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Ring Popsicles

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Frozen ring pops

When I bought these Jewel Pop Molds, I experienced major nostalgia. They reminded me of the many pink princess party that filled my childhood; these pop’s would have definitely enhanced the party’s theme. The added plus is they’re reusable [ I am dying to try Pom Juice, grapefruit juice & maybe even eggnog & cinnamon during the Christmas season ]. For my first trial, I used low calorie lemonade with organic lemon juice from Trader Joe’s & threw them in the freezer. These are perfect for parties, summertime or just a quick sweet, thin treat.

low calorie dessert

Jewel Pop Molds

Low calorie lemonade

Low calorie pink lemonade from Trader Joe's

low calorie

The rings come in different shapes

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Let freeze overnight

Weight loss

Ready to wear rings


Love Lauryn



Blueberry Flaxseed TinyCakes w/ Light Cream Cheese Frosting

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My little sister, Faye’s birthday was Monday & I wanted to surprise her with mini cupcakes [ my version: tinybites ]. I added flaxseed to my mixture- which is fab because it does not really taste like anything, but has tons of nutrients [ tons of antioxidants & very filling ]. After my baking was done, I placed them on two sparkly, vintage plates that I found at flea market; the tinybites turned out to be a tasty success.

* Quick skinny tip: Add a couple scoops of flaxseed to anything- the trick works best with cookies, cakes & cereals!

weight loss

How to loss weight quick

Weight loss tips

Small snacks that promote weight loss

Weight loss

Love Lauryn

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An Urban Experience

losing weight in easy ways

A light beer at Cucina Urbana

Over the weekend, Michael & I decided to explore Hillcrest in San Diego; Cucina Urbana was the first on the list. We had a candlelit dinner [ hence the dark, romantic lighting ], which began with a light beer [ that cured my hangover from Saturday night ], & then led in to a savory bottle of 2480 red wine [ hey- it was Sunday ]. Our appetizer was the brussels sprouts with olive oil- instead of butter, a split farmer’s chopped salad with light dressing & lastly, the gluten free pasta with fresh tomato sauce which I ate half of [ a must: modify restaurant meals, subtract what’s unnecessary!!! ]. Bonus: the alluring ambiance & our waiter, Kevin.

Losing weight in easy ways

The brussels sprouts with extra virgin olive oil & hot sauce

Weight loss tips in San Diego

Farmer's chopped salad

Amazing wine bars in San Diego

2480 red wine

Weight lose tricks

Gluten free, tomato pasta with fresh basil, capers & shrimp


Love Lauryn



Mini DeLites

Workout weight lose tips

 [ A man-mosa, @ T’s Cafe, w/ a splash of OJ ]

This past week has been hectic because of work, but these are things that are currently making me happy. I wanted to say again, how grateful I am for all of the support of friends and family. Thank you all so much! Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!!

Weight loss tips

[ A homemade vanilla cake w/ chocolate frosting made by my stepmom, Julie ]

Workout ways to look cute

[ ‘Day of the week’ workout socks ]

Things that help you lose weight

[ Fresh roses at my family’s house ]

Weight loss shoes

[ Missoni rain-boots ]

Love Lauryn

The Grapefruit Thin-tini

Grapefruit water-tini

This drink is ideal when I am out in a club and have limited options. Bartending at Delicias, I tend to hear a lot of women request a “vodka soda” or “vodka, soda with a splash of cran.” Personally, I do not like soda because its bloating- I prefer this: a shaken Chopin [ it’s made from potatoes & gluten-free ] with water, and then a splash of grapefruit juice over ice. It is amazing how the grapefruit counteracts the vodka and takes the bite out of the alcohol. Add a lemon twist & it’s the perfect club cocktail [ P.S. check out Crush Jewelry Design that I am wearing below- so fun ]!

Fresh garnishes for skinny drinks

Crush jewelry Briana Reading

Skinny girl cocktails

Cocktails that you can drink while you're on a diet


Love Lauryn

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