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Skinnista of the Month: Simone Wasserman

+ Describe yourself. + What is your quick skinny trick? + If you had to do a bikini shoot in a week, how would you prepare? + What is your weekly workout schedule? + What is your favorite go-to healthy food? + What is your motivation to stay in shape? + What is your favorite beauty product? + What is a natural beauty remedy that you do? + Secret model tip for diet and health? + Five outfits or accessories you have to have (please include links to the product you list): + Quick, easy recipe:

Recently I interviewed actress Simone Wasserman. We talked skinny tips & fabulous tricks for staying long, lean, & healthy. Enjoy! + Quick skinny trick? I am obsessed with herbal teas. No milk, sugar, or sweetener please! My favorites are American red bush, peppermint [ so refreshing ] & jasmine tea [ the blooming flower teas […] Read more…