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not the biggest networker 9 by the skinny confidential

Just Not The Biggest Schmoozer

May 19, 2016

not the biggest networker 11 by the skinny confidentialnot the biggest networker 7 by the skinny confidential

So this is a random topic but that’s no surprise I guess.

The whole networking thing.

Regardless, wanted to jot down some thoughts on networking.

To be entirely honest, I’m not the biggest networker. It’s not to say I don’t LIKE being around people— because I DO, I DO, I DO. For the record, I enjoy meeting people in my industry too…but I’m just not a fan of networking events.

In fact, there’s probably about 10+ a day I politely decline.

There are multiple reasons for checking the ‘unable to attend’ box, which we’ll get to.

But first, picture this: how many of you have ever spoken to someone & you can feel them looking over your shoulder, looking for the next ‘IT’ person to talk to. Looking for someone who has something ‘better’ to say. Let’s call it, a real convo hopper, k?

To be blunt: they’re looking for the next best thing?


not the biggest networker 4 by the skinny confidentialnot the biggest networker 8 by the skinny confidential

Google ‘I hate networking‘ & a million sites will pop up on why you OMG, OMG have to network or your business will FAIL.


In fact, there are even ADs on Facebook currently telling us to bite the bullet & JUST network.


Firstly, what ( WHAT ) the hell is networking anyway?

To me, it’s usually a pond full of lily pads. Jumping from one lily pad to the next trying to get to the other side of the pond, while stepping over each lily pad on the way.

The thought of networking my way across the pond is just…..HMMMmmm, I dunno? Boring. Uneventful. Predictable. SOMETIMES ( a lot of the time? ) even a big, fat waste of time.

( I can’t stand predictable unless it’s a great moment on Housewives ).

Of course, some networking events are necessary. But some are just NOT. Why? Well:

Saying no to events has allowed me to focus on growing the brand…not my network.

Yes, it’s true. Spending time away from parties & events allows me to focus on the long game, not the short game. I direct my time & energy towards building the brand, not a network of bloggers.

I feel like putting time towards The Skinny Confidential as a whole is what works best for me. It’s not so much about who I know all the time & what someone else can do for me…it’s more about what the fuck I can do for myself to get to where I want to be.

…& it’s not always about who you know.

To be real, there are plenty of VERY, VERY successful people who have gotten to an insanely successful place by not ‘knowing’ someone who’s ‘someone.’ I’m not saying it doesn’t pay to have friends in high places, I’m just saying don’t push it. Let it happen naturally. Many networking events feel forced & like overkill.

Also, nowadays you can network on the Internet without mingling over overly sweet glasses of chard & tuna tartar tray pass hors-d’oeuvre.

At the end of day, I believe it’s important to create your own opportunities.

I feel like people create their own opportunities. You are in charge of your destiny, career, & LIFE. What a bore life would be if it were reliant on someone else’s success to get to where you want.

Be an in charge bossy bitch. & of course, make real friends along the way.

not the biggest networker 2 by the skinny confidential

LOOK, I get networking if it’s 100% ( really, a full 100% percent) relevant to building your business. For instance, it’s important if you’re attending a convention based on your craft looking for an internship, BUT at the end of the day, I believe you need to really gauge networking.

Feel out what’s right for you, feel out what’s WRONG FOR YOU.

No need to be one of those people who needs to attend the opening of an envelope.

Besides there’s something empowering about not attending EVERY single party in the world.

Realness: selfishly, I also enjoy a Friday night at home with my computer & a glass of Pinot Noir networking with my chihuahuas. Actually I’m quite skilled at this type of networking.

not the biggest networker 6 by the skinny confidential

I guess my point is: YOU DO YOU. I am not the blogger networker of the century. I’ll never be. I’ll never be at every blogger brunch talking Instagram feeds and gift boxes. Because at the end of the day, I blog for YOU GUYS. I just don’t have the biggest interest in networking with every blogger on the planet. Personally I’d rather project my energy towards YOU. Besides, you’re what drives The Skinny Confidential…not other bloggers.

( & hey, some people like to network for the Instagram tag. I’m entirely too lazy for that, HA! ).

Don’t get me wrong: I love people who enjoy the same craft. For instance, I attended a Pinterest seminar a few months ago that benefited the business of The Skinny Confidential, BUT if it doesn’t make sense ( AKA meeting you guys or helping business growth ), it’s not for me.

Plain & simple.

Does that make sense?

