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FML…A Lil Post on my Frenemy: Running…UGH.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.If running were a guy, he’d be annoying, a total buzzkill, & BORING.

Annoying because…it’s such a nag.

A total buzzkill because…I dread it.

& BORING because…geez it’s about as interesting as watching a flea on a horse’s ass.

Ya don’t agree with me?

Lucky you.

I mean, I’m jelly.

Honestly though, I want to love to run. I really, really geniuely want to like it…but I just don’t.

So when my trainer, Mike, informed me it will trim up the bod faster than any other exercise, I was freaking frustruated.

(( Insert that crying Emoji that throws its head back & wails/crys/whines )).

Anyway for the last month & half I’ve been running three times a week for thirty minutes on the Treadmill. Oh, & not only have I been just running, I’ve been doing intervals. Mike also let me know that it’s better to walk at 3.6 for a minute, & then switch to 6.5-7.0 for a minute ( I like to start at 6.5 for a few & then build up to 7.0 towards the end ). I also add a bit ( only a tiny bit ) of incline throughout the duration of the run. The reason it’s better to walk then run, then walk then run, etc. is because it’s amazing for metabolism & heart rate.

Mike even said intervals are better than just running the whole thirty minutes.

So essentially I’m only running for 15 minutes total, each time.

I know, right?! Such a baby.

Guys. The results are crazy: I’ve lost five pounds, I’m feeling tighter, & I’m obsessed with the after effects ( the runner’s high! ).

Even though I literally dread the Treadmill & have anxiety on my ‘running days,’ it’s totally worth it.

And ya know, sometimes life isn’t always fun. Beauty’s pain.

So I’m sticking it out. And I’ll keep ya updated.

Oh, & don’t laugh…k? The reason I don’t run outside is because of the sun. I’m a psycho when it comes to the sun ( more here ).

ATTN runners: any tips? Pleassseeeeee & thank you!!


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Shed That Winter Coat!

[ Detoxing on the go...ten things in my hand, per usu ]

How’s it cleansin’? I hope you’re all excited to shed the winter coat…

I certainly am.

First day recap:

Annie ( the owner of Suja Juice ), Samantha & Casey ( Suja’s PR team ), Weslie ( blogger @ Love Chugs ), Cody ( co-founder of People Water ) & I started a lil group text to document our 3-day detox experience. Between LMFAO at all the absurd text messages ( << when I didn’t check my phone there were 52 from this wild/hilarious group {!!} ) & an unhealthy overuse of Emojis, Annie ended up sharing some real swell information with us weirdos…

& I learned:


+ It’s not weird to NOT be hungry. Why? That happens to most people because you’re really hydrated & getting the nutrients it needs. Hydration is key.

+ The first juice ( ‘Glow’ ) is great for your tummers in the AM. The mint in the green drink soothes the stomach.

+ Drink the last juice three hours before bed.

+ No nuts. The little suckers don’t digest well.

+ If you’re hungry…then EAT! Fruits, greens, sweet potatoes, avocados, Dijon + apple cider vinegar ( for dressing ), broths, & soups. Stay away from animal proteins ( < in the DIY cleanse animal products are ok ). Nix dairy & grains too. Tons of green tea is encouraged.  Juicing is alkalizing. Don’t let certain foods screw that up.


Ok. Spill- if you’re cleansing too, what’s your experience been like so far? Tell, tell.

I hope you’re not late to the party. And if you promised yourself to detox for the NY, don’t be a Flaky McFlakerson & back out. Follow through with what you said you were going to do.

To join in e-mail me for instructions at


( P.S. all this info is for the Suja Juice Cleanse, not the at-home, DIY cleanse ).

Lauryn Evarts talks skinny tips, juice cleanse tricks, and how to lose weight quick.

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