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Holiday Ideas For The Dog Lover…Because Who Can Resist A Mini Fedora?!

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So obviously my dogs are a HUGE part of my life. Really though my obsession is sick. Their personalities are hilarious (like Pixy growled at a horse who was trotting by yesterday. Literally though, a horse— apparently she thinks she bigger than a freaking horse). Anyway, Boone & Pixy are my two ride or dies— they come everywhere with me.

As you guys know, I’ve already done an eating, walking, bathing breakdown but since they’re so important to me, I figured I’d share a little personality post too.

Recently, Gwen Stefani sent both of them ( LOL ) a bunch of fun goodies from her new, limited-edition Harajuku Lovers line with Petco. Pixy is more of a kitten diva with her clothes; she actually loves them because she really does associate the clothing with hanging out outside of the house with mom or dad. She will pretty much put the clothes on herself if it means hanging out with us. Boone, on the other hand, isn’t quite used to clothes. He doesn’t really know how he feels about them. However, he was loving the cozy Union Jack sweater that Petco sent him

Here’s the Twinkles modeling their new outfits:

As you can tell he felt extremely special…& manly.

Isn’t he the manliest man ever?


BUT can we talk about his fedora?…

petco 8| by the skinny confidential

Yes, a fedora ( the Union Jack Trilby Dog Hat, specifically ).

Am I psycho or is this the cutest thing in the world? HA.

They’re also obsessed with the Kawaii Donut Plush Squeaky Dog Toy & the Cool Emoji Canvas Squeaky Dog Toy. Boone squeaks it to the point of ad nauseam. He literally created a song by squeaking the toy every second, of every day.

Pixy also chimes in on the bass, squeaking her pink donut like a bougie badass.

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Also, lately I’ve been really incorporating some healthy foods in their diet like raw coconut oil ( GREAT to eat & to rub on their coat ), spaghetti squash ( tons of vitamins & minerals ), watermelon ( sans seeds ), raw carrots, strawberries, chia seeds, & green beans! I also have been using a tough brush on their coats so they can get the same effect as dry brushing. It’s SO great for dog’s lymph system to be dry brushed. We also literally massage them ( are we crazy? ).

Any other tips you guys have?

Anyway, I thought that these little outfits would be an AWESOME holiday gift/stocking stuffer for your dog-lover friend. Seriously I think anyone with a fur baby would just be entirely in love with the fedora concept, no?

love, lauryn, Pixy, & T.Boone Pickens <3

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++ to check out the rest of the line visit | in collaboration w/ Petco.

{ PC }

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Mini DeLites x A Witch Doctor

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ Sunday with the homies || outfit deets below }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ sunset from our balcony }

Coming live to you from our new couch!!!

Tomorrow I’m going to a Tibetan herb doctor & you would think I’m a 5 year old going to Disney World for the first time ever.

I’m literally SO excited.

My girlfriend discovered the doctor after feeling lackluster & tired…and now she swears its changed her life.

Yes. Her life.

So yes, DING DING DING, this immediately intriged/s me. No surprise there though.

Basically he’s a holistic doctor who recommends healing teas, herbs, oils, & all-natural remedies specifically for YOU.

Let me be clear: I love all that witch doctor shit. I mean that in a funny, ha-ha, not super serious but I’m serious-kinda way. You guys know I’m fully all about the holistic route if it’s available. But right? LADIES? Anyone with me?

Ok, so I’ll definitely let you guys know how tomorrow’s activities pan out. I’m sure a full recap would be fun so I’ll try to take notes AKA record him secretly on Voice Notes.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ this AM’s iced coffee: a few drops of maple syrup, cinnamon, & hemp milk }

Really though, I’m totally feeling a herb post…so coming soon to a blog near you.

Anyone else ever tried the holistic doctor route?

I’m off to watch the Emmy-deserving Vanderpump Rules while Michael totally pretends to read his book with a strong peripheral on Stassi’s grandma style/winning personality.

– Lauryn, xx

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ new sunnies from Van De Vort in SD }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.{ today’s blog-doo meeting }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ T. Boone Pickens }

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Date Night…With a Stern Curfew

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, health, & fashion.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, health, & fashion.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a hot, sexy date night with my man.

