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The Skinny Confidential x Urban Decay Cosmetics.

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Decay Cosmetics.

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Decay Cosmetics.

Last month I found out Urban Decay launched a makeup line for Nordstrom.

But before I share ANYTHING on the blog, I HAVE to try it to give it a whirl.

So I did a little testy-test two weekends ago on a date…& YOU GUYS, it’s good.

ESP the whole contour kit.

I’m about contouring. A little contouring never hurt anyone.

Also, a pop of red is fun too…

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Decay Cosmetics.

The Skinny Confidential talks makeup.

Anyway if you want to chisel those cheekbones & really pump you assets, contouring works like a dream AKA Kim K’s best kept secret.

Debating on whether or not I should do a tutorial? Might be fun ; ).

On this particular night, I was wearing this turtleneck dress ( turtlenecks > anything ) & these black pumps. Also, I definitely enjoyed a little champagne ( in the shower before I got ready? Party hardy. HA )…

Urban Decay x The Skinny Confidential.

So where did I go?

Well. Nowhere.

We stayed in & had a date night at home with the BEST Brussels sprout salad EVER…going off on a tangent real quick because the Brussels sprout salad I get from the restaurant across the street is killer. I need to re-create it like, yesterday.

Here’s what I do for Michael when I’m in a pinch & dressed up with no freaking time ( SHHHHHH though!! ): grab two Brussels sprout salads ( it has fresh Parm, basil, & lemon!!! ), a bottle of champagne ( pre-chilled ) from Ralph’s, & a thin-crusted pizza with EXTRA fresh basil & lemon ( from the same little restaurant across the street ).

Then I RUN MY ASS home, turn on sexy music, light candles, add the salad to a big bowl, put the pizza on a pizza plate, chill glass, dim the lights, pour two glasses of Pellegrino, slice lemons, add a little bowl of chili flakes, throw anything on the floor in the laundry room, & ACT TOTALLY CASUAL when he walks in, fully like “hey babe, what’s up, oh this old set-up? PSST, just threw it together— no big” ( GEEZ, my God, the lengths woman must go to…we should get a damn metal ).

& then I apply a little more lipstick & pretend to look effortless while he eats a slice of restaurant-bought AKA ‘homemade’ pizza ( #fakeituntilyoumakeit ):

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Decay Cosmetics.

So ultimately Urban Decay kinda kicked ass for my at-home date night…& so did the Brussels sprout salad.

Definitely recommend both.

Anyone else throw together a fake-ass quick date night? Gotta do a video on this too.

x Lauryn

{ P.S. I have a STERN curfew if you didn’t know, so staying at home makes things much easier for everyone involved. x }

+ Photos by: Teresa Fae

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Decay Cosmetics.

Makeup I Wearing: 

‘Naked Basics’ Palette
‘Naked Flushed’ Bronzer, Highlight, & Blush Palette
‘Naked Skin’ Weightless Definition Liquid
‘Naked Skin’ Bronzer w/ SPF 20 ( << BRONZER x SPF!! )
‘Walk of Shame’ Lip Gloss
‘Bang’ Lipstick

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MEOW! A Skinny Apple Fizz

The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite apple fizz recipe.

The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite apple fizz recipe.

The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite apple fizz recipe.


This cocktail is real hot for fall.

I’m so into it right now because who doesn’t like to get their buzz on while drinking a serving of fruit?


Super simple: one shot vodka ( or three? ) ( << I like Tito’s because IT’S THE BEST EVER! ), a splash of real ( like, real, real…not ‘Simply Apple’ or any of that fake bullshit ), a splash of ginger beer or ginger ale, & top with sparkling water. I also added a little pinch of pumpkin pie spice because I wanted to get realllll festive over here.

The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite apple fizz recipe.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS MARTINI SHAKER? I bought it at Target AKA Tarjay & just love it.

( Wolf or chihuahua? You decide. I feel like I have no idea ).

But cute, right?…so powerful & proud:

The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite apple fizz recipe.

The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite apple fizz recipe.

So this lil fizz is fun to make for Halloween parties…plus if you have kids you can tell them “it’s Mommy’s apple juice.”

& boy oh boy, is Mommy’s apple juice tasty.

But beware: don’t shake the ginger beer & sparkling water in the martini shaker…it will explode. This has happened to me about six million times. Just shake the vodka & apple juice together, pour over ice, & then splash the ginger beer or ale, and sparkling water. Garnish with an apple slice & some bomb-ass pumpkin pie spice AND BAM!!!

The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite apple fizz recipe.

The Skinny Confidential's apple fizz.

It’s just like a fall, apple picking, pumpkin hay ride your in mouth. Everything the season’s supposed to be & more…

Ok, do I need to convince you any more to try this deliciousness?


Ok, just watch this video I made with Chris Tran Media last week…cheers!

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TSC Series: The Best Damn…Bowls

The Skinny Confidential talks portion control.

The Skinny Confidential talks portion control.

Currently: lounging in bed ( Michael’s in Miami…so comp in bed! Shhhh. ) at 1:00 AM eating raw coconut ice cream ( casual ) while Pixy snores & Mr. T.Boone Pickens sticks his long nose in my bowl.

But not just any ice cream bowl.

My magic, favorite, skinny $8 bowl.

Honestly if you guys have followed TSC for a while then YOU KNOW HOW FANATICAL I AM when it comes to these bowls.

I’m so committed that I bring them on vacation.

For reals though.

The Skinny Confidential talks portion control.

I’m not a measurer…or a weigher…with my food. A lot of fitness bloggers will tell you to measure.


