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Mini DeLites: Getting Back In To The Swing Of Things

Mini DeLites: Getting Back In To The Swing Of Things

{ this weekend. in bed. reading with wine. STILL swollen!! | purple top }

mini delites SD 4 - by the skinny confidential

{ another delicious Sakara Life meal }

Happy Monday! It’s OCTOBER 12TH. How are we already in October?! I mean geez, it’s nearly Thanksgiving. Time flies, ehh?

This weekend started off swimmingly at Neiman Marcus. It was The Nanz’ birthday so we did the appropriate thing & went sunglass shopping ( she went with aviators ) with a side of Neiman’s popovers, strawberry butter, & sparkling rosé. I had a burger, medium rare, with disgusting amounts of avocado & jalapeños WITHOUT A BUN. No bun, because when you eat your body weight in pasta, you lay off the buns for a while, you know?

Balance! I THRIVE off it.

SO! Saturday was spent at my friend’s son’s birthday party & I ended it in bed watching Damages. Sunday was mellow, which was nice since life has been go, go, go lately. Today I woke up ready to bust my ass with TSC Bombshell Body Guide in the gym…& I ended up staying in the gym for two hours because again, that’s what you do when you stuffed your face with carbs in Paris.

mini delites SD - by the skinny confidential
mini delites SD 2 - by the skinny confidential

{ mornings w/ my three favorites: my dogs & TSC detox drink }

Anyway, this whole balancing act has also involved a lot of raw almond butter, lemon water, lentils, kale, more water, sweat, walking, veggies, & hanging out with the dogs. & to be honest, I actually love detoxing, there’s something therapeutic about it. Weird, right.

And as much as I love to detox, I still love to retox a little too. BUT, there’s definitely something special about spending time in bed, watching 13 year old Gia on New Jersey Housewives use bigger words than me while Boone loudly sharpens his toenails on my pillow ( but really- he does this. He sharpens them until they’re literally razor blades ).

And wow, not going to lie…I already miss New York City & Paris. I texted Michael six million times the other day asking when we could go back to Paris for warm croissants & apricot jam ( clearly I need tea time too ) & he was like, “uhmmm didn’t we just get back?”

So I bombarded him with sixty two million more texts of why we needed to go back this month.

Will let you know how where that conversation goes. So far I’ve just received a shot gun Emoji back.

mini delites SD 3 - by the skinny confidential

{ favorite post-workout snack: raw sprouted almond butter }

mini delites SD - by the skinny confidential

{ weekend through Snapchat & Instagram }

Ultimately the older I get the more I realize my balance scale is EXTREME. I’m either having a ball OR putting my head down, working, sweating, & getting shit done. And I guess I’m ok with that— it’s who I am. There’s never really been an in between for me? Total gemini, right?

I just can’t really do, well, anything in the middle. HOT OR COLD, WHITE OR BLACK, BURNING MY FACE OFF SPICY OR SERIOUSLY SO ACIDIC.


How do you stay balanced after having FUN? Please keep the fabulous tips coming, I need all the help I can get at this point.

mini delites SD - by the skinny confidential

{ jonesing to go back to NYC!! | rad hat }

I’m off to eat spicy Brussels sprouts & finish up my latest read.


+ Also, GUYS! I was interviewed by My Domaine for a feature called ‘How to Be Your Own Boss— According To 6 Top Female Founders.’ Check out the full feature & let me know your thoughts?

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mini delites SD - by the skinny confidential

{ the My Domaine feature }

Absolute Favorite Fall Inspired Pieces

Fall Favorites by The Skinny Confidential
| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

FINALLY it’s starting to ( kind of? ) cool down in San Diego. Which means ( I hope? LOL ) it’s time to start stocking up on clothes for Fall! Hopefully we get the Fall season here- I’m dying for apple cider, colorful leaves, & the scent of mulled spices.

& especially obsessed with this fringe purse & these black pointed toe booties.