Ok, switching gears: how fun is this outfit? I feel like I can say that because it was designed by my friend, Erica of Fashionlush. You haveeee to stalk her whole collection. Very much about the great white tee with a black mini. I paired them with a leather jacket over the shoulders & a Forever21 cross body that looks like it’s $2398423 dollars…but it’s $15 bucks. Yes please, I live for a good Forever find.

Oh! Also, new episode of The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER PODCAST is live: sexting, anxiety, hiring, & rallying…in the bedroom. Listen here.

Anyway, we’re headed to dinner with friends at our little hole in the wall Italian place. Excited for some Dover sole with capers & lemon ( side of chile flakes please! ). Literally drooling on the keyboard so…YUM.

See you tomorrow, lauryn x

P.S. how boobie-ish is this shirt? I love a good low V.

{ photos }

not the biggest networker 12 by the skinny confidential


sexy bags | by the skinny confidential

The Sexy Bags To Complete Any Look

May 1, 2016

sexy bags | by the skinny confidential


Yep, BAGS.

You should INVEST in good bags & acquire them over time. It will honestly make your life SO much easier. Bags are the only accessory that have the power to literally TAKE OVER an outfit.

Use a bag on the days you don’t have a ton of time to get ready. If you have a cute bag, no one will notice your two second hair-do, basic tee, & ripped jeans.

SO, in honor of looking put together without having to try too hard, here’s some cute summer bags:

Pineapple Clutch:

Wear this with a basic spring dress, jeans, or any outfit with neutral colors. It will add a little something extra, plus don’t you love the island chic vibes?

White Clutch:

Every girl should have a go-to white clutch. It pretty much goes with any outfit, any season. You could wear it with a summer wedding outfit, casual outfit, or even wear it to a black tie event with almost any color dress. Invest in a white clutch, it’s a classic.

Classic Cross body:

This bag would seriously be SO perfect for a daytime outfit. Imagine it with a loose white tee, baggy jeans, & brown boots. YUM RIGHT.

Bucket Bag:

These are great for long days at the beach, festivals, or out with friends for the day. Bucket bags are ideal for girls who have a lot of shit…like me. I swear I bring my whole house in my bag.

Not So Basic Black:

This little clutch has unique crocodile details & a detachable shoulder strap so you can look stylish & switch it up if necessary.

White Backpack:

I am LOVING backpacks lately. If you’re in collage, carry a pen, notepad, & phone around in backpack to feel super school-ish.

So which is your favorite summer bag?


The Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls 14


March 29, 2016

The Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls for Bloglovin | by the skinny confidentialThe Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls for Bloglovin | by the skinny confidential

Random fact: the inspo behind the new site layout was heavily inspired by Valley of the Dolls.

Anyone read it?

If not, RUN, AND I MEAN RUN, to your nearest Barnes & Noble…eer, Amazon & buy the book.

It’s a freaking CLASSIC. Such a must-read.

Firm believer that every girl in the world should have Valley of the Dolls on her coffee table. So chic it’s stupid.

Anyway, when Bloglovin’ wanted to collaborate on a curated TSC shop my first thought was: ok, what the hell should the theme be?

Basically I took the theme as serious as a heart-attack. I thought about it for months…like a PSYCHOPATH.

& then POOF. During a shower filled with way too much dry brushing the lightbulb moment happened.


It was just so perfect with the new site REVAMP. It had to be the theme. So there you have it: THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL BLOGLOVIN’ SHOP…all inspired by the classic, pink book.

The Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls for Bloglovin | by the skinny confidential

Ok so here’s the deal: each item was picked with tender, love, & care by me to rep the theme. Think: pink bomber jackets, sexy black skinny jeans, edgy white tees, lonely lingerie, & so much FEMININE LEATHER.


The whole thing just reminds me of an independent woman in New York City who has SASS.

Total contrast of masculine & feminine. Everything I love. Let me know what you guys think of my curated collection. Would love to know your thoughts? Anything to add?

The Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls for Bloglovin | by the skinny confidential

Switching gears: this dress is so Valley of the Dolls-ish too. I’m kind of loving this for a hot night out. It’s beautifully beaded & lays super nice. DON’T KILL ME: it’s sold out. I know, BOO. But I found this one & this one ( for eer, $23 bucks! ) that look VERY similar!

Also a huge plus: cuts like this make the tata’s look plump— they really hold them up.

I paired this with oversized black sunglasses, patent leather pumps, & of course, had to throw some white in there: a tiny coin purse.

