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Look All Bronzed & Stuff For Summer 2015: Organic, Vegan Sunless Tanning Tips

The Skinny Confidential talks organic tanning tips and tricks.

Ya, ya, ya we all know I avoid the sun like a sick plague.

But I like a little summer glow, you know?

That’s where my spray tan comes in.

I’ve been spray tanning since 1999. Literally though, lol.

Lately I’ve been traveling & working non-stop so I don’t always have time to do the whole spray tan ordeal.

When Loving Tan reached out to let me know about their DIY at home line and told me it was VEGAN (!!!). I jumped at the chance to try it out.

The Skinny Confidential talks organic tanning tips and tricks.

And wait for it…the tanning formula is also: 100% natural, not tested on animals, contains no parabens, and is ORGANIC!! I mean if this isn’t up my alley, I don’t know what is.

I never put things on my blog that I haven’t tried, used, & LOVED. I don’t want anything ‘MEH’ on TSC. And lemme tell ya, I LOVEDDDD this product. I may even switch over to the non spray tan side & switch completely to this product. I feel like spray tans have a million chemicals spraying on to your body in a small area.

A lotion allows the skin to breath and it’s natural sooooooo…I’m very much about it!!

Also, let’s talk about red.

You know the color.

Having any trace of red in my spray/lotion tan just doesn’t work.

I HATEEEE RED TRACES. It makes the tan look fake, forced, & Snookie-ish.

Loving Tan is a natural olive color because it has active ingredients and contains DHA & an ingredient Erythurlose to eliminate orange tones. See what I mean?

The Skinny Confidential talks organic tanning tips and tricks.

Casper before, casual Baywatch bronzed after.

Ok so, I’m very specific with my pre/during/post-tan tips. Like, very, very specific.

Here’s a couple I live & die by:

1.) Dry brush before you tan.

Dry brushing is the best exfoliation on the planet. I swear though, not only does it stimulate the lymph system, it also is an amazing pre-tan prep.

2.) Shave the stubble.

Obviously you don’t want to tan with leg hair. I’m always a prickly pear ( let’s be honest, shaving is such an annoyance…it’s also boring ). So I always have to remember to be shaved & ready for my tan. Also, I sweat using my guide before I shower & shave so that’s out of the way.

3.) Use a mitt.

I like this one by Loving Tan called Tan Removing & Skin Polishing Glove. Basically it removes all nasty-ass dead skin cells & old built up tan so your glow will last longer & fade evenly.

The Skinny Confidential talks organic tanning tips and tricks.

4.) I know this sounds weird but I have to say it…

I don’t put any tanning stuff on my upper lip. I literally have a mustache from hyper pigmentation ( so chic! ) so an added layer of tan is unnecessary & makes me look like Captain Hook. LOL.

5.) Use an applicator.

This Easy To Reach Back Applicator helps you get to those annoying bits on your back. Make sure it’s slightly dampened first.

The Skinny Confidential talks organic tanning tips and tricks.

6.) Apply the tan.

I like the medium shade ( it dries quick). And always use this Deluxe Applicator Mitt. No one wants product kind of just sitting on the skin. I like to make sure the product is really attached & blended. This little mitt is perfect for securing the tan to provide that sun kissed, sex kitten glow.

7.) Mani/Pedi afterwards.

I wait until after the tan for a mani/pedi and I usually only get a polish change because I don’t want to let my feet or nails sit in water ( it would create a line ). Polish changes are GAME changers post-tan. Besides no one likes overly tanned cuticles.


Crusty tans are not so cute. To keep your tan look sexy, moisturize with raw coconut oil. It’s my favorite post-tan tip. Wait until the day after the tan is applied though.

The Skinny Confidential talks organic tanning tips and tricks.

9.) Don’t lay in white sheets if you’re spray tanning!!

Literally know this from experience. Michael woke up next to me & there was bronzed snow angels all over the bed. I like to apply my tan in the AM and then shower before bed. After tons of trial & error this has worked best. With the new at home product I’ve been using, you can get in bed 2 hours after ( which is FAB ). You don’t have to worry about tanned snow angels with Loving Tan.

10.) Always wash you hands after application.

