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Indulging In Alone Time

The Skinny Confidential talks alone time.

The Skinny Confidential talks alone time.

So when I was in Sedona, Arizona I realized I had needed to have more me time.

Like, time by myself without anyone, kinda me time.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had had time by self.

So I decided to make a list of ways I like to spend time alone ( weird, but sometimes a visual works for me ):

The Skinny Confidential talks alone time.

1.) Go outside: this includes taking a walk, listening to a podcast ( latest favorite: Serial ), walking the dogs, going for a run, &/or working out outside. I also love going to the Farmer’s Market & picking out some flowers. Flowers make me happy! Putting flowers around the house & kind of designing them all pretty is another fun alone time hobby.

2.) Enjoy dessert: ALONE! Sometimes it’s nice to have a sweet treat like a piece of dark chocolate. I had some leftovers from my Galentine’s Party so I totally dipped in to my dessert fund & chilled out on the couch, watched some “Real Housewives,” & enjoyed a Skinny Cow chocolate dipped ice cream bar in vanilla almond crunch ( thank God for the nuts x chocolate! ).

3.) Light a candle: along with dessert, I like to light a candle, turn on music, grab a sweet treat, & chill out. Usually this will include a book & some Brazilian music. Reading is one of my favorite things in the world to do. Hanging out with my puppies while I read, with a little music, a little chocolate (my current fave is the Skinny Cow ‘blissful truffle’), & a candle is HEAVEN.

The Skinny Confidential talks alone time.

The Skinny Confidential talks alone time.

4.) Go to a restaurant: ALONE! LOL. YESSSS. The other day I grabbed an iced coffee & headed to True Foods for a little kale salad, street tacos, & computer time! Nothing like eating alone at a restaurant : ). My favorite thing ever. Sometimes I’ll even play a card game like Solitaire by myself too!

5.) Drink a cup of coffee & CHILLLLL: I loveeeee enjoying a cup of coffee ( with extra cinnamon please! ) by myself. There’s nothing better than sitting in peace with a delicious iced cup of coffee. Right now I’m sipping on Skinny Cow mocha latte creamy iced coffee. If anyone comes near my bubble when I’m relaxing with my coffee, I’m kind of a grouch.

How do you like to spend time alone?

- Lauryn, xx

P.S. Check out the new line of delicious Skinny Cow products for your own me time indulgence.

{ candle || wishbone || Kate Moss book || Paris book || Tom Ford book || fake flowers }

* this post is sponsored by Skinny Cow— as always, all opinions are my own.

The Skinny Confidential talks alone time.

The Skinny Confidential talks alone time.

Mini DeLites…+ A Naked Saturday

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ new Kate print }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ quite possibly the cutest candle ever? Plus it smells like champs! }

The following events are true.

Like they actually happened.

SOOOOOO where shall we begin?

For starters I spent the better part of my Saturday butt-ass naked on a table.

Yes, you read that right.


Basically my girlfriends & I went to a veryyyyyyy different kind of spa in San Diego…& ME OH MYYYYYY we certainly got to know each other MUCHHHH better.

You know, that happens when you’re staring at each other’s va jay jays for a couple of hours.



As the maid of honor in my friend’s wedding, it was my responsibility to plan a girl’s day for her bachelorette party.

It all started with an innocent, little hike ( healthy right? ), then we went & had some naughty mimosas ( so sue me ), & THEN IT WAS TIME FOR THE SPA.

But not just any spa, guys………

Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential

{ last week’s work attire | red dress on sale }



If you haven’t been to a Korean spa…then perhaps IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO GO!!

Because it was seriously different than any experience I’ve ever had.

So we get there, the girl at the front checks us in ( I’m too busy checking out HER SKIN because DAMNNNN it was flawless ) & all four of us grab our cubbies full of a robe, towel, and scrub mitt.

We also were able to pick two masks to use during the treatment. Naturally I choose the collagen booster ( bye wrinkles! ) & one that helped with pimples ( hello chin zit! ).

All of us went to our lockers & then were instructed to strip. Like, NAKED-Demi Moore Strip Tease, strip. In front of each other. And the other 349573 women there.

Ohhh come on, let’s live a little, right?

So we all go butt-ass naked to the community jacuzzi & wait to be called in ( reminds me of kindergarden but not really at all? ).

Before we’re called on they instruct us to take a shower.

We do.

Together? Well kind of? I’m going with the flow at this point I guess?

So anyway, we each get called.


Total lab rat status for my friends. There I was, just taking one for the team.

My masseuse tells me to lay down & proceeds to scrub down my whollllllle body with the cubbie scrub mitt to remove ANY dead skin.

