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Mini DeLites + The BIG Move

The Skinny Confidential talks moving.

{ Event at DASH…outfit details below || MU&H by: BeGlammed (<< obsessed with their at home services) }


Life’s been a windwhril lately, or is whirlwind? Regardless, it’s been F-ing CRAZY.

Let me update you: Michael & I found a new place together in downtown San Diego but we’re also moving to LA half time for work…so ya. I’m definitely going to miss my old place but ultimately I’m soooo glad I lived by myself for a while before moving with him. I highly recommend living alone before moving in with a guy. ( & BTW: we found ‘our space’ so I didn’t have to move in to his space…THANK God ). Will keep you updated on how that whole deal goes.

Anyway this weekend we went to LA to celebrate the JNB trunk show & we were going to stay at our new place BUT we forgot to get SDG&E set up. Soooo we ended up at a hotel called Palihouse which was super cute. But shit, wish we would have turned on the electricity, lol.

The Skinny Confidential talks moving.
{ festive vibes }



Especially when you’re juggling two dogs ( if you have kids during a move, serious props ), two different households, two different cities, work, the holidays, & I’m helping my grandma move too. I mean? SOS?

And just for the record merging two households is no joke…now I guess it’s time for us to start wedding planning? HA. I’m literally crying AND laughing out loud now.

The Skinny Confidential talks moving.
{ too early for holiday lights? }

Does anyone have ANY moving tips? Only because I feel like I’m drowning. HELP!

& of course, happy Monday!

Chat tomorrow, x Lauryn

+ last photo

The Skinny Confidential talks moving.

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The Skinny Confidential talks moving.

{ I kinda can’t stop with spiced candles… }

The Skinny Confidential talks moving.
{ ok so I AM IN LOVE with these all natural product- they’re perfect for dry weather ( I use the balm all over my body ). Check out this promo code if you’re looking for a holiday gift! }

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Don’t Listen To Negative Nancy & Debbie Downer…

Quotes by The Skinny Confidential.


I heard this quote a while ago from Michael’s dad, Gary AKA Gar-Bear ( my name for him ). There I was complaining about someone who was talking shit about me & he simply stated:

“Lauryn, the coyotes howl, but the caravan keeps moving.”

I had a minor heart attack. The quote is just goosebumps good.

So what’s mean exactly? Ok well, where should I start?

Let’s start with social media. The other day I was browsing a celeb’s Instagram. I went to look at her comments & I kid you not, 90% of them were people bashing the celebrity.

These negative naysayers are the coyotes.

The celebrity ignored the trolls & posted another positive Instagram a few hours later…AKA her caravan kept moving.

Sorry, coyotes!!

Point: life goes on, even if some will try to stop or talk against progress.

Make sense?

So as I’m reading these negative, rude, cruel comments, I started to reflect. In life everyone has an opinion about what you should do in your relationship or how you should wear your hair or why you should stick it out in a job that’s not for you or in general, just has negative things to say about your life.

My opinion? Do you. Do what works for you. Not someone else.

Let’s take this to a more serious place, shall we? This quote reminds me of when I was a bartender a couple years ago. There I was polishing glasses, making people drinks, carrying boxes, busting ass, etc. Basically doing everything I could so I could focus on building The Skinny Confidential during the day.

While tending bar I made some great friends…but I also had some…hmmm, interesting customers.

They would ask “what do you want to do with your life?” I’d say “I’m a blogger half time, but I hope to make it my full time career.” They’d then look at me as if I had ten heads & I was an alien from outer space attempting to abduct their children.

“What, HA are you crazy? You can’t make good money off that? What about working in an office setting? Working at home can be tough. How do you even make that a professional? I’d recommend having other options, Lauryn.”

Or they would laugh. Like, laugh & laugh & laugh. As if it was the funniest thing ever.

I’d simply smile & think “keep going.”

So I kept going & going & going…& years later, I blog full-time.

In all honestly, there was never any plan B. I set out to do something with TSC & I never had a back-up plan. This was always the goal. I kept my caravan moving, despite what these people had to say.

FYI, if I listened to what everyone said about blogging, I’d be bartending still. Sorry for the honestly, but I’m just trying- to keep it real, raw, & unfiltered.

( ALSO, I have to mention: when someone looks at you like an creepy alien, you’re doing something right…because honestly if everyone was doing it, it wouldn’t be as lucrative or ahead of the curve.

Keep going.

In any case, coyotes are noise. Keep your caravan moving.

