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Mini DeLites: MILAN, ITALY

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ strawberry basil gelato…way too addictive }

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ a grainy picture of me & Michael at Roberto Cavalli x DISARONNO }

4:02 AM on Tuesday.

& surprise, surprise jet lag has me by the balls.

Went to bed at 5 PM last night, woke up at 2 AM today, you get the drift. And now we’ve been up watching MR. ROBOT ( << so gnarly, watch it ), eating Cheez-It’s & now I’ve decided to do a blog post. Because blogging at 4 AM is entirely normal.

Jet lag is so bizarre, I just feel straight up antsy!


Milan, Italy was stunning. Small charming streets, fruit-filled gelato on every corner, crazy shopping, & beautiful architecture.

It’s definitely a place everyone should experience, so if you’re thinking of planning a trip to Italy any time soon, definitely make a stop in Milan ( I’d recommend 3 days ). Side note: I’ll do a Paris/Milan itinerary x outfit recommendations, if you guys want?

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ ate wayyyy too much pizza! }

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ Duomo Cathedral…so crazy beautiful, so dramatic }

On to more specifics of the trip— we stayed in Milan for one day until Michael decided ( very spontaneously, I should add ) that we travel to Lake Como for 2 days, which turned out to be really unbelievable. Lake Como is just probably the most magical place I’ve ever been. Stay tuned for more details next week but basically it’s this stunning lake with tiny restaurants & boutique hotels. The lake is surrounded by intense greenery, mountains, & Italian-style homes.

After Lake Como we went back to Milan because FINALLY I was feeling less swollen. The whole swollen thing really ruined the whole Fashion Week thing for us. Like I said, we booked this trip months & months ago, planning to attend NY & Milan Fashion Week but I simply felt out of sorts & too swollen to really do anything.

Ultimately, I’m not too bummed because instead we had a romantic vacation. So things worked out.

Towards the last 2 days of the trip, I finally started to feel a bit better so I ended the trip with a little work- we went to a dinner for Roberto Cavalli & DISARONNO and met up with other influencers. Still though, I feel like I’m wearing a mask. Feeling swollen 24/7 is weird.

Also, Michael & I went to Duomo Cathedral, did some shopping, ate, walked, ate, drank Campari sodas, ate, & explored. I also had a collagen facial that was INSANE. And collagen facials are my favorite thing…ever? Basically it pumps the skin in all the right places ( & it also helped with my swelling A LOT ). It’s crazy because you can see a huge difference after just one. Will be on the hunt for a collagen facialist in California after this trip.

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ the most charming little streets }

Anyway, I have more to share but I feel like I should try to sleep for 2 more hours, ya?

This month’s theme is ORGANIZATION.

I am coming back from this trip completely re-inspired in blogging & in life. After my surgery I needed a minute to step outside. This trip did just the trick. I’m really feeling, I don’t know, re-motivated ( is that a word? )! I have a really clear vision of the next steps for my business, so October…it’s time to execute. It’s amazing how stepping away from things can bring so much perspective.

Ok! If you are toying around with the idea of going to Milan– let me know any questions below, happy to help!

Happy Monday ( or is it Tuesday? ), lauryn

milan, italy | the skinny confidential

{ favorite way to start a meal: Campari sodas }


The Skinny Confidential Talks A Girl's Night In

The Skinny Confidential Talks A Girl's Night In

I’m not one for sleepovers but I love chilled champagne, beauty, & some girl time.

Instead of just sitting around, I like to get busy when I’m with my friends. Most of the time this involves a serious, no shame cheese plate. Other times we’ll go with pizza & a movie. It just really depends on the mood.

I’ve compiled a list of how to multi-task when you’re with friends. Instead of just sitting around and talking, get creative while you’re sitting around & talking, lol.

Here are my top 5 ways to chill with your friends while multi-tasking:

1.) Make cute, girly Instagram worthy drinks. Don’t lie: You know you love a good Insta-worthy cocktail. Especially when the lighting is just right & the garnishes are Lauren Conrad-cute. We all know I’m a fan of champagne bars. And candy. And champagne bars & candy together. Get playful and creative with a set up for your friends. Add little bowls of pomegranate seeds, different colored sugars (for the rim of the glass), frozen berries, &/or herbs like mint, basil, or rosemary. Also, Kombucha & champagne is always fun. It’s quick & easy plus you’ll get that cute Instagram shot.

