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Spices 101 on Ze Blog

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, fashion blogger, health blogger, and lifestyle blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Spice it up! I use spices & herbs [ more info found here ] on everything…barely any cals & oh, so flavorful. Is it necessary to use sweetener in coffee, cereal, oatmeal, etc.? No. Use a dash of cinnamon &/or pumpkin pie spice. Do you need to use sodium-filled, sick-o Tabasco sauce on pizza? Nope…use […] Read more…

Bagel Apple Rings…But Without the Carbs & Cals

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, lifestyle blogger, health blogger, and skinny blogger talks healthy, easy recipes.

I’ Meals are overwhelming- that three meal-a-day concept is BS. When I saw these on Pinterest, I decided to add some skinny mods. Instead of raw oats or sugary granola, I subbed Ezekiel’s Golden Flax cereal [ << yummmm ]. On the bagel-sliced apples, I used a swipe of almond butter, rather than peanut butter. […] Read more…

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