This is not like a la-de-da, relaxing, cucumber eye pad-kinda scrub down.

This is a GNARLY, INTENSE, DON’T F AROUND scrub down.


If you guys know me you know I’m all about stimulating the lymph system & dry brushing ( I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF DRY BRUSHING…IT’S TOOOOO GOOD. REALLY, TRULY I DO IT EVERY DAY ). So this particular gnarly scrub at the Korean spa was HEAVENNNNN.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ ya, ya, ya you guys know I love spicy nuts }

Let’s take a moment to recognize the fact that EVERY body part is getting a gnarly scrub down.

I’ll leave that to your imagination ( or maybe you’d rather not go there? ). Basically everythaaangggg was getting EXFOLIATED X 6 MILLION.

Here’s the thing: the masseuse was very automatic about it. She was very, very, very professional. It was as if she had done this job forever. So it made the experience enjoyable because she was so chill.

Ok, let’s talk about my view because half way through I was turned to my side to face my friend’s butt…& other things AKA her vagina…for the next half hour of the massage.

After the masseuse scrubbed my entire bod down and literally did Kung Fu on my back, I was told to take another shower…check!

Then lay facing upward…check!

Then close my eyes…check!

Then she proceeded to pour milk all over my body.

Afterwards she deepest of deep massaged my full body while performing circus tricks ( get your mind out of the gutter, this was a MASSAGE! ). Oh, by the way she is half naked the whole time.


After the massage part ended ( boo! ), she rubbed my entire scalp with hot oil, washed my hair ( shampoo AND conditioner, guys ), & put a mask on my face…


Anyway, post-massage was spent in the naked jacuzzi & a special red clay room that sucks toxins from your skin ( woulda shared this on Insta but you know, we were naked so even the ‘toaster’ filter wouldn’t have exactly kept it PG-13 ). The clay room benefits can be found here.

And would I go back? ABSOLUTELY DUH, I would go back. In fact…anyone free this weekend?

Well, that about sums up my weekend— ok so who wants me to throw them a bachelorette party next? Anyone?


- lauryn

pic 6 }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ cutie pens <3 }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

{ spent Sunday in this fruity robe }

Mini DeLites: Sedona, AZ

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ mid-air! eek! ( sunglasses | shirt ) }

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ his mimosa & her champagne }

WOW! Sedona, Arizona is BEAUTIFUL!

If you guys are ever looking for a romantic, zen-like space…hop on over to Sedona & prepare to feel kinda…uhhh, well, stoned.

But really, the atmosphere is just GORGEOUS!

Michael & I spent Valentine’s weekend with another couple at L’Auberge de Sedona ( FOR THE RECORD THEY HAVE AN OUTSIDE SHOWER!!! AHHHH!! CAN I PLEASE INSTALL AN OUTSIDE SHOWER IN MY HOUSE? LIKE ASAP. THANKS! ). We arrived, immediately dropped our bags & went to this little hole in the wall wine bar that had the most delicious cheese & meat plate.

The next morning we woke up & took a little hike through the property. The creek is so peaceful & you can literally eat your meal right on the creek in front of a big fireplace #creeklife.

Later in the day I worked a little ( don’t kill me but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot some blog photos at the insane Red Rocks ). If you guys ever go to Sedona YOU HAVE TO HIKE RED ROCKS. It’s a beautiful hike that overlooks Sedona with the most amazing plants/views. Afterwards all four of us went to this tiny Mexican restaurant, Elote Cafe that didn’t take reservations. We waited for an hour & a half but it was SO worth it. Their tamales, guac, & spicy salsa were on point.

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ creekside ( jeans | shirt | chuckstrucker hat }

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ a V-Day bath }

The next day ( are you bored yet?! I hope not!! ) was Valentine’s Day. We got massages & THEN one of my favorite parts of the trip: I got to play with all organic essential oils!!

I was in heavennnnnnn. In Sedona they’re all about positive energy & oils. So fun right?

( By the way, at this point I haven’t washed my hair in a week & it’s totally time to shave my legs but who the hell cares because I’m feeling so zen right now!! ).

Anyway, after I picked out my oils ( << will do a post ), we grabbed mimosas, took a nap ( aka Michael took a nap & I worked…HA ), & then went to a creekside dinner.

On Sunday we rode ATV’s throughout the dessert ( at this point my hair is borderline lice-filled & there was maybe a rat living in it but who cares because I’m chilling ). Riding ATV’s throughout the dessert was supppppper fun but a little scary. Let’s put it this way: Michael likes to drive fast ( AKA CRUELLA ) while I’m screaming & taking bumpy videos. So basically our future kids will have a bunch of screaming, bumpy-ass videos.

