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Alllll About Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The Skinny Confidential talks Asia.

Oh em gee, where do I evennnn start?!

You guys know I’ve been captivated ( SLASH OBSESSED ) with the way the lymph system works. & on top of that, dry brushing has become an everyday routine for me. The process is so stimulating & is super invigorating ( especially in the AM ).

Anyway, in the past year & a half I’ve been reading up on lymphatic drainage massage. Here’s my weird thing though: the thought of someone touching my lymph nodes really grosses me out.

I don’t know why.

( You know how you have strange, bizarre shit that you don’t like? For instance I HATE ( HATE HATE HATE HATE ) getting out of the shower if there’s stray hairs on the floor/mat. GOOSEBUMPS. Stepping on random hair(s) is the equivalent to walking across a moat with 23420 alligators and a million sharks with my eyes closed. It just gives me the hibbie jibbies ).

If you’re weirded out at my strangeness, don’t worry- I weird myself out on a regular basis.

So. Lymph nodes. To me, they’re sort of an unknown & super tender, so the thought of a stranger touching them…FREAKS ME THE F OUT.

But I’ve heard so many unbelievable reviews about lymph drainage massage, that I figured Asia was the perfect place to try it ( apparently they’re known for this specific massage ). When we arrived to Hong Kong I wasn’t feeling so hot. I’d been working non-stop around the clock, not sleeping well, & definitely had a sniffle or ten.

So I booked a lymphatic drainage massage.


Ok, I’ve had A LOT of massage because of constant neck pain. When I was nineteen I was involved in a horrible, horrible car accident where the other driver T-boned us HARD. I’ve been stuck with lateral whip lash ever since. Medical massage has been my best friend.

This massage though?

This massage was different.

This massage was weird.

This massage was amazing.

So here’s how the process works: you lay down, face down…per usual & the masseuse gently massages your lymph nodes. It’s not a deep tissue massage like I normally prefer but the after effects were so insane that it was worth every second.

Picture this: it was a couple’s massage. Michael’s next to me getting a head massage ( get that mind out of the gutter, he was getting his scalp massaged by a burly man ). After massaging my lymphs in my legs & arms, the masseuse flips me over & starts on my under eyes. At this point I’m so relaxed I fall asleep, fully snoring. With four people in the room. Michael tells me afterwards he couldn’t relax & it sounded like a wildebeest was next to him.


Back to the massage details: she massages under my eyes gently, by my eye sockets, & the sides of my eyes. I am dead asleep. ALL OF A SUDDEN I AM WOKEN UP by a flush. There’s a drainage detox throughout my body ( it was an orgasmic-like flush— kind of like endorphins running through the body ). My sinuses immediately drained. It also felt like fluid drained ( by the way guys, we’re going for authentic in this post, not hot & sexy ) from my eyes down in to my body. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT.

Afterwards I had a full-on cough attack on the massage table ( P.S. Michael is still in the room trying to have a relaxing head rub while I’m snoring, snorting, & coughing…#relatable ). The masseuse almost knew this would happen because she had a water bottle on hand. I drank the whole thing & then had to get up IMMEDIATELY to pee.

Like immediately, immediately.

When the lymph massage was done I asked her a billion questions:

Why did I cough?

Why did I have to pee?

What was draining? 

What are the effects?

How long does this last? 


Basically she said the cough was a natural reaction after the lymph system drains. It’s totally normal & it’s the body releasing toxins. The immediate need to pee? Even more normal. When you get a lymph drainage massage it cleans the toxins out & they release through the kidneys. The draining was built up fluid. And the effects are clearing toxins out of the system while INSTANTLY de-puffing the under eyes. Instantly though, it’s crazy. The effects last for about a month. And how often can you get it done? She said once a month would be fine. The massage is known to relieve any pain levels.

Get this: afterwards I did not have ANY puffiness under my eyes. You know how in the morning your eyes are puffy? NONE, ZIP, ZERO. Plus I was SO relaxed in an energetic way ( if that makes sense ) & I felt detoxed.

So naturally the whole eye thing was mesmorizing because it was like a little balloon had been popped under my eyes. I went online & saw an article about Kate Middleton’s dark circles stating that lymph drainage would really help her under eyes. Weird right? If the princess needs lymph drainage massage, then I need freaking lymph drainage massage WAY more. LOL.