Later Negative Nancy & Debbie Downer! Vroom, vroom.

x, Lauryn

Mini DeLites: TSC Takes Miami #2

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ Saturday night’s black tie event || dress here  }

10:15 PM, bowl of watermelon & chia seeds, on the COUCH, typing….

…come on now, remember the no comp in bed rule?

But if we’re being 100% real, Michael usually staggers out of bed after 15 minutes of me sitting on the couch by myself & pretends to dramatically ( with a full-on theatrical sound effects ) search the fridge for something that doesn’t exist. Sort of like “hmmmm, what should I eat?” or “sigh! What sounds good?”

I don’t answer, because well, I’m working. So minimal attention is given to his fake fridge scan.

Then he will sigh extra, extra, EXTRA loud & say “babe you can come back to bed if you want…with your computer.”

So technically he cheats on our rule, not me.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.{ fav book/fav beer }

Honestly though, I’m not too bent out of shape about the rule because remember: we don’t live together…yet. And maybe I’m sort of cheating too. On him. With my computer.

So anyway there’s THAT update.

As far as our trip: we’re back! Miami was amazing & I ended up checking out many of your recommendations, guys!! SERIOUSLY- WHAT A FUN CITY!! I’ll definitely be back soon.

I’m still in a full blown Miami coma but I’m going to drag my ass outta bed suppppper early tomorrow & unpack, clean, do laundry, stock the fridge, shoot a couple posts, work, & bathe the smelly Twinkles ( << the latest & greatest name for the chihuahuas ). I will also say I couldn’t be happier to get back in to a routine.

Woot, woot.

Happy MONDAY! x, Lauryn

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ a winning combo }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ Florida chillers }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.
{ w/ love from Miami <3 || bikini top / bottoms }

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Mini DeLites: Los Angeles

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ Adult snow cones ; ) }

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ Using Uber…in traffic, naturally || black crop & faux fur bag }

Hi guys!

This week I’m blogging from LA— Michael & I are up here for work…and we’re also house hunting.

We’ve decided we’re going to spend half the time in San Diego & the other half in Los Angeles. Totally new chapter! We wanted to mix it up a bit but without leaving SD permanently.

Over the weekend we explored LA & went to Gracias Madre ( all local/organic/vegan food + boozy snow cones ) and The Magic Castle ( it’s a showplace for magicians from around the word— really interesting ) with some friends. We also tried Earthbar…it’s SO insane. It’s a ‘bar’ with vitamin shots, cleanses, herbs, hangover remedies, protein smoothies, kombucha, aloe shots, liquid supplements, & kale-everything. So basically it’s my version of heaven. YUM. My picks:

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ Hoping that these shots would helps with my allergies }

And today it was hi-ho-hi-ho-off-to-work, but of course we had to have dinner at SUGARFISH.

If you’re ever in LA you have to ( have to, have to ) try SUGARFISH. It’s literally the best sushi…EVER. I know I’ve talked about it before but it’s THAT good. It’s a real, serious party in the mouth. If you’ve eaten there, you get it ( anyone?! ).

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential
{ At a friend’s beautiful wedding on Friday night || mesh toppencil skirt, white pumps }

Sooooo the real question of the day is for all you L.A. residents: how in the hell do you manage the traffic? I’m honestly scared for my little ‘lateness issue’ with this gnarly traffic. Tips? This traffic is CRAZY.

Anyway, happy Monday! xx lauryn

{{ note: there’s two more days to enter TSC book giveaway!! }}

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ House hunting!! || aviatorsKate Moss shirt }

Things that make me happy. By: The Skinny Confidential

{ SUGARFISH kills it…every time }

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TSC Bad-Ass Guide To New York City

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

{{ Well looky here, I’m wearing the jeans I talked about yesterday ^^^ ; ) }}

Perhaps you guys remember my promise to do a TSC guide to New York City a couple of months ago? 

Well, either way—ta-da— here it is: 

Why now? Uh, honestly I’m currently battling the insane desire to go BACK.

I miss NYC. 

The city is just so posh, timeless, & classic…with so much character. 

Pretty much I’m a Gemini & lemme tell ya, us Geminis love stimulation. New York is freaking stimulating man. 

Like Bob Dylan said:


“New York was a city where you could be frozen to death in the midst of a busy street and nobody would notice.”


So true, so interesting, so different, so into it.

Anywho- let’s get down to TSC sparkly, colorful NYC itinerary:

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

Picking a hotel in NY can be about as overwhelming as picking an Essie nail polish color.

There’s so many options!!

