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How I Edit My Instagram ( I TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY GUYS. HA! )

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

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Let’s face it, the question “what filter do you use?” is seriously like a frequently talked about topic.

I feel like I’ll be out for cocktails with my friends & we’re discussing the filter topic as if it’s a politician running for office…”ohhhh I use VSCO because it’s wayyyyy better than Camera+.” “You do? I’m so over VSCO, everyone’s using it.” “OMG, I’m obsessed with Valencia’s Instagram filter.” “EWWW, you are?! Nasty-ass. No one uses Instagram filters anymore!!”

Am I right about this? Or do I just sound like a bat-shit psycho? Probably a little of both?

Personally, I take my Instagram filters as serious as a heart attack.

( insert six million laughing/crying Emojis here ).

& obviously today I’m talking filters…so drumroll please…

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

Veryyyyy excited to announce a secret project I’ve been working on where I designed 3 photo filters that fully showcases The Skinny Confidential’s brand. A lot of you have asked photography & filter questions via Instagram but I’ve been tight-lipped while scheming/planning/perfecting my three filters ( I’M NERVOUS ABOUT THIS LAUNCH BECAUSE I REALLLLLLY WANTED THEM PERFECT, GUYS ).

I wanted my filters to make YOU GUYS LOOK AMAZING. I wanted them to be TSC-esque. I wanted them to be original. And I wanted you guys to fucking love them.

So let’s hope ya do.


1.) The Tennis Club
2.) Lemonade Stand
3.) Skinny Chic

Each one has it’s own vibes & of course, they’re the top three filters I use on my Insta, duh.

Let’s talk about each one:

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

The Skinny Confidential talks Phuket, Thailand.

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

♡ The Tennis Club ^^^:

This one is like a filter you would use on a bright day. Think: you’re at the tennis club sipping summer water AKA rosé while rocking a super short tennis skirt listening to The Girl From Ipanema & flirting heavily with the ball boy. This filter is so summer-ish & will totally whiten your whites ( eyes, shirts, sky, etc. ). I’m obsessed with using this filter for lifestyle shots, fitness pics, cutie dog shots, & any type of outside photos. This filter looks like you’re on vacay 24/7, where ever you are.

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

♡ Lemonade Stand ^^^:

Eek! One of my favs! It’s inspired by the vodka lemonade stand at the Parker in Palm Springs. The colors in Palm Springs are super vibrant & ohhhhh so bright so this filter is great for a selfie, depending on what mood you’re going for. I also like using ‘Lemonade Stand’ for food & juice pics ( or the occasional boozy snow cone )!

The Skinny Confidential takes New York City with Skinnygirl.

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

The Skinny Confidential talks Phuket, Thailand.

♡ Skinny Chic ^^^:

This badass filter is a bit more dramatic. I didn’t want to take away from the bright/light vibe of TSC so I kept that but I added a little mystery with a vintage feel. I use this filter if I’m taking a picture of my date night heels, posting a pic of dark red lips, &/or out on a date night. It’s sassy, intense, & kinda sexy ( so if you’re looking for sultry vibes for your selfie, I gotcha covered, BB’s ).


Naturally all my filters are SKIN FRIENDLY. I WASN’T ABOUT TO DESIGN SOME SICK-ASS FILTER THAT MAKES YOUR SKIN LOOK BAD. Come on, you guys know me too well, flawless skin was a must!

Anyway, to download The Skinny Confidential Package, download Looksee in The App Store ( while you’re at it check out TSC free app too! ). Simply tap the ‘Store’ icon that’s a red/blue/green circle & my package is under ‘Fashion Looks.’ If you want you can also just search ‘skinny’ right from the main store screen.

To use the app, just choose the photo you want to add the filter to, takes like 3.5 seconds guys.

Having a cool Instagram aesthetic is so much more fun to follow. Especially if you have the perfect filter right at your finger tips ( hooray! No more editing for 10-20 minutes, lol— this is real life— seen it AND been there ). Keep it easy, pretty, & simple!!

Let me know what you guys think about the filters, but really though: give me your unfiltered opinions, k?

Also, hashtag your TSC filtered photos using #theskinnyconfidential & I’ll check them out.

See you on Insta! lauryn x

ps. & fyi: Looksee has been named the Best New Photo Editing App by Apple themselves…ok, ready, set, filter!


The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.


You Asked!

First of all, can we talk about how chic I look in the default pic of this video?

So Gisele, right.

HA aka the worst picture on the planet.


You guys asked me a bunch of questions via Instagram so I answered some of them via video.

Obviously this was filmed a few weeks ago because TSC Bombshell Body Guide has launched now!!

If you have any other questions, leave them below & I’ll shout you out in my next Q & A video ( leave your blog name too if you want ; ) ). ASK AWAY, everything & anything, guys.

Also, to subscribe to TSC YouTube channel, click here. You’ll get videos/updates & all that jazz straight to your inbox.

All the product links I mentioned in the video (like my absolute favorite dry shampoo!!!), can be found on my channel.


Happy weekend, x lauryn
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Loving Periwinkle Lately!!!

The Skinny Confidential x Mod Cloth.

OOOOOOhhhhhh there’s nothing I love more than a little simple, feminine, off the shoulder dress ( even thinking off the shoulder for my wedding dress? Thoughts? ).

But really, there’s something so damn sexy about showing a little shoulder.

It’s almost as if you have sex appeal in an understated pretty way, you know? Think Cinderella after the evil step-monsters got off her back & she had her prince moment.