The Skinny Confidential Talks A Girl's Night In

The Skinny Confidential Talks A Girl's Night In

2.) Do a little beauty fluffing: beauty is kind of a given. Whenever I have friends over at night I create sort of a beauty bar (a champagne bar & a beauty bar is basically girl heaven). My beauty bar has four things: grapeseed oil, a coconut oil treatment, Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, & frozen cucumbers. The grapeseed oil removes makeup in one swipe. Literally an amazing, all-natural makeup remover. The coconut oil treatment is just coconut oil with lemon (it helps with hyper pigmentation). The Bioré Pore Strips have been a favorite since year 2000. I love their Limited Edition version because they have these amazingly cute graphic prints that make a girls night even more fun. They are easy to apply & pull out ALL impurities – including any dirt & oil buildup. Lastly the frozen cucumbers are the best things ever for puffy, tired eyes. I leave them on for 10 minutes at least, while Brazilian Lounge plays in the background. If you want to get crazy do ice facials too. They’re free & effortless and make a sure difference.

The Skinny Confidential Talks A Girl's Night In

The Skinny Confidential Talks A Girl's Night In

The Skinny Confidential Talks A Girl's Night In

3.) Magazines, movies, book club, you get it. A book club is SO FUN to host with your girlfriends. Pick a book, read it, make a date, discuss the book…amongst other things. Have some Martinis too. I do like movie nights too, but if I had to pick – book club would be my choice.

4.) Workout: my favorite of favorites. I love working out with friends. I like to do an hour hike or do TSC Bombshell Body (27 minutes, what up! ). Put on some music, talk a little, sweat a lot, & then do coffee. Really easy, really productive.

5.) Shop, bike, walk the dog, travel, &/or talk business: get active! There’s nothing I love more than going to coffee with a friend who’s a blogger or someone who’s in the business world & talking shop. I’m also a huge fan of walking Pixy & Boone with friends or taking a bike ride or even traveling. Because moving is so much better than sitting around.

Anything I’m missing?

lauryn x

{ pics }

Mini DeLites: Coming At Ya From NYC

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

Hi from NYC!!!

Michael & I have been planning this trip for the last year to come to NY Fashion Week BUT I AM STILL SWOLLEN. I just wasn’t feeling up to doing pictures, networking, & going to parties which is a total bummer. Honestly I’m just not feeling 100% still. I feel about 80%. I don’t really feel like myself. The doctor says it can take up to 6 months for the face to settle…And as you can see from me covering my face with the phone in these pictures, it has most definitely not settled yet.

I for sure thought I’d be ready to rock three months after surgery & attend Fashion Week no problem.


I’m nowhere near ready to be out & about. I had to cancel & forgo everything-Fashion Week. This whole surgery thing has been such a humbling experience because I went into the process with this attitude of ‘I’M GOING TO HEAL SO QUICK’. Not so much ( the infection has also prolonged the healing process too ).

So anyway, Michael & I decided to still come out here to eat, drink, & play. We’ve kept it low key with lots ( LOTS ) of pasta, walking, shopping, & computer work.

Not shockingly, we love New York so it’s a nice contrast to San Diego & LA.

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

We’ve been running around trying new restaurants ( should I do another NYC itinerary? ). Michael & I are obsessed with this App he uses called ‘The infatuation.’ This isn’t sponsored, FYI, but it’s just really the best App on the planet if you’re eating & drinking in New York City.

Seriously every single one of their recommendations is SO on point.

I’m getting ready for dinner & drinks with the Saint Laurent Paris NY team & we’re going to Cata and The Box. Very, very excited because I heard both of these places are QUITE interesting. Will share details later this week. In the meantime, do you have any recommendations for New York? I want to lay low because I don’t exactly feel like Heidi Klum right now…I feel like the Nutty Professor & I have much more in common.

Follow me on Snapchat to see dinner! Username is ‘laurynevarts.’

