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A Sex Kitten’s Guide to Home Accessories

Lauryn Evarts teams up with Anthropologie to show all her favorite home decor pieces.
Lately I’ve been real into home decor. I almost like it more than shopping for clothes/purses/shoes.


But honestly, staying in is probs my most favorite thing in the world. And since I’m an OCD neat freak, having my home organized & properly decorated makes me feel peaceful.

Normally I’m prettttty private with my room & home, but today I’m sharing a peak inside my living space. All of these accessories are on my shelves & in the kitch. Each of the pieces make me happy because of their ability to brighten up my house in a simple/sexy way.

I die over these items:

1.} White Coaster Set

2.} Gold Rimmed Highball Glasses

3.} Portion Controlled Art Bowls

4.} Measuring Hedgies

5.} Vintage Cakes Coffee Table Book

6.} An Enormous Gold Wishbone ( my personal favie )

7.} Lavender Tumblers

8.} A Turquoise Egg Crate

9.} Love Notes

10.} Gold Dipped Utensils

11.} Voluspa Candle Tin in Mokara

Wellllll, what’s your favorite home accessory? Tell, tell.

Because let’s face it: there’s nothing better than lighting a few candles, curling up on the couch, & enjoying the comforts of home.

Happy Super Bowl, sex kittens!


Oatmeal Protein Pancakes

Weight loss and fitness blogger from Southern California

[ Protein packed pancakes ]

It should be declared mandatory that Sundays are dedicated to pancakes with warm maple syrup, reading in bed & lazily enjoying the company of someone special. Last Sunday we opted to stay in doors [ excuse: the slight rain ] & cook homemade pancakes while watching our new favorite TV show American Horror Story. I made these delicious protein packed pancakes [ created by my girlfriend & fellow Pure Barre instructor, Dory ]. Needless to say, it was a lovely, relaxing day.

Quick Skinny Tip: The best kinds of syrups are pure maple ones  [ found at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s ]. The low sugar & low calorie syrups are filled with the sugar replacement & chemical, aspartame [ yuck! ].

Weight loss and fitness blogger from Southern California

[ My new blue farmer’s egg crate which will also substitute as a jewelry holder ]

Weight loss and fitness blogger from Southern California

[ Gluten-free rolled oats from Whole Foods ]

Weight loss and fitness blogger from Southern California

[ My nana’s china used primarily for holding fresh berries ]

Weight loss and fitness blogger from Southern California

[ I paired the pancakes with tangerine juice & maple syrup ]

Love Lauryn

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