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My Nordstrom Anni Sale Wishlist

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Mall don’t do it for me.

They’re a real *yawn*.

BUTTTT whenever there’s a Nordstrom sale, I actually look forward to going to the mall because t’s literally the best sale…ever. I swear half of my closet is made up of the Nordstrom sale. Just because something’s on sale doesn’t mean you can’t rock that shit with tons of confidence. Own it!

Plus their anniversary sale always has fresh/new items, as opposed to dated pieces.

Anyway, these are my top thirteen favorites, although I did end up caving in & buying the moon/star PJ set. It was just too cute to pass up!!

Happy Thursday, x. Lauryn

Add a Little Glitter to Your #GIRLBOSS Biz Plan

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

Here’s something you may or may not know about me: I LOVE business.

Like, love, love.

It gets me goin’.

I love making moves.

I love growing my company.

I love branding.

It’s my ultimate passion.

& I’m hungry.

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

Sorry to get all realzies on ya, but growing The Skinny Confidential in to a mini empire is my dream— so naturally I thrive off anything that grows my mind when it comes to business.

BTW: I’m not hungry in a weird way, but ‘hungry’ in a healthy, motivated way.( Kinda like Leo in Wolf of Wallstreet. But without the illegal money shit, hookers, & coke ).

Leo was hungry for a challenge.

& whelp, Leo D. so am I.

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

Ready for a lil book club?

First I started reading #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso ( like every other girl in the world ), I was instantly inspired ( like every other girl in the world ).

But seriously.

Inspired because I felt like Sophia spoke to me.

Not, like, actually spoke to me, but I felt like she spoke ‘my language.’

Ya know?

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my favorite book quotes because you’re all my favorite homies…

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

Ahhhh. So, so true!!

AND THEN!!! I read The Glitter Plan by the Juicy Couture babes. Basically I read the whole thing in about three hours because it’s SUCH a great read for women entrepreneurs.

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

Here’s the deal: these badass, DETAIL-orientanted women ( Pam & Gela ) grew a company from $200 to to a multi-million dollar, global brand.

But wait, wait, wait, let’s back up: for me it’s not necessary about money. Money doesn’t motivate me.

The global brand part motivates me.

Noowwwwww we’re talking.

That gets my wheel’s spinning.

To create something out of nothing ( literally thin air ), is magical.

Not only is it magical, it’s inspiring, ambitious, and…well goes against the grain.

And lets be real, going against the norm is rad.rad.rad.

Reading about Pam & Gela’s journey has been so inspiring so I kinda had to showcase some kick-ass quotes on the blog:

The Skinny Confidential talks business.Back to their brand, Juicy Couture ( heard of it? HA! LOL ).

Basically it F-ing killed it.

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

What I love most about their brand/book is it’s the real deal. They share the nitty-gritty shit that no one sees.

You see their struggle. The hours, the passion, the time, the sweat, the tears, the F-you’s, the hard work.

I mean…it’s not like they nonchalantly woke up to Juicy billboards all over LA/NYC/etc one day.

And I’m totally with them ( & Sophia ) on the luck thing.

I’m not lucky, you’re not lucky, Steve Jobs wasn’t lucky, Rachel Zoe isn’t lucky…


Also, they talk competition. They pretty much say a lil competition never hurt a flea. In fact, it kinda pushes the flea to do better:

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

Pam & Gela lay it out simple: they worked their asses off to get where they’re at. And in the meantime, they stayed true to their brand & consumer.

So basically, as Drake would say, they “started from the bottom now they’re here.”

Anyway last night I was laying in bed finishing The Glitter Plan & a lightbulb went off: I had to share my bookmarked/dog earred pages/quotes with YOU guys.

The quotes I’ve chosen, REALLY resonated, so I hope you love them as much as I do ( AKA they’re hanging on my ceiling/on the fridge/tattooed on my face ).

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

So ta-da.

These are part of #GIRLBOSS & The Glitter Plan that spoke to me. At the end of the day, I’m just sharing any piece of the puzzle that inspires TSC-empire-on-training-wheels.

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

Anyone else got a badass #GIRLBOSS Glitter Plan? Share!!

x lde

{ My entrepreneurial journey can be found here || TSC business plan here }

{{ Pam & Gela’s new brand can be found here— OBSESSED! }}

The Skinny Confidential business plan.

The Skinny Confidential business plan.


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I’m Team Blonde Vegan— Jordan Younger Talks Lifestyle Changes

The Skinny Confidential talks with The Blonde Vegan AKA The Blonde Veggie.

The Skinny Confidential talks with The Blonde Vegan AKA The Blonde Veggie.

Jordan Younger from The Balanced Blonde ( formally known as The Blonde Vegan ) because fast Internet friends. It’s weird/rad when you’re a blogger & you immediately click with someone over the web— definitely a different way to make friends, right?! But seriously, Jordan’s charismatic, understanding ( I’ve been all over the place today while we were posting— lol ), kind, smart, & honest.

Recently she made MAJOR headlines ( think Prevention, Women’s Health, ABC News, Well + Good, & Hello Giggles ( which was shared by Zooey Deschanel )— NBD ) for her transition from vegan life to whelp, a balanced life. After years of being a vegan she decided her body needed something different. Hence her blog name change. As a blogger, I commend her honesty & vulernabilty. The Internet can be a cold, hard place when ya put yourself out there…at the same time, it can also be very supportive. I completely support her brave choice to sticking with what works for HER. She should not be bullied for her lifestyle change!!! To each its own ; ).

