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The Skinny Confidential talks sales!

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The Nordstrom sale ALWAYS ROCKS IT. Every single damn time.

“This is shocking— Nordstrom has so many good finds! I can’t believe it!” said no one. Ever.

This is not sponsored either guys, the half yearly sale just really kills it. I actually physically went into Nordstrom this year, which is alarming because my online shopping usually takes precedence over actual, hands-on shopping, ya know? Ok, so here’s what I bought ( P.S. KISS ME LATER BECAUSE ALL OF THESE SNAZZY ITEMS ARE UNDER A HUNDO!!! ):

1.// Because every girl needs a pair of pink pumps for summer…

2.// This midi dress hits the leg in the most flattering place & is kind of the chicest sale item EVER.

3.// A boyfriend is useless unless you can steal his jeans…I kid…but seriously every babe needs to invest in a flattering pair of boyfriend jeans, & these are kinda it. They’re priced right & hit the hip at the most flattering spot.


4.// I’m SOOOO into cowl necks lately. They remind me of Paris/NYC in all the right ways. I bought this loose fitted, juicy one in white…I know, shocking WHITE.

5.// Having an MK & Ash moment with these gold polka dots. I feel like they both ( especially Ashley ) would rock this phone case with bright red, apple nails, you know? Super excited for this pretty case to arrive in the mail!

6.// This white lace dress screams summer 2015, champagne, tennis courts, vodka lemonades, pink & white umbrellas, pool boys, & just overall perfection. Can’t wait.

What are your Nordstrom sale picks?

Since I love this sale, I’ll be sharing my picks throughout the week like I did last year.

Happy Tuesday, xx lauryn

How I Edit My Instagram ( I TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY GUYS. HA! )

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

Lauryn_Pack_instagram (1)

Let’s face it, the question “what filter do you use?” is seriously like a frequently talked about topic.

I feel like I’ll be out for cocktails with my friends & we’re discussing the filter topic as if it’s a politician running for office…”ohhhh I use VSCO because it’s wayyyyy better than Camera+.” “You do? I’m so over VSCO, everyone’s using it.” “OMG, I’m obsessed with Valencia’s Instagram filter.” “EWWW, you are?! Nasty-ass. No one uses Instagram filters anymore!!”

Am I right about this? Or do I just sound like a bat-shit psycho? Probably a little of both?

Personally, I take my Instagram filters as serious as a heart attack.

( insert six million laughing/crying Emojis here ).

& obviously today I’m talking filters…so drumroll please…

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

Veryyyyy excited to announce a secret project I’ve been working on where I designed 3 photo filters that fully showcases The Skinny Confidential’s brand. A lot of you have asked photography & filter questions via Instagram but I’ve been tight-lipped while scheming/planning/perfecting my three filters ( I’M NERVOUS ABOUT THIS LAUNCH BECAUSE I REALLLLLLY WANTED THEM PERFECT, GUYS ).

I wanted my filters to make YOU GUYS LOOK AMAZING. I wanted them to be TSC-esque. I wanted them to be original. And I wanted you guys to fucking love them.

So let’s hope ya do.


1.) The Tennis Club
2.) Lemonade Stand
3.) Skinny Chic

Each one has it’s own vibes & of course, they’re the top three filters I use on my Insta, duh.

Let’s talk about each one:

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

The Skinny Confidential talks Phuket, Thailand.

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

♡ The Tennis Club ^^^:

This one is like a filter you would use on a bright day. Think: you’re at the tennis club sipping summer water AKA rosé while rocking a super short tennis skirt listening to The Girl From Ipanema & flirting heavily with the ball boy. This filter is so summer-ish & will totally whiten your whites ( eyes, shirts, sky, etc. ). I’m obsessed with using this filter for lifestyle shots, fitness pics, cutie dog shots, & any type of outside photos. This filter looks like you’re on vacay 24/7, where ever you are.

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

♡ Lemonade Stand ^^^:

Eek! One of my favs! It’s inspired by the vodka lemonade stand at the Parker in Palm Springs. The colors in Palm Springs are super vibrant & ohhhhh so bright so this filter is great for a selfie, depending on what mood you’re going for. I also like using ‘Lemonade Stand’ for food & juice pics ( or the occasional boozy snow cone )!

The Skinny Confidential takes New York City with Skinnygirl.

The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.

The Skinny Confidential talks Phuket, Thailand.

♡ Skinny Chic ^^^:

This badass filter is a bit more dramatic. I didn’t want to take away from the bright/light vibe of TSC so I kept that but I added a little mystery with a vintage feel. I use this filter if I’m taking a picture of my date night heels, posting a pic of dark red lips, &/or out on a date night. It’s sassy, intense, & kinda sexy ( so if you’re looking for sultry vibes for your selfie, I gotcha covered, BB’s ).


Naturally all my filters are SKIN FRIENDLY. I WASN’T ABOUT TO DESIGN SOME SICK-ASS FILTER THAT MAKES YOUR SKIN LOOK BAD. Come on, you guys know me too well, flawless skin was a must!

Anyway, to download The Skinny Confidential Package, download Looksee in The App Store ( while you’re at it check out TSC free app too! ). Simply tap the ‘Store’ icon that’s a red/blue/green circle & my package is under ‘Fashion Looks.’ If you want you can also just search ‘skinny’ right from the main store screen.

