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My Favorite Vacay Outfit

The Skinny Confidential x O'Neill vacation finds.

I’m picky, picky, picky when it comes to clothes. Basically I’m a fan of baggy but also a fitted fan (oxymoron? ). And I die over minimal print, but sometimes I like a basic print. So pretty much I’m a typical woman…I know exactly what I want, but kinda don’t know at all. Anyway since I’ve […] Read more…

Mini DeLites {{YouTube Babes!}}

Lauryn Evarts and Jackie Nicole Brown's YouTube Channel. Stay tuned for The Sex Kittens!

[ Some of Sam's print work ] [ Tons of JNB jewels for the shoot ] [ Breakkkk time! Rockin' my Monstrinho tank. ] OMG. Shit has been cray, cray. Between work, blogging, teaching, friends, family, working out, Christmas, filming our YouTube channel, & of course, Pixy lover do da beanzy poo. I’m definitely overwhelmed!! But. Let’s […] Read more…