Really I would wear this outfit every Friday.

It’s just one of those outfits that makes you feel spicy.

The Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls 14

Apparently I’m all over the place in this post, but what’s really new anyway?

Because there’s more: EPISODE 4 of TSC HIM & HER PODCAST is live! LISTEN HERE. YouTube video to follow tomorrow for all you Android users.

& bear with us because we’re new to this & getting the hang of it.

All your feedback is very important; I want to create a super interactive, fun, sassy podcast. Nothing happens overnight. It’s a constant work in progress. When I look back to my first month of blogging, it’s rather interesting! HA.

Anyway, check out Episode 4, each week we hope to improve. IMPROVEMENT in anything is so important. Slow & steady wins the race right? Sometimes it’s difficult to remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I’m one of those people that wants everything just right, just perfect, immediately. I’m learning slowly that there’s something pretty fucking cool about evolving slowly.

Each week, the podcast should be better than the last! We’re watching all your feedback VERY carefully! Your opinions, Snap messages, e-mail are a HUGE part of growing TSC brand. Keep them coming.

The Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls 8
The Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls for Bloglovin | by the skinny confidential

Alright! On that note make sure you’re following along on Bloglovin’. It’s the best place to get updates on all your favorite bloggers. You can subscribe to The Skinny Confidential’s posts & they’ll come straight to your inbox.


I’m off to eat zucchini ‘noodles’ with spicy ( SPICY ) meat sauce & extra lemon. Yes, it’s 10:31 PM at night. Don’t judge, it’s been a LONG day. Playing catch up is intense…

Talk tomorrow!

lauryn x


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The Skinny Confidential Valley Of The Dolls 1


valentine's day dress | by the skinny confidential

Really Just My Ideal Valentine’s Dress ( & SHOES )

February 10, 2016

valentine's day dress | by the skinny confidential

valentine's day dress | by the skinny confidential
Boy oh boy, there’s nothing more I love than contrast.


Especially when it comes to home decor, hair color, & FASHION.

So it’s absolutely NO surprise that this Valentine’s Day you can find me contrasting feminine prints with tennis shoes.

Yes, that’s right, TENNIS shoes. YOU KNOW, like sneakers.

Because heels are predictable & boring for V-Day.

Yawn, yawn, yawn. Trust me, add a tennis shoe with your flirty maxi & you’re good to go.

valentine's day dress | by the skinny confidential

valentine's day dress | by the skinny confidential
valentine's day dress | by the skinny confidential

So side story here: we were eating at Sugarfish ( have you guys been? It’s really the best fucking sushi ever. Think like perfectly warm rice with the best cut of raw fish, a cold beer, & just melt in your mouth goodness ).


When I looked up to see who was rocking them, it was Hailey Baldwin. AKA Justin Beiber’s latest hook-up, you know the one with the rad braids? Friends with Kendall & Kylie? If you don’t know who I’m talking about, stalk her Instagram & you will get it.

She’s so on point, style-wise. I LOVE.

Anyway, she was rocking these Adidas kicks with a black long sleeve tight dress. So naturally I immediately bought both, the dress AND the shoes, HA! Really though, it looked SOOOO cute on her ( if you’re wondering, here’s the exact one I bought because it looked JUST like the one she was wearing ).

And now I just can’t take these white sneakers off.

valentine's day dress | by the skinny confidential

valentine's day dress | by the skinny confidential

( Guys, I have real deal love for these white beauties. Not sponsored, just realness ).

Really, I’ve been wearing them EVERYWHERE.

How 7th grade-chic are they? So TBT in the best way possible. If Michael steps on these ones, I’ll stab him. I KID, I KID.

I mean we already know I have sick, peculiar obsession with white shoes. White Oxfords, white Converse, white pumps, JUST WHITE OUT. So I’m sure you’re not surprised here?

valentine's day dress | by the skinny confidential

SO changing directions: how fun is this flirty dress?! For Valentine’s? It blows in the wind perfectly, weird, but it does. THE SLEEVES are beyonddddd. Anyway, you certainly can count on me wearing this get up for Michael on Sunday.

& maybe if he’s lucky I’ll even provide coconut oil ; ).

– lauryn x

SHOP IT: flirty dress ( I got a size small ) | sneakers ( about the black & white ones too ) | sunglasses | nail polish
{ photos }

valentine's day dress | by the skinny confidential

valentine's day dress | by the skinny confidential