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The Ladies Coach Shares Badass Relationship Tips

relationship advice | by the skinny confidential

A while ago my girlfriend, Alana, introduced me to Christal. Basically Christal is a badass chick who runs her own business called The Ladies Coach. I checked her out on YouTube & just thought she was amazing! I mean, she’s super spot on when it comes to relationships.

SO. I figured I had to share Christal’s tips/tricks with you guys. Whether you’re struggling through a tough relationship, about to get married ( eek! ), already married, or single & ready to mingle, these tips & tricks WILL resonate.

( My number one relationship tip would be, find your own independence ( remember this post? ) & also, gotta throw it in there: DON’T SETTLE ).

Anyway, Christal is full of love advice that every girl should know.

Also, I’d love if you guys shared your relationship advice below in the comment section. I have heard the most amazing tips from YOU. Seriously though, I read every single comment!

Ok, happy Sunday night reading…meet Christal:

| Introduce yourself/tell us what you do. |

Christal Fuentes: Hi ladies, my name is Christal Fuentes, I’m a Relationship Coach for women and the founder of The Ladies Coach, which is an online “platform” that gives women access to experts and tools that could make their life a little easier.

| An example of a healthy relationship? |

CF: What I always say is, “The relationship you have with yourself sets the foundation for the relationships you have with others.”

A healthy intimate relationship starts with YOU! Because your standards begin with YOU!

1.| You want respect? You must first RESPECT yourself.

2.| You want to be loved for who you are? You must appreciate and love who you are FIRST.

3.| You want someone who has common values? You have to get to know what those values are FIRST.

4.| You want to be able communicate your needs? You need to FIRST open up that dialogue within, WITHOUT judgment.

5.| You want a PASSIONATE sex life? You have to be able to stop the war you have on your body…. (Yes, ladies I’m talking to YOU!) Your body is beautiful where she is. Appreciate her!

By the way… those are five SOLID keys to a healthy relationship, but notice that they ALL begin with YOU!

You must build that foundation FIRST, because in order to give and receive love, you have to really love who you are and be connected to what you are able to offer.

relationship advice | by the skinny confidential

| An example of an unhealthy relationship? |

CF: An unhealthy/toxic relationship is any relationship based off FEAR.

Whether you are staying in a relationship because you don’t want to be alone, or because you are AFRAID to leave, they are both relationships that are controlled by fear.

But the problem is, when we don’t have a baseline standard for what we will allow from others, we won’t REALIZE that we are in toxic relationships. Most people in toxic relationships have lived in toxicity for so long that they don’t see the danger toxic relationships play.

The next question I will be answering is VERY important if you do realize you are in a FEAR based relationship, but first, here are some examples so you get more of an idea…

If you are afraid to leave a relationship for ANY reason, you are in a fear based relationship.
If you find yourself feeling jealous and untrusting of your mate, you are in a fear based relationship.
If you constantly fight or argue in order to bring temporary passion or even to get attention, you are in a fear based relationship.
If you are unable to truly be yourself, you are in a fear based relationship.
If you are disrespectful to each other either verbally, emotionally or physically, you are in a fear based relationship.
If you do things for your partner hoping for a “return,” you are in a fear based relationship.
If you are afraid of your partner, you are in a fear based relationship.
If you cringe at the thought of communicating your feelings to a significant other, you are in a fear based relationship.

| Advice for someone who’s in a relationship that’s suffocating & poisonous? |

CF: Here is a quote I want you to remember that comes from a teacher I look up to, Tony Robbins… (I might be misquoting it a bit but the point is the same).

“You will stay in a relationship you feel treats you BETTER than how you treat yourself.”

…Let that sink in a bit…

Again, how we treat ourselves sets the STANDARD of how others will treat us, and if we think they treat us BETTER, we will stay in toxic relationships MUCH longer than we need to.

If you or a friend is in an unhealthy relationship, here are few questions I’d like you to answer:

What feeling am I trying to achieve? Example: Is it feeling wanted? Is it fear of being alone?

What top 3 emotions do I feel consistently through this relationship? Are there new feelings I can replace these with?

What 2 things can I start doing now to connect with myself in positive ways and feel MORE of what I want to feel without depending on my relationship?

These questions certainly don’t fix the relationship, but it’s a start to building communication and connection to yourself. Self-dialogue is powerful ladies, so it is important to understand what thoughts & questions are going through our mind.