So that’s why I’m obsessed with THIS DRESS.

The Skinny Confidential x Mod Cloth.

I’m sooooo into this soft, pretty dress by ModCloth.

I paired it with ankle boots, big-ass sunglasses ( but what’s new there ), & Daisy perfume ( keeping the flower theme going ).

And it certainly helped that when I took these pictures there were beautiful blue flowers behind me – it’s the little things, right?


Anyway, I’m especially in love with this periwinkle dress because it’s priced right!! It seems like everything off the shoulder is $300 bucks, so to find something pretty, inexpensive, & spring-ish?

YESSSS, about it.

I wore this get-up to help my friend prepare for her bridal party ( well, kinda: we got blowouts, drank champagne, & ate chips/salsa ). But really it was so perfect for the girly, primp-y day.

What’s your favorite way to rock a feminine number?

Can’t wait to do a New York City recap for you guys!! I’ve been there for the last three days!

Happy weekend!

– Lauryn, xx

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PERFECT Curls: Flatter On The Top/Lightly Curled On The Bottom

The Skinny Confidential talks hair.The Skinny Confidential talks hair.

Today we’re talking HAIRRRRRR.

You guys have asked how I curl my hair.

Ok so I’m very, very, very specific when I curl my hair.

You guys obviously know I’m a huge fan of The Sleep Bun.

But how do you get pre-Sleep Bun curls?

The Skinny Confidential talks hair.

WHEEEEELP, let’s start from the very beginning:

1.) I always curl OUTWARD. NEVER inward. If you’re curling inward then you’re going to get that bridal curl. Not my thing at all. I always curl outward.

2.) Use the right curling iron. Yes. There’s such a thing. I’m obsessed with Nume’s curling iron. There’s no chipper thing. The chipper thing gives me a bump in my hair…& no one likes bumps. So I am big advocate of no chipper curling irons.

The Skinny Confidential talks hair.

3.) Never start above the ears. Seriously though. Start curling the hair UNDER the ears. Don’t start from the top. It looks like Shirley Temple if you do.

4.) Brush your hair first. I know, right? Me brush my hair? HA! I promise I do before I curl it. I’m obsessed with this paddle brush. I like to brush the top a little AFTER it’s curled too. Only the top, not the curls at the bottom.

5.) Leave an inch out. I always leave an inch out of the curling iron. Keep an inch out ALWAYS.

The Skinny Confidential talks hair.

6.) Use a little oil afterwards. I love adding a little argan oil (insert Nume’s oil here). Argan oil has SOOOOOooo many benefits ( to name a few: it makes the hair silker, it’s amazing for split ends, & adds moisture without adding shine ). More benefits can be found here.

7.) As far as hairspray is concerned…don’t use too much!! Just a little. A little goes a long way.

8.) Pull it through. I like to pull the curls out with my fingers a little. I tossle it a little before I leave the house & kind of pull the curls downward with my finger tips.

9.) SLEEP BUN IT UP!! I live & die for The Sleep Bun. After I’ve curled my hair, I sleep on it! Check out this full tutorial.

10.) Don’t wash it for a few days. Heyyyyyy, come on now. A little dirty hair never hurt a flea. The curls always look best the 3rd/4th day!! #sorrynotsorry

Here’s pre-Sleep Bun, freshly curled hair, by the way:

The Skinny Confidential talks hair.

What are your hair curling tips? Will do a tutorial on hippie chic curls soon too ; ). More hair tips here & in TSC Book.


– Lauryn

P.S. get 40% off anything + free US shipping on all Nume items! Use the code: THESKINNYCON.

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The Skinny Confidential talks hair.

Latest Favorites: Nude & Black ( I KNOW! Weird! LOL )

The Skinny Confidential talks shoes and purses.

The Skinny Confidential talks shoes and purses.

I haven’t done an outfit post in a hot minute so I figured it’d be perfect for the weekend to showcase what I’ve been living in lately: a black dress x nude pumps.

Not surprised? Thought so.

But in my defense I’ve been busier than ever so having a go-to outfit is EASYYYY PEASSSSY.

So. I’ve been living in this comfy chic black dress ( with a little lace— MEOW! ) & these nude pumps. They’re not too high but not too low, ya know? I feel like they don’t look overdone but they don’t look lazy.

SOOOO naturally I’m obsessed. Plus they’re comfortable ( I’m VERY, VERY, VERY over uncomfortable high heel shoes, like veryyyyy ).

The Skinny Confidential talks shoes and purses.

And usually I’m a fan of a huge-ass bag but I found this clutch & it’s big enough to fit my necessities but small enough to be casual cool. I also like it because the color scheme is nude/black/muted.

Basically all I do to achieve this look is blow out my hair, add a huge pair of sunglasses, & carry the clutch. A little tinted moisturizer & Chapstick and I’m good to go.

This look feels polished & finished even though it’s quick & easy…does that make sense?


Does anyone else have a go-to look that appears pristine, but takes a hot minute to throw on?!

Happy weekend— I’ll be in my nude pumps & black dress! x

P.S. For my exact shoes & clutch, check out Dune’s new US online store or NYC store!! I AM OBSESSED.

{ pics: Teresa Fae }

The Skinny Confidential talks shoes and purses.DSC6813


The Skinny Confidential talks shoes and purses.


SHOES : Nude pumps

DRESS: Black lace dress ( << YEWW! ON SALEEEE!! )


SUNGLASSES: Black sunglasses


GOLD HUGE RING: House of Harlow ( also found at Van De Vort )

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