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Mini DeLites: In Vegas

The Skinny Confidential takes Vegas.

{ my favorite breakfast at The Wynn }

The Skinny Confidential takes Vegas.

headphones for the flight ( marble phone case here ) }

Hi guys!

Coming at cha from Vegas ( << well, technically I’m home now, but I wrote this last night!! )!

Currently: sitting in at a restaurant alone drinking a sparkling water & eating a margarita flatbread with chile flake, extra ( extra ) lemon, & handfuls of basil…while Michael plays Black Jack ( he gets very in to his Black Jack, like it’s intense ).

Nothing better than a pizza, my computer, and some alone time— ha!

One of my favorite things ever is sitting alone on my computer in a restaurant. I know we’ve discussed this subject before but is anyone else with me on this one?

The Skinny Confidential takes Vegas.

{ me & Michael }

Ok anyway we’ve been in Vegas since Saturday & it’s been super fun ( highlight: I got a massage & the lady literally stretched me in every which way— I mean, at one point I think my legs were over my head? I may or may not have been in a naked-ass pretzel? I don’t know, it’s kind of a blur, I guess, but I’m super loosened up now so it’s a WIN, lol ).

There’s just one problem I have with Las Vegas: THE CIGARETTE SMOKE. My throat/eyes/head are killing me. I’m dehydrated x 10 & my skin feels nasty.

But really, is it necessary to smoke endless Marlboro Reds while eating a filet at the casino bar? I’m not a smoker so the harsh cig smell is making me gag every second. Not a fan of the whole being able to smoke inside. Anyone with me?

Anyway that’s my spiel for the day. Happy Tuesday & via Las Vegas!

- Lauryn, xx

+ pic 2 || pic 4

* the sunglasses I’m wearing are not sold online, but these dimes look EXACTLY like them ( & they’re $16 bucks! ).

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ post-Vegas relaxation in these fun socks }

The Skinny Confidential takes Vegas.

{ Caesars Palace gorgeous ceiling }

The Skinny Confidential takes Vegas.

{ if you follow TSC on Instagram, you know about my Vegas hangover cure ^^^  }

Meet President & Co-Founder of rewardStyle, Amber Venz ( She Helps Blogger Monetize! )

The Skinny Confidential x Amber Venz of rewardStyle.

The Skinny Confidential x Amber Venz of rewardStyle.

Amber Venz is on fire.

Especially in the blogger world.

She has presented a way for blogger’s to monetize in a way that works well for the consumer, brand, & blogger. So basically a win/win/win business plan.

I have been watching her growth because what can I say? I’m kind of obsessed with any woman entrepreneur who’s paved the way & created something that’s fresh, new, & avant-garde. AKA rewardStyle. rewardStyle works like this: “after registering with rewardStyle, bloggers receive a commission when a reader purchases an item they post; similarly, companies that sign up with rewardStyle see higher traffic and online sales” ( source ).

Lucky me because I had the pleasure of sitting down & interviewing Amber at April 2014’s rewardStyle conference.

Ok so not going to lie, I’m super excited for this interview…meet girl boss babe, Amber Venz:

| Introduce yourself |:

Amber Venz: I’m Amber Venz, president & co-founder of rewardStyle and also a fashion blogger.

| How did the idea of rewardStyle come together? |

AV: Baxter ( << Amber’s husband ) and I founded the company together & when I founded my blog it was really just something for my jewelry company. I always found myself needing to style the jewelry to show people how to wear it. I wanted to sell my jewelry but I also was doing personal shopping on the site so I wanted to document that while having a portfolio.

I started my blog, Venzedits in 2010, so the economy was still pretty rough, so my thought was “okay well for the customers that can no longer afford for me to do the personal shopping, I’ll do this so whenever the economy comes back I’ll still be on top of mine and still be very relevant so I’ll document this.

So everyday when I started my blog, I had a business plan for it. I took my jewelry company very seriously. I had an eCommerce website & everything was very professional. When I started my blog I thought that everything had to match that level of professionalism, to supplement each other, so I did three posts a day. I had an outfit post, a sale finder, etc.

The Skinny Confidential x Amber Venz of rewardStyle.

The Skinny Confidential x Amber Venz of rewardStyle.

Then I realized that all the clients that had still been able to afford me were just going to my blog, because I was really documenting everything that was crossing my mind involving styling & clothing so they would text and say “oh yeah I got that dress, that was so cool how you styled those jeans.” They were buying the items I was showcasing.

I thought “oh my gosh I’m spending so much time, I’m hiring photographers, working all day doing this blog, I’m cutting myself out of my own business. Because now they’re just going to my blog and not booking me. Baxter helped me start the blog, so we started looking into ways to make money from the blog more than just a supplement to sell the jewelry.

| Were affiliate programs for blogger happening at this time? |

AV: Affiliates have been around for over a decade. Most of us don’t even realize were doing it. So like ‘Shazzam’ for example, you’re in a restaurant, you hear a song, Shazzam takes you right to iTunes…that’s an affiliate link. iTunes is paying for that.

