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Mini DeLites: Create & Cultivate

create & cultivate recap | by the skinny confidential-gt-gt

create & cultivate recap | by the skinny confidential

A lot of you guys have asked about Create & Cultivate!

Last week I told you allllllll about Michael’s jorts incident in Dallas, so today I figured we’d do sort of a part 2 Dallas…& talk about the conference ( especially for anyone who was unable to attend ).

By they way, it’s such a bummer if you wanted to attend & couldn’t make it. I know some of you guys live super far away OR you wanted to come but it was sold out ( Crazy!!! This conference always sells out because it’s THAT good ). Regardless, I hope this gives you a peek into the whole experience.

Alright let’s break it down, shall we?

create & cultivate recap | by the skinny confidentialcreate & cultivate recap | by the skinny confidential

The night before the conference, all of the speakers had dinner together. The food was awesome & the vibe was spot on. It was really nice to meet other women in the digital space ( I think Michael was the only guy there? HA ).

But let’s get to the event: I spoke on a panel called ‘Brand Vibes: How To Create A Brand That Lives Beyond The Blog Bubble’.

This panel could not have been more perfect for me because when I launched The Skinny Confidential, I launched the blog as a foundation for the brand.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a true blue blogger & always will be, BUT I wanted to start small, THINK BIG. Hence the brand.

The panel was moderated by Vanessa Flaherty of Digital Brand Architects. The other panelists included Camille Styles of Camille Styles, Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam, Mary Seng of Happily Grey, & Sophia Rivka Rossi of Hello Giggles…& of course, me.

It was super cool to be amongst such a powerful group of women. Each of us is very different but we all had/have one goal in common: BUILDING A BRAND THAT LIVES BEYOND THE BLOG.

( Also, for the record each panelists was LOVELY. Every one of the girls was humble, down to earth, & very sweet ).

SOOOoo, we shared our experiences with the audience.

And obviously this included me talking about coconut oil as lube & butthole enemas…because, HEY- I gotta stay true to my roots.

Let’s put it this way: I definitely didn’t hold back.

We each introduced ourselves ( I think you guys know me well enough now so we’ll skip that whole bit ) & then everyone went on to share their story of blog to brand.

I spoke about supporting myself as a bartender, teaching Pure Barre & Pilates while attaining my degree at SDSU ( more here ) and planning TSC. Honestly I looked out into the amazing crowd of women ( YOU ) & could tell there were many girls who were busting their asses while launching their blogs…so that was COOL to let those women know “Hey I get it, hang in there. KEEP GOING.

create & cultivate recap | by the skinny confidential

create & cultivate recap | by the skinny confidential
create & cultivate recap | by the skinny confidential

Anyway, I spoke about how while yes, I was busting ass, I was also building TSC…in a Trapper Keeper at night.

Slowly, strategically, & carefully.

After about a year of planning, The Skinny Confidential was born…& the rest was history!

We were also asked “how did we strategically grow our brands?”

This was my favorite question BECAUSE I feel like strategy is SO very important. If you’re interested in that whole explanation, check out this post on my Upside Down Triangle theory.

Then we were asked about balance & how to find private time…this one is interesting because it is certainly a juggling act…but I try VERY hard to maintain private aspects of life.

Although it may seem like more ( or less? ) I share about 60% percent of my life. The other 40% is kept for family, friends, Michael, & myself! BUT on the same note, I LOVE to talk about taboo shit.

Well shit, no surprises there.

Vanessa then went on to ask about growing pains ( UM, YES ), brand collaborations ( ONLY IF THEY FIT WELL WITH MY AESTHETIC AND READERSHIP! ), & next steps in the business ( STAY TUNED ).

create & cultivate recap | by the skinny confidential

Lastly we were asked about our biggest moment as influencers.

…This question was funny for me.

My book release and launch was amazing & definitely a big moment BUT there’s been no like AH-HA! OMG I MADE IT! moment.

I chip away everyday, slow & steady, carefully, with strong focus. So no, there’s never this HUGE jump. No epiphany. None of that.

& that’s how I believe something bigger than yourself happens— it’s like an hourglass. Slow. Steady. One piece of sand at a time.

When the hourglass fills up, you turn it over again & keep chipping away.

Nothing happens overnight.


create & cultivate recap | by the skinny confidential

After we spoke I taught a ‘Flat Lay Instagram Tutorial’ with Bar III Clothing in another area which was fun & light hearted, and just really the perfect end to the day. Maybe I’ll recap this part too on the blog if you guys want?

SO. That was Create & Cultivate! I definitely wanted to bring you guys along via TSC if you weren’t able to attend, so TA-DA.

Other highlights in Dallas: TSC Bombshell Body Guide…in my hotel room, Hotel Zaza’s bar/restaurant, & the decor at Create + Cultivate ( it was to die )…cactus macaroons scream Pinterest in every which way though, no?

If you have ANY questions on the below or C & C, leave them below!

Hope to meet some of you at the next conference.

