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Mini DeLites: NYC x SD

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

{ L’Artusi’s cinnamon, eggnog, & pomegranate sorbet…w/ a side of olive oil cake ( not pictured, sadly ) }

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

{ chilling with a hemp capp & a sleep bun || sweater on sale }



This weekend I was re-reading comments from this post…….and well, you guys are all so, uhhhhh, cool.

But really, can we be friends in real life?

1.) your comments are all so well written. 2.) I can’t believe how rad some of your blogs are ( definitely spent the weekend looking through them ; ) ) 3.) and can I just tell you how much you inspire me?? Really though.

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

{ the best, best sandwich from Katz’s Deli }

Ok so, the reason I went to New York was to create something special & different…I constantly want to evolve as a person & a blogger so stay tuned for tomorrow because I have something fun coming!! I’m super excited to launch tomorrow’s project because it feels like I’ve spent 3573498235702 hours on it & after checking out all your blogs…I think ( hope ) you’ll all like it too ( fingers crossed ).

These pictures were taken in San Diego & New York…so a peek in to last two weeks.

Like I said, we missed our flight because NY decided to start snowing the last day so we ended up in an airport hotel eating limp dick salads with five day old chicken & tap water that tasted off. Michael was so mad at himself that we missed our flight…but I was chilling because I got to watch The Drop ( so good! ), read US Weekly ( poor Kendra ), & work on my computer. In the morning we hopped on the next flight & literally slept the whole way ( AKA mouths hanging open, catching flies style #approachable ). Let’s just say it was a peanuts & club soda for breakfast-sorta day. Fun times.

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

 { a night out on the town }

Anyway, I want to reiterate how lucky I feel after reading your comment & blogs…basically you guys all seem like really special, rad people. Keep doing what you’re doing because it seems like you guys are really kicking ass in life.

Happy Monday ( errrr, Tuesday? Whatever, I’m always up too late…FML ).

- Lauryn x

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

{ coming back to SD= getting festive }

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

{ my muse…who hates to have his picture taken }

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In My Kitchen <3

The Skinny Confidential talks cleaning the kitchen.

The Skinny Confidential talks cleaning the kitchen.

Let’s talk about cleanliness.

A lot of you guys have e-mailed me asking what products I use for cleaning so I figured today I’d share how I add a little sparkly-sparkle to my kitchen.

Frankly I’m EXTREMELY particular when it comes to cleaning the kitch. I have a whole routine & always make sure to use natural products, well at least as natural as possible ( um like baking soda because it DOES

The Skinny Confidential talks cleaning the kitchen.

Like a lot of you: when I clean, I CLEAN. I get down & dirty. Think: full blown mop on my knees perspiring, surrounded by lots ( & lots! ) of pretty sponges with smooth jazz playing on Spotify.

Some all-natural options I use for cleaning? Lemons ( removes dirt & rust stains…I use it allll the time! ), white vinegar ( works like a charm for mopping floors ), orange/cinnamon/nutmeg ( natural air freshener ), baking soda ( hello best toilet cleaner! ), hydrogen peroxide ( rids urine stains ), & lastly, natural salt ( great for cleaning granite with a baking soda).

The Skinny Confidential talks cleaning the kitchen.

Anyway can we talk about these cutie sponges?! They’re so fun!! Not only do they totally add a little sparkle to the kitchen, they also make me feel cute while cleaning. So cute in fact that I teamed up with ocelo brand to promote the launch of their new Sparkle Chain campaign which they’re giving twelve of you guys the opportunity to add a lil sparkle to YOUR kitchen! To get the party started, they sent me my own sparkle item-these pretty, gold accented dishes for my sponges to live in. Totally necessary because no one should ever set their sponge down on the counter, right?!

Here’s a fun, little video too:

What’s in your kitchen that sparkles? Anything cute?!

If you have something pretty to share, ocelo brand is throwing a rad, little contest. All you have to do is upload a photo via Instagram, & use #sparklechain #sweeps and tag @ocelobrand and @theskinnyconfidential. The photo should show off a sparkle you have in your own kitchen, which can be any pretty twist on an everyday item. Twelve readers will win a sparkly package from ocelo brand complete with surprise goodies and a sparkle item of your own selected by yours truly! Click here for more details and the official rules.

