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Get Sexy In These Lacy VDAY Intimates

Lacy Intimates | by the skinny confidential

homebodii Dahlia Lace Robe Lace plunge sweetheart bra Lace sweetheart brazilian knickers Lace bralet Lace brazillian knicker Lace jersey triangle bra Lace and mesh underwire bra

Let’s face it, lace is just 100% HOTT.

Wearing lace makes you feel like a woman. I swear, just wearing a lacy robe or bra boosts your natural sex appeal.

For Valentine’s Day, lace isn’t just recommended, it’s a requirement.

Here are a few lacy VDAY intimates to spice up your MEOW-appeal.


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winding down | by the skinny confidentialwinding down | by the skinny confidential winding down | by the skinny confidential

Winding down is SO difficult for me.

Michael has been just really obnoxious lately about his winding down routine. If you follow along on Snapchat you know he literally drinks magnesium tea at 8:40 PM on the dot, tracks his sleep with a sleep app (yes, this exists), AND he even wears a sleep mask.

I’rn sorry, but I can’t make this up.

Meanwhile I’m pounding around in my office, cleaning the house, being distracted, prepping veggies & fruits for the AM., being annoying, etc.

He may be obnoxious but clearly I’m highly annoying because I NEED to learn how to be a better winder-downer, you know?

So I’m working on it.

& when say I’m working on it, guys… I am actually, seriously working on it. Like it’s a New Year’s resolution that I’m not letting go of.

Let’s back up. My routine used to be going to bed at 2 AM ( bartending days, what up ). and then it moved to 1 AM when I moved in with Michael, & then in the last couple months midnight was my casual bedtime.

winding down | by the skinny confidential


I’m working on actually getting into bed at 9:30 PM.

Anyone that knows me knows this is absolutely so not me. BUT I’ve been doing so much research about sleep/winding down & all research says you get your best sleep between the hours of 10 PM & 2 AM. It’s best for my hormones to be asleep by 10:30 PM latest.

Annoying, but it’s true.

SO. Here’s how I’m working on getting to bed at a decent hour:

1.) In bed by 9 PM ( no computer ), reading ( a hardcover or paperback, no electronics ) by 9:30 PM. & lights are going out at 10 PM. I’m not perfect so these are ideal times. I try, try, try. It’s easiest for me to do this on Sundays because there’s not a lot of work going on on Sundays. Obviously, Monday is the hardest. The no electronics thing in bed is a freaking game changer. It’s so hard but after a while I have started to associate the bed with no electronics which is kind of a relief. It’s nice to get into bed & shut off. A real book IS AMAZING. I’m in love with the smell of books anyways.

2.) A gentle skincare routine: as a blogger I get sent products a lot. I try almost all of them. When I like something, I blog about it. Recently, bareMinerals sent me their skincare line— & LOVEEEE, guys. First off, my favorite is their ‘Oil Obsessed.’ Its awesome for taking makeup off. So much easier on the skin than rubbing makeup off with harsh wipes.

After taking my makeup off, I HAVE to have a serum. It sort of seals your skin in. I’m obsessed. I was happily surprised with SkinLongevity because I’m very, very picky about my serum. Basically I hate if they’re too sticky or too heavy. This one is just right.

Then on top of that I’ve been using this insane product called ‘BUTTER DRENCH.’ That’s exactly what it feels like…a facial butter drench. I’m so into moisture, moisture, moisture. It’s the key to fighting wrinkles so I even use the BUTTER DRENCH on my neck.

winding down | by the skinny confidential
winding down | by the skinny confidential

By the way, my nightly skincare routine ALWAYS includes drenching my neck in moisturizer. Don’t forget about your neck & hands before you go to bed!! Radiant skin is JUST as important on the neck area & hands.

Lastly, I rub raw coconut oil all over my arms, legs, & stomach…so basically you get it: I’m moisturized_ EVERYWHERE. Lol.

3.) Lavender oil: burning in the diffuser, every night, makes all the difference. I rub it on my pillow too. Sometimes I even add a spray to our sleep masks. YUM.

