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Mini DeLites: One & Only Palmilla

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ Flight over } { Grapefruit wedges } Ahhhh. Vacation feels good. Like, realllll good. Michael & I have been definitely celebrating but we’ve also been working out to compensate for the extra food intake ( I mean…can anyone pass up popcorn soufflé?! I’m doing extra lunges for that deliciousness any day ). And let’s face it, […] Read more…

A Lil St. Patrick’s Day Recap

So I get reallllll into holidays. I sort of channel my inner Clark Griswold. Like, if it’s Valentine’s Day, I’ll turn on Frank Sinatra, light heart shaped candles, & put out bowls of conversation hearts & rose petals throughout the house. Don’t believe my holiday spirit? Check out some psycho holiday posts here, here, & […] Read more…

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