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Healthy & Tasty Chicken Stir Fry

Healthy Stir Fry

After a work week of madness, we decided to shut the world off and hibernate indoors for the weekend. We call these interludes our mini “staycations.” I was super excited to stock the kitchen with fresh, delicious organic fruits and vegetables in hopes of cooking up a quick, tasty meal that would set the tone for our weekend “away”.

We opened a bottle of cab and started in on the Chinese chicken stir-fry [ you can substitute shrimp as well, and don’t forget the veggies! ]. I wanted to make sure my recipe was unlike the MSG, butter-laden ones I have experienced from local restaurant woks. Turns out, my modified recipe for Chicken Stir Fry hit the spot, making our staycation a cozy weekend without a skillet full of guilt!

Healthy Stir Fry

Healthy Stir Fry

Love Lauryn


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Movie Theatre Candy

A smart choice at the movies

My boyfriend, Michael, has a slight obsession with Harry Potter. This may sound odd, as he is a twenty four year-old man, but he takes the film series VERY seriously. And this Sunday past, he was determined to create a perfect movie date. He booked the tickets online, excitedly recanted previous Harry Potter plot lines and discussed [ thoroughly ] the importance of attaining the perfect IMAX seats. My mind was focused on the fact that I had already used my “cheat day” of the week and wanted to make smart choices, food-wise – lower-calorie options that attempted to be healthier…

Harry Potter

The famous Harry!

When we got to the theater [ forty-five minutes early, per Michael’s request, of course ], we immediately went to the concession stand counter. Instead of a small popcorn, I requested the kid’s popcorn with no butter or salt, the mini Diet Coke soda [ which, I handed off to Michael, as Aspartame is the devil ] and ended up throwing away the gummy snacks that come along with the kid’s meal.  I was craving some candy too, so I picked out Raisinets. When I got into the theater, I sprinkled about twelve Raisinets on kid’s popcorn. It was the perfect light salt/light sweet mix. It satisfied me completely, while Michael was immersed in his fantasy world movie and happily munched on a medium popcorn and my leftover Raisinets. It is safe to say, Harry Potter was a delicious success.

Healthy Popcorn

Portion sized out perfectly


Love Lauryn




A Lavender Lemon Mimosa

Egg Whites Breakfast

Pixy begging for some egg whites

A few Sunday’s ago, my few friends decided to have a Sunday Funday, and this usually involves booze. Conveniently, Café Chloe [ in Hillcrest, CA, a San Diego neighborhood ] allows dogs. I brought along Pixy, my brave, beautiful [ as my best friend calls her “the most popular girl in the world” ] chihuahua. I could tell she had a craving for egg whites, and so did I.

Sunday’s are usually my “cheat days”, but I still like to make healthy, positive food choices. I did not work out this specific day and wanted to be as low cal as possible but still have some fun too. I quickly ordered a Lavender Lemon Mimosa (a must try) and then balanced it out by modifying my order. I picked the restaurant’s Brie and Herb Omelet with Sausage. I substituted regular egg for egg white with no butter, no oil, chose light brie, and subbed berries for the sausage… and voila!!! So light and yummy. I felt full and enjoyed my mimosa with no guilt. I even snuck a bite of Michael’s whole wheat pancakes… The day turned out to be relaxing, as it ended in a much needed nap!

Low Fat Coffee

Coffee with a straw – essential to keeping my teeth stay white

Low Fat Pancakes

Michael digging in to his pancakes

Fruit Salad

Always start with fruit before breakfast – it helps with digestion

Whole Wheat Pancakes

Lavender lemon mimosa & whole wheat pancakes

Love Lauryn