We stayed at:

Andaz 5th Avenueour experience with Andaz 5th Ave was fab. When we arrived we were greeted with cutie little bowls of berries & flutes of chilled champagne ( the perfect combo right?! ). Our view was insane. The hotel room looked straight at The New York Public Library AKA where Batman was filmed (!!!). One of my favorite parts was the hotel’s charming coffee shop ( best iced tea ever! ) & the craft cocktail underground bar. Basically, this is a rad hotel with a lot of energy…so I’d definitely recommend this spot to anyone who likes to have a good time!

Ok so before I dive into the cocktail/restaurant/places to go stuff, let me talk about Michael & his itineraries.

Hmmm. How do I broach this little subjecty-subject?

Let’s just say the guy LOVES his itineraries.

Personally, I’m totally not Mr. Itinerary. My life is so planned/organized at home so when I travel, I like to be a gypsy, wonderlust, moon child explorer without plans.

But……every trip is the same story: Michael types out a three page ( minimum ) to ten page ( yes, ten…maximum ) schedule. Like I said, he LOVVVVESSS his damn itinerary. So as much as I would love to take credit for the following, I can’t. It’s all Michael’s research found on the pages of his beloved itnerary ( I feel like I should make a super nostaglic itinerary scrapbook for our kids- kidding, but kind of not really ).

Ok so here we go:

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

Cocktails! Woo-hoo! NYC has a realllllll insane cocktail scene.

You have to try:

ACME NYC: amazing wine//amazing food! Trust me.

Death + Company: amazing craft cocktails with some of the best bartenders in the US.

Milk & Honey: so much fun! A must-try. They’re also located in London.

Perla: in my favorite area of NYC: Greenwich Village. Try the cinnamon-infused bourbon & thank me later.

Please Don’t Tell: SERIOUSLY go!! It’s the BEST. This place looks like a typical NYC hot dog shop but don’t be fooled! You go into the little joint, pick up the telephone in the little phone booth, & hit the buzzer once. After a couple minutes someone will come into the phone booth & escort you into a little tiny speak easy. It’s so underground & so cute. My personal favorite bar in NYC. Plus East Village is fun. Remember to make reservations before you go.

The Dead Rabbit: super rad spot for cocktails. Some of the best bartenders & it’s won tons of cocktail spirited awards.

The Standard Grill: insane ambience // fun to people watch // make resos way in advance because it’s hard to get in. Side: their oysters are delish!!

The Smile for cocktails & brunch: the cocktail above is from The Smile & it’s a gin/mint/cucumber/soda concoction.

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

Some rad areas?

East Village ( super fun to walk around )

Greenwich Village

Lower East Side


Upper East Side

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

ABC Kitchen: this place is Skinny Confidential-esque. I recommend every salad on the menu paired with their chilled rosé…so good. Definitely one of my favorites.

Blue Bottle Coffee: seriously the best coffee on the planet.

Jack’s Wife Frida: AMAZING brunch!

La Bodega Negra: such a fun crowd!! There were woman dancing on our table as we ate tacos & drank bomb-ass margaritas. They put on this rad show & have the most amazing dessert ( see more here ).

Per Se: this was the best meal I’ve ever had…seriously indescribable. The service, ambience, food…A plus. Thomas Keller is the chef & he just kills it in every way possible.

Red Farm:

Rubirosa: PIZZA!!!

The Butcher’s Daughter: their salads are die. They also have the most delicious juices.

The Spotted Pig: for brunch…their bar snacks are just heaven & the crepes are life-changing.

( SIDENOTE: yes, I’m sure you’re wondering: I gained 5 pounds after this trip ).

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

Central Park ( I know touristy!! )

Chelsea Pier

Chelsea Market ( this is such a cool marketplace!! I found the most amazing finds. You’ll find everything from fresh fruits to handmade, vintage pins to beautiful coffee table books.

Juice Press: for everything healthy. I’m especially into their shots.

Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Book of Mormon ( such a funny Broadway show by the creators of South Park!! I loved it! )

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

My miscellaneous tips?

Walk, walk, walk. Breath in the city & enjoy the energy. It truly is contagious.

Try out random pizza places…you won’t be sorry. Their pizza is NO joke. My God.

Be careful of the cab drivers…they drive like Cruella de Vil on crack.

Prepare yourself to wait in line…everywhere!!


“Cities have sexes: London is a man, Paris a woman, and New York a well-adjusted transsexual.” - Angela Carter


Ok & obviously I’m not a total expert so any other NYC suggestions are welcome! Next time we go I’m dying to go to Brooklyn.

Did I mention I love New York City?

Chat soon. – L

{ Other NYC post: here & here }

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