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Hottie Fitness Favorites

hottie fitness favorites

hot yoga towel | bright yellow tank | bright blue sports bra | dee bar crop top bra | hottie pink weights | THE BEST yoga mat

If you’re ever feeling a little tired/LAZY/like you could totally just skip your workout & go for Netflix & chill instead, throw on some BRIGHT colored workout clothes.

I swear, it’s kind of a GAME changer. There’s just something about the bright colors that kicks your ass into gear.

These hottie fitness finds are just a few items to keep you energized while sweating.

For those of you guys who are participating no way rosé January, how’s it going?

Anyone noticing any differences? Spill!

Happy weekend,



new year, new ass 6 | by the skinny confidential

new year new ass | by the skinny confidential
There’s nothing like flattering workout clothes.

Especially when you feel like you ate too much figgy pudding, devoured a couple of slutty brownies, & drank one too many mimosas in the last two weeks of 2015 ( GUILTY ). Let’s just say I consumed more food/drinks than normal & things were feeling…well…a bit fluffier.

Needless to say, this month is all about TIGHTENING.

You know the drill: NEW YEAR, NEW ASS.

So what exactly do I mean? Well here’s a couple of tippity tips:

+ You guys know my workout schedule lately & on top of that, I’ve been also really utilizing a Pedometer ( what up, 10k steps a day! ). Sometimes I even use my iPhone as a Pedometer ( << there’s an App for that ).

+ Really up-ing my green drinks. You know this if you follow me on Snapchat. Typically I’ll  gulp down a green drink full of spinach, chard, baby kale, ginger, lemon, a handful of berries, & chia seeds once a day. And man oh man, it’s gnarlier than coffee. It gives you that ZING, ba da bing ba da boom.

+ All the other recipes I’ve been making are at-home/EASY & in TSC Bombshell Body Guide. Update by the way: I’m almost done with the meal plans so stay tuned!

new year, new ass 7 | by the skinny confidential

+ Boring as hell, but I drink 80 ounces of water a day plus 20 sips ( OCD, lol ) the second I wake up.

+ The Skinny Confidential Detox Drink has been my best friend.

+ THE MORE FLATTERING THE WORKOUT CLOTHES THE BETTER. I’ve been living in this get up from Bandier. It’s this hot, cool site that sells all my favorite brands. These pants are by ALO & fit amazing. The top is so effortlessly chic that I even wear it out with friends. Flattering workout clothes make all the difference…especially in January.

+ Consuming more cage-free eggs & grass fed meats keep me feeling full longer. I love mixing a little Colman’s spicy mustard with both. It gives food a zing without the guilt.

+ TEA TEA TEA. Tea is kind of the best skinny tip ever. I down like 3 to 5 cups a day. Peppermint tea is my go-to before a meal. Apparently a reader ( hey Courtney! ) said that in Thailand the women carry peppermint in their purses to smell before a meal. It’s a natural appetite suppressant. After a meal I love apricot or green tropical tea. My best kept secret? Pu-erh tea!! After traveling to Beijing, China— I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. It’s fabulous for weight loss too.

Basically I’m a tea whore.

new year, new ass | by the skinny confidential

new year, new ass 5 | by the skinny confidential

+ Healthy fats like avocado, raw coconut oil, grass fed butter, Ghee, & extra virgin olive oil are awesome in moderation. Pretty much don’t forget about your fats, they’re PHAT.

+ Typically I throw myself in to work in January BUT I stay off social media. It’s a distraction ( unless I’m using it for work ) & it takes away from building my brand. Plus I move more when I’m off FB & Instagram. Stay in your own lane!

+ Espresso & coffee in the morning help kick start my metabolism. This has always worked for me. I drink a bunch of water first, have my green drink, & then sip some coffee.

( You guys know adding cinnamon is my favorite ever because it balances out blood sugar! ).

+ MyFitnessPal is a FANTASTIC app for keeping yourself accountable. I highly recommend it to women who are looking for dramatic results. Out of all these tips, accountability with anything is what produces results. Don’t be a Delusional Danny. Get real with yourself.

+ A sunless tan never hurt a flea. A little color takes away 5 pounds in an instant.

new year, new ass | by the skinny confidential

SOOO—- there you have it! Easy, quick little tips to help you stay on track for 2016.

Ok, your turn: how are you kicking January’s ass? Add to this list.

OH, & use code NEWYEARNEWASS for 20% off The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide! Enjoy.

Happy weekend, lauryn x

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new year, new ass 3 | by the skinny confidential

new year, new ass 9 | by the skinny confidential

Starting Fresh In 2016: Fitness Wear Favorites

starting fresh: fitness wear favorites  | by the skinny confidentialFree People Womens Amanda Tank Mesh-Panel Compression Crops  | Alo Yoga Wisteria Sports Bra Top Free People Womens Infinity Legging Nike ‘Element’ Half Zip Top Down For A Run Vest FP Movement Womens Infinity Bra

Happy New Year guys!

There is something about completely starting FRESH in a New Year.