4.) CALM magnesium tea: obsessed with this powder. It’s like Xanax but all natural. Really relaxes you. BIG time. I swear I’m so high-strung & this stuff like zens me out. Highly recommended. I add this to mint tea ( just a scoop ) or to warm water.

winding down | by the skinny confidential

5.) Melatonin ( sometimes ), magnesium, & a probiotic: my nightly lineup. I like melatonin once in a while, not too much. Magnesium is my nightly pill. Make sure it’s the Oxide one, not the other one. And lastly, my daily probiotic is the main ROCKSTAR. Probiotics are just amazing in every way. Really gets things moving if you know what I mean.

So those are some things that are helping me stay on track at night.

Next step is getting into the whole bath thing. Baths are goals, for sure.

winding down | by the skinny confidential

winding down | by the skinny confidential

How do you guys unwind? I actually would really love to hear any tips. I really, really struggle with this part of my day every day. My mind doesn’t stop.

if you have ANYTHING ( & I MEAN ANYTHING ) that works for you, please share. Honestly, at this point I would run around the neighborhood naked doing high kicks if it calmed me down.

…SOS kind of post here.

On that note, off to bed ( sue me because it’s 9:16 PM ).

Night, lauryn x

+ this post is in collaboration with bareMinerals.
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winding down | by the skinny confidential winding down | by the skinny confidential

Kitten-ish Sexy, Valentine’s Day Hair

lauryn evarts hair tips | by the skinny confidential

Valentine’s Day is coming & I’m all about some feminine hair.

Some of you guys asked me on Instagram & Snapchat how I did this hair on NYE…& I DIDN’T. My friend & hairstylist, Shawn Knudsen did ( she also did my hair for the cover of LOCALE Magazine too! ). So I went straight to the source to get some spicy, kitten-ish V-DAY hair.

Meet Shawn, a bubbly, perfectly blonde beauty who’s amazing at doing hair:

Hey guys! I’m Shawn.

I started out by giving Lauryn a side part. A side part as opposed to a middle part gives this look a sexier edge. Lauryn & I always talk about how we prefer our “good side” to be the side that we won’t be pinning back.

I love a swoop bang on my good side. It photographs better for me.

Anyway, then I curled her hair. I used a one and a half inch curling iron by Hot Tools. This gives a bigger curl. I like to call it a “Kardashian curl”. Which makes it look like a really killer blowout.

So after putting curls into her hair, I then did an easy, yet so pretty, half pinned style by taking the section on the side I was going to pin. The section is from her hairline right past the back of her ear. That section will be the pinned part. Rather than just pin it we made it a little more intricate looking. I took three horizontal sections at the hairline like I was going to braid them.

Instead I took that middle strand and pinned it straight back tightly. Then with the two other strands I crossed them over the middle strand to give it the X look & secured with bobby pins.

Try to pin the bobby pins out of sight, nobody likes bobby pins showing.

Also, I always like to mess with my curls to let them fall a tad as well. Lauryn loves when I mess them up, she never likes perfect hair.

Lastly, I finished with some flexible hold hair spray to tame any fly-aways…& BOOM you have yourself a sleek and chic look, perfect for a date night out or a lunch with some girlfriends.

lauryn evarts of the skinny confidential | by the skinny confidential


Here are the steps simplified:

1.) Pick a side part.

2.) Curl hair away from face ( soft Kardashian curl ).

3.) Section side to be pinned into three strands horizontally  ( top, middle, bottom ).

4.) Pin middle strand straight back & tight.

5.) Crisscross top & bottom strand over middle strand to make X shape.

6.) Bobby pin & spray.


Products used:

Paul Mitchell Worked Up ( workable hairspray )

Kevin Murphy Doo Over Dry Powder finishing texture spray

Drybar alligator clips

Hot Tools one and a half inch curling iron


Lauryn again! To maintain the soft curls Shawn gave me I do what I always do: The Sleep Bun ( at night ). All smiley today too because the curling iron of my dreams just came in the mail last week!! I’ll be filming some fun shit with it.

Also, I just started using THIS TEXTURIZING SPRAY & I am in looooooveeeeee with it. I can’t live without it. Not sponsored, just realness. It’s TO DIEEEEE. Seriously changes the hair game. It’s a bit of an investment for hair ( $39 ) but it’s worth every fucking penny, trust me.

If I decide to not wash my hair for a week ( which I literally do all the time ), I throw a little dry shampoo at the root. The stuff I use is like $8 & old school called Psssssst. Sometimes old school is the best. Super simple.

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t make your curls last.