That kind of tracking had existed but no one had the style space, so the concept really got to Baxter one day. He was wondering ideally how you make money on sites/blogs. Because it was personal shopping but I just wasn’t getting paid for it, so I wanted to start tracking it.

So he started looking into the technology that could track that, so I had started working with about twelve stores over the course ( << by the way, now rewardStyle has thousands of stores they work with! Impressive! ).

The Skinny Confidential x Amber Venz of rewardStyle.

| How did you guys start this when you were so young? It’s crazy inspiring! |

AV: I was 23— I think Baxter & I were a perfect match for this. I don’t get technology, I’m constantly thinking my computer is breaking. So when we designed rewardStyle I thought, this is what I want to push & this is what I want to see.

And so I wanted to make it affiliates for dummies so we don’t call things their official names, we only call them things that make sense ( to me ) when you read it. So I had that side of the puzzle and he had the side of it that was engineering & tech products.

He used to build products, so his wheel is just constantly turning. I was the girl who was like, “I need this or I want it to do this” and he just made it happen!

| Who was the first top blogger who approached you? |

AV: I had recently gone to a conference in NYC & I met Karen Blanchard. I didn’t know any bloggers & at the time I didn’t consider myself a blogger.

I mean, the platform Blogger had totally existed & people were blogging long before me. So Karen wanted a picture of my coat. She then Tweeted a picture of my coat & we became friends through that.

rewardStyle at that time was so basic, like nothing on the scene. So i emailed her & said “hey there is this thing that I’m starting and I wanted to see if you like it if you want to try it.” Then she told another friend & another & so on. So it was basically this little web— our first ten users were superstar bloggers.

It was that way through the end of 2012 & that’s when a friend started laughing because she was a full time blogger and we pulled her into our social media. She was one of the first employees in our marketing team, now she’s back to full time blogging. We were just talking about how when we first started & I was handling all client relations and wasn’t really thinking about it becoming bigger…Baxter was the one thinking about it becoming more.

He pushes it that way.

The Skinny Confidential x Amber Venz of rewardStyle.

| Ok, so I think you’re the next NastyGal phenom. What makes you turn a blogger away? |

AV: So we give our retailers dedication from a paid account service & they’re actively combing through your site on a daily basis. They record how many blog post you do, they track everything, & make frequent suggestions. So for us to turn someone away, we have to make sure it’s worth someones time combing through their site. So in order for this to work it needs to be taken very seriously.

We take our publishers very seriously, they have proven this by taking their audience & images seriously.

| How many bloggers are on rewardStyle? |

AV: I think it’s about sixty countries & we started with just bloggers now were working with celebrities & Instagramers. Different people use it different ways, so all together there is about 13,000 across the countries. The US is the top country.

| How do you eat healthy when you’re running this empire? |

AV: You’re going to hate my answers, my family all has this body type. I am very blessed in that way. I love my queso and cheese. At first I wore sweats everyday to the office…& then when you start hiring people you want them to dress up everyday so I started to get dressed everyday. I also started to make it a point to take care of my body.

When I am home in Dallas I have two set meals. I eat a lot of protein— that’s like my turn. I’ll order a salad with chicken & I’ll try to stay away from carbs.

I always try to eat just the inside of the sandwich. I guess my biggest health thing is checks & balances, I’ll save it for the things I love.

| Of course I have to ask because your fashion is so on point: favorite pieces lately? |

1.} Pussybow top
2.} Best black distressed denim ( R13 high-waist skinny jean )
3.} Givenchy black tote ( I wear this daily )
4.} Wang boots ( on sale now ).
5.} Celine sunglasses

&…my one “I wish” item!

+ To follow Ms. Amber Venz on Instagram, click here || blog found here.

++ If you’re a blogger & interested in connecting with rewardStyle, e-mail me at

{ photo cred: Red plaid top/skirt : Luelle Mag | Bathroom with blonde hair: The Everygirl | Turquoise Mary K dress: Zanita | Red dress: Paper City Magazine | Cab and Cafe & Shoes pic in mirror: The Outnet }

The Skinny Confidential x Amber Venz of rewardStyle.

Mini DeLites: New Yearzzzz

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

{ new year, new planner }

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

{ Prosecco x soaking up the post-holiday lights }

It’s SOOO weird isn’t it? The holidays?

You like, kind of bust ass all of November & December, running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to make work, fitness, life, family, more work, presents, cooking, etc. happen. And then suddenly it’s New Year’s Eve, which usually entails a big-ass celebration ( although next year I’m totally not opposed to sitting on the couch watching Ray Donovan with apple cinnamon popcorn & spiked lemonade ).


