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So I Found A Cute, Chic Way To Stay Balanced

chelsea charles jewels | by the skinny confidential

chelsea charles jewels | by the skinny confidential

Hi, hi, hi!

Let’s talk jewelry.

Recently I was introduced to an insanely talented, cool jewelry designer, Chelsea Charles. Her brand was so on point with The Skinny Confidential that I wanted to share it with you guys. Basically she found a way to incorporate jewelry with health & wellness.

Got your attention, right?!

Mine too.

Anyway, Chelsea started by designing Count Me Healthy journal bracelets to serve as a motivational tool. Her jewelry was super on brand for me because she basically uses her designs to track things like daily fruit & veggie servings by moving the little beads. The beads stay in place unless YOU move them. Kind of like a journal on your wrist.


chelsea charles jewels | by the skinny confidential

chelsea charles jewels | by the skinny confidential

I picked out a mixture of gold, rose gold, & silver bracelets so I could keep track of weird, OCD shit I do throughout the day.

Some examples?

Ok, but don’t judge.

I wanted to keep track of how many glasses of water I drank. CHECK.

I wanted to keep track of how many times I took the stairs instead of the lazy route. CHECK.

And I wanted to keep track of how many appetizers/glasses of red wine I had with my friends on a Friday night. CHECK.


Basically these bracelets are created to remind you of your goals ( hell, I kind of want to count how many minutes I meditate a day? Or maybe how many positive affirmations? POSITIVE VIBES!! ).

If you guys know me you know I can be a little OCD so a bracelet like this fits right in with my lifestyle…especially since it’s cute. And you can stack them comfortably, while dressing them down or up, day or night.

Life’s about balance & I’m all about having a cute bracelet on my wrist to remind me of that throughout the day.

chelsea charles jewels | by the skinny confidential

chelsea charles jewels | by the skinny confidential

Soooo…if you’re looking for a gift that represents balance & wellness ( ahem boyfriends/husbands ) check these jewels out, they’re kind of perfect for the holiday season.

What do you do to remind yourself to stay balanced? PLEASE SHARE!!

Happy Friday, cheers! x lauryn

{ PC | VC }

+ bracelets I’m wearing: SilverRose GoldGold, ‘Laurel’ Rose and Gold, & ‘Galaxy’ Gold Tri-Color.

+ dress is sold out, similar HERE.

chelsea charles jewels | by the skinny confidential

chelsea charles jewels | by the skinny confidential

New York, Paris, Milan STYLE…SO MUCH YES.

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

As you guys know I just returned home from three of my favorite cities: NEW YORK, PARIS, & MILAN.

I got a snap mail ( is that what Snapchat mail is called? Snap mail? BTW, my username is ‘laurynevarts’ ) asking about what the hell to wear in these specific cities.

If you know me,T you know I’m a HUGE believer in dressing for my environment. If I’m in Paris, you better believe I want to feel Parisian-chic to the max. If I’m in LA, I’m more grunge. And if I’m in Cabo, I will dress to the occasion in flowy skirts, neon bikinis, & off the shoulder dresses.

So anyway, it’s no surprise that I researched each place I was going before we went to make sure I was dressing for the place.

Paris was & is my favorite styled city ( fully shocking, I know ). I love, love, LOVE IT. Like I want to throw out my whole closet after spending time there.

I wore sassy French booties the whole time, scarfs ( specifically like this ), & red nails. Exhibit A.):

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

I wish California had more seasons. It sucks that it’s like sunny here when it’s October, you know? That sounds like I’m complaining over perfect weather but perfect weather to me involves heavy seasons.

Ok, so now that we’ve got that covered, let’s talk about New York City.

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

3 things: 1.) I’m obsessed with white shoes, you get it. 2.) Dying over a comfy Heather grey tee lately. 3.) these bad-ass over the knee boots are ON SALE.

New York City is a total showoff really. The styles are always on point & there are four seasons…which means you can get really creative in what you’re wearing.

Here’s one of my favorite get-ups in NYC:

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

At night I wore a bunch of white or black lace, which I loved because I could take lace all the way through the trip to Milan & Paris. I feel like if you do lace right, it works VERY WELL. Of course, lace can also be done wrong. Some examples of this would be too much lace, hooker-ish lace, & lace on accessories ( this would have to be done in a very specific way to feel chic ). Lace is sort of like leopard. You know, there’s FABULOUS leopard & then not so fabulous leopard styles.

Ok, on to Milan!

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

When we were in Milan it was rainy so naturally a black, trench raincoat was perfect for the weather. I’m also all about a quality rain boot that goes right under the knee ( they’re super flattering ). Another thing I noticed immediately about Milan fashion was that every girl was rocking a really amazing black wide legged pant. You kind of can’t go wrong with a great palazzo pant & a tight fitted black long sleeve top. Very chic, right.

Again, another white shoe because I just really love them. Supposedly you’re not supposed to wear white sneakers in Paris & Milan but a bunch of local girls were wearing them soooooo…I wore a lot of my white shoes still. Tra-la!


fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

Anyway, as you can see all my picks will not break the bank ( actually most of them are under $100 ).

You do not have to spend a billion dollars to look chic. Keep it simple, invest in staples, & always add a tiny pop of color.

Hope these looks have inspired you!

