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BOO! Happy Halloween!!!


Happy Halloween to the BEST readers in the world.

After reading through your comments on my swollen post, I am again reminded of the amazing, motivating Skinny Confidential community— you guys RALLY!

This Halloween is now extra special because of your uplifting advice & kind support.

Anyway, tonight should be fun because we are in Miami…Michael is currently dressed as himself: Panicky Susan ( lol ) with a perfectly crispy pocket square & I’m being a dark bunny ( see above ).

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I’ll be sharing a skeleton look.

Happy Halloween!!

Love you guys- lauryn X

{ mask here }


Mini DeLites

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ champagne everywhere this weekend }

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ white on white | dress here }

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ turmeric lattes getting me through Mondays }

Hi guys, how are you? Happy MONDAY- I’m feeling very gloomy today. Almost grumpy because the weather here was just one of those days. Like not hot, but not cold, but not rainy, just BLAH. I also got hit with bills, way too many e-mails, & fifty nine million things to do at once today. Also, if we’re being honest I (accidentally??) ate way too many Flaming Hot Cheetos on the way home from LA & I swear I experienced a Cheetos hangover all day.

You know, typical Monday.

BUT THAT’S OK, my day hit a high note because of three things: 1.) I worked out today & sweat out the gloom. 2.) I’m housesitting five ( YES FIVE ) dogs with Michael so I’m simultaneously testing him to see how he’ll be as a parent #LUCKYHIM. & 3.) The Real Housewives of OC reunion is on right now. So there’s most definitely a silver lining. I really can’t wait to see how Andy is going to approach the whole Vicky/Brooks situation.

I always try to find positives in a blah-ish day.

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ me & M }

What else? Oh our friend was kind enough to invite us to The Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic this weekend & we sipped a lot ( like a lot, a lot ) champagne. I mean really the champagne was everywhere. Flowing out of the walls basically. After the polo match ( by the way the polo players were SPICY, like if you’re single Google ‘hot polo players’ & prepare die ) we went & met up with some friends for burrata, martinis, & pizza at SoHo House. That was fun but I was literally dead the next day, hence the Cheetos situation.

I realized I kind of can’t hang anymore. Is this just me? I’m very much a pussy when it comes to going all day & night. I’m yawning by 5 pm, craving a cup of Rooibos tea ready to spoon my chihuahuas & read a book. Plus I’m still sort of swollen, UGH. I love the weekends but there’s something I LOVE about the structure of weekdays. The routine of it all is, I don’t know, refreshing sort of? So for the next ten days I’m banning alcohol, white bread, pasta, French fries, basically anything extra delicious. Today’s been the first day of this, so wish me luck. I had steel cut oats, lots of celery with raw almond butter, green apples, almonds, chicken, & broccoli . THRILLING.

Chugging water & green tea basically every second too.

Hmmm…perhaps today was blah-ish because of the TONS of celery & broccoli? HA!

Ok, off to analyze Vicky & Meghan’s fight, lauryn x

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ A Gary Malin piece }

mini delites | by the skinny confidential

{ polo art pieces }


Mini DeLites: Getting Back In To The Swing Of Things

Mini DeLites: Getting Back In To The Swing Of Things

{ this weekend. in bed. reading with wine. STILL swollen!! | purple top }

mini delites SD 4 - by the skinny confidential

{ another delicious Sakara Life meal }

Happy Monday! It’s OCTOBER 12TH. How are we already in October?! I mean geez, it’s nearly Thanksgiving. Time flies, ehh?

This weekend started off swimmingly at Neiman Marcus. It was The Nanz’ birthday so we did the appropriate thing & went sunglass shopping ( she went with aviators ) with a side of Neiman’s popovers, strawberry butter, & sparkling rosé. I had a burger, medium rare, with disgusting amounts of avocado & jalapeños WITHOUT A BUN. No bun, because when you eat your body weight in pasta, you lay off the buns for a while, you know?

Balance! I THRIVE off it.

SO! Saturday was spent at my friend’s son’s birthday party & I ended it in bed watching Damages. Sunday was mellow, which was nice since life has been go, go, go lately. Today I woke up ready to bust my ass with TSC Bombshell Body Guide in the gym…& I ended up staying in the gym for two hours because again, that’s what you do when you stuffed your face with carbs in Paris.

mini delites SD - by the skinny confidential
mini delites SD 2 - by the skinny confidential

{ mornings w/ my three favorites: my dogs & TSC detox drink }

Anyway, this whole balancing act has also involved a lot of raw almond butter, lemon water, lentils, kale, more water, sweat, walking, veggies, & hanging out with the dogs. & to be honest, I actually love detoxing, there’s something therapeutic about it. Weird, right.

And as much as I love to detox, I still love to retox a little too. BUT, there’s definitely something special about spending time in bed, watching 13 year old Gia on New Jersey Housewives use bigger words than me while Boone loudly sharpens his toenails on my pillow ( but really- he does this. He sharpens them until they’re literally razor blades ).

And wow, not going to lie…I already miss New York City & Paris. I texted Michael six million times the other day asking when we could go back to Paris for warm croissants & apricot jam ( clearly I need tea time too ) & he was like, “uhmmm didn’t we just get back?”

So I bombarded him with sixty two million more texts of why we needed to go back this month.

Will let you know how where that conversation goes. So far I’ve just received a shot gun Emoji back.

mini delites SD 3 - by the skinny confidential

{ favorite post-workout snack: raw sprouted almond butter }

mini delites SD - by the skinny confidential

{ weekend through Snapchat & Instagram }

Ultimately the older I get the more I realize my balance scale is EXTREME. I’m either having a ball OR putting my head down, working, sweating, & getting shit done. And I guess I’m ok with that— it’s who I am. There’s never really been an in between for me? Total gemini, right?

I just can’t really do, well, anything in the middle. HOT OR COLD, WHITE OR BLACK, BURNING MY FACE OFF SPICY OR SERIOUSLY SO ACIDIC.


How do you stay balanced after having FUN? Please keep the fabulous tips coming, I need all the help I can get at this point.

mini delites SD - by the skinny confidential

{ jonesing to go back to NYC!! | rad hat }

I’m off to eat spicy Brussels sprouts & finish up my latest read.


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mini delites SD - by the skinny confidential

{ the My Domaine feature }

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