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Protect Your Bod from Gross Germs

Lauryn Evarts collaborates with the Skinny Bitch girls on Healthy Bitch Daily.

 [ Natural honey lemon cough drop + Echinacea ]

Mother Nature is mixed up in San Diego. The weather is freezing one day, scorching [ like today-yay! ] another, & gloomy the next. So guess what that does to your hot bod? Unfortunately, it screws with your immune system. It tends to go crazy when temperatures fluctuate like a PMS-ing teenager. Your internal temperature adapts to keep you healthy, but often times it can make you sick.

Chill out!

When you’re feeling overly fatigued with a constant tickle in your throat, take it easy.  The body is fighting a foreign invader, so give it a break. Try to cut your schedule in half. Cancel or postpone appointments to conserve energy to bounce back fast. The market, dry-cleaning, the gym, your boyfriend- can all wait. A day or two of downtime is better than being out of commission for a week.

Liquid Fast

Guzzle water like it’s your job; flushing the germs away is an effective method for ridding off sickness. Warm & comforting liquids are killer immunity-detoxers. Boil some hot water for tea or add a squeeze of lemon. Another fab idea? Ginger honey. Chop up a lot of ginger & allow it to sit in a cup of organic honey. Add the ginger-honey mix into your soothing teas- I love Throat Coat when I’m feeling sicky.

Neti Who?

Your snot [ ew! ] levels are probably off. Avoid sugars & packaged foods like the plague. To clear out your nose & throat once or twice a day, try a Neti pot. Honestly, if you Neti pot daily, you will rarely ever get super sick. People with allergies also swear by them. First use of the Neti is tricky, but after a few times you’ll be a pro.


Take a nap. Let yourself curl up with an US Weekly, a cup of tea + lemon, & “Real Housewives of Whatever”. Also try a warm bubble bath to wash away the sick, gross germs. Sprinkle Epsom salts in the tub to help pull out those excess toxins.

Lauryn Evarts collaborates with the Skinny Bitch girls on Healthy Bitch Daily.

 [ Relax & get in bed with a trashy magazine ]

Buh-Bye Sick, Disgusting Sheets

This is a must. Change your sheets after that first sick day- pillowcases, duvets, etc. And don’t be lazy about it. Leaving them in the hamper to sit is gross. If you can’t wash them right away, put them in a big garbage bag & throw them in a closet that you don’t open often.

Keep it Fresh

Attempt to get out of the germ pool that you’re living in. If you’re using tissues frequently, get them as far away from you as soon as possible. Wash your hands as much as possible [ use antibacterial baby wipes if you’re bedridden ]. If you keep the germs away, they can’t play.

Lauryn Evarts collaborates with the Skinny Bitch girls on Healthy Bitch Daily.

 [ Green tea is full of flu-fighting antioxidants ]

Lauryn Evarts collaborates with the Skinny Bitch girls on Healthy Bitch Daily.

[ Drink massive amounts of water ]

Lauryn Evarts collaborates with the Skinny Bitch girls on Healthy Bitch Daily.

[ Take lots of Vitamin C right when you’re feeling sick ]

Lauryn Evarts talks juicing and skinny tips. She is a fitness and wellness blogger from Southern California with weight loss tricks.

4 comments on Protect Your Bod from Gross Germs

  1. bre
    04.07.12 at 6:21 pm (4 years ago)

    great post

  2. stacy
    04.07.12 at 7:54 pm (4 years ago)

    This came at a perfect time, just getting sick :-( thanks for all the great natural tips!!

    04.09.12 at 11:06 am (4 years ago)

    Wonderful post! I am trying to overcome allergies and coughing for the past week – as the weather here in the South is also fickle. Wonderful tips. Being sanitary is so important because bacteria and germs can dwell and continue the illness if not properly cared for. Side note: It has been my dream to move to San Diego and be near my aunt and uncle. Hopefully I can get it together and plan a move!

    xoxo, ~Erica~


  4. yuna
    08.16.12 at 7:31 am (3 years ago)

    thanks for all the tips! i can’t wait to make some ginger honey :)!


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