Drugstore Beauty That Kicks Ass

The Skinny Confidential talks beauty.

Today I’m sharing drugstore finds!!

Honestly I’m kind of obsessed with CVS & Rite-Aid.

I will roam through the aisles, looking for nothing, finding everything— you know?

These are some finds that I SWEAR by. None of this is sponsored, just realness:

Great Lash Clear Mascara ( AKA the best primer on earth )
Revlon’s ‘Black Cherry’ Lipstick
Bioré Strips
Miracle Blur (AKA Facetune in a tube)
Light Concealer in Lipstick Tube
100% Grapeseed Oil x Vitamin E

** Similar floral top can be found here.

Out of all these I’m especially in love with the Miracle Blur. It really fills in lines & just works for a good selfie, ya know? LOL. Plus it creates a smooth canvas for foundation & moisturizer. LOVE.

Ok, so what’s your favorite drugstore find that I have to check out? PLEASSSSE let me know.

x lauryn

++ More makeup tips can be found in The Skinny Confidential Book.



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Yay! It’s Thursday! Almost the weekend. As promised, these are some more of my favorite goodies from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale! Seriously this sale is insane because you can save up to 40% off! I’ll share some fitness favs & shoe deals this week too before it ends.

Just wanted to mention:

♡ What I actually bought from this list: the navy top ( it’s so good right? ) & the floral makeup bag ( it’s $29 & looks like it would be $200 ).

♡ The white eyelash primer that I AM OBSESSED WITH ( refer to this post ) is on sale. Seriously going to buy three. I cannot live without this stuff. Like I’d rather not wear mascara without it.

The pink sunglass case could possibly be the cutest thing…ever?

Oh, & everything is under $100 (!!!).

Happy shopping!!

lauryn, xx

+ more sale favs here.

The Crunchy Peanut Butter Cashew, Get In Your PJ’s & Watch A Movie Smoothie

The Skinny Confidential talks smoothies.

The Skinny Confidential talks smoothies.

I have this weird thing with textures.

It all started when I was about 9 years old. My dad would take me to the local movie theater & there was this bomb-ass ice cream, like vintage-ish parlor that would make smoothies.

And guys, these weren’t like Jamba Juice days.

Smoothies were seriously slim pickens in my younger years.

Anyway, he would take me to this ice cream parlor before a Disney movie to get an ice cream or smoothie. Of course, being 9 I would add like the most ridiculous things to my smoothie ( like we’re talking gummy worm, Oreo smoothies ).

My favorite one though was always this peanut butter fro-yo concoction.

Basically it was chocolate chips, banana ice cream, peanut butter fro-yo, & sliced almonds ( at least I was healthy with the sliced almonds? ). I HAD THIS WEIRD OBSESSION WITH THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS BEING BLENDED INTO THE SMOOTHIE BECAUSE IT GAVE THE SMOOTHIE A CRUNCH.

If anyone loves textures like me, please tell me you know what the hell I’m talking about when I say ‘gave the smoothie a crunch.’

So the other day we were having a lazy Sunday & watching Beauty & The Beast ( we looooovveee Disney movies ). And naturally, I became all nostalgic & wanted to make a crunchy smoothie.

The Skinny Confidential talks smoothies.

SOOOOOoooo of course, I decided to make it TSC-style. Introducing:

The Crunchy Peanut Butter Cashew, Get In Your PJ’s & Watch A Movie Smoothie:

1 banana
1 cup of Silk Cashew milk
1-2 ( or 3 or 4…lol ) tablespoons of RAW unsalted nut butter of your choice
2 tablespoons of raw cacao nibs
Handful of ice

Directions: blend. Top & garnish with a teaspoon of cacao & a pretty straw because you’re cute like that. Make one for your boyfriend too, he’ll love you forever.

The Skinny Confidential talks smoothies.

Side note: cashew milk exists, guys. When I found out this tidbit of info, I nearly died. I MEAN CASHEW MILK?!! Is this real life? It’s seriously the best thing ever. You can also add it to your coffee, make cashew ice cubes, or use it as an ice cream base. Thank me later for this find, k!

As for the crunchy crunch: the cacao will rock your tastebuds & give your smoothie some volume. If you’re anything like me & love textures GET ACQUAINTED WITH CACAO IMMEDIATELY. I add raw cacao nibs to everything!!

The Skinny Confidential talks smoothies.

The Skinny Confidential talks smoothies.

This crunchy smoothie ( yummmm ) soooo brought me back to my ice cream parlor/peanut butter/pre-Jamba Juice/crunchy smoothie days, ya know? #TBT

What’s your favorite texture? Tell me something weird. I love weird stories. K, go.

x, lauryn

The Skinny Confidential talks smoothies.

Mini DeLites: CABOOOO!!!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

Forgive me as some of these pics were taken on my iPhone…truthfully I was too busy eating chips & salsa to use a real camera.

On Thursday Michael semi-surprised me with Cabo for my birthday.

I say semi because I know him too well & sort of knew that’s where we were headed.

( You know how guys think they’re being all slick & shit but the woman has too much feminine intuition for their obvious ways? Like if Michael were to throw a surprise party for me I’d have to act ‘surprised’ I suppose…I just know him too well for surprises!! HA! Sorry babe ).