You can’t start fresh without a bunch of new workout wear. You sort of feel new while sweating off all the extra holiday LB’s.

Is it just me or does sweating in old, faded workout clothes just not feel right? Fresh, new workout wear just makes sweating it out SO much easier.

You guys know I’m all about edgy workout wear, here are some of my favorites.

Which items do you like best?

How are you starting fresh in 2016?

Cheers to sweating chic!



workout updates with Nike 6 | by the skinny confidential

workout updates with Nike 9 | by the skinny confidential
If you guys follow along on Snapchat you know I’ve been doing late night ( well for me, late night ) 6:30 PM Pilates classes twice a week. AND I’M OBSESSED.

Mixing TSC Bombshell Body Guide with Pilates has really been the perfect combo. I notice a difference in my inner thighs, bat wings, & muffin top area. It’s kind of crazy how mixing the two workouts together have changed my body. Even Michael the other day was like “babe your ass is looking TIGHT.”

I was like “thanks babe, wish I could say the same about yours.” HA.

Tighter ass? I’ll take it!

Also, for the past four months I’ve been scheduling my workouts in a VERY strict way. You guys know I live and die by Google calendar but lately I’ve been going a step further & scheduling them with friends. So now the workout is in my calendar AND I have a set date. This ensures that there’s no backing out. A date is a date.

We even will drive to Pilates together so GASP, I’m on time. The whole thing has been awesome in terms of keeping workout commitments. Plus my ass is tighter since doing this, so there’s that too.

workout updates with Nike 4 | by the skinny confidential

workout updates with Nike 8 | by the skinny confidential

I highly recommend scheduling your workouts. My schedule goes kind of like this:
Monday: TSC BBG plus 30 min intervals on treadmill
Tuesday: Pilates
Wednesday: TSC BBG ( treadmill if time permits )
Thursday: Pilates or hike with friends
Friday: TSC BBG
Saturday: I try to do a workout; anything works. I just like to break a sweat once a day.
Sunday: yoga with Michael ( our new date on Sundays, him in downward dog is really just priceless ).

Basically I always schedule 7 days a week but normally end up working out 6.

Because hey, setting an intention changes everything.

Ultimately if I don’t sweat, I swear I get…bitchy. Working out is so much about clearing my mind & taking 30 minutes to an hour to spend time on ME. No work, no cleaning, no family/friends/BF, nothing. Just zen out.

workout updates with Nike 7 | by the skinny confidential

So anyway, these pictures were taken before Pilates in my neon Nike sports bra ( really feeling neon lately with greys & blacks ), vintage Heather grey zip up, & new kicks. This sports bra REALLY holds the girls in & gives you that extra OOMPH that every girl on the planet loves.

Ok your turn, what are some workout tips that keep you ( & your ass ) on track?

Don’t miss out on this very TSC giveaway— it’s a goodie!

x, lauryn

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workout updates with Nike 2 | by the skinny confidential


eddie bauer | by the skinny confidentialeddie bauer 7 | by the skinny confidential

It’s like Christmas in life when San Diego is cold.

Really though, I SOAK it in.

Every second of the coldness is just really heavenly.

Usually it starts to get chilly mid-November so the other day my girlfriend & I decided to wake up early-ish to reap the benefits of the colder time of year.

We hiked on Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach & caught up over a cup of cold brew coffee. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Also, the chilly-ish weather was such a difference from San Diego’s typically warmer weather.

( When you guys make a trip to SD, you have to go hike Sunset Cliffs, it won’t disappoint! ).

Anyway, if we’re being real, one of the main reasons I love colder weather is because of the clothes! YES the clothes. Cold weather clothes are just so damn chic, & to be honest, I’m a bit bored with tees, hole-y jeans, & tank tops. Been there, done that SD. So obviously any chance I get to wear something warm, I’m very much into it.

eddie bauer 7 | by the skinny confidential

For our chilly hike I wore some black leggings, a workout Heather grey turtleneck, big sunglasses ( because I was up late the night before, whoops ), & a personalized jacket.

That’s right, my very own personalized jacket.

Basically there’s this new feature on the Eddie Bauer website that’s right up any woman’s alley. You get to literally pick out your jacket’s colors, features, prints…you even get to choose zipper colors. It’s technical in all the right way, guys. & pretty much, I had a ball designing my own jacket.

For my jacket’s details: I decided on camo accents for fun. Then I made the middle black because it flatters the waist. I decided on white for the sides because again, it flatters the waistline. Then I picked my colors for the zipper, logo, & back.

eddie bauer 2 | by the skinny confidentialeddie bauer 4 | by the skinny confidential

Lastly, & my favorite touch: personalization.


You can add a word or two inside the jacket. I wrote BOSSTICK. Because when I get married ( one of these days if I start planning? LOL ), that will be my new last name.

So look at me in my BOSSTICK personalized jacket. Fun, right?

Anyway, I’ll be rocking this jacket whenever the weather allows.

Does anyone else actually enjoy cold weather?

x lauryn

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eddie bauer 7 | by the skinny confidential

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