Happy Tuesday!


Talking With The Co-Founder of TRUE RELIGION: Kym Gold

True Religion co-founder | by the skinny confidential
TRUE RELIGION!! Who hasn’t heard of True Religion!! Well get excited because today on The Skinny Confidential we’re talking with the co-founder, Kym Gold.

And really, she is just a badass in every way.

Literally though. I took notes. Seriously, not kidding for a second. Her advice is SO, SO SPOT ON.

( I totally encourage you to do the same if you’re sitting at your desk on your workday with a cup of coffee, ready to go after it. Trust me, Kym just had the best business advice ).

OH, AND she wrote a book…which I spent the entire weekend reading. Basically it’s like a #GIRLBOSS-ish book but from someone who really has experienced IT ALL ( highs, lows, kids, divorce, success, etc. ). All while building an insane empire.

If you’re a female entrepreneur, you will LOVE it.

Alright. Let’s talk shop:

| Hi Kym! So excited to have you on The Skinny Confidential. Ok, so introduce yourself |

Kym Gold: ​I’m Kym Gold, the co-founder of ​designer jeans brand True Religion, ​& a 25-year fashion industry veteran. I’ve also created some notable clothing brands including:​ Bella Dahl, Hippie Jeans, & Babakul. ​

Over the years, my fashions have been worn by a diverse range of individuals such as:​ David Beckham, Tom Ford, Angelina Jolie, Donna Karan, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani, Holly Robinson Peete, & Justin Timberlake. ​

My designs have been featured in top fashion magazines, including Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, In Style, & Rolling Stone. ​

| I’m dying to know about the process of building True Religion!! |

​KG: The actual process is quite an interesting story. You can read the whole story & all its details in my new book, Gold Standard: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire.

Here is a condensed version: blood, sweat and tears!

I had several companies before True Religion. I wanted to start a denim company with my then husband who was a fabric salesman. But not the typical jeans co. I wanted to design a more upscale collection, a hip and high quality jean that would change the industry standards.

I was relentless as I spearheaded the push to get TR into the public eye by doing everything I could and more, all while raising three young children. It took several years of hard knock and trial and error to get to the point when we felt it was finally success in our eyes, and then it went public on the Stock exchange.

I knew then that it was the accomplishment I had envisioned from the very start.

| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

| Advice you would give aspiring women entrepreneurs? |

​KG: ​I always start any business with: WHO ( who is your demographic or market? ), WHAT ( what is your product? ), HOW ( how are you going to do it?).

My motto is: Always looking for a YES, not looking for a NO.​ ​

Make sure what you are doing has passion & desire behind it. Do your research about your brand or product. This knowledge creates power and confidence. ​

| What would you tell aspiring entrepreneurs to avoid? |

​KG: ​Being overwhelmed. One step at a time, slow and steady, narrow and deep.

| Coolest moment so far in your business life? |

​KG: When True Religion really took off, I was invited to Japan by my Japanese distributors. I received the full 5 star, red carpet treatment​ because the brand was doing so well in Japan, & they really admired American designers at the time.

I felt ​I ​had accomplished something in the jeans industry,​ which was ​to find a culture that really embraced the design, look, & feel of the denim. I felt like a rock star.

True Religion co-founder | by the skinny confidential

| Tell us about your book ( I REALLY LOVE IT! ) |

​KG: Thank you! I am very proud of it. It really sets the record straight in many areas of my life that have either ​been unrecognized or told through someone else’s eyes.

I wanted to to tell the real honest truth of how True Religion started & became a phenomenal success,​ but also the the struggles it took to get there.

| Best business advice EVER? |

​KG: ​Get everything in writing. Keep very good records. ​

| Can you take us through your creative process? |

​KG: ​I am inspired by nature & free flowing energy. That’s why I love living in Malibu, and being close to the ocean.