So ya we went to CABOOOOO. If you don’t know Cabo is my favorite place in the world. Like when I die, write on my grave: “I’d rather be in Cabo.”



Here’s a peak into our Cabo vacay:

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

Guess there’s not too much to report. I mean we did what everyone does in Cabo…eat our body weight in chips & spicy salsa, raft around the pool, drink jalapeño margaritas, eat, eat some more, get lymphatic drainage massages (!!) & lounge around ( under an umbrella for me thanks! ).

We did go to Floral Farm which was F-ING INSANE. Think: a farm to table restaurant with a little ice cream stand, live band, the freshest foods ever, homemade pizza, carrot margaritas, AND beet & grapefruit cocktails. I cannot say enough good things about this place! My girlfriend, Annie recommended it & it’s soooooo worth the little drive. It’s out there on a bumpy road but the charm of the restaurant is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.


Also, I’m having this moment where I’m so obsessed with the colors/vibes of Cabo. Like I want a cactus garden stat & I could really use more hacienda-ish colors around the house. My indecisiveness further proves my GEMINI, I CAN’T DECIDE ON ANYTHING, THIS OR THAT personality.

What else?

Oh. I have a special, little story.

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

Here’s my story & maybe you guys won’t really get it because you don’t personally know our friend, Joel.

Michael & I have a friend named Joel. He is a bartender at the hotel we go to in Cabo. This hotel is super special to us & naturally every time we get there we immediately say “WHERE’S JOEL??!!”

We LOVE Joel.

He’s the sweetest, kindest man. His personality shines through him & no matter WHAT he’s always smiling. ALWAYS.

So last time we went to Cabo, Joel was no where to be found.

This time though, he was behind the bar, smiling, whipping up the best ginger margaritas EVER.

Of course Michael & I rushed over to give him a hug because we adore him!

Two days in to the trip Joel told us his wife of 27 years had passed away from cancer.

He smiled with tears in his eyes & said he was remaining positive & that although he missed her he would continue to live a positive, happy life for himself and his two children. He encouraged me to take care of myself, health-wise.

Here’s this man who just lost his wife of 27 years and he’s smiling & being so strong while continuing to work and support his family AND encouraging me to lead a healthy life.

Maybe you guys won’t understand the story because you don’t personally know Joel, but the point is, attitude is a game changer.

If you’re having a bad day, think about Joel. He’s still smiling in Cabo, radiating positive vibes shaking margaritas.

Super inspiring so I thought I’d share.

Joel: if you’re reading: WE LOVE YOU : ).

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

So I’d say my birthday was a success! But now it’s back to reality. Really though, the amount of work that hit me in the face today…was painful. It’s literally midnight & I’ve been up since 5 am playing catch up. I did stop for an hour to make sweet potato/quinoa patties ( shoutout to my Snapchat friends! ) & did the 27 minute TSC Bombshell Body Guide. Anyway, I feel like I’m looking at at least 4 more hours of work tonight if I’m lucky…UGGGGH.

Also, two things before we part ways: 1.) check out the Nordstrom sale & kiss me later. 2.) a full blown post on my Cabo Insta outfits will be up on the blog this week. Some of you asked me outfit questions via Instagram but I was too busy drinking ginger margaritas…so an entire outfit recap will be up soon, swear.

Question: where’s your favorite place in the world to travel & why? xx

Oh, & before I go, this post wouldn’t be complete without a pic of Michael telling me to get off my phone or he’s going to throw it ( & me ) in the ocean:

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!

The Skinny Confidential hits Cabo!


The Skinny Confidential talks sales!

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The Nordstrom sale ALWAYS ROCKS IT. Every single damn time.

“This is shocking— Nordstrom has so many good finds! I can’t believe it!” said no one. Ever.

This is not sponsored either guys, the half yearly sale just really kills it. I actually physically went into Nordstrom this year, which is alarming because my online shopping usually takes precedence over actual, hands-on shopping, ya know? Ok, so here’s what I bought ( P.S. KISS ME LATER BECAUSE ALL OF THESE SNAZZY ITEMS ARE UNDER A HUNDO!!! ):

1.// Because every girl needs a pair of pink pumps for summer…

2.// This midi dress hits the leg in the most flattering place & is kind of the chicest sale item EVER.

3.// A boyfriend is useless unless you can steal his jeans…I kid…but seriously every babe needs to invest in a flattering pair of boyfriend jeans, & these are kinda it. They’re priced right & hit the hip at the most flattering spot.


4.// I’m SOOOO into cowl necks lately. They remind me of Paris/NYC in all the right ways. I bought this loose fitted, juicy one in white…I know, shocking WHITE.

5.// Having an MK & Ash moment with these gold polka dots. I feel like they both ( especially Ashley ) would rock this phone case with bright red, apple nails, you know? Super excited for this pretty case to arrive in the mail!

6.// This white lace dress screams summer 2015, champagne, tennis courts, vodka lemonades, pink & white umbrellas, pool boys, & just overall perfection. Can’t wait.

What are your Nordstrom sale picks?

Since I love this sale, I’ll be sharing my picks throughout the week like I did last year.

Happy Tuesday, xx lauryn

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