It also flushes toxins from the under arms, legs, pelvic area, & neck. AHHH, I LOVE DETOXING.

By the way, I’ve heard this massage is ideal for people who just got surgrey. You can read more here.

If you don’t have access to lymphatic drainage massage, follow this YouTube tutorial on how to do it at home & DRY BRUSH ( if you get one thing out of The Skinny Confidential, dry brush! ).

Did I mention I love Asia? It’s such a special place.

Sending love from Phuket! xx

FYI: if you guys know anything about lymph drainage massage, PLEASE give me more info. Obviously I am not super experienced with this kind of massage & I’m REAL interested in learning more. x

My Favorite Sale ( FOR STAPLE PIECES!! )

The Skinny Confidential talks sales.


Ok so, besides the Nordstrom Anni sale, this is definitely one of my all-time favorite sales.


Well, because Shopbop has the best STUFF!! It can be pricey so I typically wait until they do their yearly sale to stock up on goodies.


Did I mention it’s 25% off…everything.

Just use code: BIGEVENT15.

My absolute favorite purchase were these athleisure ( yes, this is a word now ) sweats. They’re meant to be worn in like a chic, work-y way…but you can also wear them to workout or lounge in.


Also, my beloved/huge-ass sunglasses are on sale too. Just saying.

Here’s what I bought ( note: when I’m shopping Shopbop’s sale, I only buy staples!! Nothing trendy. If I’m investing in a piece, it’s ALWAYS a staple ).

Check it ( use arrow to scroll ):

Latest Favorites: Nude & Black ( I KNOW! Weird! LOL )

The Skinny Confidential talks shoes and purses.

The Skinny Confidential talks shoes and purses.

I haven’t done an outfit post in a hot minute so I figured it’d be perfect for the weekend to showcase what I’ve been living in lately: a black dress x nude pumps.

Not surprised? Thought so.

But in my defense I’ve been busier than ever so having a go-to outfit is EASYYYY PEASSSSY.

So. I’ve been living in this comfy chic black dress ( with a little lace— MEOW! ) & these nude pumps. They’re not too high but not too low, ya know? I feel like they don’t look overdone but they don’t look lazy.

SOOOO naturally I’m obsessed. Plus they’re comfortable ( I’m VERY, VERY, VERY over uncomfortable high heel shoes, like veryyyyy ).

The Skinny Confidential talks shoes and purses.

And usually I’m a fan of a huge-ass bag but I found this clutch & it’s big enough to fit my necessities but small enough to be casual cool. I also like it because the color scheme is nude/black/muted.

Basically all I do to achieve this look is blow out my hair, add a huge pair of sunglasses, & carry the clutch. A little tinted moisturizer & Chapstick and I’m good to go.

This look feels polished & finished even though it’s quick & easy…does that make sense?


Does anyone else have a go-to look that appears pristine, but takes a hot minute to throw on?!

Happy weekend— I’ll be in my nude pumps & black dress! x

P.S. For my exact shoes & clutch, check out Dune’s new US online store or NYC store!! I AM OBSESSED.

{ pics: Teresa Fae }

The Skinny Confidential talks shoes and purses.DSC6813


The Skinny Confidential talks shoes and purses.


SHOES : Nude pumps

DRESS: Black lace dress ( << YEWW! ON SALEEEE!! )


SUNGLASSES: Black sunglasses


GOLD HUGE RING: House of Harlow ( also found at Van De Vort )

My Grocery List

The Skinny Confidential talks groceries.

You guys have asked for a healthy grocery list soooooo TA-DA!! It’s here!

Keep in mind this is what I buy when I’m trying to eat VERY HEALTHY.

Don’t get all Judge Judy on me here & say it’s all healthy foods & I need to live a little BECAUSE I do live a little ( the In & Out burger, protein style with a small fries last week is an example ).

When it comes to stocking my fridge, I like to only keep healthy foods on hand.

If I have a craving for something that’s not so good, I will order something ( like a Cali burrito, Postmates style ) or go grab chips/salsa/guac/margs from the local Mexican restaurant.

I find when I keep crap in my house, I eat crap.

