & let it be known that I TRY! I really try to answer everything : ).

So currently: watching Marilyn Monroe’s bio on Lifetime, drinking a green/grapefruit juice, in bed ( Michael’s making an exception on the no computer in bed rule because I have a “RAGING, HORRIBLE headache,” lol ). I just went through all my Cabo pictures & picked some iPhone winners & some other random ones.

The feel I was going for in Cabo was whimsical with a little color, a lot of white, & some print.

I definitely wanted print because well, it’s Mexico. Obviously I didn’t want to break the bank because we weren’t moving there ( sadly ), we were only traveling for a few days ( boo ), so these items are not too expensive…actually guys, a lot of them are affordable!

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ bikini | skirt | sunglasses }

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ bikini | skirt }

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ bikini | skirt ( sold out, similar ) | sunglasses }

As you can see a huge theme of flow-yyyy skirts, gold dainty chokers, colorful bikinis, & Panama hats.

You guys get the feel, ya? Kinda of girl in red dress dancing Emoji but imagine she’s like in a neon crop with a long sexy skirt rocking tiny gold bracelets & drinking a Corona Light.

So!!! I also added some body jewelry for fun & literally didn’t wash my hair once ( totally going for the casual dread, I’m on vacation look, ya know ) because it fits with the vibe.

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ bikini | skirt | jewels | gold choker }

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ bikini | hat | sunglasses | skirt }

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ dress | hatsunglasses | shoes }

I’m very much into these Cabo-esque outfits but at the end of the day it was nice to come home & throw on my uniform: black tight jeans, white oxfords, a heavy leather jacket, & a white men’s tank top.

I always loving playing with color & prints here and there, but I’m not a fan of over-doing it.

Too much color & too many prints together are kind of like wearing too much red lipstick with sky blue eyeshadow. Keep it simple. Like if I wore a printed bikini ( see above ), I kept the bottoms neutral in white.

Let me know if I’m making sense because I’m totally babbling like Marilyn at this point. It’s been a longgggg day so I think I’ll shut off Lifetime & throw on my sheep eye mask.

If you guys have any outfit questions, I’m happy to answer them below!! xx, lauryn

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ crop | skirt ( sold out, similar ) | gold choker }

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.
{ bikini | skirt ( sold out, similar ) }

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