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How To Sex Up Your AM Coffee

The Skinny Confidential talks cold brew coffee.

The Skinny Confidential talks cold brew.




Pretty much, my coffee is a total loser without almond milk ice cubes.

It just like sits there sad & pathetic without my almond milk ice cubes. Cinnamon is great & all, but almond milk ice cubes add a whole different element.

And fully knowing my extremist tendencies, AKA everything has to be fucking freezing, below zero, arctic style or so hot that my skin is literally falling off from the hottest shower in the world, the freezing almond milk thing adds a perfect touch.

The Skinny Confidential talks cold brew coffee.


The Skinny Confidential talks cold brew coffee.


Today I tried my coffee cubes with coconut milk ( on such a coconut milk kick after Thailand ).

All you do is…

Simply freeze your favorite milk ( coconut or almond for the win ) in a silicon ice cube tray. Make regular coffee or use cold brew ( remember I’m a cold brew coffee whore? ), add milky cubes, top with pumpkin pie spice, & a lil drizzle of GINGER SYRUP ( yes I know, this exists & it’s die ). Coffee on CRACK! Cheers!

P.S. Why I don’t like hot coffee: because I like straws, duh. Firstly, using a straw to preserve the whiteness of my teeth is fully worth it. So. If I drink hot coffee, it makes me wonder if BPA is melting in to my coffee, slowly poisoning me? I usually use paper straws, but who the hell knows what’s in Starbucks/random coffee shop straws.

…this is the kind of shit I think about when I can’t sleep at night…

Uhmmm, perhaps it’s time for me to get another hobby? Or pick up knitting? Or maybe I’m just a full blown weirdo?

The Skinny Confidential talks cold brew coffee.

The Skinny Confidential talks cold brew coffee.


I am very happy it’s Friday ( JAZZ HANDS!! ). You can find me cruising down the freeway, casually screaming singing the lyrics to Dirty Dancing’s “Hungry Eyes” with an iced coffee full of coconut milk ice cubes, on my way to get a blowout because I haven’t washed my hair in a week & half.

It’s time, right…I mean, I think there’s a decent sized family of crickets living in there, #relatable.

Ok, happy Friday! xx, Lauryn

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The Skinny Confidential talks cold brew coffee.

The Skinny Confidential talks cold brew coffee.



The Skinny Confidential talks Zella.


A LOT of you guys have asked questions about The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide…SO your wish is my command.

Here are all your questions answered…PLUS at the end of this posted I’ve announced the top 10 bloggers who we randomly picked to review the guide. Please e-mail me at to receive your free blogger code.

Since you guys are so rad, I’m giving away TSC Guide to ANOTHER TWENTY bloggers who are interested in doing a review. SO on that little note, leave your first/last name, blog name, & e-mail below & I’ll pick the next 20 next week ( I’ll also share your reviews on my social channels ; ) ).


Ok here ya go:

• Explain the fitness section:

The fitness section is a full, 28-week program, divided into two sections and targeted workout plans to hone in on specific areas of your body or fitness you want to work on.

Phase one is meant to take a user from beginner stage to intermediate stage.

Phase 2 will take a user from intermediate to advanced.

The workouts use body weight resistance, and get progressively more intense, so even if you already work out we recommend starting with Phase 1 and moving on to Phase 2. Both of these include stretching techniques too.

• Explain the nutrition section:

Currently the nutrition section provides healthy recipes ( constantly updated ), cleanses, a nutrition guide, and a 7 day eating plan.

Our team is working on delivering a 3-month nutrition & monthly eating plan to accompany the fitness guides ( plus a grocery list & video of workouts & food prep ).

Our goal is to create an all over lifestyle change, something that you can stick to without feeling like you are sacrificing the things you love. This is NOT a diet.

• Explain how the subscription part works:

The subscription is your portal to The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide. It provides monthly fitness and nutrition programs, targeted workouts, meal programs, healthy recipes, healthy cleanse recipes, & a community forum to discuss anything and everything ( hey, hey I’ll be live on the discussion forum too! ).

New content will be provided every month. You can unsubscribe at any time, no questions asked. Easy, peasy.

• What will the monthly updates consist of?

The monthly updates consist of new targeted workouts, recipes. In the coming months we are going to be releasing a 3-month eating plan that will accompany the fitness plans, & will be available to all existing members of the subscription program at no additional charge.

The targeted workouts are one month workouts that are designed to target specific areas of your body, or goals. For example, currently we have workouts to target your full body, core, back, lower body, upper body, and endurance.

We pay attention to what you guys want, and will create workouts to help you target whatever you want to work on! So suggestions are welcome!

The Skinny Confidential talks leggings.

{ wearing: baby pink top | leggings | sports bra | sunglasses | shoes }

• Explain the different phases ( i.e. Phase 1 and 2 )?

Think of it like building blocks. We want you to look and feel your best. But that takes time and effort.

Phase 1 is a 14 week program to get you moving, build your endurance and strength.

