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Mini DeLites + My BEST Blogger Tip

mini delites on blogging | by the skinny confidential
{ trying out new lipstick shades lately | holder here }
mini delites on blogging 5 | by the skinny confidential
 { Khloe Kardashian-ED my cookies & loving every second of this OCD picture | cookie jars here }

All jazzed up & smiley today because I was able to get a bunch of work done. Monday’s a crafty bitch like that. You kind of love her because she makes you feel great at the end but at the same time want to stab her because EW…You get it, MONDAY MORNING typically projectile vomits on all of us.

I wanted to touch on a little somethin’ somethin’.

A lot of you badasses have e-mailed me about starting a blog.

Well, here is my advice.

It’s very simple.

The truth is— there is no specific tip. Do whatever the hell inspires you & write your little heart out.

Let your voice shine through the screen. And for God’s sake be YOU. Be different. There’s only one you & you are different.

In my opinion bloggers that succeed, succeed because they let their personalities shine through. Don’t do someone else’s formula, do YOURS.

& most importantly: DO IT.

Just fucking start.

Start tomorrow.

Why the hell not?

mini delites on blogging 2 | by the skinny confidential

{ filming some beauty tutorials today }

mini delites on blogging 3 | by the skinny confidential

{ PhotoLove printed TSC Instagram pictures for me. CUTE, right! }

Chances are your blog won’t be an overnight success, but what the hell is even an overnight success anyway?

The truth is you are you & you are fabulous, so pull the trigger & JUST DO IT.

On that note, if you guys are interested I will post more blogger tips & tricks. Let me know if that tickles your fancy below.

Lastly, for those of you headed to Create + Cultivate this weekend, I just found out that I’m not only speaking on branding/blogging, but also hosting a Flat Lay Tutorial ( what up, Instagram lovers ) at Bar III popup. If you’ve always wondered how to create this indispensable marketing tool, grab a drink & head over to say HI & learn about flat lays. FUN! Details here. Who’s going?

Literally exhausted from working since 6 AM so I’m going to zone out with some warm turmeric milk & a juicy book.

See you on Snapchat, lauryn x

* for those of you guys that asked about my striped top on Instagram, you can find it here. There’s only a few left!
mini delites on blogging 4 | by the skinny confidential
{ Sunday: lots of oils, candles, & a card game ( Michael won ) }


{ ingredients for my favorite dressing EVER }



Call me Kris Kringle because today I come bearing GIFTS.

Gifts for YOU.

Every giveaway on TSC is a way for me to say thank you. The Skinny Confidential really, truly would not be the same without you guys so to show my thanks I’m giving one reader a bunch of goodies!

About $1500 dollars worth of FUN.

Plus I’m making it ridiculously easy to enter. Like I’m not making you share your soul on Facebook or anything.

christmas giveaway | by the skinny confidential

A lot of these goodies are things I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE like a warm faux fur blanket, organic tanning mousse, & a hottie Stone Fox Swim bikini.

Also, for all the readers out there, I included The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide which is perfect for a New Year’s restart AND TSC Bombshell Body Guide— new year, new ass right? PLZ.

Anyway, let’s break the giveaway down, shall we?

christmas giveaway | by the skinny confidential


Organic Loving Tan Mousse & remover glove
Flower Gypsy crown
Stone Fox Swim bikini
NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device in white ( GREAT for lymphatic drainage! )
FUJIfilm Instant Camera in white
Cucumber eye pads
Lancôme goodies
Charlotte Tilbury cream
Brazilian Blowout Instant Volume Thermal Root Lift
The Lip Scrub lip exfoliate
HELLO! hair ties
Royal Scout & CO. faux fur blanket
The Skinny Confidential Book, personalized & signed
I’m With The Bands headbands
Compartes chocolate bar
Victoria’s Secret signature scent
Victoria’s Secret body gel/scrub
Victoria’s Secret TEASE perfume
Victoria’s Secret Bronzer
em eyeshadow palette
Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette
Urban Decay makeup pencils
TSC Bombshell Body Guide 1 Month Subscription


christmas giveaway | by the skinny confidentialGiveaway-23


♡ Follow The Skinny Confidential on Instagram.

♡ Tag TWO friends on my latest Instagram in the comment section.

♡ Extra credit: comment below on why you HAVE to win!

christmas giveaway | by the skinny confidential

christmas giveaway | by the skinny confidential

So there you have it! A THANK YOU FROM ME TO YOU.

Happy Sunday! Check out Snapchat to see what we’re reading tonight ; ).

Good luck, x lauryn

+ anyone eligible to enter | giveaway ends 1/05/16.

{ PC }



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Hi, hi, hi.

A lot of you guys asked me on Snapchat to recreate the mini homemade potpourri tutorial that I shared in an installment of ‘TSC Snaps’ a few weeks ago. I figured it’d be easiest to just SHOW you guys via video.

So ta-da.

If you don’t have this little mixture simmering on the stove this season, you’re really missing out.

My entire house smells like cloves, cinnamon, & Christmas 24/7. I kind of love it. No candles, just real deal natural festive scents.

For more mini series like this, come follow along on Snapchat!! Username is laurynevarts. See you there & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

– lauryn

{ video | thx to Burlap & Crystal for the recipe }

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