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The Best Damn…White Oxfords

The Skinny Confidential talks oxfords.

If you know me you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE white oxfords ( but I guess I’m a sucker for white shoes in general, but silver is cute too ).

I mean, not only are they flattering ( << real leg slimmers, man ), they’re super cute!! In my opinion, every girl should own a pair.

Not to mention they’re cool as shit.

Now there’s a lot of versions that are EXPENSIVE. And I mean real expensive. Think: like, thanks but no thanks $845 kind of expensive.

YIKES. So I searched high and low and found this pair for $129. Not super inexpensive but I wear mine probably everyday so I figured it’s smart investment ( wink, wink ).

The reason I’m so white oxford-sessed is because they’re classic, a total staple, and sort of go with everything. Some of my favorite ways to wear oxfords: with a baggy sweater & black skinny jeans, with a black maxi skirt & a crop, with little shorts, with jeans & an vintage tee.

By the way, if you’re scared to invest in white shoes, don’t be. I keep mine clean with a white shoe polish so it’s no big deal. Except for that one time T.Boone Pickens peed on my white heels. FML.

What’s your favorite, must-have shoe? Tell, tell.

- Lauryn

P.S. these are the pair pictured. Black & white version here…also this is not sponsored, just realness. Happy shopping!!

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Meow! Sexy Leopard & Mesh Fitness Wear

The Skinny Confidential talks fitness wear.

Oh meow!!! This mesh top x these leopard leggings are a sassy AND fun combo, right?

Quite honestly, I get so bored with workout clothes so excuse me if I’m way too excited when something spicy comes along.

Lately I’ve been super into barre class & this get-up is literally PERFECT for barre.

I’ll do a whole post on my barre experience, but in the meantime just know that if you try barre it’s important to wear pants that are stretchy and comfortable…& well, these leopard ones are super stretchy and even though they’re print, they’re slimming.

As we all know sometimes print isn’t very slimming…so thank God for these leopard babies that suck it in ( big time!! ).

The Skinny Confidential talks fitness wear.

The Skinny Confidential talks fitness wear.

The Skinny Confidential talks fitness wear.

Anyway I’m huge fan of Carbon38′s workout clothes in general but I’m especially a huge fan of all the mesh they showcase ( remember this post? ).  I like how you can kind of see-through the material but it’s still sort of a mystery. Options to wear under mesh: a hot pink sports bra, a lace bandeau ( contrast is fun! ), a white sports bra, &/or little spaghetti strap.

Ultimately when I take a barre class I’m typically running errands afterwards, so this workout outfit is ideal for errand situc. I don’t look like I’m homeless AKA too lazy to change my scrubs after a workout. EVEN THOUGH THAT’S TOTALLY THE CASE. HA! I actually look pulled together in this baby.

What’s your favorite spicy workout outfit? Do tell.

Happy Tuesday! x Lauryn

Photos by: Teresa Fae

The Skinny Confidential talks fitness wear.

The Skinny Confidential talks fitness wear.

The Skinny Confidential talks fitness wear.


SHOES : White Nikes

TOP: Carbon38 Mesh Top

PANTS: Carbon38 Leopard Leggings


Fall Workout Wear x A Some Amazing-Ass Sales

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and fashion.

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Fall is here!

Kinda though…San Diego is funny it’s like 87 million degrees— but ANYWAY!! Here’s what my workout wardrobe needs when it gets chillier:

1.} Sexy Grey Top: perfect for fall. Just perfect. And it’s uh, a cool $17 bucks. Meow.

2.} Navy Green Long Sleeve by Nancy Rose Performance: UGH, it’s stupid how much I live for the color navy green. This color is the BEST EVER. And how cool is the top?! I’d for sure wear this with all white Adidas tennis shoes.

3.} Teal Nikes: I AM IN LOVEEEE with these babies. They’re so cute & would look perfect with a plain white tee, black leggings, and a fun headband.