Phase 2 continues down that path as well as getting you toned through a progressively more intense training. It is designed so that you can decide how much resistance you want to apply so that as your body becomes stronger and more toned, you can maintain or increase the workload safely.

• Can I order if I don’t live in the USA?

Yes, currently our processing allows us to distribute in the US, CA, AU, NZ, and UK. We’re working to expand into more and more countries so we can impact lives worldwide. Where would you guys like to see the guide expanded to?

• Can I use PayPal?

YES! It’s coming: PayPal will be a payment option this week.

• Tell us about the up and coming meal plans?

We’ll be creating 3 month meal plans that will explain how to eat to reach your specific goals— weight loss, maintenance, or weight gain.

Everyone has different goals, & we want to make sure we can guide you right to help achieve them all.

• Will you offer a gluten-free plan?

There are so many specific needs— vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc. – so our goal is to create a general eating plan first, and then start creating additional plans to help meet specific needs. Please leave any suggestions below.

• What if I’m pregnant or have health issues?

Then please consult your doctor before beginning the program! Especially the cleanse.

• Why did it show up as $59.99 instead of $49.99?

Phase 1 and Phase 2, individually, are $59.99 each. With the coupon code TSCHEARTSYOU we are giving you an immediate $10 discount to $49.99.

The bundle – Phase 1 and Phase 2 combined – is $89.99, giving an immediate $30 discount for buying both plans at once.

Using the coupon code TSCHEARTSYOU at checkout will give another $10 off to $79.99. This code wont last forever, so use it while it’s live!

The Skinny Confidential talks leggings.

• How do I access the guide when I want to work out? Tips?

Right now you can download the guide and print out, or access through the PDF reader on your phone. Within the coming months we will be launching an iphone and android app to help you better move through the program.

Also, videos of each move are on its way. Yay!

• When will the meal plans be out? 

Within the next 2-3 months. We will be releasing the progressively, so that we cover all the different and special needs (vegan, vegetarian, etc). Existing members will receive these at no additional charge.

• I want to see more!

Follow our specific Instagram account ( under the handle: @tscbombshellbody ), which will be a place to share more recipes, fitness, & wellness updates.

Also, I will be sharing a day workout sample in the next two weeks on the blog.

• What’s your experience with the guide?

I will share my experience next week & how my body has transformed. Also check out this video for a sneak peek.

• Who’s Jaime?

I’ve been working with celebrity trainer, Jamie McFaden ( an interview to come on Miss Jamie!! She worked with Jillian Michaels’ for years & knows her shit when it comes to wellness ) for the past seven months to bring you all my favorite fitness moves/foods in one bundle. ALSO!! NBD, she was named one of the 50 hottest trainers in America by Shape Magazine (!!!). She’s helped me to make sure everything is legit & ready for you guys.

• I am having trouble at check out, who can I contact?

We have our support team ready to help. Generally we can respond to inquiries within the hour, but some issues might take a couple hours to address. In the menu there is a dropdown labeled “Support” and a “Contact Us” menu item. This will take you to a form to reach out to us directly with any issues you might have. We’re here to help!

For a quicker response, e-mail & someone on our team will get back to you ASAP.


Major realness: I get a lot of emails. Like, a lot, a lot. I’m not complaining— I LOVE hearing from you guys!! Such a fun way to connect. As much as I would LOVE to answer each one, it’s just not happening lately. So if you have a question about ANYTHING ask me on Instagram in the comment section ( of any picture ) & I’ll do a YouTube Q & A where I give you a shout out & read your question. Fun right?! A personalized answer on YouTube is better than an e-mail anyways.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in purchasing the guide & have any questions: leave them below or e-mail Remember if you order, use code TSCHEARTSYOU for $10 off.

Ok, I’m off to start week 14!! Eek!! & uhmm, sooo sore from Tuesday’s workout!! OMG, wish me luck, lauryn xx

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** Blogger babe winners ( e-mail me for code ):

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Because A Pretty, Little Workspace Makes All The Difference

The Skinny Confidential x The Design Network.

Uhhhmmm, my favorite place to get creative is by far my office space.

For me to get in my mad scientist zone, I HAVE to have the right office vibes going on.

Since moving in with my fiancé, we’ve been trying to combine feminine & masculine taste ( remember this lil tutorial? ) so when it came to decorating TSC office, I was all about a calm, cool girly ( but not overly girly ) feel.

Think: lots & lots of white ( weird ), gold touch, pop of teal, coconut milk candles, Brazilian music, airy, light, window open, fake flowers from Home Goods, computer heavy, lucite, to-do list, marble-kinda feel.

You get it.

Moving on, here it is, the next episode of TSC series with The Design Network: how to style a pretty, lil workspace. The full video tutorial can be found here.

And if you follow me on Instagram then you know I just got a new desk. TODAY.