It’s a new year & everything sort of well, just dies down.

As much as I look forward to the chill month of January, it’s bizarre after having two months that are so jammed packed.

This new year my body is saying ‘NO MORE. CHILLLLL.’ I’m feeling weak, fatigued, & I can feel a tickle in my throat. So I’m going to listen to my body & take a load off!

But before I say a full goodbye to 2014, here’s a video of TSC: A Year in Video—

A year ago to this day I would have NEVER taken a load off in the beginning of a new year. 2014 was all about go, go, go. Since then I’ve learned to delegate more, work smarter, workout more efficiently ( think forty minute intense workouts as opposed to an hour ), & listen to my body.

So after tonight’s blog post I’m going to close the computer ( GASP!!! ), watch a movie, eat some apples x raw nut butter, & maybe even read a little ( I’m dying to read another Wally Lamb book…he is such an amazing writer ).

And tomorrow I’m going to try ( key word: try ) to go to yoga!! Yesssss.

The Skinny Confidential talks weddings!

{ a pretty backyard plant }

Like I said I’m a work in progress!!

Have you seen any changes since January 1st? Or is the new year just another day/week/month? Thoughts?

Anyway I really hope you enjoy this video of The Skinny Confidential: A Year In Video. There’s a couple clips on here I haven’t shared yet ( like how I prep for a date night with Michael! ). So stay tuned : ) lots of fun stuff coming for you fabulous TSC readers.

Wishing you all a very productive but calm/chill week!!

- Lauryn, xx

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{ video: Chris Tran Media }

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

{ all about this new AM/PM supplement holder }

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

{ fresh dark chocolate chip cookies }

The Skinny Confidential talks New Year's Eve.

{ lace accents }

A Year In Review x My List Of Resolutions

TSC site mkeover || TSC book hit shelves || Michael proposed! || we adopted T.Boone P || TSC app launched || an Apartment Therapy feature || one of the more popular post: talking ‘blogger facade’ || NYC stole my heart || I found an awesome charity || gift guide || YouTube tutorials are live! || blog-doo continues to design sites

What a year, man!

I feel like I worked the better part of 2014 but that’s ok because I’m a firm believer in ‘the work your F-ing ass off to get to where you want to be but have fun while doing it-mantra.’

But on that note, I have some resolutions that may shake that up a bit…

Here’s some of my resolutions for 2015 ( by the way these are SERIOUSLY my resolutions not a fake list to blog about ).

Drink more…

water with lemon. This week I’ve upped my water x lemon intake & I swearrrrr I feel better. Every morning I’m going to chug it like it’s my job. Hydration is so important & this year I’m going to up my water intake.

Eat more…

chard, kale, dandelion, coconut oil, avocados, micro greens, bone broth, kimchi, hemp milk ( for cappuccinos, duh! ), & salmon. Because I really enjoy each of those foods & I think my diet would totally benefit if I added more of these superfoods. I also want to cook more so this also applies to eat more. Since moving in to our new place in SD & LA I haven’t had a chance to really ‘get in to’ the kitchen. Not going to lie too: I’m pretty excited about decorating two new homes…such a gnarly project but home decor is kind of my favorite thing ever. I’m starting with the kitchen in both homes so I get all Chef Boyardee.

2015 will be all about cooking clean ( & while cooking I’ll definitely be working on recipes for a potential cookbook! ).

Move more…

WALK MORE. No, no, not just workout. I’ve always been religious with my workout routine.

This year I want to walk, walk, walk. Walk the beach, walk the dog, walk to the market, etc. I want to wake up & take a walk. I feel like my workouts are always scheduled & with walking it can be more sporadic. For instance, a walk on the beach can reset my whole day.

So yes, I’ll be walking my way in to the New Year.

Meditate more…

because why the hell not?! Recently I’ve picked up meditating. My life is very go, go, go & it’s super important for me to zen-out sometimes. This might even mean going to more yoga classes. I want 2015 to be a little more zen than 2014.

Grow more…

business-wise. Continuing the growth of The Skinny Confidential is one of my top priorities. 2014 I worked around the clock. As I grow I’m learning to delegate, work smart, & prioritize. To grow a business efficiently having a strong team of people around you makes all the difference. This year I’m hoping to add more amazing to my team.

Mind/body/spirt more…

this means getting more in touch with my spirituality. Positive thoughts, positive people, positive vibes. Participating in charity work & meditating also fall under this category.

Work smarter…

YES. This is one of my main resolutions. This year I will be working smarter, not harder. Ultimately the goal is to have TSC become a well-oiled machine. I’m getting there…I’m chipping away daily to create something big. Wish me luck?