I feel like this is obvious? But it’s one tip I sometimes forget. I also use a baby wipe to clean the bottoms of my feet, nails, & toenails.


Anyone else have any tanning tips? Spill.

x, lauryn

ps. use code ‘theskinnyconfidential’ at checkout to receive a free gift with purchase. x

The Skinny Confidential talks organic tanning tips and tricks. 


Babe’s Night Out: Top 5 Must-Haves

The Skinny Confidential talks girl's night out.The Skinny Confidential talks girl's night out.

Since I recently hosted a Girl’s Night Out last week at a blow-dry bar, I figured I’d share my top 5 must-haves if I’m having my friend’s over.

Typically when I have my friends over we don’t do the whole sleepover thing. We usually get ready together before a night on the town. We’ll drink champagne ( sometimes in the shower, lol ), listen to Brazilian lounge, & eat a cheese/grapes plate. Super mellow.

Here’s the top five things I HAVE TO HAVE while we’re getting ready:

The Skinny Confidential talks girl's night out.

Leg makeup: 

If you haven’t heard of leg makeup you haven’t lived. Leg makeup isn’t as complicated as it sounds. In fact it’s so easy, it’s kind of crazy. When I’m hanging out with my friends we’re typically showing some leg. Think mini skirts, but not too Vegas-ish. Airbrush Legs by Sally Hansen ( I like the ‘Light Glow‘ shade ) gives my legs a sun-kissed finish & hides any flaws. I swear the Victoria’s Secret models wear this on the runway. It’s like that dewey finish with a tint of shimmer. I’m so obsessed I even wear it on my arms. A total must-have for a girl’s night.

The Skinny Confidential talks girl's night out.

Lip plumper:

Big lips without filler or surgery? Hell ya. Lip Plumper really takes it up a notch in the lip department. It kind of stings too which is sorta sexy if you think about it? If my friends & I are getting ready together we all like a little OOMPH in our lips soooooo that’s where this magic tool comes in. It stimulates the lips making them appear fuller & more kissable. So Kylie J. A video tutorial on how to pump those suckers up, can be found here.

The Skinny Confidential talks girl's night out.

Raw coconut oil:

DUH, DUH, DUH. But wait I have a trick for this that’s kind of life-changing: my Aunt Cheryl used to be a supermodel in New York City ( no joke, going to brag about her for a minute…she was on Chanel billboards, Macy’s ads, & partied with the best of them at Studio 54, so she knows her stuff ). Anyway, she told me that all the models would rub oil on their neck bones to make them pop out. They also applied a little Coconut Oil to the tips of each of their shoulders. I swear by this tip when I’ve had too much bambleberry ice cream the day before. It makes you look kind of 80’s chic too. All my friends & I used this tip before my friend Jackie’s wedding and it was a hit. Plus you smell like a tropical heaven. My favorite coconut oil is this kind because it’s raw, organic, & unrefined.

The Skinny Confidential talks girl's night out.

Eyelash curler:

Unless you live under a rock you are very aware that lashes just don’t look the same without a bad-ass curler. I AM SOOOO SPECIFIC about my eyelash curler. I feel like the day I found the right eyelash curler, everything else fell into place. I kid. Kinda. If I’m getting ready with my friends I HAVE TO HAVE my eyelash curler, primer ( die for this one ), & mascara. Watch the whole shebang go down here.

The Skinny Confidential talks girl's night out.


While I’m obsessed with my eyelash curler for obvious reasons, I can’t live without a good moisturizer. If you guys read The Skinny Confidential Book you know I HAVVVVVEEE to mix my foundation with moisturizer before application. I like a dewey finish, not a dry, matte, flakey, dandruff-ish finish. The moisturizer mixed with my foundation ensures a pretty, Kim-K finish that kind of glows without making you look super sweaty ( because be real, nobody has time for a sweaty looking upper lip ). This moisturizer mixes super nice with my foundation creating a flawless finish.

What’s your must-have for a night with your babes? I’m sure you guys have some super rad tips/tricks up your ruffled, lace sleeve…?

lauryn, x

+ white lace robe
{ pics 1/3/5/8 }


What’s In My Caboodlllleee? <3

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

All my friends gave up their Caboodle in junior high.

But not me!!