The more loving and powerful we get with those, the more love and connection we build with ourselves.

relationship advice | by the skinny confidential

| Best tip when it comes to having a happy relationship? |

CF: You have to LIKE the person you are with. Everyone thinks LOVE is most important but the key to really sustaining a healthy relationship is to “like” who they are. I mean, why do we hang around our besties? Because we LIKE who they are and how they make us feel right?

We aren’t forced to be friends with them because we “love” them, we are friends with them because we like the people they are and how they amplify our life. The same should go with your significant other!

When you are best friends, you can open up the communication and allow freedom in your relationship…& that just feels happy!

relationship advice | by the skinny confidential

| Something a woman can do for a man to make them feel special? |

CF: Ladies, appreciate your man!

If you have a good man, he just wants to make you happy, it really is that simple.

The masculine energy just wants to feel purposeful and feel appreciated for what he brings to the relationship. Every guy is different though so it is YOUR job to find what ways HE likes to be celebrated.

| Best way to communicate your feelings to guy? |
CF: Wheew! Communication with a guy is SOOOO different than communicating to our fellow ladies. We can’t expect our guy to be “hairier women,” but we often times EXPECT them to understand and communicate the same way our girlfriends do…. And the truth is THEY CAN’T!

With that said, here are 3 things to remember before communicating your feelings:

♡ Leave your ego at the door: This goes for both partners but when we come into a discussion with our ego’s strapped on, we set the other person up for failure immediately. Especially if, God forbid, they say something wrong! Haha!

♡ Be clear about what you want to express: I know this is hard ladies, especially because we are emotional creatures but we have to remember, our men can’t follow along like our girlfriends can! They will loose focus if it’s not clear what you are asking.

♡ Understand their intentions: The KEY to any successful communication is to understand their intentions. But that goes out the window with our significant others because we hold such HIGH expectations of them. Always keep in mind that ( a good man ) will always have your best interests at heart and will only want to serve you. If you remember this, it will allow you to feel more open and safe to him. And a man LOVES to be able to make you feel safe!

| One word to describe a healthy, functioning relationship? |

CF: Peaceful.

+ Follow Christal on Instagram.

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Create & Cultivate Conference…COME!!! ♡

The Skinny Confidential talks Create & Cultivate.

The Skinny Confidential takes Chicago.


I’m coming to Chicago!

Super excited/flattered that I was asked to speak at Create & Cultivate: Chicago, which is a conference for women entrepreneurs in the digital space, to connect.

I’ll let the Create & Cultivate team explain it further:

This is a 365 day conversation around entrepreneurship and being a woman in the modern digital world. We gather the next generation of curious creatives, entrepreneurs and girl bosses to spark conversation around the topics they are passionate about from influencer marketing and brand building to raising money.  

At Create & Cultivate you are destined to meet other talented, like-minded creatives, all while learning tips and tricks from some of the best in the business. Attendees get access to a highly curated, impactful one-day program of workshops, mentor sessions, and panels, as well as delicious cocktails, food, pop-up shops, photo booths, gift bags, and more.

Our attendees come to feel inspired, enhance their business, drink killer cocktails and cultivate new friendships in an amazing and beautiful environment!  Create & Cultivate has taken place in Brooklyn, Montauk, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Portland, and continues three times a year, nationwide.

The Skinny Confidential talks Create & Cultivate.

Past speakers include:

Emily Weiss, Aimee Song, Chriselle Lim, Jen Gotch, Orlando Soria, Geri Hirsch, Peter Rojas, Amanda de Cadenet, Julianne Hough, Whitney Port, Soraya Darabi, Studio DIY and many more.”

SO. If you’re a brand new blogger or a brand, you have to check out Create & Cultivate. Especially if you’re in the Chicago area.

Dates: Friday, August 14th to Sunday, August 16th.

In all honestly ( & this is NO BULLSHIT ), when I was starting out 4 years ago, I would have figured out a way to go to this conference. It’s all blogging/branding questions answered in one space so it makes it so much easier for someone who’s new-ish to navigate the web space. This isn’t one of those conferences that you go to & realize three days later that you learned NOTHING. This is a conference with resources, amazing influencers, & answers to questions that are weird to ask ( AKA how do bloggers/vloggers make money ). Essentially with this conference, you’re investing in yourself. I’m very excited to be part of it.

If you’re interested, check out the schedule.

The Skinny Confidential talks Create & Cultivate.

The Skinny Confidential talks Create & Cultivate.
The Skinny Confidential talks Create & Cultivate.

I’ll be speaking on branding, content, blogging, & commerce. So COME!