Call us boring but typically we’re kind of grandparent-ish & go to dinner around 7 pm. Occasionally we’ll rebel on the weekend & go out later.

On this particular night we decided to go out earlier rather than later because we had Princess Pixy at home, waiting ever-so patiently ( but not really ).

Pixy ( our chihuahua ) is sort of like an overly strict mom who frantically waits up at night because her teenagers are constantly breaking their curfew.

And she means business.

If we leave for an hour, it’s as if we’ve left her in the desert for centuries deprived of food/water/air.

I mean…I can’t even run to the car for ( literally ) thirty seconds to the garage to grab my sunglasses without her howling with anxiety.

Let’s just say she has a case of separation anxiety.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, health, & fashion.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, health, & fashion.

Anyway, this was one of those nights where Goddess of the House AKA Parental Pixy was impatiently tapping her watch with her dewclaw. ( She’s serious, guys. She guards the door like she’s a British Foot Guard in a full fur, black cap uniform— I’d typically say this is creepy, but she’s been doing it for so long that I’m kinda used it ).


On this date night, Michael & I had about an hour & half, give or take. We ate at Banker’s Hill ( a must-try if you’re in San Diego ) grabbed a little Pinot Gris, two summer peach/ricotta salads, & split the burger with skinny, truffle fries…then we sped home like Cruella de Vil to adhere to Pixy’s strict curfew.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, health, & fashion.

Naturally she was anxiously waiting at the door, staring at us with her huge brown eyes…& clearly annoyed.

To appease her, we ended the date night in bed ( her in the middle ) watching “The Killing.”

Oh, & duh, the outfit!! LOL. I wore a black long maxi with a flannel tied around my waist to keep it casual. And the SHOES! But seriously the shoesssss. They’re kind of everything, right? Not only are these chic but they’re super comfy too. Plus there’s nothing like wearing a pop of leopard for a romantic night.

So does anyone else have a pet that instills a demanding curfew? Do tell.

x l

{ Photos }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, health, & fashion.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, health, & fashion.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, health, & fashion.


SHOES : Sole Society ( I also like the red version )

DRESS: Nasty Gal, no longer avail ( similar here )


RINGS: Gorjana

LIPSTICK: MAC’s ‘Russian Red’

Mini DeLites

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, & relationships.{ Salad essentials: bean sprouts & Tessemae’s all-natural lemon garlic dressing }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, & relationships.{ Blogger-life books }

You know what makes me happy?

Like, really, genuinely happy-happy.


Escaping reality & living in someone else’s world is distracting in the best way possible. You sort of lose yourself.

& genre of my choice? Welp, I’m a real sucker for autobiographies.


Anyway, this Sunday I spent some time reading Sharper Objects by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn. (( BT-dubs: if you haven’t read Gone Girl, you’re seriously, seriously missing out on life. It starts off kinda of slow, but the ending is insane )). Gillian’s books analyze human behavior…think: why people are the way they are…& that’s always fun to observe, right ; )?

K, so the point of this post: I’m almost done with my latest book & need to know: what are your favorite books? I’m not a sci-fi-magical-The NeverEnding story-hop-on-Falkor’s-back-and-fly-kinda girl. Like I said I prefer non-fiction or biographies. Obviously, I also welcome a good laugh ( shocker… ).

You guys have amazing recs…so come at me: favorite book? x L

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, & relationships.{ Today’s smoothie ( glasses here ) }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, & relationships.{ This nose gets me every time }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, & relationships.{ Using this badass necklace as home decor }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, & relationships.{ This weekend; wearing a Blondie tee & these sunnies }

The Blogmopolitan Quiz by The Skinny Confidential

Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.

Let’s get all nostalgic for a sec: remember celeb Cosmopolitan quizzes? Welp, I made my own ( with a little twist, naturally ).

And after making this quiz, I gotta know: what do you think makes a guy unattractive?

This burning question made me laughhhh because let’s face it: I have a scroll. Anything to add to my list above? Tell, tell.

Happy Friday!


{ I’m tagging Erica, from Fashionlush & also my partner in Blog-Doo, to share her Blogmolitan quiz }.

{{ Quiz source here }}.

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