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Over Fifty & Seriously Fab {!!!}

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, fitness blogger, lifestyle blogger, & health blogger talks skinny tips and tricks.

Hey, hey! These are some major babes that are over fifty & fab; seriously, can you believe they’re both over fifty?! Craziness. I mean, they look younger than most twenty-years olds! Anyway, meet Michele & Jennifer, both of whom are extremely familiar with a healthy lifestyle & diet. Fact: I have stolen¬†sooooo many tricks & […] Read more…

JNB Jewelry Giveaway #Hot #Sexy #Obsessed #I.Die

Lauryn Evarts and Jacqueline Nicole Brown collaborate on a Skinny Confidential Giveaway.

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with jewelry. Every kind of jewel gets me: big, sparkly, gunmetal, vintage, small, weird, delicate, statement pieces, bright, dark, etc. SooooOOOO…because of my little addiction, one of my favie jewelry designers, Jacqueline Nicole Brown [ here line is called 'JNB Jewelry' ] & I¬†are a hosting this fab giveaway. The […] Read more…

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