Chat soon, lauryn x

+ Lake Como post to come!

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential


Typical At-Home Date With Boone, Pixy, & Michael

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

As you know, the theme around my house lately has been date night IN…Definitely not date night out.

My recovery from my recent surgery was much more intense than I anticipated, so I’ve been doing what I can, AT HOME.

MAN, is it hard to be creative when 1.) your face feels like a balloon, 2.) you don’t really want to leave the house, 3.) you’re more tired than normal, which presents a problem when you want to make a nice night at home for your man.

Also if we are being honest? An at home date night is way more difficult to host when you live together. Can we talk about this for a minute though? When you live apart it’s easier to get everything set up & order take out & pretend that you spent a gazillion hours in the kitchen, sweating over a hot stove. When you live together…you can’t really fake it.

Thank God for Postmates because I literally ordered fresh chicken, soup, and veggies & secretly set it up as quickly as possible when Michael wasn’t looking.

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

For clothes on this particular night, I wanted to look pretty but comfortable. When I set up a date night at home, I never want to go too overboard. Too overboard would be like a skin tight mini dress with 5 inch heels and way too much makeup. I found this site called Golden Tote which is basically an online personal shopper. The site asks you some questions about your style & basically puts together a cute little bag o,f chic goodies. This white & blue get up was perfect for a date night in because it was comfortable AND super cute. I especially love the tie around the waist feature.

I kept my makeup simple & did a Sleep Bun to curl my hair ( braid was from night before )— fancy, smancy right.

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

{ top | lace skirtpumps | clutch | watch }

Lastly, I set the tone with champagne scented candles, smooth Nova Lapa jazz, lemongrass essential oils, & grapefruit mocktails.

Mocktails have become a staple in our house on the weekdays. All you do is add a bottle of sparkling water over ice with 1/2 grapefruit’s juice, a few dashes of grapefruit bitters, a splash of pomegranate juice, & your favorite herb (I like basil lately).

Anyway, our latest at home date night ended with THE BEST MOVIE EVER: Along Came Polly.

Very much looking forward to my swelling going down so I can rock this outfit OUTSIDE!

Chat soon, lauryn x

{ pics }

+ Golden
Tote ( more options here too ) also sent me this hot number— another fabulous dress for women on the go who don’t have time to shop! I’m for sure rocking this on a future date night:

a date night in | by the skinny confidential


a date night in | by the skinny confidential


Hot, Little At-Home Date Night

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

This outfit is called ‘what to wear when you don’t want to go in public but still want to look hot.’

Obviously I would still rock this whole outfit in public but I am still very much swollen from jaw surgery & I’ve been kind of slouching around the house. AKA no makeup, no heels, no dress, you know- homeless chic. So I needed a dynamic outfit to make me feel somewhat attractive.

Last Friday night I suddenly decided I didn’t want to be a total slouch.

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to stay home still. I just wanted to look & feel kinda hot, you know. I asked Michael if we could stay in for a date night. He happily agreed. He likes hanging at home too. In fact, he prefers it.

I actually ( for literally the first time in months ) put some effort into my look. This black dress from 5 Two 3 was perfect because it’s comfortable AND cute. The off the shoulder thing is fun because it’s kind of mysterious but also sexy. I’m looking forward to wearing this to a friend’s upcoming birthday. I added a pop of red with these heels & lipstick. GUYS I EVEN WASHED MY HAIR.

Doing big things.

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

We turned the living room into a little movie theater, lit candles, played music, & drank some red wine.

Also, I’m very excited because recently I bought bed trays. We used the bed trays to eat ( I made tacos ) on the couch like two old people eating TV dinners. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t want to risk getting any food on my white couch so thank God for the trays.

Sometimes when you feel shitty, the best way to feel better is to dress up. You know what Elizabeth Taylor said: “pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, & pull yourself together.”

Now I just really need to muster the energy to do this every Friday. #GOALS.

– lauryn x

{ black dress | shoes | red lipstick | clutch }

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential

red lipstick | by the skinny confidential


favorite dresses | by the skinny confidential

{ white dress here }

This post was inspired by DRESS NUMBER 2!!!

I bought this striped dress & I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW UNBELIEVABLY CHIC it was in person. Likeeeeeeeee guys.

It’s the perfect summer dress. I’ll take an Instagram today to show you.

And then the white dress I’m wearing just kind of gave me the oomph to do a full post. Between the two you can’t go wrong, you know?

Also, to be dead honest, I was looking for inspiration for this post & ended up on this red vixen number ( $63 dollars!! It’s going to sell out in a minute )…& couldn’t NOT buy it for the holidays. SO, I swiftly added it to my ASOS cart & now it’s on its way to me…whoops. I’m planning on wearing black suede pumps & my hair STICK straight. MEOW.

Ok so. These babies are dresses I’d rock any day of the week, rain or shine:

favorite dresses | by the skinny confidential
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Also, lately I’ve been loving navy so number 5 is pretty damn sassy too.

Anyway, I’d love to hear about your favorite summer dresses? Share some cute ones below. I like simple, fitted, not too short, but not too boring. A pop of color sometimes. Think: lady in the front, party in the back.

Happy Monday! lauryn x

+ white dress I’m wearing: Melissa Lauren Clothing.

{ pics }

favorite dresses | by the skinny confidential


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