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Party In Your Mouth!!! 3 Ingredient Ice Cream!

The Skinny Confidential talks two ingredient ice cream.

Got a sweet tooth? Nice. Me too. And this little, easy-ass recipe really hits the spot. It literally takes seconds to whip up + 20 min in the freezer & you’re good to go. But first things first: bananas are the shit. Basically they’re the best fruit…ever. I use bananas in everything!!! Seriously though, everything. Read more…

How to Style a Coffee Table…TSC-Style


Hi, hi. Today I’m sharing a lil peak inside my living room. I’m kinda weird sometimes about sharing my personal space because, uhh, whelp…it’s my personal space. But today I’m going to be a ballzy bitch. So, ta-da, here’s my living room. I kept the colors: dark grey, gold, white, & a tiny touch of […] Read more…

Pretties Time! A Sparkly, Lil DIY: Glitter Pencils

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

I love pretties. Pretties are like, cute confetti, dainty rings, baby’s-breath flowers, &…glitter! Ok so, this particular DIY is totally in the ‘pretties’ category. Think: do-it-yourself-for-five-dollars-and-use-as-home-decor-so-it-screams-I’m-so-profesh-kinda pretty. Fun, right? Check it: How to? Easyyyyyyy: + Paint pencil ( right below eraser ) w/ Mod Podge ( or even use gold glitter nail polish & skip the […] Read more…

Mini DeLites

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

{ My favorites…lately } { This scent, this color…kills me } Ok, let’s talk about what’s on my mind lately. Two words: Margot.Robbie. Seriously, though. Anyone seen The Wolf of Wall Street? If you haven’t, see it. If you have, then really…tell me you’re not dying over Margot Robbie too? She’s a total babe/vixen/sex kitten. […] Read more…

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