Personally, I’d rather stare at a fly on the wall for 372616183 hours straight then measure my food everyday, so basically anything that involves measurements, BYE.

So my bowls. They’re just so cute & perfectly pre-portioned. And by the way, no one is paying me to say this— I just like the damn bowls ( obviously? ).

I’ve used these Anthropologie miso soup sized bowls FOR YEARSSSSSS. Impressively, they haven’t faded yet.

Things I eat in these bowls: raw ice cream, flaxseed chips, oatmeal, cereal, raw almonds, fruit, salads, soups, tuna fish…& everything else in the world.

In my opinion, if you’re looking to lose a few LB’s then portion control is EVERYTHING. I always tell my friends ( ya, I’m that annoying-ass friend ) “don’t eat out of the bag of chips!!! You will eat way more than you think!! Get a freaking bowl.”

Not a bowl that fits a small country, mini bowls:

The Skinny Confidential talks portion control.

The Skinny Confidential talks portion control.

Ultimately I’m totally perplexed why anyone would have any other bowl available in the kitchen. Kidding. Sorta.

These cuties just make life so much easier & way prettier. Really everyone should own a set.

Ok, Boone has ice cream all over his nose ( he’s so nosey…in every way) & is proceeding to wipe it on my whitest of white duvet. G2G!! xx. Lauryn

The Skinny Confidential talks portion control.

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Brrrrr!!! No More Hard Nips!!

The Skinny Confidential talks boobs.

The Skinny Confidential talks boobs.

Ok, let’s set the nipply scene, shall we?

So you’re wearing this super hot, sexy white dress with a pair of new pumps & bright red lipstick.

Only problem?

It’s backless…& it’s cold. Brrrrrrrrrr.

…you guessed it: hard nipples!

LIKE CALLING EVERY GIRL IN THE WORLD because I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there?

Whelp, have no fear Nippies are here.

This is me getting all Vanna White-y & demonstrating Nippies— obviously, in real life there’s no black bra ( not ready to post my fun bags all over the Internet quite yet ):

The Skinny Confidential talks boobs.

Considering I spend the better part of my life in Nippies, I’ve invested in LOTSA pairs because they really just kick ass.

Fully obsessed with them because the sticky little circles come in handy in many unfortunate situations: when it’s freezing cold ( no more hard nips, BB ), when you’re wearing a backless dress or shirt, &/or when you don’t feel like wearing a freaking bra but you most definitely don’t want your nips hanging out for every Tom, Dick, & Harry to gawk at. ( I mean…honestly though, do guys really not think we’re savvy enough to know when they’re literally STARING at the twins? Psst! ).

In any case, when it comes to my boobs, I go for perky ( so sue me? ). For some reason Nippies just make boobs look so damn…….good. They’re a dream like that.

The Skinny Confidential talks boobs.

Regardless if you’re a member of The Itty Bitty Titty Committee or look like Pam Anderson circa 1999 post-boob job, these work wonders. Small boobies AND big boobies, guys. Plus they’re reusable ( I’ve used mine like 50 times ).

Anyway obviously I’m really committed to Nippies now— I’ve been using them for the past three months & can’t LIVE without them ( << not sponsored, just realness ).

So guys, ya got any other hard nipple tricks? x

P.S. beware: Nippies are realllllll sticky. Sometimes it’s fun to stick them to the back of your boyfriend’s head ( …#truestory ). Or on his ass. When he’s not looking. And sometimes they accidentally get stuck to your white pump & you’re in public for a half an hour totally clueless…don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

The Skinny Confidential talks boobs.

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Mini DeLites

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ This weekend…making The Nanz’ cranberry/apple sauce }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ I LOVE BOOBIES socks by Stance }

Getting inspired can be difficult.

I realized this weekend how funny I am when it comes to becoming truly inspired.

Here’s the deal: I get really, really uninspired sometimes.

To the point where I’m unpleasant to be around. Sometimes it’s a ‘oh shit, stay away from Lauryn…’ sort of deal.

Michael just knows to stay away—- I kinda go into a funk.

On the other hand…when I’m inspired…look out! I’m a full blown wizard with levers & knobs conducting mad science shit in a laboratory playing with my mustache & wickedly laughing…by myself.

Mr. Wizard only comes out every so often though ( boo. ).

This Saturday he showed himself in FULL effect. Like, I was like: get out of my space, I’m getting creative & inspired, so MOVE bitch-kinda effect.

I can’t explain it really…but it sort of goes like this: I hole up in my house with a camera, food ( for eating but mainly for blogging ), a computer, music, candles, & a to-do list…& start plotting/planning. I don’t work out, don’t pick up my phone, & cut off the outside world. Picture me on the floor— not even sitting at a desk…just getting weird & real creative.

I only get like this every so often. & it’s almost an insanity. But it’s how I work.

Ultimately, my evil, little inner wizard is the foundation of TSC.

So. This weekend was gnarly. I literally didn’t leave my house.

Point: creativity is fleeting. Take it where you can. It’s hard to get fully inspired ( right?! ) but when you feel creative: TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE. Unlease your inner wizard & create magic. Do you.

How do you get inspired? How do you keep the inspiration going? Tips please! x//lauryn

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ Friday night, pre-wizardry…oh & the sun-kissed, post-vacay tan? All fake. I went to iTan for their spa week…it’s SO good. Happening 10/20-10/26 }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.{ Breast cancer awareness essentials…ESP loving the ‘tough as nails’ necklace }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ Attempting to start planning…yikes! }

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.

{ Halloween-ready // book here }

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