For instance, I bought a bunch of dark chocolate M&M’s for Halloween and ended up eating way too many.

For me having fresh foods on hand that are healthy, keep me eating healthy.

Watch the video for more details:

Here’s my quick list to use as a reference too ( obviously I don’t buy all this at once, this is just a general guide ):

The Skinny Confidential Grocery List

Annie’s Mac & Cheese
Ezekiel cereal
Ezekiel toast
Rudi’s English muffins ( FAV!! )
Plain spelt rice cakes
Kombucha ( mint is my favorite flavor )

Suja Juice
Sparkling water ( I love Pellegrino )
Cage free eggs
Chia seeds
Hemp seeds
Flax seeds
Bee pollen
Fresh Parmesan cheese
Organic cottage cheese
Organic 0% Greek yogurt
Oatmeal ( real oats or Holy Crap oatmeal!! )

Almond milk or hemp milk
Cold brew coffee
Green grapes
Watermelon chucks
Raspberries ( FAVORITE! )
Apple slices
Nut butters ( real, raw nut butter )

Almonds or cashews ( raw )
Kerry Gold unsalted butter
Wild salmon ( I like the lox kind )
Turkey ( no added sodium )
Hot House cucumbers

Ginger root
Romaine lettuce
Spicy carrots
Red onion
Cinnamon ( ground & sticks )
Fresh herbs ( favorites: mint, basil, cilantro, &/or rosemary )
Real hummus
Country mustard
Himalayan pink salt

Chile flakes
Cayenne powder
Coconut oil
Red wine vinegar
Apple cider vinegar, raw & unfiltered
Extra virgin olive oil

Rao’s spicy pasta sauce
Brown rice pasta
Green mint tea
This rice pea protein powder
Champagne…dryyyyy champagne…because shit, sometimes you gotta celebrate

Anything I’m missing? Weigh in!

- Lauryn, xx

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{ white dress pictured || purple sweater in video }

{{ pic }}



Pineapple Whip !! YUMMMM

Pineapple whip by The Skinny Confidential.

Pineapple whip by The Skinny Confidential.

Ever had the Dole Whip at Disneyland?

If you haven’t, you have to try it next time you’re there because it’s life-changing.

I mean, it’s basically the main reason I ever go to Disneyland.

Anyway this recipe is a version of Disney’s Dole Whip but without the sick-o added ingredients that really make no difference in the taste.

Firstly, here’s a video of how I whip up this whip in about 4.4 seconds:

I don’t know about you but this is heaven on earth for me.

Lately I’ve been on a late night ice cream kick so I’ve been enjoying this healthy recipe 5 days out of 7…the other two days? I may or may not have a few bites of bambleberry ice cream ( this exists & it’s yes, it’s better than sex ).

So. Point: this three ingredient “Dole-ish Whip” is a pretty damn great replacement for ice cream:

Pineapple whip by The Skinny Confidential.

This recipe comes from The Detoxinista; here’s exactly how she says to whip up this tangy pineapple whip:

♡ Ingredients:

1 fresh pineapple, peeled, cored, & chopped
1 cup coconut milk or almond milk
1 tablespoon honey ( optional, for authentic sweetness )

♡ Directions:

First off, you’ll want to freeze the pineapple chunks. I chopped mine a day ahead of time, and froze the chunks overnight. You could also purchase frozen pineapple, if you prefer.

This recipe works best in a high-speed blender, like the Vitamix, because you’ll need to be able to pulverize the pineapple into an ice-cream-like consistency. A normal blender will most likely not work, but a food processor might.

Pineapple whip by The Skinny Confidential.

Pineapple whip by The Skinny Confidential.

In TSC version I added a mint garnish & squeezed lime in to the mix because whelppppp, mint x lime just sounded like the absolute perfect addition. Like, RIGHT THOUGH?!

Do you guys have any three ingredient recipes that you love?

I’M ALLLLLLL ABOUT RECIPES UNDER 5 INGREDIENTS SO PLEASSSE SHARE IF YOU HAVE ONE! Oh & this one is obviously my favorites of favorite.

Happy Friday! – Lauryn, xx

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{ video || personalized spoons }

Pineapple whip by The Skinny Confidential.

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