Why To-Do Lists Rock My World

Why I have to write things down.

Let’s get all old school here & talk about to-do lists.

No, no, not an iPhone to-do list or iPad checklist.

I’m talking about the real freaking deal. A piece of paper ( does anyone use paper anymore? ) & a pen.

My to-do list obsession started in second grade when I discovered Gelly Roll Pens.

Pause. Can we just remember Gelly Roll Pens for a second? Life was so simple back in the Gelly Pen day. Such a good #TBT. RIP Gelly’s ( especially my favorite metallic blue-ish, silver color ).

Ok, I got off topic ( weird, that never happens— not. )…anyway, so back in the day my teacher would constantly yell at me because I was distracted ( OBVIOUSLY!! ) with my to-do list. To have a blank piece of paper & a rainbow of Jelly Pens was my kinda heaven. I would write out my list of what needed to be done after school ( AKA: feed the dog, clean my closet, go to ballet, work for my dad, etc. ). And I loved it.

I’ve always been a list girl. There’s something oddly therapeutic about putting an organized to-do list. I’m an EXTREMELY ( like, extremely ) visual person so that’s…

The Skinny Confidential shares her favorite tips.Can we get real?

( Not that we don’t always get real here. TSC is kinda like The Real World, you stop being polite and start getting real. )

Anyway, back to getting real: writing tasks down is POWERFUL.

You’re able to multi-task BIG time.

As an entrepreneur or corporate person or mom/dad/etc., you’re damn busy. And being able to have a spot to jot down a quick thought is golden.

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

If you saw my house, you’d think I was psycho.

But really, you would.

I have notepads everywhere.

Recently I just bought this GIANT-ass Post-It. It’s SO big & I keep it by the computer while working.

Lemme tell you: it’s used constantly. Whether I write down a birthday date, potential post ideas, e-mail notes, house chores, job assignments, a goal, or appointment, to-do lists make life so much easier.

& FYI: iPhone notes aren’t the same. They just aren’t, guys.

I want them to be.

I really, really do.

But they’re not.

In my opinion, writing things down makes all the difference. Multi-tasking at its finest.


And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like crossing something off their to-do list? SOooo therapeutic, right?!

What’s your most powerful & simple habit? Please share because this is something that REALLY gets my wheel’s spinning. TELL MEEEEEE! K, thx.

x le

Rosé Skinny Sangria Bar

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.
In my experience, Sangria has always been meh.

( ‘Meh’ is my new word, by the way. Definition: Indifference; to be used when one simply does not care. A: What do you want for dinner? B: Meh. )

But honestly, it’s never really done it for me.

I mean, ya there’s fruit ( love ) & wine ( double love ), but I feel like it typically contains way too much sugar, unnecessary alcohol(s) AKA liqueur, & the wrong wine ( no one wants Merlot in summer— just saying ).


What’s a girl to do?

Make her own skinny Rosé Sangria, naturally.

Presenting…skinny summer sangria:

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.

Rosé is summer water.

It’s light, dry, & crisp-ish.

P.S. don’t confuse Rosé with white Zinfandel— they’re completely different.

Just trust me & give Rosé a try. Just PLEASE. One try; you won’t be disappointed because it’s literally insane. ESP Whispering Angel ( << this isn’t a sponsored post, I just really like WA Rosé ).

Anyway. Back to the skinny Sangria.

Shocker, but I kind of winged it. First I started off with the ingreds:

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.

And then I incorporated my new patio bar.


I have an inside bar cart and outside bar cart. Although this may sound somewhat alarming, it’s not because the cute carts can be used for parties/entertaining/vanities ( not just for alcohol ).

Side note on the bar’s design: I bought this Target bar cart ( << which is on sale!! ) & had it hand painted to match my patio’s aesthetic ( if you’re interested in a similar bar cart, e-mail me at Lauryn@TheSkinnyConfidential.com & I’ll hook you up with the painter ).

Diet and fitness and health.

Ok, so first off, I filled a Mason Jar pitcher with tons of ice ( like, TONS of ice ).

Then I added two bottles of Rosé, 1 bottle of Perrier, & a little bit of Lemon Love Suja ( if you don’t have LL Suja, add fresh lemonade, sparingly ).

Again, I’m totally not a measuring cup kind of girl, so bear with me.

After adding the liquid I threw in my favorite berries ( raspberries & boysenberries ), Meyer lemon wedges ( DER! ), a couple apple slices, a handful of chopped mint & CHIA SEEDS ( yessss, chia seeds AKA one of the healthiest foods on the planet— they’re full of protein & benefits…& oh-so-good! ) AND then…I kind of churred the mixture ( like butter circa 1800 ) with a wooden stick.


Soooo delicious & literally the perfect summer cocktail because who the doesn’t love a Rosé Sangria bar?

If you’re not a fan, you’re totally killing my summer vibe.


x L

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.

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