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ my friend, Elena’s cutie shoes }

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ Enchantment resort }

That night we headed to Enchantment for a dinner filled with skinny margaritas, spaghetti, & Brussels sprouts salad. We ended up at a total random dive bar & true story: I sang Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking.’


Heyyyyyyy sometimes ya gotta let loose!

Our last day was spent in a helicopter ( BEAUTIFUL but NERVE racking! ) where we saw Sedona from up high.

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ energy stones }

Other highlights: I bought some energy stones ( this may sound weird but when you’re in Sedona you just feel positive vibes ). We also found a little hole in the wall store that wait for it…let’s you make your dressings. We picked up some fig oil, blueberry oil, & lemon truffle oil for salad dressings.


Ok this was a longgggg post but I feel like it’d be fun to give you guys a peek inside our weekend.


- Lauryn

P.S. I think (??) I’ll wash my hair tomorrow? We’ll see? One can hope.

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ his & hers }

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ AZ life }

The Skinny Confidential in Sedona, Arizona.

{ sunset walks }

Mini DeLites: LA x Boone Pickens

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ rainy day, shooting a Valentine’s post | wearing this kimono }

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ V-day cookies on a vintage cake stand }

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ this AM’s Beaming shot x coconut juice }

Well hello.

How ya guys doing?

All’s well over here…just unpacking after a full work day & a Pilates/spin class ( << don’t you love it when studios mix it up like that? Keeps it fun/fresh! ).

Soooo, this past week has been FULL.

On Thursday, the day before we were leaving to LA, Boone, our boisterous chihuahua decided that he would use his long, black claw to carefully move a bar of white chocolate from the pantry’s bottom shelf.


And while Michael & I were out of the house, he mischievously ate the ENTIRE KING SIZE CHOCOLATE BAR, plus the wrapper…as innocent, angel Pixy watched.

Needless to say, I came home to an effing SHIT SHOW.

Let’s just say he threw up. A lot.

Boone was fine ( apparently white chocolate isn’t nearly as bad as dark/regular according to his vet )— THANK GOD.

I spent my day on my hands & knees cleaning, scrubbing, washing, etc. I even begged a carpet cleaner/tile cleaner to come out to our house at 8 pm at night.

Poor T.Boone Pickens.

I felt so bad for the little guy. He’s so much better now but GEESH.

Ok so, we drove up to LA this weekend to work & to finish moving our stuff in to our new casa. Can’t wait to share when it’s done!

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ LA recap }

Also, Sunday we went to a vegan restaurant called Gracias Madre ( if you follow TSC on Insta, you know this )— it’s such a MUST-TRY if you’re in LA. Think: delicious guacamole, amazing plant-based tacos, & boozy snow cones.

Since the food/decor is so to-die for, basically every girl in the restaurant is actively Instagramming/filtering/etc.

Surprise, surprise.

How was your weekend?

- Lauryn x

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ Conversation hearts }

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ lip gloss that lights up in the dark!! }

Mini DeLites

Mini DeLites x The Skinny Confidential.

{ teepee life }

Mini DeLites x The Skinny Confidential.

{ flowers for the office }

News, news, news!!

I got lotsa news for YOU!!

Definitely a full herb doctor story!! But that’s for tomorrow, so stay tuned.

First order of business: Michael’s apparently a Michelin star chef? Did you know? Me either?

Yes. He’s discovered in the last two weeks that he’s going to purchase every chef trinket on the planet AKA a lemon squeezer, manly oven mitts, & a copper pan set ) & learn to cook….I mean I’m not mad about it. First cookbook purchase of his life 2015:

Mini DeLites x The Skinny Confidential.

{ Michael’s new hobby }

Mini DeLites x The Skinny Confidential.

{ smiling over the weekend…shirt here }

And me?! Well I definitely have major witch doctor news but like I said, I’ll save that for tomorrow.

Other than that?

Today I tried SparkCycle & it was veryyyy therapeutic. Think SoulCycle but in San Diego. Basically they turn the lights off & play rad music while you spin your brains out. It was reallllll fun.

More interesting news: I’ve been drinking wayyyyyy too much Moroccan mint tea, watching The Hobbit 1/2, & working on a lot of video tutorials for you guys.

AND LASTLY!!! I’m planning to post ‘A Day in the Life Blogger Series’…BUT GET THIS???! It will actually be a REAL day in the life without bullshit foo-foo crap. Like, a real, real day. What actually goes on behind the scenes. You like? Thoughts?

Talk soon, Lauryn xx

{ pic 4 }

Mini DeLites x The Skinny Confidential.

{ prepping a dragon fruit salad }

Mini DeLites x The Skinny Confidential.

{ cutest packaging from Flower Gypsies }

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