Mwah, Lauryn

+ Floral top found here.

pics: Teresa Fae || video: Chris Tran Media

The Skinny Confidential talks cleaning the kitchen.

The Skinny Confidential talks cleaning the kitchen.

The Best Damn…White Oxfords

The Skinny Confidential talks oxfords.

If you know me you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE white oxfords ( but I guess I’m a sucker for white shoes in general, but silver is cute too ).

I mean, not only are they flattering ( << real leg slimmers, man ), they’re super cute!! In my opinion, every girl should own a pair.

Not to mention they’re cool as shit.

Now there’s a lot of versions that are EXPENSIVE. And I mean real expensive. Think: like, thanks but no thanks $845 kind of expensive.

YIKES. So I searched high and low and found this pair for $129. Not super inexpensive but I wear mine probably everyday so I figured it’s smart investment ( wink, wink ).

The reason I’m so white oxford-sessed is because they’re classic, a total staple, and sort of go with everything. Some of my favorite ways to wear oxfords: with a baggy sweater & black skinny jeans, with a black maxi skirt & a crop, with little shorts, with jeans & an vintage tee.

By the way, if you’re scared to invest in white shoes, don’t be. I keep mine clean with a white shoe polish so it’s no big deal. Except for that one time T.Boone Pickens peed on my white heels. FML.

What’s your favorite, must-have shoe? Tell, tell.

- Lauryn

P.S. these are the pair pictured. Black & white version here…also this is not sponsored, just realness. Happy shopping!!

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Bridesmaid Dress Shopping With TSC

The Skinny Confidential talks shopping.

I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t really done anything when it comes to planning my wedding.

Like, seriously though…nothing!!

BUT!! When Anthropologie’s sister brand, BHLDN invited me & some friends to try on their bridesmaid dresses, I was super excited.

…Because drinking champagne & trying on beautiful dress doesn’t suck, right?

So my girlfriends & I drove up to LA & made kind of a day of it! Here’s a peek:

Pros of shopping at BHLDN: it’s sort of a one stop shop. AND they have the most gorgeous head pieces & vintage looking shoes…they’re all so chic.

This particular one is the Juliette dress— there were TONS of ways to wear it. My little sister, Mimi, tried it on to style the different looks. She’s like, the cutest thing ever.

Ok, so check out the different ways to wear the dress:

The Skinny Confidential talks shopping.

& afterwards we definitely hit up the Ivy because their salads & pastas ARE SO GOOD! So two must tries next time you’re in LA: BHLDN & The Ivy!

Will keep you updated on the planning…but so far, this has been it!

For those who are married: any bridesmaid dress tips? x Lauryn

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++ I’m wearing this topthis skirt, & this cross-body faux fur bag in the video.

{{ featuring: Candance Fahlstrom & Jacqueline Brown || jewels: JNB Style || photos: Teresa Fae || video: Phillip R. Lopez }}

Bridesmaid shopping with The Skinny Confidential.

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TSC Series: The Best Damn…SALE

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The best damn online sale of the century AKA Shopbop’s 25% off sale is here.

But really guys, is this real life?

I just can’t help it. I feel such a sense of euphoria when there’s a sale like this. It’s too good.

First off, the important shit: these boots look EXACTLY like the Stuart Weitzman’s but they’re a third of the price. I plan on pairing them with a turtleneck sweater dress.

Cute— right?

& lately I’ve been super into navy green. The color looks really amazing on all skin tones & it’s literally the perfect color for fall.

So ya, bring on the navy green.

I mean, this is going to kind of be a navy green themed fall/winter for me, so this purchase was a real no-brainer.

Plus did I mention it’s all 25% off.

Cha-ching, ba-ta-bing.

And act fast—! The sale ends tomorrow at midnight. I know, I know, bummer.

By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post— it’s just seriously one of the BEST DAMN SALES OF THE YEAR. Had to share.

Use code FAMILY25 at checkout.


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