Until tomorrow, lauryn x

P.S. if you’re in a Valentine’s mood, SUBSCRIBE to TSC Newsletter!! Tomorrow is going to be fun. Just comment your e-mail on my latest Instagram. xx

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create & cultivate recap | by the skinny confidentialcreate & cultivate recap | by the skinny confidential

The CUTEST Pajamas For A Valentine’s Day Night In

cutes pajamas | by the skinny confidential
 ‘Babes’ Tank & Legging Pajama Set Polka Dot Cat PJ Set Heart Print PJ Set Black Gisele Sleepshirt | Friendzone Pajama Set Lauren Cotton Pajama Pants Valentines Heart Ruffle Romper PJ LUXE Houndstooth Socks

Staying in on Valentine’s Day might be the most UNDER-rated thing ever.

Cute pajamas, a bottle of rosé all to yourself, a good book or maybe an epic chick flick, sounds PERFECT.

If you’re staying in on Valentine’s Day, snag one of these pajamas to keep you cute & cozy all night.


Get Sexy In These Lacy VDAY Intimates

Lacy Intimates | by the skinny confidential

homebodii Dahlia Lace Robe Lace plunge sweetheart bra Lace sweetheart Brazilian knickers Lace bralet Lace Brazillian knicker Lace jersey triangle bra Lace and mesh underwire bra

Let’s face it, lace is just 100% HOT, spicy, & beyond sexy.

Wearing lace makes you feel like a woman. I swear, just wearing a lacy robe or bra boosts your mood.

For Valentine’s Day, lace isn’t just recommended, it’s kind of required, right?

Here are a few lacy VDAY intimates to spice up your wardrobe. Wear them under a casual white tee, with a baggy flannel, &/or under the sheet.



{ More V-Day must have’s HERE & HERE }


winding down | by the skinny confidentialwinding down | by the skinny confidential winding down | by the skinny confidential

Winding down is SO difficult for me.

Michael has been just really obnoxious lately about his routine to wind down. If you follow along on Snapchat you know he literally drinks magnesium tea at 8:40 PM on the dot, tracks his sleep with a sleep app (yes, this exists), AND he even wears a sleep mask.

I’rn sorry, but I can’t make this up.

Meanwhile I’m pounding around in my office, cleaning the house, being distracted, prepping veggies & fruits for the AM., being annoying, etc.

He may be obnoxious but clearly I’m highly annoying because I NEED to learn how to be a better winder-downer, you know?

So I’m working on it.

& when say I’m working on it, guys… I am actually, seriously working on it. Like it’s a New Year’s resolution that I’m not letting go of.

Let’s back up. My routine used to be going to bed at 2 AM ( bartending days, what up ). and then it moved to 1 AM when I moved in with Michael, & then in the last couple months midnight was my casual bedtime.

winding down | by the skinny confidential


I’m working on actually getting into bed at 9:30 PM.

Anyone that knows me knows this is absolutely so not me. BUT I’ve been doing so much research about sleep/winding down & all research says you get your best sleep between the hours of 10 PM & 2 AM. It’s best for my hormones to be asleep by 10:30 PM latest.

Annoying, but it’s true.

SO. Here’s how I’m working on getting to bed at a decent hour:

1.) In bed by 9 PM ( no computer ), reading ( a hardcover or paperback, no electronics ) by 9:30 PM. & lights are going out at 10 PM. I’m not perfect so these are ideal times. I try, try, try. It’s easiest for me to do this on Sundays because there’s not a lot of work going on on Sundays. Obviously, Monday is the hardest. The no electronics thing in bed is a freaking game changer. It’s so hard but after a while I have started to associate the bed with no electronics which is kind of a relief. It’s nice to get into bed & shut off. A real book IS AMAZING. I’m in love with the smell of books anyways.

2.) A gentle skincare routine: as a blogger I get sent products a lot. I try almost all of them. When I like something, I blog about it. Recently, bareMinerals sent me their skincare line— & LOVEEEE, guys. First off, my favorite is their ‘Oil Obsessed.’ Its awesome for taking makeup off. So much easier on the skin than rubbing makeup off with harsh wipes.

After taking my makeup off, I HAVE to have a serum. It sort of seals your skin in. I’m obsessed. I was happily surprised with SkinLongevity because I’m very, very picky about my serum. Basically I hate if they’re too sticky or too heavy. This one is just right.

Then on top of that I’ve been using this insane product called ‘BUTTER DRENCH.’ That’s exactly what it feels like…a facial butter drench. I’m so into moisture, moisture, moisture. It’s the key to fighting wrinkles so I even use the BUTTER DRENCH on my neck.

winding down | by the skinny confidential
winding down | by the skinny confidential

By the way, my nightly skincare routine ALWAYS includes drenching my neck in moisturizer. Don’t forget about your neck & hands before you go to bed!! Radiant skin is JUST as important on the neck area & hands.

Lastly, I rub raw coconut oil all over my arms, legs, & stomach…so basically you get it: I’m moisturized_ EVERYWHERE. Lol.

3.) Lavender oil: burning in the diffuser, every night, makes all the difference. I rub it on my pillow too. Sometimes I even add a spray to our sleep masks. YUM.

