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The Truth About Blended Chemicals AKA Crappuccinos

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I can’t.

I just…can’t with Frappaccinos.

If you’re a fan, I sincerely apologize in advance ( & maybe you shouldn’t continue reading ).

First off remember circa 2001 when Britney Spears gained all that weight & blamed on Frapps?

Everyone thought it was a cop out? Well, err, ehh I actually believe her.

These blended chemical-filled drinks are so disgusting, I’m surprised they’re even legal.

Like, seriously, WTF?

Anyway let’s get down to it…here’s the real deal on Frappacinos AKA Crappacinos:

First off there’s 81 ( eighty one!!! 8!!! 1!!! 81!!! 8-1!!! ) grams of sugar in a caramel Venti Crapp.

Ok, so 81 grams of sugar is equal to three Snicker bars…hmmm…

& let’s not even talk about the carbs ( 87 grams ) or calories ( 510 cals ) or fat ( 17 grams ).


Ok, so get this caramel coloring equals carcinogen.

Heard of it??

Basically according to this source, “caramel coloring is manufactured by heating ammonia and sulfites under high pressure, which is what creates the carcinogenic compounds. Animal testing has resulted in liver, lung, and thyroid tumors in mice. Coke and Pepsi changed their formulas when it was discovered that caramel coloring could be contributing to thousands of cancer deaths every year because they were using dangerous amounts of it in their sodas. They figured it could be bad for business if they had to include a cancer warning label on the can or bottle. And don’t expect the FDA to protect you because caramel coloring is still on their list of approved additives.”

Annnnddd don’t even start me on Starbucks oatmeal— that’s contains caramel coloring too!!

Fun times.

Oh & you ready for this one? Starbucks admitted here that their strawberry Frappy contains crushed bugs. Yes, bugs.

They say “crushed bugs are harmless.” I say “no thanks.”

& hey, if you have to have a Crappuccino, be smart. Skip the whipped cream, syrup, & at least order a small.

Also, you guys know I’m all about modifying— I’m not big on deprivation, so of course I had to create a DIY version:

The Skinny Confidential Real Deal Frapp:

♡ 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk or Suja’s ‘Vanilla Cloud’

♡ 1/2 cup coffee ( this is my favorite brand )

♡ 2-3 tablespoons 100% maple syrup

♡ A few sprinkles of cinnamon & nutmeg

♡ Top with caramel toasted coconut flakes

♡ 1 handful ice

+ Blend & enjoy!

Next time you’re at Starbucks opt for organic tea & BYOOC ( AKA bring your own organic coffee- like this one ).

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news- please don’t shoot the messenger!!

Happy Tuesday, xx Lauryn

{ Want more? Read the truth about sickie, disgusting syrups here }.

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55 comments on The Truth About Blended Chemicals AKA Crappuccinos

  1. Hannah
    04.01.14 at 7:37 pm (2 years ago)

    Am I tripping or did you already post this?

    • Lauryn
      04.01.14 at 7:41 pm (2 years ago)

      Nope! Just a post on organic coffee & gross Starbucks syrups. Not Frapps yet!! xx.

  2. Cheri @ Overactive Blogger
    04.01.14 at 7:41 pm (2 years ago)


    Now granted, Fraps make me fat and not fast (I’m a runner) so I can’t enjoy them very much but I used to enjoy them before you told us how shitty Starbucks coffee was a few weeks back. ::sigh:: oh well, I’ll have to try your replacement! (Also how bad is the nonfat one for you? Pretty bad huh, with all that fake sugar I bet?)

  3. Kathryn
    04.01.14 at 7:52 pm (2 years ago)

    I work at starbucks haha and its true! I’m not really a coffee person I much prefer tea but hey every once is a while I get a small frapp, its like my flaming hot cheetos :)

    • Lauryn
      04.01.14 at 8:08 pm (2 years ago)

      Trust me…I get it! At least it’s a small!!! X

  4. Leigh
    04.01.14 at 8:00 pm (2 years ago)

    I work at Starbucks and hate almost all of our CRAP! Especially extra caramel crappuccinos. Yuck! I’ve watched so many regulars gain so much weight over the years… Sad ;(

  5. Jenni
    04.01.14 at 8:09 pm (2 years ago)

    I couldn’t agree more. Whenever I see girls drinking those heinous drinks it takes everything in me not to give them the whole lecture you just posted. Frapps are disgusting. I can’t even believe some of the foods and beverages that exist today…and that people actually consume them! Gag gag gag.
    Jenni recently posted..Weekend Words No. 4My Profile