4.} Bobby Socks: Lately I’ve been obsessed with wearing bobby socks over my workout pants. These ones are simple, to the point, & inexpensive.

5.} Black Zipper Pants by Delano: OMGGGG, can we talk about these black zipper pants?!!! Little zippers on the sides of workout pants is like, the best invention ever. So, so cute.

6.} Rad Baseball Cap: I saw this cap & was so excited. First off, it’s from one of my favorites, Forever 21 & would basically look with everything. I always keep my face out of the sun, so this reflective runner’s cap would be a perfect addition to my closet.

7.} Zella Purple Jacket: I feel like this is a fun/different color & really, really works well for brunettes. Even though I’m blonde I’d still rock this because of my love for thumbholes…LOLZ.

8.} Baseball Tee by MINT: I’m a fan of keeping it simple with staples. A baseball tee is always great for a casual day & I love throwing one over my workout top & pants.

9.} Black Thumbhole Jacket by Alala: I just got this & I can’t deal with how cute it is! The mesh thumbhole area is amazing. And who doesn’t like black on black for working out?

ALSO- YOU SHOULD KNOW THERE’S SOME BOMB-ASS SALES GOING ON RIGHT NOW! I’m especially obsessed with Madewell— they have the best jeans that don’t break the bank. Also, Singer22 & J.Crew? I’m in:

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and fashion.

Madewell jeans || Singer22 flannel || J.Crew skirt

If you’re looking for more fall fashion tips, check out my latest guide on eBay!

DON’T FORGET!! When you’re shopping the sales, use the promo codes above! Sometimes I forget to enter the codes & curse out the computer after I’ve paid. SOOOoo annoying.

Happy shopping…& happy kinda-Fall!

xx, Lauryn

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TSC Series: The Best Damn…SALE

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The best damn online sale of the century AKA Shopbop’s 25% off sale is here.

But really guys, is this real life?

I just can’t help it. I feel such a sense of euphoria when there’s a sale like this. It’s too good.

First off, the important shit: these boots look EXACTLY like the Stuart Weitzman’s but they’re a third of the price. I plan on pairing them with a turtleneck sweater dress.

Cute— right?

& lately I’ve been super into navy green. The color looks really amazing on all skin tones & it’s literally the perfect color for fall.

So ya, bring on the navy green.

I mean, this is going to kind of be a navy green themed fall/winter for me, so this purchase was a real no-brainer.

Plus did I mention it’s all 25% off.

Cha-ching, ba-ta-bing.

And act fast—! The sale ends tomorrow at midnight. I know, I know, bummer.

By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post— it’s just seriously one of the BEST DAMN SALES OF THE YEAR. Had to share.

Use code FAMILY25 at checkout.


Shop the Sale:

Shop TSC Closet x Some Bomb-Ass Columbus Day Sales

The Skinny Confidential shares her closet.

Time for a little fall cleaning: I’m back at it with Tradesy showcasing some pieces from my closet again!

I just added a bunch of new pieces, so I figured I’d share.

My favorites? Definitely this leopard maxi & white crop top ( super cute with a high-waisted skirt ).

Shop more here.

The Skinny Confidential shares her closet.

Speaking of clothes, I have to share because the Columbus Day weekend sales are just too good.

Basically I’ve been online shopping since Saturday morning. Whoops. Why?


1.) I’m obsessed with Forever 21 & they’re offering 30% off all sale items. In my shopping cart, currently: this red top for the holidays, these peep-toe booties, & this striped chiffon blouse ( solely based upon the fact that it will look super cute with red lipstick ). By the way, this little dealie-dealster ends 10/19/14. Use code TAKE30 at checkout.

2.) Topshop kind of kills it & the site is offering up to 20% off. I snagged this black, sexy dime which I might wear for Halloween.

3.) These black ripped jeans are ridiculous!!! They’re SOOOO cute & I’m super excited to wear them all through fall. Plus Madewell is offering 30% off with code OHFALL through tomorrow night ( 10/13/14 ).

These all end tomorrow night

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