As a designer, every line or collection is different of course, but I always start with the fabric: the textural way it feels, moves, stretches, & what can be done with it. This is my starting point.

Then I look at the seasonal forecasts & market trends: I look for what’s missing or a void in that market & then find an original, yet compatible way to design a fresh new look.

I’m always looking to be the first to be first, not the first to be second.

True Religion co-founder | by the skinny confidential

True Religion co-founder | by the skinny confidential

| Why did you want to share your story? |

​KG: For years I wanted to share my vast experience & insight in the Fashion Industry, so finally in 2014, together with my co-author Sharon Soboil, I wrote ​the​ telling memoir titled, Gold Standard.

I felt strongly about empowering a younger generation of women, & that sharing my tumultuous journey in the fashion industry ( especially as a leading business woman in a man’s game ) along with my personal life struggles of relationship mistakes, business failures, & successes, that it would give some valued insight to the upcoming fashionista’s.

Maybe just the extra needed strength & useful tools to help even one woman, whether in fashion or not, onto becoming a stronger & better version of themselves.

| Ok, Kym— you’re DYNAMIC!! What’s next? |

​KG: Currently as a designer, I’m in the process of developing a new collection for a well known celebrity.​ ​Also I’m very involved with the mentoring of young designers & my association with Brian Hill, founder of Phoenix Fashion Week ( at CBS Radford Studios ).

​I’m speaking at a charity event for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation & honoring a young CP fashion designer named Grace Rose, who created Rosie G designs.

+ check out Kym’s book.

True Religion co-founder | by the skinny confidential
True Religion co-founder | by the skinny confidential


YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED!!! ♡ TSC Bombshell Body Guide Q & A

The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body guide | by the skinny confidential

sweaty betty | by the skinny confidential
You guys have asked a lot of questions about the Bombshell Body Guide and Membership program, so the purpose of tonight’s post is to answer them all in one.

The rad thing about my guide is that all of the workouts, meal plans, nutrition info, & tips are designed for the babe on the go.

My workouts are 27 minutes long, the recipes & meals are quick/easy/delicious, and all of the tips can easily be worked into your crazy schedule.

Anyway a few of you guys sent me questions on social media, so I decided to answer them in a little video just for you + provide a little summary of the Membership & Guide below:


TSC Bombshell Body Membership:

The Bombshell Body Membership is the most INEXPENSIVE option, but it packs a serious punch.

Consider the Bombshell Body Membership, The Skinny Confidential blog on steroids.

The membership gives you access to:

♡ a nutrition guide, exclusive recipes

♡ the 7 day meal plan

♡ tons of workouts targeted to specific areas of the body

♡ cleanse tips

♡ & SO much more.

++ New exclusive content is added EVERY SINGLE MONTH, by yours truly.

lookbook cookbook salad | by the skinny confidential

Last month I added:

♡ new targeted workout called ‘Peace Out Pooch Hello Flat Abs’

♡ a spotlight on my absolute favorite protein powder

♡ & tons of new recipes!

The month before that, I added:

♡ two new targeted workouts ( The Back Of The Thigh Cellulite Blaster & Bye Bye Armpit Cleavage )

♡ a suggested supplements guide

♡ & TONS of recipes.

sweaty betty | by the skinny confidential

{ pink sports bra }

There’s also a discussion board where you can chit chat with me & other TSC members directly.

The discussion board is super fun because it’s the most effective way for me to answer your questions directly, share all of my favorite workout & eating tips, and help you guys kickstart & ultimately maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The membership is a flat monthly fee of $19.99 per month.

Everything is accessible via any smart phone, computer, or tablet device. You can also print all of the pages out, if you’re old school ( like me, LOL ). More video here.

The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body guide

On to TSC Bombshell Body Guide:

The full Bombshell Body Guide is 28 weeks, however you have the option to purchase either Phase 1 or Phase 2 separately. Each phase is 14 weeks. Expect to kick your body into gear during phase 1, and to seriously tone every little nook and cranny during phase 2.