4.) CALM magnesium tea: obsessed with this powder. It’s like Xanax but all natural. Really relaxes you. BIG time. I swear I’m so high-strung & this stuff like zens me out. Highly recommended. I add this to mint tea ( just a scoop ) or to warm water.

winding down | by the skinny confidential

5.) Melatonin ( sometimes ), magnesium, & a probiotic: my nightly lineup. I like melatonin once in a while, not too much. Magnesium is my nightly pill. Make sure it’s the Oxide one, not the other one. And lastly, my daily probiotic is the main ROCKSTAR. Probiotics are just amazing in every way. Really gets things moving if you know what I mean.

So those are some things that are helping me stay on track at night.

Next step is getting into the whole bath thing. Baths are goals, for sure.

winding down | by the skinny confidential

winding down | by the skinny confidential

How do you guys unwind? I actually would really love to hear any tips. I really, really struggle with this part of my day every day. My mind doesn’t stop.

if you have ANYTHING ( & I MEAN ANYTHING ) that works for you, please share. Honestly, at this point I would run around the neighborhood naked doing high kicks if it calmed me down.

…SOS kind of post here.

On that note, off to bed ( sue me because it’s 9:16 PM ).

Night, lauryn x

+ this post is in collaboration with bareMinerals.
{ photos }

winding down | by the skinny confidential winding down | by the skinny confidential

Kitten-ish Sexy, Valentine’s Day Hair

lauryn evarts hair tips | by the skinny confidential

Valentine’s Day is coming & I’m all about some feminine hair.

Some of you guys asked me on Instagram & Snapchat how I did this hair on NYE…& I DIDN’T. My friend & hairstylist, Shawn Knudsen did ( she also did my hair for the cover of LOCALE Magazine too! ). So I went straight to the source to get some spicy, kitten-ish Valentine’s Day hair.

Meet Shawn, a bubbly, perfectly blonde beauty who’s amazing at doing hair:

Hey guys! I’m Shawn.

I started out by giving Lauryn a side part. A side part as opposed to a middle part gives this look a sexier edge. Lauryn & I always talk about how we prefer our “good side” to be the side that we won’t be pinning back.

I love a swoop bang on my good side. It photographs better for me.

Anyway, then I curled her hair. I used a one and a half inch curling iron by Hot Tools. This gives a bigger curl. I like to call it a “Kardashian curl”. Which makes it look like a really killer blowout.

So after putting curls into her hair, I then did an easy, yet so pretty, half pinned style by taking the section on the side I was going to pin. The section is from her hairline right past the back of her ear. That section will be the pinned part. Rather than just pin it we made it a little more intricate looking. I took three horizontal sections at the hairline like I was going to braid them.

Instead I took that middle strand and pinned it straight back tightly. Then with the two other strands I crossed them over the middle strand to give it the X look & secured with bobby pins.

Try to pin the bobby pins out of sight, nobody likes bobby pins showing.

Also, I always like to mess with my curls to let them fall a tad as well. Lauryn loves when I mess them up, she never likes perfect hair.

Lastly, I finished with some flexible hold hair spray to tame any fly-aways…& BOOM you have yourself a sleek and chic look, perfect for a date night out or a lunch with some girlfriends.

lauryn evarts of the skinny confidential | by the skinny confidential


Here are the steps simplified:

1.) Pick a side part.

2.) Curl hair away from face ( soft Kardashian curl ).

3.) Section side to be pinned into three strands horizontally  ( top, middle, bottom ).

4.) Pin middle strand straight back & tight.

5.) Crisscross top & bottom strand over middle strand to make X shape.

6.) Bobby pin & spray.


Products used:

Paul Mitchell Worked Up ( workable hairspray )

Kevin Murphy Doo Over Dry Powder finishing texture spray

Drybar alligator clips

Hot Tools one and a half inch curling iron


Lauryn again! To maintain the soft curls Shawn gave me I do what I always do: The Sleep Bun ( at night ). All smiley today too because the curling iron of my dreams just came in the mail last week!! I’ll be filming some fun shit with it.

Also, I just started using THIS TEXTURIZING SPRAY & I am in looooooveeeeee with it. I can’t live without it. Not sponsored, just realness. It’s TO DIEEEEE. Seriously changes the hair game. It’s a bit of an investment for hair ( $39 ) but it’s worth every fucking penny, trust me.

If I decide to not wash my hair for a week ( which I literally do all the time ), I throw a little dry shampoo at the root. The stuff I use is like $8 & old school called Psssssst. Sometimes old school is the best. Super simple.

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t make your curls last.


Washing your hair is such a bitch sooooo having Shawn curl my hair means no washing, no upkeep, no hassle for like a week.

By the way, The Nanz goes to Shawn to jazz up her bouffant ( I can’t ) & loves her.

To book with Shawn, e-mail her: & or contact her via Instagram. & of course, let us know what other hair styles you’re interested in seeing.

Happy Thursday! lauryn x

+ pink dress available here.

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