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Blogger Babe Carolyn Pinson from Always Against The Grain

The Skinny Confidential talks to Always Against the Grain.

The Skinny Confidential talks to Always Against the Grain.

Ummm…if Carolyn Pinson from Always Against the Grain isn’t babe town x a bill, then I don’t know what is.

She’s got rocking style & a badass, sexy blog. Naturally I was immediately drawn to her style because it’s not typical— the girl has her own look going on. Love it, right?! Different= cool in my book.

Ok, so kick back, grab a glass of vino, & enjoy Carolyn Pinson:

|| + Hi! Introduce yourself. ||

Carolyn Pinson: My name is Carolyn Pinson. I live in Columbus Ohio & I’m a personal style blogger. I have a great love for fashion, but also love to travel & work out! Staying fit and eating right is a very important part of my life.

I also enjoy walking in local fashion shows & currently I’m pursuing modeling for online shopping websites.

|| Lil skinny tip? ||

CP: Cut out carbs, no alcohol, &/or sugar, Sweat as much as possible & track calories with the Live Strong App on the iPhone.

|| Ok, so your bod is rocking…spill your weekly workout schedule! ||

CP: My weekly workout schedule consists of running three to four times per week & doing hot yoga at least four times per week at Harbor Yoga studio. The hot yoga is not your average yoga class. It can last up to an hour & half and the room is 95 degrees…it’s hardcore cardio yoga to upbeat music.

The Skinny Confidential talks to Always Against the Grain.

|| + Healthy food obsession? ||

CP: My favorite healthy go to food is kale! Love it! Kale salads, smoothies, and I even put it on my pizza ; ).

|| Cocktail pick? ||

CP: My cocktail of choice is usually a glass of Chardonnay. But If I’m going to slurge and have more than one drink I go for a vodka soda.

|| Can’t live without beauty product? ||

CP: My can’t live without beauty product is my Clarasonic face brush. I use it every morning and night. It helps with fine lines and wrinkles! Plus my face is 1000 x cleaner.

The Skinny Confidential talks to Always Against the Grain.

|| Fashion blogger tip? ||

CP: Looking good for the camera is all about knowing what looks good on you & what works with your body. Also, the right lighting is key!

|| Favorite natural remedy? ||

CP: Every night before bed I use Emu Oil on my face. It’s 100% natural and has anti aging, moisturizing, & anti-inflammatory properties.

|| WTF in your handbag? ||

CP: My purse consists of Chapstick ( I’m obsessed ), an array of lip glosses, almonds, sunglasses, gum, & of course dark chocolate.

|| Top five favorite outfits lately? ||

CP: My top 5 spring fashion pieces are:

1.} Free People’s Matador hat

2.} The Stone Cold Fox Majismo pant

3.} Stone Cold Fox x Luv AJ belt

4.} Sheer tunic dress from Spell Designs

5.} Isabel Marant sandals

|| + Quick, lil recipe? ||

CP: My quick go to healthy recipe is Greek yogurt, with organic raw oats, organic dark chocolate chips, & a little bit of all natural almond butter— mix together & it seriously tastes like cookie dough. Yum!

+ To follow Carolyn on Instagram, click here.

++ To shop dresses like Carolyn’s wearing click here & here & here.

The Skinny Confidential talks to Always Against the Grain.

The Skinny Confidential talks to Always Against the Grain.

A Rad, Lil Valentine’s Giveaway with LuLu*s <3

Lauryn Evarts and Erica Stolman celebrate Galentine's Day.

Lauryn Evarts and Erica Stolman celebrate Galentine's Day.

Lauryn Evarts and Erica Stolman celebrate Galentine's Day.

Ok, so Erica & I had so much fun on this LuLu*s shoot it was kinda ridic.

The theme was: do what-the-F-ever. Examples? Dancing in the rain ( I know, right?! Rain in San Diego?! WTH ), braiding our hair together ( just because ), & popping some bubbly.

All in the Galentine’s spirit, right?

