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How To: Apply Lashes Without Looking Like An 80’s Porn Star

The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

Most requested tutorial?


Firstly, I’ve been there, done that with eyelash extensions…they’re not for me. BUT I have tons of friends who swear by them. So do whatever floats your boat.

Personally I’m all about drugstore lashes. And I’m absolutely ADDICTED to Ardell’s ( << not sponsored, just realness ).

I’m VERY specific about WHICH Ardell’s though because no one wants to look like an 80’s pornstar. Here’s why I like these particular falsies:

You feel me?

As you can see from above: EYELASH PRIMER is the shit. Won’t leave home without it.

I feel like a real asshole about it but I’ll literally skip wearing mascara if I don’t have my primer.

Good thing I have three bottles in my car/purse/makeup bag because I can’t live without my white gooey stuff. It seriously adds like 5 layers to your natural lash.

The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

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♡ Products used:

Eyelash primer ( << MY FAV! )
MAC ‘In Extreme’ mascara
Urban Decay’s ‘Perversion’ mascara
Ardell ‘Double Up’ lashes
Eyelash curler ( << the BEST! )

Fav drugstore eyelash primer
Fav drugstore mascara
Pink tweezers
Mascara wands/eyelash ‘brush’
Eyelash glue
Tiny scissors
Navy drugstore eyelash curler

♡ Face makeup:

Foundation w/ SPF
Brow powder

♡ Outfit deets:

White top
California necklace
Gold hand piece
Nail polish
Lipstick holder

The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.

So let it be known: this tutorial was filmed during the day so these lashes definitely look dramatic. BUT imagine we’re on a dinner date in a perfectly dimly lit restaurant with a flicker of a candle on my face, while I sip a Pinot Grigio as I bat my lashes ( << goals ). Point: the dimmed, darker light would really enhance my ‘Double Up’ lashes in an unstated sexy way.

Lighting is everything ( I mean I’d love a good lighting crew to casually follow me everywhere ) & trust me, these lashes are ON POINT for nighttime. Daytime though? Not so much. Opt for a thinner lash like this during day.

BTW, not a big eyeliner fan. But if you are: do the thinnest line in the world ( like the thinnest ever ) before applying your bombshell lash.

Please let me know your thoughts on the latest video tutorials!

Would love to hear, Lauryn xx

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The Skinny Confidential is on YouTube.


The Skinny Confidential's YouTube channel.

The Skinny Confidential's YouTube channel.

For the last couple months I’ve been filming tons of TUTORIALS!!

Hi guys! Super excited to share I’ve been filming some beauty/health/hair tutorials.

So yay!!! The Skinny Confidential is officially a part of the vlogging world!!!

It’s definitely nerve-wracking to be on video so I really, really hope you like…for the first tutorial where I’m sharing a wine-stained lipstick look ( << PERFECT for the holidays!! ):

{ products: ‘Very Berry’ by MAC || ‘Sugarplum’ lip liner by Milani || black crop top }

So bear with me…it’s my first one! Eek!

Would love to hear suggestions below AND WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE?? Leave tutorial ideas below & I will definitely check them all out.

Happy holidays & enjoy your holiday lip, Lauryn xx

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Why I’m Playing For Team Spanx ( BUH-BYE Holiday Muffin Top!! )

The Skinny Confidential x Spanx.

 The Skinny Confidential x Spanx.

When I went to NYC it was FREEZING.

Not just like, oh brrr it’s cold, sniff, sniff.

Like: OMG what is going on, my hands are falling off & I may die of hypothermia, beanie hat Emjoi-kinda freezing.

And let’s be real: who wants to get ALL dressed up when it’s THAT cold?

Unfortunately for me, this was my New York situation. I was on the go THE ENTIRE TIME SOOOO this meant dressier, tighter fitting outfits despite the cold weather AND extra, extra NYC calories ( but really, the food in New York is on a whole different level!!! ).

SO this is where Spanx came in.

The Skinny Confidential x Spanx.

Thank Goddddd for Spanx. I’ve been wearing them for years but they really, really came in handy in NYC…so I figured: ding, ding!!! Blog post idea!!

NO LIE THOUGH, I’m playing for Team Spanx.

Especially when it’s freezing (!!!) because they give ya an extra layer WITHOUT adding an extra layer, if ya know what I mean? In fact, they very much so take off a layer.

A layer of Katz’ Deli turkey sandwiches/lox & bagels/potato pancakes with apple sauce/sour cream type of layer, if we’re being specific ( I’m always undoubtedly drawn to those damn potato pancakes ).

The Skinny Confidential x Spanx.

The Skinny Confidential x Spanx.

Anyway these pics were shot before a nighttime meeting— hence the white blouse & pleather skirt  & I even ended up unbuttoning the top button to show off a little, sex kitten pop of nude. For the meeting, I actually wore the black underwear with the cami for extra, extra support.  Pleather also has a tendency to scrunch up a little, so while it looks great- so important to have a smooth fabric underneath to keep everything from bunching (great trick, ladies!)