All of the workouts are 27 minutes, 3 times per week. Plus there are tons of extra tips to help you get the most out of the program and track your progress. You can access the guides via any computer, smart phone or tablet device, & print them out if you want.

If you purchase phase 1, phase 2 or the entire Bombshell Body Guide, you receive one FREE month of the Bombshell Body Membership! You just have to remember to cancel your membership within the first 30 days if you don’t want to continue the guide.

If you do choose to cancel, you’ll still be able to access your guides since you purchased those separately. Hope that helps!

If you’re interested in trying it out, use BBGREADY for 10% off!

OH!! AND I’m giving out 5 free guides. Leave your e-mail below & comment on my latest Instagram to win FREE access to TSC Bombshell Body Guide.

Watch me explain more here.

Happy Friday,

lauryn x

+ FOLLOW @tscbombshellbody on Instagram.

mini delites labor day | by the skinny confidential

Seriously (!!!) Simple PM Skincare Routine

skin care routine | by the skinny confidential

skin care routine | by the skinny confidential

We discussed the importance of anti-aging, so now let’s discuss maintenance.

I’m a huge fan of keeping it simple.

I love coconut oil for my hands, SPF during the day, grape seed oil to remove makeup, & before I go to bed instead of using 320283 products, I like to use one, two at most.

skin care routine | by the skinny confidential

skin care routine | by the skinny confidential

I’ve been using Elizabeth Arden skin products for about a year & a half & I have really nothing but good things to say about it. My journey using their skincare started here. As you guys know, I only blog about things I love so after using SUPERSTART, I KNEW I HAD TO SHARE.

I prefer to use it at night because when I wake up it makes my skin feel rejuvenated & renewed but it can be used morning and night. Think of this as maintenance for your skin. Like I said, I’m not a fan of a million creams at night, so to have one that gets the job done & keeps my skin dewy works well with my lifestyle.

skin care routine | by the skinny confidential

skin care routine | by the skinny confidential

Here’s my step-by-step skin care routine:

1.) Remove makeup with organic grape seed oil on a cotton ball.

2.) Use a bar of all natural, organic soap to wash my face. Use a clean towel ( I always wipe my face with a brand new clean towel to prevent bacteria from spreading ). I pat the towel on my face, as opposed to whipping it ( say no to wrinkles! ).

3.) Afterwards I use about 2 pumps of SUPERSTART which works holistically to restore the healthy look of skin’s surface layer, fortifying its natural ability to repair and renew and ultimately boosting the effectiveness of your other skincare products. There’s a probiotic complex in it that optimizes skin’s micro flora to strengthen the skin’s natural defenses and it also has ingredients that enhance hydration & moisturization. You guys know how I loveeee probiotics. After using this my skin looks smoother, more radiant and resilient. Also, I ALWAYS make sure to add some to my neck!

4.) After I’m moisturized I add some raw coconut oil under my eyes & on my lips.

5.) If I want to take it one step further I’ll do a mask before bed. The more ABSURD the mask, the better. LOL.

skin care routine | by the skinny confidential

Overall skin maintenance is ESSENTIAL at my age. I’m at that age that I’m setting up my skin’s future so anything to help maintain a healthy look is A MUST. Ultimately my simple routine helps me keep that youthful, bright, & fresh glow.

I mean, I feel like you maintain your car, teeth, brows, roots…so skin maintenance should be a given…right.

Ok, I’d love to hear about your skin routine. Is it crazy complex or simple? Also, would you guys like to see a skin care video tutorial? Let me know below!

Ok I’m off to drink some peppermint tea ( which is great for your skin too! ), watch The Heartbreak Kid, & throw some SUPERSTART on my skin. Crazy, RAGING night.

Talk soon, x

+ more skincare tips are in The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide.

{ PC }

skin care routine | by the skinny confidential

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