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Chic Kitchenware

Chic Kitchenware by The Skinny Confidential

Acrylic Apothecary Jar Marble Rolling Pin Copper Oil + Vinegar Set | A Casa K Engraved Martini Glasses Marble Pastry Slab Silicone Utensils Artland Simplicity Jar Aqua Owl Cookie Jar Old Glory Vintage Silverware Set | Russet Measuring Cups

The holidays are rapidly approaching, so you’re probably going to spend a ton of time in your kitchen cooking, hanging out with friends, & of course— EATING!

Here are some very affordable & chic kitchenware items to spice up your kitchen ( & life ) for the holidays.

Not going to lie, the OCD inside of me is LOVING the acrylic apothecary jars & the Artland simplicity jar.


Why I Tell Myself that I’m Working Out Seven Days a Week

Lauryn Evarts is a fitness instructor from San Diego, California talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Because why wouldn’t I tell myself that? First of all, I typically end up working out five to six. BUT I shoot for seven.

Set ‘rest days’ don’t work for me. I hear people say this alllllll the time: “Sunday is my day to relax & rest.” I mean, it’s fine, if that works for you.

But it doesn’t for me.

Why, why, why? Things come up. Maybe your set ‘rest day’ is every Tuesday & you really have every intention of working out every single day other than Tuesday’s. But what happens when you “accidentally” sleep in? Or a friend/work/dog/cat needs you ASAP? Or maybe your BF [ who most likely does not know how to multi-task, because let’s face it: what man does…? ] needs help cooking dinner? Yahhh, plans change- life happens. And sometimes it ends up affecting your weekly fitness sch.

So my advice is this: intend to workout everyday. If you’re dead tired on Saturday, then skip it.

Pssshhhh, no bigs. You have four/five/six other days to make up for it.

So. There you have it.

If shit changes, I’m not hard on myself. And if I do sweat seven days, then ta-da, I’m a star.

Intend to sweat daily & bust ass seven days a week. It’s truly a win/win for your health, bod, & lifestyle.


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