To use the app, just choose the photo you want to add the filter to, takes like 3.5 seconds guys.

Having a cool Instagram aesthetic is so much more fun to follow. Especially if you have the perfect filter right at your finger tips ( hooray! No more editing for 10-20 minutes, lol— this is real life— seen it AND been there ). Keep it easy, pretty, & simple!!

Let me know what you guys think about the filters, but really though: give me your unfiltered opinions, k?

Also, hashtag your TSC filtered photos using #theskinnyconfidential & I’ll check them out.

See you on Insta! lauryn x

ps. & fyi: Looksee has been named the Best New Photo Editing App by Apple themselves…ok, ready, set, filter!


The Skinny Confidential creates three Instagram filters.


You Asked!

First of all, can we talk about how chic I look in the default pic of this video?

So Gisele, right.

HA aka the worst picture on the planet.


You guys asked me a bunch of questions via Instagram so I answered some of them via video.

Obviously this was filmed a few weeks ago because TSC Bombshell Body Guide has launched now!!

If you have any other questions, leave them below & I’ll shout you out in my next Q & A video ( leave your blog name too if you want ; ) ). ASK AWAY, everything & anything, guys.

Also, to subscribe to TSC YouTube channel, click here. You’ll get videos/updates & all that jazz straight to your inbox.

All the product links I mentioned in the video (like my absolute favorite dry shampoo!!!), can be found on my channel.


Happy weekend, x lauryn
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Date Night Get-Up

The Skinny Confidential talks skirts and shoes.

Lately I’ve been allllll about contrasting prints.

Think: leopard on stripes, palm prints on bright blues, or florals on gold. So it’s no surprise that I loved this sequin on stripes look for last week’s sushi date night.

I paired it with white heels ( weird, me in white shoes? lol ), oversized sunglasses, & a little light blue clutch.

The Skinny Confidential talks skirts and shoes.

The Skinny Confidential talks skirts and shoes.

The sequin skirt is from Mindy Mae Market ( p.s. they’re offering 20% off, for a week with the code skinny20 ) was a hit because it hangs to the perfect spot on the leg. Sometimes skirts will hit the wrong spot of the leg AKA an unflattering area ( which doesn’t do anyone any favors ). This skirt fell to my ankles & made me look taller/longer/leaner and paired with a high shoe, I felt like Gisele.

Well not really Gisele.

But you know, you get my drift. I just felt taller.

What I loved about the striped top is that it was a crop, but not a crop so when I tucked it into the skirt I didn’t get that muffin top look. Does that make sense? Basically there was no extra fabric.

The Skinny Confidential talks skirts and shoes.

Anyway, the date night…We went to Sugarfish in LA which seriously, honest to God has the best damn sushi ever. If you ever go, get the ‘Trust Me.’ The chef will just automatically send you out tuna, sashimi, edamames, & to-die-for rolls. The fish is fresh, the rice is warm ( like melt in your mouth kind of warm ), & the saki is delicious. We LOVE it. Totally craving it, every second of every day.

Ok, I’m off- happy Tuesday! Talk soon, Lauryn

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The Skinny Confidential talks skirts and shoes.

Little Update!! Plus Workout Moves!!!


The Skinny Confidential Fitness/Nutrition Plan is ALMOST here! I”m so, so excited because I’ve been pouring myself into this project & I can’t wait to share!!

So today I’m doing a little teasie-poo. These are some of my favourite workouts from the plan for very specific reasons, which I’ll explain in a sec.

All of these workouts are focused on giving you an extra energy boost & stimulating circulation…because who doesn’t like ENERGY? If you’re anything like me, you need your energy like you need your air. These 3 workouts will boost & lift your mood, your energy, and your ass.


Ok, so here are the reasons why I like each of these exercises:

Tricep Dips: yes they’re easy & simple BUTTTTTT I swear by them for the backs of my arms. True Story: I used to have bat wings. You know that stuff that flaps in the wind when you wave goodbye? Ya. Anyway, tricep dips tighten those wings RIGHT UP. Thank god. This is my go-to when I want a quick energy boost.

Side Lunges: again guys, I’m old fashioned. None of this hanging from the ceiling with a band kind of shit. Side unless are INSANE for the sides of your legs/butt. You know those inward curves we all want on our butt? Those are from side lunges. Obsessed with good, ole side lunges.

Front Lunges: I guess I’m a lunge fan in general? I don’t know, I just like what lunging does to my legs I guess. I notice that they give me muscles in all the right places without looking too bulky. Lunges are a great, quick way to tighten up & give you a quick kick in the ass AKA energy boost.

Other ways to boost your energy? Walk the dog, dry brush (!!!!!), drink tea ( I’ve been OBSESSED with tea since I’ve been in Asia…especially peppermint ), ride a bike, take care of your skin ( I’ve been loving Garnier’s Miracle Lift because it tightens my skin & give it life ), read a positive book ( loving this one ), go for a lymphatic drainage massage ( more on this later ), or have a glass of champagne ( I kid, I kid ).

ARE YOU GUYS excited for more TSC workouts/stretches/food tips?? I hope so!! I promise it’s ALMOST here!!! More meets to come.

Also, I’ll be giving ten bloggers a full, free plan to test out for a blog review. If you’re interested, leave your name & blog below & I’ll randomly pick ten blogger babes :-).

love, Lauryn x

* more on SheKnows.

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