Get it? GALentine’s.

Valentine’s Day rocks my world— not just because of Michael ( although he’s a real plus ) but because of the colors, hearts, & pink champagne.

It also doesn’t hurt getting flowers, gifts ( hint, hint honey ), & getting wined and dined.
Lauryn Evarts and Erica Stolman celebrate Galentine's Day.

Lauryn Evarts and Erica Stolman celebrate Galentine's Day.

So back to the giveaway. You and your bestie can win free dress for a year.

Ya, a full year.

Entering is super easy- just click here, fill out the short form, send it to your bestie, have her do the same.

Easy, peasy.

Anyway you can find my red hot dress here & Erica’s is sold out but this dress is similar.

X’s & o’s, L

{ Also, don’t forget to check out Erica & my blog design company here }.

{{ Photo cred: TFB }}Lauryn Evarts and Erica Stolman celebrate Galentine's Day.

Lauryn Evarts and Erica Stolman celebrate Galentine's Day.

How to Hide a Bad Hair Day & Still Look Chic: HATS!

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.1.} Just the cutest navy hat…ever. I’m feeling navy’s & olive greens right now.

2.} I just bought this baller red cap & I wear it everyday. I’m seriously, serious.

3.} Beanies are literally perfect for when your hair is oil. I ESP like this olive green one. It needs to get in my closet. ASAP.

4.} HOT SKATER PINK BEANIES!!! They’re so cute. I just bought this one & I rocked it with dark crimson lips.

5.} Because who doesn’t love a lil leopard? I’d wear this little baseball cap out to dinner for sure.

6.} This hat is sooooo amazing. I love how it’s all floral print. How cute would a side ponytail look in this dime?

7.} Technically, not a hat but seriously (!!!) with these furry black ear muffs? So fun!

8.} This floral, blue wool beanie kills it.

What’s your favorite hat/cap?!

Style: What I’m Loving…Lately

Faye Evarts and Lauryn Evarts collab on a fashion post.My lil sister, Faye, has super cute style— it certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s always ahead of the trends. Soooo when I asked her what her latest favorites are & she showed me this lil dime of a tank dress

I nearly died.


I mean…hi hottest dress ever.

Like, ever.

ESP with a flannel around the waist. Right?

This outfit is totally for a ride or die chick…& it’s uh, $68 dollars.

I’m into it.

Ok, so what are your favorite trends lately? Spillllll.

Check out Faye’s blog, Evillarts for more fashion/accessory finds!

Happy Saturday!


Just Some January Swoons

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

Hey, hey.

For January I’m feeling sorta grey/black/white with a tiny pop of color. Check it:

I.} I know, I know, I talk about these pants wayyyyyyy too much. I just literally live in them. They’re the best leggings EVER.

II.} This oversized grey tee just screams perfection. So good it hurts.

III.} I was in the market for new kicks & I just bought these leopard ( but not too leopard ) Nike’s. Dying.

IV.} I’m a big jacket girl & this Forever 21 numba is just like, seriously the chicest thing ever. Plus it’s 49 bucks {!!!}.

V.} Cat eyed glasses are my latest sunglass obsession. Remember these white ones I just bought? Welp, these babies look seriously JUST like them…& they’re on sale.

VI.} I’ve been rocking hot pink lips ( color: ‘Schiap’ ) lately & loving it!

VII.} I’m always into an oldie but goodie…ESP when it comes to Converse. I wore my white ones alllll weekend.

VIII.} This skirt is different & literally perfect for any dress-up occasion. I’d pair it will a little white crop.

IX.} I just got this Free People thermal— it’s the perfect length & not too tight so my boobs are purging out of the top. LOLZ.

X.} I can’t deal if my teeth aren’t white. I’m into quick/easy/effortless & this whitening pen saves my life.

XI.} Because this grid print sweater is just seriously the cutest thing ever. I mean…with a red lip? Dying.dead.bye.

What’s your January favs? Tell, tell. X.

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