Washing your hair is such a bitch sooooo having Shawn curl my hair means no washing, no upkeep, no hassle for like a week.

By the way, The Nanz goes to Shawn to jazz up her bouffant ( I can’t ) & loves her.

To book with Shawn, e-mail her: & or contact her via Instagram. & of course, let us know what other hair styles you’re interested in seeing.

Happy Thursday! lauryn x

+ pink dress available here.

Another Kind Of, Sort Of Wedding Update

essence 3 | by the skinny confidential

essence | by the skinny confidential

You know what gets me excited about weddings?

The dress.

The right dress, of course.

Like most girls I’m very specific. I know what I like & what I don’t like.

About a week ago I decided to go downstairs. By downstairs I mean to the wedding boutique underneath my house.

Yes, I have a wedding boutique under my house. Random, but convenient, no?

Very spur of the moment but that’s how I thrive.

Anyway, I didn’t have to look too far because there were three dresses that spoke my language.

The first dress was from Essense of Australia & it was super simple. Think lace, spaghetti strap, & long/flowy. Their international design team, including founder Martine Harris, is taking lace to the NEXT level with its Spring 2016 collection.

essence 1 | by the skinny confidential
Look 1: Essense of Australia D1981

Next, I tried on a Martina Liana dress ( Essense of Australia’s sister label ) & it was very, VERY flattering. Honestly, I feel like it made me ten feet taller. No sleeves, simple with buttons down the back with the most beautiful silhouette.

Oh so couture!

essence 2 | by the skinny confidential

Look 2: Martina Liana 775

The last & final one was definitely my favorite. Aussie designer Martine Harris, has taken her favorite design elements and created a brand new couture experience for brides – allowing them to customize the wedding dress of their dreams with Martina Liana SEPARATES: Together.Forever.


Like a top & a bottom instead of one full dress, sassy right. It had long vintage-ish lace sleeves that were just so delicate & dainty. The back was open besides a tiny row of pearls down my backbone. It’s probably the most excited I’ve been about our wedding thus far.

essence | by the skinny confidential

lauryn evarts of the skinny confidential | by the skinny confidential

Look 3: Martina Liana Separates Blake+Sanja

Really beautiful, different but not too different, chic but not overly chic, delicate but not overly feminine. Simple, romantic, glamorous, & different all at the same time.

You guys know how I love contrast.

Side note: if you follow TSC on Snapchat & Instagram you saw a lot of the experience. It was SO fun to take you guys along, like SO, SO fun. Expect me to bring you along for the whole wedding ride.

Anyway, a lot of you asked for details on the wedding dress so I figured I’d do a whole post on it. I found all three of them at The White Flower in San Diego.

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FYI, the Martina Liana Separates: Together.Forever. line includes bodysuits, corsets, & even jackets. I die for different so I just love the whole concept really. Very custom. The sister label, Sorella Vita, also does some fabulous bridesmaids dresses ( will try to do a post on these too because they’re phenomenal ).

Overall the experience was quick ( it took me 20 minutes, like I said, I know what I like! ) & there was no champagne involved ( boo, SOBER January! ). I’ll keep you guys updated on what I end up deciding.

essence 2 | by the skinny confidential

If you have any tips/tricks/advice on weddings, please leave it below! Would love to hear your personal experiences.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more wedding posts.

The very decisive bride, lauryn x

+ this post is in collaboration with Essense Designs.
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essence 5 | by the skinny confidential

essence 6 | by the skinny confidential

Throw A Hottie Valentine’s Day Party

valentine's day party | by the skinny confidential

Valentine’s Day Gold Heart Tumblers | Valentines Day Heart Ice Tray Mold Love Headband LOVE Big Golden Sparkle Wands & Mini Sparkle Hearts Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker | Valentine’s Day Heart Garland | Giant Vegan LollipopsFoil Heart Party Balloon

Valentine’s Day themed parties are so much fun. Don’t you think?

There’s just so much you can do with LOVE as your party theme.

These items are seriously perfect for throwing together a hottie Valentine’s Day party.

So grab your girlfriends, & use V-Day as an excuse to host a cute, festive soirée.

Whether you’re throwing a singles party, or a couples party, these items will help you create the perfect ambiance to drink some rosé, snap a few Instagram photos, & maybe play some Cards Against Humanity???

Happy almost Valentine’s Day!


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