Anyway here’s the deal, this isn’t just about a New Year. It’s about setting goals in general. If I don’t set goals for myself, who will?

The resolution thing just gives me a reason to write down & manifest my aspirations, ya know?

Ok, phew!! YOUR TURN!

I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TO KNOW: what are your resolutions? Share your real resolutions!! Good-bye 2014, it’s been real, Lauryn xx

Kaitlynn Carter On Pumpkin Masks, Gluten-Free Vodka, & SoulCycle

The Skinny Confidential x Kaitlynn Carter.

The Skinny Confidential x Kaitlynn Carter.

As you guys can see Kaitlynn Carter seriously beautiful.

Like, is this real life?!

Kaitlynn & I connected when my blog design company, blog-doo designed her life & style blog called Western Wild and we immediately clicked. After the launch of her blog we worked on a project for Van De Vort in San Diego ( remember this Halloween post? ). She’s sweet, nice, & approachable…plus she’s a total business woman! Obviously I liked her immediately. Ever since the shoot we’ve been planning a duo interview so I’m excited you guys finally get to meet her.

Oh, she also happens to be dating Brody Jenner & they kind of make the cutest couple in the world.

Kaitlynn also interviewed me on her blog!! See my whole interview here. Read on to find out about her vodka tip ; ):

+ Tell us about yourself & your work.

Kaitlynn Carter: I’m 26, and originally from New Hampshire. I spent several years working in the financial services industry before launching my new life and style blog, Western Wild. I love all things girly and I love to write ( I was an English/Journalism major in college ) so put it all together and it was time for me to have a blog : ).

I’m addicted to travel and music. It’s impossible for me to hold a grudge! This is pretty much everything there is to know about me! ; )

+ Quick skinny tips or tricks?

KC: SoulCycle! And I avoid alcohol leading up to any event where I want to look and feel my best. It causes bloating, redness, & puffiness— ew.

+ What is your weekly workout schedule?

KC: I don’t have one specific schedule, per se. I always try to be active in one way or another, whether it’s taking a yoga class ( Bikram is my favorite ), going hiking, playing with my dogs, or walking on the beach here in Malibu. I also just started going to SoulCycle classes and those are the BEST!!

The Skinny Confidential x Kaitlynn Carter.

+ What is your favorite go-to healthy food?

KC: There’s a Malibu health foods store called Vitamin Barn that makes a smoothie I drink almost daily. It has strawberry, coconut juice, ginger, flaxseed oil, acidophilus, protein, & glutamine in it! Sounds weird… tastes incredible!

+ Cocktail of choice?

KC: Gluten-free vodka— I keep Tito’s at the house– with soda and lime or bloody Mary mix, depending on the time of day. Gluten-free gives me much less of a hangover.

+ Can’t-live-without beauty product?

KC: Definitely Josie Maran Argan Oil.

+ Love life tips?

KC: Be with someone who makes you feel confident and secure in your relationship. And also, make sure the person you’re with feels confident and secure too!

The Skinny Confidential talks to Kaitlynn Carter.

+ Secret model beauty tip?

KC: Peter Thomas Roth’s Pumpkin Enzyme Exfoliating Mask. I use it twice a week and it keeps my skin soft and glowing. I also sleep with a hydrating mask on ( I like Korres’ Yoghurt Sleeping Facial ) to make sure my skin looks healthy and hydrated!

+ Natural beauty remedy that you do?

KC: I use coconut oil to moisturize my entire body when I get out of the shower.

+ When I wake up I…

KC: Make lemon tea with a little maple syrup in it to wake me up!

The Skinny Confidential x Kaitlynn Carter.

+ WTF’s in your purse?

KC: Sephora waterproof lip-liner in Rose, NARS Audacious Lipstick in Raquel, tooth floss ( I’m so addicted ), Bandaids, Soap & Paper Factory Close Solid Perfume, hair ties, my iPhone.

+ Five fall pieces of clothing you’re loving:

1.} These black suede boots.
2.} This NARS lipstick.
3.} This cute maxi dress from Revolve.
4.} These holiday pajamas by WildFox.
5.} This cardigan for fall.

+ Quick, easy (healthy) recipe?

KC: I don’t eat a lot of meat but I do love poached chicken because the chicken stays juicy and tender– it’s super easy to make and nice and healthy!

Place two organic chicken breasts at the bottom of a sauce pan. Cover in low-fat chicken broth or water and season the liquid with any herbs/seasoning you like. Bring to a boil and then simmer on low, covered for ten minutes. Let sit another ten minutes in the hot water. I like to serve it with wild rice and asparagus or green beans.

+ To follow Kaitlynn on Instagram, click here || check out Kaitlynn’s blog here.

The Skinny Confidential x Kaitlynn Carter.

|| Kaitlynn’s Beauty Favs ||

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