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Mini DeLites: One & Only Palmilla

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ Flight over } { Grapefruit wedges } Ahhhh. Vacation feels good. Like, realllll good. Michael & I have been definitely celebrating but we’ve also been working out to compensate for the extra food intake ( I mean…can anyone pass up popcorn soufflé?! I’m doing extra lunges for that deliciousness any day ). And let’s face it, […] Read more…

Why Being A ‘Larry Lazy’ Sucks

Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.

Oh, lazzzzzy days. We’ve all experienced them. Sometimes being lazy is fun. But it’s totally, not at all fun when you’re Larry Lazy 24/7. & FYI: I’m not just talking being lazy when it comes to fitness. I’m talking about becoming lazy with your diet, relationship, friendship, work, & life in general. I’m also talking […] Read more…

Mini DeLites: Tha, Tha, Thanksgiving!!!

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Although Thanksgiving was amaze, I still felt like shit the next day. I figured I’d drank too much bubbly, but it was actually a full-blown ‘food hangover.’ On Black Friday, I ran into a girlfriend who told me she didn’t drink alcohol the night before, & still felt like crap. She normally eats super healthy, so […] Read more…

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