Talk soon, xo lauryn

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

TSC in NYC | by the skinny confidential

Mini DeLites: What UP

mini delites labor day | by the skinny confidential

{ mid-day watermelon water w/ a little Meyer lemon }

mini delites labor day 6 | by the skinny confidential

{ Labor Day vibes…chilling on a palm roundie }

Well hello!

How was your long weekend?

Mine was fabulous ( but you already know that if you get my newsletter! ) BECAUSE I sort of shut off. It was so weird & unexpected. I just had this need to disconnect. Saturday to Monday I only worked about 4 hours total which is like reallllly good for me.

This cute break leads to MAJOR regret on Tuesday morning when you literally get your ass kicked so hard you feel like you’re suffocating.

mini delites labor day 3 | by the skinny confidential

{ Sakara Life’s lentil & turmeric salad }

This happened & I’ve literally had no break since 7:00 AM. Currently 10:21 PM. Not complaining, I’m just trying to figure out if the 3 day break was worth it.

I feel like working a bit each day ( even if it’s the weekend ) is smarter than not doing shit all weekend & then getting piled on by a semi truck on Tuesday.

Agree or no? Anyone have a better solution? Taking tips/advice below.

mini delites labor day 4 | by the skinny confidential

{ faux succulents by Burlap & Crystal }

Anyway, tomorrow I am very excited because I’m posting about a little subject that’s different. It’s a subject that I seriously have never gotten so many questions about: BOOB JOBS.


We’re going to stop being polite ( but were we ever polite to begin with? ) & start getting real, K?

Because The Skinny Confidential is a space to share THE REAL DEAL.

So my question(s) to you guys: a lot of you have asked me specific questions. I want to make sure I cover everything & anything so please leave any questions/suggestions/boobie tips below.

I kind of had to get in the right headspace for this post because I want to make sure I cover everything.


See you soon, lauryn x

mini delites labor day 5 | by the skinny confidential

{ raw coconut sugar on steel cut oats this AM }

mini delites labor day 2 | by the skinny confidential{ never been more obsessed with almond milk. SERIOUSLY insane }

Mini Delites: From Seattle

Mini DeLites fashion | by the skinny confidential

{ an off the shoulder summer | clutch here }

Mini DeLites fashion 5 | by the skinny confidential

{ spicy nuts at Rancho Valencia }

Hello, hello from Seattle!

Busy Monday— I’m here for work but if you guys have any fun, non-work recommendations, definitely let me know below.

Earlier last week my trainer ( he’s helping me get back into the gym slowly ), Mike & I were shooting the shit. I was telling him about a particular annoyance & asking him if I was handling the situation right.

He said: “There is no such thing as right. My way might be right for me, your way might be right for you.”


Mini DeLites fashion 2 | by the skinny confidential

{ packing makeup favorites }

For some reason that’s been repeating through my mind for the last week.

There is no such thing as ‘right’, right?

This further resonated while reading through so many of your comments from this post on creativity ( YOU GUYS ARE SO TALENTED, MY GOSH ). And from the looks of it, it seems most of you are doing what’s right for you.

I remember when I was launching a blog in 2010-ish & so many people said “HUH? WHAT DO YOU MEAN A BLOG? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE ANY MONEY? IS THAT EVEN A JOB?”


Mini DeLites fashion 6 | by the skinny confidential

{ ice cream gummies }

Mini DeLites fashion 4 | by the skinny confidential

{ the gorgeous Nanz— obsessed with this blue }

Obviously I followed my instincts & did what was RIGHT for ME. If I had listened to all the Negative Nancy’s, I’d still be bartending until midnight five nights a week.

It’s invigorating to pick & choose what’s right for you. You have that power to dictate your life & no one really has any business telling you otherwise.

As I get older, I’m no longer interested in letting anyone tell me ‘what’s right’ or wrong because ultimately there is no ‘right.’

Am I making sense?

Just some thoughts.

Also, in a continued effort to share more content, I’m doing weekly newsletters. These are filled with TSC updates, personal letters, & much more so definitely subscribe by leaving your e-mail in the comment section or in the subscribe box to the right.

NOW I am off to watch Narcos ( BEST SHOW ) & prepare for a full day of activities in Seattle tomorrow. Will keep ya posted.

Sending the best Monday vibes, lauryn

Mini DeLites fashion 3 | by the skinny confidential

{ summer ice cubes }

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