When picking out Spanx, you can’t go wrong with the nude cami because 1.) it’s nude ( a total classic- duh ), 2.) you can wear it with practically anything ( any time, any day ), & 3.) every girl should invest in one pair during the holidays ( especially because of the overload of bubbly x finger food x sugar cookies ). Adding the black undies is an added bonus too- don’t even get me started on that insanely powerful microfiber that literally SUCKS you in!

Also, for the record: thank God you can walk everywhere in New York. Because #potatopancakes.

How do you keep it tight during the holidays? Share!!

Lauryn xx

Pics: Jeff Thibodeau

+ white blouse, leather skirt, gold bracelet, necklacemesh purse, & striped sweater ( << on sale ).

The Skinny Confidential x Spanx.

The Skinny Confidential x Spanx.

Mini DeLites: NYC x SD

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

{ L’Artusi’s cinnamon, eggnog, & pomegranate sorbet…w/ a side of olive oil cake ( not pictured, sadly ) }

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

{ chilling with a hemp capp & a sleep bun || sweater on sale }



This weekend I was re-reading comments from this post…….and well, you guys are all so, uhhhhh, cool.

But really, can we be friends in real life?

1.) your comments are all so well written. 2.) I can’t believe how rad some of your blogs are ( definitely spent the weekend looking through them ; ) ) 3.) and can I just tell you how much you inspire me?? Really though.

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

{ the best, best sandwich from Katz’s Deli }

Ok so, the reason I went to New York was to create something special & different…I constantly want to evolve as a person & a blogger so stay tuned for tomorrow because I have something fun coming!! I’m super excited to launch tomorrow’s project because it feels like I’ve spent 3573498235702 hours on it & after checking out all your blogs…I think ( hope ) you’ll all like it too ( fingers crossed ).

These pictures were taken in San Diego & New York…so a peek in to last two weeks.

Like I said, we missed our flight because NY decided to start snowing the last day so we ended up in an airport hotel eating limp dick salads with five day old chicken & tap water that tasted off. Michael was so mad at himself that we missed our flight…but I was chilling because I got to watch The Drop ( so good! ), read US Weekly ( poor Kendra ), & work on my computer. In the morning we hopped on the next flight & literally slept the whole way ( AKA mouths hanging open, catching flies style #approachable ). Let’s just say it was a peanuts & club soda for breakfast-sorta day. Fun times.

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

 { a night out on the town }

Anyway, I want to reiterate how lucky I feel after reading your comment & blogs…basically you guys all seem like really special, rad people. Keep doing what you’re doing because it seems like you guys are really kicking ass in life.

Happy Monday ( errrr, Tuesday? Whatever, I’m always up too late…FML ).

- Lauryn x

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

{ coming back to SD= getting festive }

The Skinny Confidential x New York City.

{ my muse…who hates to have his picture taken }

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The Best Damn…Beauty Invention AKA Fashion Tape

The Skinny Confidential talks fashion tape.

True story: when I was in Miami I went to this awesome black tie event. My outfit was all picked out. You know when you just have everything ready? For once my hair was done, my dress was pressed, makeup was finished…the F-ing works. Mind you, I was on time. Weird, right?

Anyway I go to put on my navy dress ( which I was/am SO excited about ) and I come to horrendous realization that if I move an inch AKA breath, my boobs will fall out.

Of course we had to rush out the door the second after I realized this.

So there I am in a cab, not able to move one centimeter. Yes, of course I’m wearing Nippies BUTTTT the dress needed something to stick to.

We pull up to the fancy party & there’s a guy with a tray of chilled champagne. I go to grab a flute and as I reach out to collect my champs, my left tit falls on to the tray.


This happened. I cannot make this shit up.

And uh, the waiter’s eyeballs basically popped out on tray too.

I go up to a waitress & politely ask her for Scotch Tape because man, oh, man, WTF am I supposed to do? Needed to make sure I didn’t have another mishap.

So I run to the bathroom with my Scotch Tape. BUT instead of using that crap, Michael’s mom saved the day because she ended up having FASHION TAPE:

The Skinny Confidential talks fashion tape.

If you don’t have fashion tape, RUN & I mean, RUN to your local Target.

Every girl/women in the whole world should have fashion tape. First off, it’s light & small ( so it fits perfect in a clutch ) & it will save your life when you’re in situations where you’re scared your boob is going to fall out on a champagne tray.

Also, all the celebs use it when they’re in a pinch.

And trust me, after my Miami pinch, I’m stocked & ready for life.

No more flashy-McFlasherson moments.

The Skinny Confidential talks fashion tape.

The Skinny Confidential talks fashion tape.

Wikipedia defines fashion tape saying it’s “also known as cleavage tapefashion tape and tit tape, is a double-sided adhesive tape, used to secure the edges of a strapless dress or top to the cleavage or side of the breasts or on shoulders to secure bra straps from slipping, in order to keep the item of clothing in place and to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. It may also be referred to as toupee tape or wig tape, a similar double-sided tape intended for a different function ( securing a hairpiece or merkin ).”

Thanks Wiki for defining tit tape so perfectly.

Have you guys tried fashion tape? Anyone else have any embarrassing-ass stories? Would LOVE to hear! xx

The Skinny Confidential talks fashion tape.

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