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What’s In My Summer Bag? TSC x Kate Spade NY

The Skinny Confidential talks Kate Spade.

Ok, so this kate spade new york bag…kills me.

Like, really, really kills me.

First off, I’m a sucker for anything see-through.

Unless it’s underwear; thanks, but no thanks. Some things are better left with a little mystery.

Ya know?

Anyway, I die over this bag because typically I carry the whole freaking whole in my purse, so this see-through, tote makes it easy to see my belongings.

I love my totes HUGE & my clutches tiny, so this super huge, pretty tote is ideal for my hectic lifestyle— plus name a blogger who doesn’t love a bag that can fit a laptop?!

Sooooo summertime is right around the corner ( thx God! ) & I’m excited to travel a lil ( hopefully ). Travel= passport, & the cuter, the better. Check out this teal hottie passport holder:

The Skinny Confidential talks Kate Spade.

Here’s my summer tote essentials:

△ kate spade new york bag

△ Coola organic sunscreen

△ MAC ‘Dangerous’ lipstick

△ A passport holder/wallet ( << because travel is a summer must!! )

△ EOS ‘sweet mint’ lip balm

△ Rose gold FRENDS headphones ( <<— now on sale! )

△ Keys x keychain

△ bkr teal glass water bottle ( BPA-free!! )

 △ Canon ‘EOS Rebel’

△ Rad sunnies

The Skinny Confidential talks Kate Spade.

What’s in your summer tote?? Please, please, please tell me sunscreen??!! : )

Also, check out what’s in my gym bagpurse, beach tote, & Cabo bag!

xx. L

 Exact purse found here.

{ Shop my: striped shirt // white-ish n[col3_2][/col3_2]
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// hot red lipstick }

{{ Photo cred: Samuel Montefleur }}

The Skinny Confidential talks Kate Spade.

The Skinny Confidential talks Kate Spade.

19 comments on What’s In My Summer Bag? TSC x Kate Spade NY

  1. Liz S.
    05.28.14 at 1:43 am (2 years ago)

    LOVE that Kate Spade tote! And yes, SPF is definitely in my summer tote.

  2. Jill
    05.28.14 at 6:29 am (2 years ago)

    Super cute, but if I used one of those bags then everyone would see all the gross crap that I’ve got hiding in my purse. Messy!
    I remember seeing pics of Paris Hilton with a see-through purse full of cash haha.
    Jill recently posted..Salty almond butter fudgeMy Profile

  3. Liz F.
    05.28.14 at 7:10 am (2 years ago)

    LOVE the see through tote!! And the red totally makes it pop!

    In my purse: wallet, keys, sunnies, esos lip blam (berry is my new fave), phone & solle drink packets (the excell blend is my fave bc it balances harmones).

  4. mallory keating
    05.28.14 at 10:38 am (2 years ago)

    I can’t find this bag on the Kate Spade site! When is it available!?

  5. Lindsay
    05.28.14 at 11:23 am (2 years ago)

    SO freaking cute! And CONGRATS on your engagement!!! Dying for you to start post about wedding stuff :)
    Lindsay recently posted..Chocolate Stuffed RaspberriesMy Profile

  6. Sarah
    05.28.14 at 2:31 pm (2 years ago)

    Love the bag! And you kill me with the underwear lol but true that!

  7. Danielle
    05.28.14 at 2:45 pm (2 years ago)

    OBSESSED!! I totally need this for the summer! :)

  8. Mary Kate B.
    05.29.14 at 5:32 am (2 years ago)

    I love that purse! My purse is like the Mary Poppin’s purse so a clear bag is the way to go unless I want to spend the next 10 years finding my lip gloss 😉

  9. Mallory
    05.29.14 at 1:59 pm (2 years ago)

    I’m slightly obsessed with bkr bottles and always have one with me. I have never liked the taste of water out of metal or plastic bottles so when I found these I was hooked! I have several colors but currently using the kitten pink one. Love the minty green one!

  10. Cheri @ Overactive Blogger
    05.29.14 at 5:50 pm (2 years ago)

    Love the clear tote! Buuut the only thing is that means I’m gonna have to actually keep my bag clean! Poop!

  11. chelsea
    05.29.14 at 9:58 pm (2 years ago)

    PLEASE DO A BLOG POST ON WHAT TO WEAR TO A WEDDING <3 <3 <3 since you just got engaged

  12. len
    06.02.14 at 5:47 pm (2 years ago)

    I love see through bags, but mine would get messy so quickly!


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