OHHHHhhhh nooo.

I looooveee my Caboodle ( << not sponsored, just realness ). Still use it to this day. They’re the best things EVER. Reasons? 1.) they keep all my makeup super organized. 2.) they’re so cute/chic. 3.) Caboodles are fab for traveling. And 4.) I’VE SAID IT ONCE & I’LL SAY IT AGAIN: they’re GREAT for people who are overly organized.

Seriously though, they really settle down my obsessive organized side.

Plus when I carry around the black makeup case, I feel like a real deal makeup artist.

SOOO profesh.

Ok, so ta-da here’s what’s inside my Caboodle:

♡ Products:

My Caboodle
Smaller Caboodle
‘That Gal’ face brightener
Red lip liner
Red lipstick
Orgasm blush stick
Brow makeup brush
Brow powder

Eyelash primer ( << MY FAV! )
MAC ‘In Extreme’ mascara
Urban Decay’s ‘Perversion’ mascara
Ardell ‘Double Up’ lashes
Eyelash curler ( << the BEST! )
Fav drugstore eyelash primer
Fav drugstore mascara
Navy drugstore eyelash curler
Lip Venom
Beauty blender on stick
Airbrush ‘brush’
Peppermint Chapstick
Beauty blenders
Brush cleaner
Mini Wet Brush

♡ Clothes:

White top
Red lipstick

Question time! What do you put your makeup in? Any other makeup products I absolutely have to check out? Are you guys liking the video tutorials? Anything you want to see next?

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Mine was non-stop so I’m ready to take it down a million notches & get in bed with a cup of mint tea, my puppies, & the latest episode of Shark Tank.

Don’t forget to pull out your Jan Sport & Trapper Keeper when you dust off your Caboodle. LOL.

love, love, love- Lauryn xx

+ More makeup tips can be found in The Skinny Confidential Book.

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How To: Apply Lashes Without Looking Like An 80’s Porn Star

The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

Most requested tutorial?


Firstly, I’ve been there, done that with eyelash extensions…they’re not for me. BUT I have tons of friends who swear by them. So do whatever floats your boat.

Personally I’m all about drugstore lashes. And I’m absolutely ADDICTED to Ardell’s ( << not sponsored, just realness ).

I’m VERY specific about WHICH Ardell’s though because no one wants to look like an 80’s pornstar. Here’s why I like these particular falsies:

You feel me?

As you can see from above: EYELASH PRIMER is the shit. Won’t leave home without it.

I feel like a real asshole about it but I’ll literally skip wearing mascara if I don’t have my primer.

Good thing I have three bottles in my car/purse/makeup bag because I can’t live without my white gooey stuff. It seriously adds like 5 layers to your natural lash.

The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

♡ Products used:

Eyelash primer ( << MY FAV! )
MAC ‘In Extreme’ mascara
Urban Decay’s ‘Perversion’ mascara
Ardell ‘Double Up’ lashes
Eyelash curler ( << the BEST! )

Fav drugstore eyelash primer
Fav drugstore mascara
Pink tweezers
Mascara wands/eyelash ‘brush’
Eyelash glue
Tiny scissors
Navy drugstore eyelash curler

♡ Face makeup:

Foundation w/ SPF
Brow powder

♡ Outfit deets:

White top
California necklace
Gold hand piece
Nail polish
Lipstick holder

The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

So let it be known: this tutorial was filmed during the day so these lashes definitely look dramatic. BUT imagine we’re on a dinner date in a perfectly dimly lit restaurant with a flicker of a candle on my face, while I sip a Pinot Grigio as I bat my lashes ( << goals ). Point: the dimmed, darker light would really enhance my ‘Double Up’ lashes in an unstated sexy way.

Lighting is everything ( I mean I’d love a good lighting crew to casually follow me everywhere ) & trust me, these lashes are ON POINT for nighttime. Daytime though? Not so much. Opt for a thinner lash like this during day.

BTW, not a big eyeliner fan. But if you are: do the thinnest line in the world ( like the thinnest ever ) before applying your bombshell lash.

Please let me know your thoughts on the latest video tutorials!

Would love to hear, Lauryn xx

+ More makeup tips can be found in The Skinny Confidential Book.

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The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

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