Some other influencers at the conference this year? Rachel Parcell ( Pink Peonies ), Amber Fillerup Clark ( Barefoot Blonde ), Gaby Dalkin ( What’s Gabi Cooking ), Whitney Port ( The Hills ), the founders of The Everyday Girl, Jenny Bernheim ( Margo & Me ), Erica Domesek ( P.S. I Made This… ), Emily Jackson ( The Ivory Lane ), Courtney Wartman ( Head of partnerships at ShopStyle ), Claire Thomas ( Kitchy Kitchen ), Joshua Zad ( owner of Alfred’s Coffee ), My Nguyen ( My Healthy Dish ), & MANY MORE!


The Skinny Confidential talks Create & Cultivate.


Everything you get is outlined in our ticket center, but let’s put it this way– the opportunity of a lifetime! You get to mix and mingle with the best in the business all while sipping cocktails, shopping and rubbing shoulders with other creatives!


We suggest comfortable shoes as you are going to be out for the day (or pack a pair of heels in your bag). Beyond that, dress as you would to attend a stylish conference! There will be plenty of photo ops!


Chicago O’Hare airport is the closest airport to the conference.


If you have any other questions please contact: and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

The Skinny Confidential talks Create & Cultivate.


We are making C+C even bigger and better. We are expecting around 350 attendees, but you will be a part of a “track” of smaller crews.


Each C+C price is dependent on the cost of the venue and location. We try to keep prices as low as possible wherever we can!



If you’re in the Chicago area, I would love restaurant/sight/must-go recommendations. Leave them below!! Oh, & I’ll probably still be Nutty Professor-swollen, but what can I do, ya know? I’m icing my face religiously, pounding turmeric, & drinking green juice so let’s hope I look slightly more presentable in a month. Fingers crossed.

If you’re unable to come to the conference, definitely check out this book & this editorial planner. They’re awesome resources for bloggers.

Ok!! Hope to meet some of you there ; ). xx, lauryn

+ Purchase tickets here.

{ TSC pics | C & C pics }

The Skinny Confidential talks Create & Cultivate.

The Skinny Confidential talks Create & Cultivate.
♡ Favorite blog resources:

TSC Pink Detox Drink ♡

The Skinny Confidential talks detox.

The Skinny Confidential pink detox drink.

The Skinny Confidential pink detox drink.

I’m such an extremist.

Spiciest of spicy.

Super, super, SUPER lemony.

Burn my skin off showers.

Red lipstick needs to be BLOOD RED.

Freezing cold sparkling water.

There’s no medium. IT’S HIGH OR IT’S LOW, YA KNOW?

And today I want to do nothing more than discuss what is currently helping me fight MAJOR bloat.

At least the extremist in me does…

The logical side though? Thinks this may be too much for some.

And hey, no biggie. That’s fine, totally chill. This post may very well not be for you because IT’S EXTREME with the ingredients. Maybe you have your own more relaxed way of fighting bloat & detoxing.

First of all, let me break down the ingredients.

The Skinny Confidential pink detox drink.

♡ TSC Pink Detox Drink:

6-7 cups of water
3-5 tablespoons of organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar
1/2 grapefruit
Tons (like TONS) of mint leaves
1-2 tablespoon organic cayenne powder (LOL)
1 tablespoon organic turmeric powder

Directions: I add ice to an extra large mason jar. Then on top of the ice, add water but don’t fill it to the top, like leave about an inch of space (I’ve never measured out this recipe, so bear with me ). Then add apple cider vinegar, squeeze half a grapefruit on the top ( being real: I don’t care about the seeds, if you do, strain it ), & as much mint, cayenne, and turmeric as you want. Option: sometimes I add a couple drops of 100% grapefruit oil to speed the metabolism too. This detox drink was adapted from The Suja Solution. I modified the spices, switched up the lemon for grapefruit, & added fresh mint.

** use the amounts you like//my amounts are EXTREME!

Here’s the deal: it’s not really the ingredients that are extreme though, it’s how much of each ingredient used. My cayenne obsession runs deep…& weird. I USE A LOT:

The Skinny Confidential pink detox drink.

You could full well make TSC Pink Detox Drink with a little bit of each ingredient.

ME? NO WAY. I need heaping, huge-ass amounts.

It’s how I like my food/work/life…extreme.

So totally feel free to DIY, in your own way, to your taste.

Am I making sense or rambling like a psycho?

