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The Skinny Confidential x Splash House Playlist

The Skinny Confidential talks health, diet, and fitness.

Boy oh boy, have I got a treat for you guys… A brand new playlist!! If you’re anything like me, you need la música when you’re sweating sooooo… Here ya go: a new sweaty, sexy playlist by me & my girlfriend/political blogger/music guru, Jordan. First things first, remember a couple weeks ago when I told you guys […] Read more…

Mini DeLites

Mini DeLites with

{ <3 } { Pretty ornaments } Phewwww. Is it over yet? ( It= the holidays ). I kid, I kid. But really. I’m whipped the F out! Thankfully in the new year I’m looking forward to execution, healthy living, & more yoga. Because I def need yoga to prepare for the next holiday season. […] Read more…

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