  6. Courtney Bentley
    04.01.14 at 8:25 pm (2 years ago)

    So happy you are making people aware! As a personal trainer the very first thing I find is my clients obsession with a daily chemically enhanced 4-500 calorie Starbucks. Its incredible how much weight my clients lose not to mention the money they save from making there own tea at home or buying tea at starbucks instead. It makes me sick to think I used to drink a venti java chip that thing was like 1000 calories with tons of sugar! Great post hun lots of love C
    Courtney Bentley recently posted..Desk Workout: Workout You Can Do At WorkMy Profile

  7. Stefanie
    04.01.14 at 9:34 pm (2 years ago)

    nooooooo! Whats the deal with their oatmeal?? I actually like it and get it from time to time :(

  8. Sarah
    04.02.14 at 12:42 am (2 years ago)

    Starbucks employee here. While I totally agree with you that frappuccinos are disgusting and shouldn’t even be sold, I have to clarify two outdated points. First, no more crushed bugs in the strawberry juice. Within two weeks of that being brought to light, they changed the formula. The red coloring is now extracted from tomatoes. Second, no more caramel coloring in the oatmeal. They switched from processed crap to stone ground oats. Both changes happened relatively recently, though – within the last 18 months.

    That said, I hate that we even sell frappuccinos and other disgusting syrups. We are the Philip Morris of diabetes, and if the insurance benefits weren’t so great, I’d quit tomorrow.

    • Lauryn
      04.02.14 at 2:47 am (2 years ago)

      This is GREAT news!!! Thank God!!! Thanks for this info. xx

    • Charlotte
      04.02.14 at 8:46 am (2 years ago)

      Thank god the oatmeal’s OK!!!

  9. Brittny Alys
    04.02.14 at 4:43 am (2 years ago)

    Coming from Portland, OR where there is a Starbucks literally at every corner, I totally agree with you! So glad you posted this for people to be aware. I now live in Italy where there are ZERO Starbucks and I sometimes miss the atmosphere of a Starbucks where I would get an unsweetened black iced tea, but never those yuck in a cup fraps! BLEH! Your recipe sounds great, love the use of almond milk. Great blog!


  10. Ashley
    04.02.14 at 5:31 am (2 years ago)

    Uck, disgusting. I’m glad you posted this. I may have to send it to a few people who could use the wake up call! I’m not sure why some people think that running to Starbucks for their “morning coffee” (hence, venti triple shot extra carmel frapp) is ever a good idea!
    Ashley recently posted..Homemade GingeraleMy Profile

  11. chelle
    04.02.14 at 5:36 am (2 years ago)

    While I totally agree, ew. It is a WIDE epidemic that our society must combat if we are ever going to be healthy. That said, the 7 billion people on the planet cannot eat totally healthy. Our planet could not sustain it.

    I drink the tea and coffee … though now I am going to find your post on the coffee.
    chelle recently posted..Book Review: The Happiness Project, by Gretchen RubinMy Profile

  12. Julie
    04.02.14 at 5:42 am (2 years ago)

    On the rare occasion I go to Starbucks, I always get a “London Fog” aka Earl Gray tea with steamed milk and sometimes a pump or two of vanilla (or if I’m feeling healthy I’ll skip the vanilla). So good.
    Julie recently posted..“Beijos” – Getting smoochy in BrazilMy Profile

  13. Ursula
    04.02.14 at 5:54 am (2 years ago)

    Gross! I’ve never had one and now I never will. These thing should come with a warning label :)

  14. Jennifer
    04.02.14 at 5:55 am (2 years ago)

    Lauren! I just posted my alternative to “crappuccinos”! Love this article! When I was researching how gross they are needed your info.! Great post!

  15. Melissa
    04.02.14 at 6:34 am (2 years ago)

    My mom and I always believed that Starbucks adds some sort of additive to their drinks, b/c we just can’t seem to fathom how people keep going back for more of this CrAp!!! Separately, a while ago you mentioned that you stopped drinking soy milk & lost 5 pounds, you mentioned you may do a post on this…can you please???? thanks! love your blog & your book!!!!

  16. Kristie
    04.02.14 at 6:54 am (2 years ago)

    Curious because I get the coffee frap with soy no whip cream. Is this one bad? And how many calories?

  17. Emily
    04.02.14 at 6:58 am (2 years ago)

    Gross. I knew they were bad calorie/sugar/fat wise but I never knew this!! I just grabbed a yogurt from there for breakfast and just threw it out.
    Emily recently posted..26 Things Worse Than April Fool’s DayMy Profile

  18. Victoria
    04.02.14 at 6:59 am (2 years ago)

    So disgusting! The only frappe that I *ever* got from starbucks was the matcha green tea one (with soy, no (added) sugar, and no whip, of course). But once I figured out how to DIY it, I’ll never go back.


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