If you follow me on Snapchat you know I drink this every single morning. EVERY.single.morning. It’s like this routine that’s ingrained in me. I wake up, make TSC Pink Detox Drink in my XL half gallon mason jar, make the bed while I drink it, listen to relaxing music, & check e-mails. The whole process is extremely calming for me.

Benefits are endless: this drink is cleansing, alkalizing, filling, full of Vitamin C, speeds the metabolism, & ultimately the perfect way to begin the day.

The Skinny Confidential pink detox drink.

Off on a tangent for the second: such a fan of making the bed when I wake up. It starts my day on the right foot & a lot of studies ( AKA Facebook pop-ups ) have said the act sets the tone & productivity of the day. I believe it. Thoughts?

So. Anywaysssss! That’s my detox drink. I’ve never had more questions on Snapchat in regards to this drink so I knew I had to share!

If you love this recipe, there’s a ton more like this in TSC Bombshell Body Guide.

Cheers! lauryn, xx

{ snapchat username: laurynevarts }

ps. & HOWWW CUTE are these coasters of my TSC Instagram quotes??? Use them in the AM too:

The Skinny Confidential pink detox drink.

The Skinny Confidential pink detox drink.

Tips For Working Out When You Kinda Just Wanna Relax

The Skinny Confidential goes on vacation.The Skinny Confidential goes on vacation.

I am far from perfect.

I have a hyper pigmentation when summer rolls around ( what up mustache!! ), my butt gains weight first, sometimes I eat too much & I literally have to secretly unbutton my pants when I sit down, & I tend to WAY over-indulge in chips & guacamole.

So I am not posting this post to brag about how I work out on vacation.

I’m posting because there’s a point so bear with me, mmmkay?

In fact, there’s been so many damn times where I made excuses of WHY I SHOULDN’T WORKOUT ON VACAY ( justification at its finest: I am tired. I should relax. I am on vacation. Ohhh, a donut blow-up toy! OMG, did you see that bird?! Wait, what? A jalapeño margarita sounds so good right now )…so I’m not trying to sit here & act like Ms. Perfect.

The point is: my fitness/wellness/health is a JOURNEY. A lifestyle. It’s forever evolving, you know? It changes…life happens. Making the effort to work out while traveling is a mindset. I know mindsets can change, but I wanted to share where I’m at TODAY. Remember sometimes I work out 7 days a week & sometimes I work out 3. You get it.

Anyway. Here’s why this year I’ve made a commitment to work out while traveling:

1.} First things first, let’s be real…when I’m in a bikini I want to feel my best ( sorry I’m not sorry ).

When I workout on vacation somewhere tropical, I feel a million times better in a bikini. Maybe it’s because I typically consume my weight in steak tacos? Or maybe it’s just in my head…but seriously a pre-bikini workout just feels better, you know? As you know I’ve been using TSC 27 minute Bombshell Body Guide, which has helped me feel bikini ready ( especially when I use the guide BEFORE getting into a bathing suit )…oh, & shoutout to the casual toilet in the back:

The Skinny Confidential goes on vacation.

2.} It’s fun to sweat in a beautiful place.

This is the gym at our hotel in Cabo. It’s kind of too pretty to avoid, right? I tell myself that I will just do 27 minutes & enjoy the ambience. The pretty flowers, amazing music, & rad equipment made it wayyyy easier to get off my ass. If you’re not in a spot with a pretty gym ( heyyyy I’ve been there ), utilize the outdoors.

AND IF YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE THE EXCUSE “it’s snowing/raining/etc,” don’t. Because with Bombshell Body Guide you can literally work out in your hotel room. In fact, in Washington, D.C. I worked out every day in my hotel room with no equipment & Michael reading on the bed. The space was small but I made it work!! Sweating it out made the work trip 10 times better. Whatever workout you do, just move— you’ll feel better. So. Exhibit B, Cabo gym:

The Skinny Confidential goes on vacation.

3.} My ideal workout is now created!! WOOT WOOT!

Very excited that I was able to create my version of the perfect workout guide with celebrity trainer, Jaime. Not being sell-y, just being real: I AM OBSESSED with TSC Guide because it’s exactly what I like: quick workouts that are effective & make you sore in all the right places. Plus it’s in a little book that I carry around ( see above, 2nd pic ) AND I can access it on my phone. These are 27 minute workouts that are made for women. I bring my book everywhere. Now there’s NO EXCUSE for me not to workout on vacation/work trips.

4.} It makes you feel WAYYYY BETTER.