So yes, this is my old desk ( << SUP IKEA! ). My new desk ( which I want to wrap around my body like last year’s Versace ) was designed with Westin Mitchell (<< he has THE BEST stuff ) & I’ll be sure to share it on TSC soon!! It’s a huge-ass, white slab of marble with a gold bottom. If I were a desk….

The Skinny Confidential x The Design Network.

The Skinny Confidential x The Design Network.

♡ Around the office:

‘Kittens Get Thirsty Too’ tumbler
Mouse pad
Tiny unicorn
Lucite business card holder
Mimosa candle

White big candle
Fake flowers
To-do list
Gold polka dot notebook

Pink striped notebook
2015 day planner
Huge gold scissors
White desk calendar
Laptop stand

Lucite tape holder
Lucite/gold stapler
The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide
White pencil cup
White letter holder
Teal pencils

♡ Wearing in video:

white top | black jeans | oxfords | nail polish

The Skinny Confidential x The Design Network.

The Skinny Confidential x The Design Network.

I hope you guys enjoyed this sneak peek into my office! The space still needs some work ( need to spray paint the shelves, hang some pictures, & refurbish my vintage chair ) BUT it’s coming along. Slowly but surely…I try to do a little organization/decor every day.

Anyone out there who has moved a lot? I’ve moved one too many times in my lifetime so I’m hoping there won’t be any U-Haul’s in my near future? Fingers crossed.

( My previous home office can be found here | home tour here ).

Ok so, what does your desk space look like? Come onnnn, I showed you mine—!!


le, x

* Full desk tutorial video here

* for help w/ home styling like this e-mail

{ first pic: Jade Park }
{ vid/pics: Chris Tran }

The Skinny Confidential x The Design Network.

The Skinny Confidential x The Design Network.

Mini DeLites: Beijing, China Part II

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

So I recapped part one but now it’s time for part two!

Picking up from where we left off: we have a friend in China who’s an amazing producer, Zhang Jizhong ( he’s also going to be the voice of the panda in Kung Fu Panda!! ) so we met up with him twice while we were in Beijing. He was kind enough to show us around.

The first time we met up we indulged in hot pot. The second night? He took us to a hotel mansion ( if you follow me on Snapchat, you already know this! ) called J.E. Mansion. This particular spot was INSANE. It was definitely the most beautiful house I’ve ever been in. Everything was so grand. There was a spot to get married in the most traditional Chinese way possible, real life/huge sand gardens, king & queen quarters, & the most beautiful eating quarters ( WAIT! I MUST be Chinese ).

Basically you feel like royalty ( uhm, I was not mad about this ).

Horribly lit picture, but you get the point:

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

We all sat around a huge table that spun around ( << classic Chinese centerpiece ) with food. We enjoyed Chinese beer ( & a little red wine ) with real deal Chinese food. And I could totally get used to eating off a huge-ass Lazy Susan ( HA! ). Zhang really gave us a real Chinese experience.

It’s safe to say that my dream of being a Chinese royal has been slightly fulfilled. Too bad I can’t live there & make Michael feed me organic grapes.

The next day & our last day I had a meeting with Vogue China about collaborating & bringing TSC over to China in some capacity ( fingers crossed!! ). Vogue China is fab & is everything you’d imagine Vogue in China to look like.

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

{ clearly very much feeling my selfie stick }

For our last night we went to this charming little restaurant in the heart of Beijing ( by the way, Michael’s itineraries don’t F around…they’re basically as serious as a heart attack. He plans for months & studies each location to avoid the overly touristy spots ). This restaurant served spicy nuts upon arrival— a solid detail that really just sets the tone for the whole experience. We were escorted to our table for a night of delicious food & they served us a bottle of wine from Napa! I got the salmon with veggies & Michael ordered a table-side steak. They took our picture & for dessert brought over a little cake that says ‘BEIJING WILL MISS YOU!’ Cute, right?

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

( To be honest though: the food in Beijing was my least favorite. Thailand was definitely my FAV of life. Hong Kong was a close runner-up. There was a lot of food in Beijing that didn’t sit well with my stomach ( I’m not particularly psycho excited for peking duck, diverse cuts of meat, &/or animal feet of any kind ).)

The next morning we woke up at 5 am, slightly hungover, & headed to the airport. We had a layover in Tokyo, Japan ( Japan looks so damn cool, I’m dying to travel there next ). During the layover we ate Japanese noodles that were seriously orgasmic. YAY FOR CARBSSSS! Good thing carbs don’t count in Japan…#iwish.

Oh, & if you’re wondering, I worked out while I was on vacation. I did some yoga & TSC Bombshell Body Guide 3 times a week. Also we walked everywhere which was so fab that I’ve been determined to walk everywhere in LA & San Diego now. Walking is SO good for you & it’s accessible but I feel like a lot of people forget to walk. You get it!

Anyway, Beijing was fun but the feeling of coming home to my puppies? AMAZING. I missed them SO much while we were gone— I literally haven’t stopped spooning them since. In fact!! I think it’s time to go smother them with love now.

Talk soon, x le

The Skinny Confidential talks China.

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