Everyone’s different. Do what works for you.

Anyway you’ll love this entrepreneurial, pretty babe ( << she even created her own TBB apparel line!! #girlboss ) who literally glows!

Also, make sure you head over to Jordan’s blog to enter our book giveaway!! TBB & TSC are giving away three signed & personalized Skinny Confidential Books to three of you hot babes. All you have to do is comment on Jordan’s blog telling us why you want to win. Easy, right?

Ok, ok, I know you’re excited so I’ll stop blabbing & introduce you to The Balanced Blonde. Ta-da:

| Tell us all about no longer being a vegan. |

Jordan Younger: I went vegan for health reasons, and in the process I learned so much about the benefits of living a plant-based diet in all aspects of life. I learned a lot about how different foods affect my body, and I tried every type of vegan diet under the sun from 80/10/10 raw veganism to entirely plant-based to raw until 6pm to the protein-heavy and completely protein-devoid variations. About a year ago my body started telling me that veganism wasn’t cutting it anymore, but I ignored the signs my body was giving me. Eventually I lost my period, injured my ankle due to a B-12 deficiency, & started realizing that I had developed a serious problem because I started having serious fears about trying foods that were not vegan or 100% “clean.”

The psychological and physical struggles of my health obsession far outweighed the original health benefits I was experiencing. Eventually I accepted the harsh reality that I had developed orthorexia, a fear of eating food that wasn’t completely healthy. That’s not a way to live! Food should be nourishment, fuel and enjoyment. Not something to fear. So I decided to get help, and in the recovery process I have decided to ditch the “vegan” label in favor of a more balanced lifestyle.

It’s been a difficult process, but I am happier than I have been in a long time.

| Natural beauty remedy that you do? |

JY: Lots & lots of mud masks. I make my own “mud” from coconut oil ( benefits here ), avocado and honey. Let it set for 10-15 minutes. Boom– softest skin & gets rid of pesky irritation.

The Skinny Confidential talks with The Blonde Vegan AKA The Blonde Veggie.

| What is your weekly workout schedule? |

JY: I practice yoga daily and I run three to five times per week. Exercise is a huge component in leading a healthy lifestyle. You can’t just eat healthy without exercising and expect to live a healthy life, and you can’t just exercise without eating well either. They are the yin and yang of health. My best advice when it comes to exercise is to find the type of exercise that you love so that you will be consistent with it. Our exercise is our play time, our me-time.

I teach yoga, practice yoga in a studio and have a home practice of the physical asana and meditation– yoga is basically my boyfriend. Find what ya love!

| What is your favorite go-to healthy food? |

JY: My go-to healthy food would absolutely be a green smoothie. Banana, blueberries, kale, almond milk, & a bit of almond butter ( <<< making this tomorrow ). Heaven on earth. And now that I am no longer vegan, I have been LOVING omelets loaded with veggies for breakfast. So delicious.

| Cocktail of choice? |

JY: Vodka soda with lime. My friends make fun of me because it’s the only drink I will ever order or even touch. I’m kind of a freak about the nasty additives that find their way into many cocktails out there. If I’m at an organic bar or restaurant, then I will let up a little bit.

The Skinny Confidential talks with The Blonde Vegan AKA The Blonde Veggie.

| Favorite go-to healthy food? |

JY: My go-to healthy food would absolutely be a green smoothie. Banana, blueberries, kale, almond milk and a bit of almond butter. Heaven on earth. And now that I am no longer vegan, I have been LOVING omelets loaded with veggies for breakfast. So delicious.

| Can’t-live-without beauty product? |

JY: Moroccan Oil. My hair is addicted to it. And Donna Karan Cashmere Mist body lotion– I can’t leave the house if I haven’t put it on!

| When I wake up I… |

JY: Have a glass of warm water with lemon, write in my journal and meditate.

The Skinny Confidential talks with The Blonde Vegan AKA The Blonde Veggie.

| WTF’s in your purse? |

JY: WTF isn’t in my purse? I always have about ten MAC lipsticks and lip glosses rolling around (light pink shades; sometimes red if I’m feeling wild), my wallet overflowing with juice bar punch cards, my Equinox and Moksha yoga membership cards, my journal, my reusable water bottle, a PB cookie flavored Larabar, & my sunglasses.

| Day of eating? |

JY: Breakfast is usually a green smoothie or a bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon, lunch is a big green salad with a piece of wild salmon, dinner is steamed or roasted veggies with a grain or legume. Snacks are fresh fruit, green juices, raw nuts or a Larabar or Kind bar. Lately I have been reincorporating eggs and even some free-range organic chicken.

| Quick, easy (healthy) recipe? |

JY: Baked sweet potato wedges with half an avocado: cut a sweet potato into cubes, add some cumin and a dash of salt/pepper, pop in the oven at 375 degrees for about 45 minutes. Slice 1/2 avocado into cubes. Toss together, and voila! Perfect snack or mini-meal.

+ To follow Jordan on Instagram, click here.

++ Also, don’t forget to check out Jordan’s interview on TSC here.

The Skinny Confidential talks with The Blonde Vegan AKA The Blonde Veggie.

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