I swear that working out before you’re scheduled to relax sets the tone of the whole day. There was this one day in Cabo that I missed my sweat session & felt…MEH. So not the same feeling as when I worked out the day before. The more endorphins, the better- thanks. Taking 27 freaking minutes out of my day to literally relax the entire day is KIND OF SO WORTH IT. ( By the way, generally I use TSC Guide 3 to 4 times a week & the other days I hike, walk the treadmill, or take a Pilates class ).

The Skinny Confidential goes on vacation.

5.} Who the hell doesn’t like results??

This one is major (!!!). Since starting the guide months ago I have toned the F UP. No joke, I feel so much tighter. I don’t know if you guys can notice, but my skinny jeans certainly do. I’ve lost weight, tightened up, & just feel better and more confident. There’s no reason for me to go to Mexico & potentially hurt the results I’ve worked so hard for. It’s just not worth it. I want to keep up my routine.

SO! For those of you who asked on Snapchat & email: those are my travel workout tips.

Oh, & what do I do when I wake up & feel like lying around? Push myself. You are your own cheerleader, no one’s going to do it for you. The discipline I’ve learned through working out has transcended into all areas of my life. Like Nike says: JUST DO IT ( SO CLICHÉ BUT TRUE!! ).

Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one, right?…I also think about chips & salsa and that motivates me to sweat it out. Anything…& I mean anything…for chips & salsa.

Anyone else have any traveling workout tips? I know some of you guys travel for a living!! Share!

Ok I’m off to read my latest biography ( on Candice Bergen!! ). Adidos!

lauryn xx

{ more info on TSC Bombshell Body Guide here | ps. comment questions below & I’ll make sure to answer! }

The Skinny Confidential goes on vacation.

The Skinny Confidential goes on vacation.

Mini DeLites: Cabo Outfits

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo.

{ bikini | skirt ( sold out, similar ) | sunglasses }

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ bikini | jewels | skirt }

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ bikini | skirt | sunglasses }

Ok finally: Cabo outfits!! This post is very, very picture heavy but I wanted to make sure I answered outfit questions. The truth is sometimes on Twitter & Instagram, it’s difficult to make sure everything is answered but that’s what the blog’s for, right? & let it be known that I TRY! I really try to answer everything : ).

So currently: watching Marilyn Monroe’s bio on Lifetime, drinking a green/grapefruit juice, in bed ( Michael’s making an exception on the no computer in bed rule because I have a “RAGING, HORRIBLE headache,” lol ). I just went through all my Cabo pictures & picked some iPhone winners & some other random ones.

The feel I was going for in Cabo was whimsical with a little color, a lot of white, & some print.

I definitely wanted print because well, it’s Mexico. Obviously I didn’t want to break the bank because we weren’t moving there ( sadly ), we were only traveling for a few days ( boo ), so these items are not too expensive…actually guys, a lot of them are affordable!

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ bikini | skirt | sunglasses }

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ bikini | skirt }

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ bikini | skirt ( sold out, similar ) | sunglasses }

As you can see a huge theme of flow-yyyy skirts, gold dainty chokers, colorful bikinis, & Panama hats.

You guys get the feel, ya? Kinda of girl in red dress dancing Emoji but imagine she’s like in a neon crop with a long sexy skirt rocking tiny gold bracelets & drinking a Corona Light.

So!!! I also added some body jewelry for fun & literally didn’t wash my hair once ( totally going for the casual dread, I’m on vacation look, ya know ) because it fits with the vibe.

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ bikini | skirt | jewels | gold choker }

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ bikini | hat | sunglasses | skirt }

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ dress | hatsunglasses | shoes }

I’m very much into these Cabo-esque outfits but at the end of the day it was nice to come home & throw on my uniform: black tight jeans, white oxfords, a heavy leather jacket, & a white men’s tank top.

I always loving playing with color & prints here and there, but I’m not a fan of over-doing it.

Too much color & too many prints together are kind of like wearing too much red lipstick with sky blue eyeshadow. Keep it simple. Like if I wore a printed bikini ( see above ), I kept the bottoms neutral in white.

Let me know if I’m making sense because I’m totally babbling like Marilyn at this point. It’s been a longgggg day so I think I’ll shut off Lifetime & throw on my sheep eye mask.

If you guys have any outfit questions, I’m happy to answer them below!! xx, lauryn

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.

{ crop | skirt ( sold out, similar ) | gold choker }

The Skinny Confidential talks Cabo outfits.
{ bikini | skirt ( sold out, similar ) }

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